Burning Questions Money Heist Has To Answer In Season 5 |? OSSA Movies

What important Easter egg did you miss after the end credits?
How has the show hinted that The Professor (Álvaro Morte), Denver, Rio and Helsinki will die in season 5?

What is the real reason why Tokyo is the narrator?
And what's next for Money Heist Season 5? (La Casa De Papel Season 5)
Don’t know about you guys, but for us the most shocking moment of the whole series was Nairobi's final scene.
We literally cried when it happened!
And despite the fact that Money Heist is extremely tricky, there’s no coming back for poor Nairobi.
Do you wanna hear a crazy fact about the showrunners? They played a horrible game with her fans intentionally!
Hear me out: Nairobi was shot in the chest at the end of season 3.
But, the heist team managed to save her life, which made fans sigh in relief.
We also got the feeling that Nairobi was gonna be fine after the flashback where she convinced The Professor to be her donor for in vitro fertilization.
Since then we believed in Nairobi’s dream that one day she and her future child would unite with her son Axel.
But this will never happen... See how cruel the showrunners are?
But did they use that horrible twist just to shock the audience?
We don’t think so...
There are at least two more dramatic reasons for Nairobi’s leave.
First: to make Gandia even more loathsome as a villain. Yes, EVERYBODY already hates him, but the drama always works better if it’s cranked up to the maximum.
And second: to make the stakes higher for the gang.
Now they have no chance but to finish their heist successfully.
Because they’ve already paid a very high price to get to the place where they are now.
No way they could stop.
And revenge for Nairobi in the next season is inevitable. This and many more can be found in our video!
Wanna now the secrets from the actors of the Casa De Papel (Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Darko Peric, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso)? Watch our video to find out!

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OSSA Movies
OSSA Movies:
What are your predictions for Season 5?
Stewie Valte
Stewie Valte:
If they let the professor die, that would be the end of Money Heist for me
Ezekiel Rommel Lucero
Ezekiel Rommel Lucero:
If they don't kill Arturo in season 5 I will go to Spain and do it myself
Ryan Perrott
Ryan Perrott:
I didn't realise how much i missed Berlin until he was gone
K D:
arturito getting shot in the leg was the most satisfying moment
The Hindu Guy
The Hindu Guy:
There's NO iron man without Tony
There's NO jack without a jonny deep
There's NO heist without a professor
Kashif Ali
Kashif Ali:
I think Tokyo is telling the story of heist to Nairobi's son.
Shuuush Ushhh
Shuuush Ushhh:
If it ends with only Tokio alive I’m gonna be pissed
If denver or The Proffesor die, that's it, I'm not watching it anymore.
Graeme Keith
Graeme Keith:
I’m still not over Nairobi 😭
Jzy Jzmn
Jzy Jzmn:
Who else is wondering what happened to Tatiana,Berlin's wife,who also knew the whole plan of the heist.
Edison Batac
Edison Batac:
Manila is another strong character like Tokyo.. she didn't hesitate to shoot Arturito.
jesdha sharon
jesdha sharon:
Nerds will love professor
Kids will love Tokyo
Legends will love the one and only psychopath Berlin..!!🙈
Gamer Zone
Gamer Zone:
I tolerated Oslo’s Death,Moscow’s,Berlin’s Even Nairobi’s But Professor’s?
Seriously,HELL NO!
Toseef Zaheer
Toseef Zaheer:
am i the only one who was crying on professor's act when he heard ( Gandia Executed Nairobi)
Jamie Thomson
Jamie Thomson:
Helsinki can’t die and how is no one talking about Moscow’s death😭
Eunice Perreras
Eunice Perreras:
I'm scared that the Proffesor will die in the end with Lisbon :(
William Dharmawan
William Dharmawan:
Arturo's secret weapon : "You just have some panic attack, look what i have" (shaking a small bottle of pills)
Oscar Oduor
Oscar Oduor:
Without the Professor the heist is nothing
Theory: Alicia's water breaks as she is about to shoot professor but since she is a fugitive she can't go to the hospital so professor helps her.
Rowdy Rawther
Rowdy Rawther:
I don't want another "Game Of Thrones" ending in "Money Heist"!
Sofija Nikolic
Sofija Nikolic:
Nobody talks about Helsinki. He's my favourite hero. I like him. And I really angry because all of Serbs who are in game are presented like stupid, like someone who capable only for physical effort, who not capable of action planning, who executes commands etc,... In most cases, maybe in all, Serbs are presented like war criminals, not like rubbery, not like hackers, not like dealers, already like war criminals.
Seeing my favorite character Nairobi gone is still a hard pill to swallow. She owned each and every important,intimate scene she was given to deliver. She was always the mascot of the team, the one who always picked up those around her. Man were her pep-talks damn inspiring!!..She perfectly balanced the professional and personal approach needed for the heists,she was the pillar that everyone could lean onto for comfort.Thank you, Alba Flores for giving us such an empathetic and loving character in Nairobi.
Ram Prasath
Ram Prasath:
I am thinking that when Sierra held the Professor in gun point, Tatiana suddenly make a entrance behind Sierra and helps Professor free himself.
Later, it will be revealed that the Professor called Tatiana to play a major role in the heist, which is obvious as she knows the whole plan.
j a y d a s e e x
j a y d a s e e x:
If professor doesn't die he should look after Axel for Nairobi
swarup paul
swarup paul:
Only Tokyo will survive. Remember Moscow said whenever she goes, she leaves corpse behind.😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
shak's Chanel
shak's Chanel:
Berlin is unshakeable, plays his role very well never frustrated .
Smooth Smoothie
Smooth Smoothie:
That scene where it shows Nairobi in a “afterlife” isn’t her in the afterlife. That was just a flashback to when they were at the house they stayed at
Miss L.
Miss L.:
Arturo is so annoying. His life was so miserable that he decided to go in for round 2 in the heist 😂
Badhri Nath
Badhri Nath:
Tokyo: why this guy doing video on us
Professor: good question because to confuse the people and buy some time.
Maybe, the professor doesn’t die because, here’s my theory: When it showed Nairobi in the afterlife and everyone else there. Berlin was drawing he only drew Moscu and Denver but he didn’t draw the professor who was in the middle- if the professor dies I’m crying for the rest of my life.
What Is Life?
What Is Life?:
I have a giant theory of Sierra because of the cliffhanger that they gave us in season four

I think that Sierra is gonna be a new member in the group because in the credits of the end you could hear Sierra SINGING the original song of "Bella Ciao" and the thing is that she sounds like she's singing to a baby she's singing very silently and then she says in the song "esta manana me e levantado y e desubierto al invasor" this says "this morning i have awakened and i found the invader" the invader obviously means the Proffesor that part means she found the proffesor.The next reason i think Sierra is gonna be in the group is another lyric she sings from "Bella Ciao" and it says "Oh compañero, quiero ir contigo porque me siento aquí morir" this is transalated to "Oh partner,i want to go because im sitting here to die" this is talking about that if Sierra goes to turn in The Proffesor it still means that she still goes to jail because of the other things she has no choice but to join the team so i think the best choice for her is to join the team cause that's the only choice she has. Like i said she's sounds like she's singing to a baby and i think she's gonna join the team and sing this song/"Bella Ciao" all about her to the babay (cause that's how it sounds like to me) .This is my Theory i think i habve a bit of mistakes in it BUT thats what i think willl happen in Season 5.
Tokyo : “Professor, when we release season 4 nobody will be there to watch it as everybody will be at work or school”

Professor : “That is where plan Wuhan comes into play. Our man in China will eat a bat and..........”
Vanshika Bhat
Vanshika Bhat:
I guess all the members will die except Tokio. She might be telling this story to cincinnati or paulo or nairobo's son.
Sultan è Hind
Sultan è Hind:
Really Narobi's Death! After they killed Berlin no death surprises me anymore in the Heist
Asavela Mpambani
Asavela Mpambani:
And... Nairobi... Wow what an energetic personality, I love her the money heist won't be same without her 😰
EF Trey
EF Trey:
If the professor dies the heist will turn into a war
Tshepo Lesley
Tshepo Lesley:
If the professor dies I'm gonna stop watching. Money heist won't be the same without Professor.🙅
Noob ?
Noob ?:
Apple only allows characters that are good and not ‘evil’ to use apple products and Siera uses an iphone so she will probably join the heist
nirvan gupta
nirvan gupta:
The most satisfactory moment when Manila shots a flesh wound on Arturo
Gr8 Parth
Gr8 Parth:
The one's who were ultimately responsible for deaths.
Oslo-Totally professor because he didn't tell the members about the escape of hostages.
Moscow- It was tokyo if we take it from start as if tokyo wouldn't have played russian roulette with Berlin nothing would have happened next.
Berlin- Nairobi's mistake as she shutted down the machines late.(Well specifically it was not her mistake completely)
Nairobi-Tokyo same as the case of Moscow neither she would have snatched the captainship from palermo nor gandia would have been released nor Nairobi would have died.Special mention in Nairobi's death is that the professor said in the 2nd season that rio should have not be taken in act as he was not mature and the same happened as he hesitated to shoot at Gandia due to which Nairobi died
DJ Locker
DJ Locker:
I think they will leave the bank by throwing most of the gold outside for the people to loot. It will create chaos and the police cannot open fire to that.
Dev Gaming
Dev Gaming:
after getting many likes on comments-:
Others: edit:thanks for so many likes

Me:let's ruin the likes and just edits
Menachem Rosner
Menachem Rosner:
If Nairobi dies I'm not watching
Edit: oh wait
A_ JaMir
A_ JaMir:
I don't want Alicia to join the heist as it will become the repetition of the first season when the Professor won over Raquel.
Oliwia Karolak
Oliwia Karolak:
Am i the only one who DOES NOT want Sierra to be in la banda?
jaya sree
jaya sree:
Please kill Arturo..most irritating character.I was feeling happy at the end of season 2 that I don't have to see his face again..and what the hell happened!
Jaybo Jaybo
Jaybo Jaybo:
Still mad about Berlin’s Death😰
Prem Cooper
Prem Cooper:
Alicia can never be the member of heist. She's a torturer & a villan.
What i dont get is when the assasin let nairobi go they should of gunned him down
alicias water will break when pointing the gun at the prof
Angel Lejano
Angel Lejano:
Professor will not die, remember, he's a lucky guy 😉
Season 5 is the last season of money heist...
Netflix is saying that
I swear to god if arturito isin’t dead in season 5
momo xoxo
momo xoxo:
I really liked tokyo in the last season.. she was stronger than ever n stood for what she believed!
Nandhini Suriyakumar
Nandhini Suriyakumar:
Don't worry guys. Arturo will die in season 5 for sure. The governor of Spain himself will order his execution😉
C C:
I find Tokyo to be the most annoying character and the reason for all mishaps ..i so love Nairobi and will certainly miss her. I wish Tokyo died instead of Nairobi
I lost my Name.
I lost my Name.:
I miss when Lisbon was Raquel and the Professor was Salva.😭😭
Otaku Overlord
Otaku Overlord:
What if Alicia takes professor to jail and without professor they won't have a genius plan so whole season 5 they try to save him?
Nica Sison
Nica Sison:
fr, i want berlin back. i miss him so much :( putangina.
Rama Aadithya Kanthan
Rama Aadithya Kanthan:
The director won’t let The Professor die,
If he dies then the show will fail.
They should’ve given Sophia a tiny mask 😂😂
Julia Parker
Julia Parker:
I feel like it’s the gangs fault Nairobi died they literally had that guy in a 1v5 situation and literally missed ALL of their bullets like you literally trained before robbing the bank how do you miss all those shots
Bad Boy
Bad Boy:
If they dont kill arturito in season 5 . Imma have to fly to spain to handle the buissnessito for em.
Marlene Valles
Marlene Valles:
i started crying when at the end of part 4 they were all saying “Por Nairobi “!!!
maddy reynolds
maddy reynolds:
no one:
absolutely no one:
*mentions that the professor will die* me: *starts to cry*
melody music ⋆
melody music ⋆:
you know who will die, ARTURO!

well hopefully:/
Raymon Baroody
Raymon Baroody:
Theory: Berlins royal mint girl Ariadna comes back
Mafia Club
Mafia Club:
What if Ryan Reynold's crew (6 Underground) is introduced in Season 5....I think the 6 Underground will help the Professor and his gang.
Jo sha
Jo sha:
Idk who will die in season 5 but if covid19 continues we all gonna die...
harsha vardhan
harsha vardhan:
Not only you., every one cried with her death in season 4
Roshan Karki
Roshan Karki:
I m in love with all heist members , feels like a closest people. Get pains when anything wrong happen & wish God to fix it like as it a real one...
shristy kharel
shristy kharel:
I thought of not crying but my eyes burst into tears in the last moment of Nairobi.
"If 2020 was a person it would be Aturo"
Mehar Dheer
Mehar Dheer:
If the professor dies, I will stop watching Money Heist.
Ocampo, Jevie Jan A.
Ocampo, Jevie Jan A.:
gandia killed nairobi
me: shock and silence
*the gang mourns
me: cries with shock
nairobi beautifully lying
me: cries
*shows the past gang who also died and a zoom part of berlin*

me: cries a lot
BeyBladeXZY YT
BeyBladeXZY YT:
Tokyo is my favourite character, She had changes at a few episodes she was selfish full of hatred to berlin, she was like the villain then.

Then now she realized she was wrong and now is a better character
Miss Chandira
Miss Chandira:
Every character... Are hearttouching..😘😘
Their.. Names..
Their.. Roles..
The words... R asome..
Gulabsingh Rajput
Gulabsingh Rajput:
Proffeser nvr be die in any of season, he still alive in season 5🤟🤟🤟.with his new brilliant idea to escape his entire team from the Bank of Spain..
Stop killing off all the characters for crying out loud! There won’t be anyone left! You need to bring back Berlin because we know he was wearing a bullet proof vest and is smart and can get out of anything!
daya kaci
daya kaci:
I was shocked when i descovered Alicia and zulema are the same.
Only vis à vis viewers will understand
I'm Lakshman
I'm Lakshman:
Once proffesor told that he used to listen his father's heist. So it can be that tokyo is telling the story of heist to cincinati for future heist 🤔. Reply me plzz
Leng Kah Lok
Leng Kah Lok:
First episode of season 5, we need a murder scene. Killing Arturo
Tbh it’s repeating it self, just like inspector murillo came in the hideout of professor and they got along with it, and here again inspecor Alicia comes to the professor’s hideout
thomas bicket
thomas bicket:
"beware of spoilers"
thumbnail: haha it doesn't matter at this point
Erik_ _erik
Erik_ _erik:
Me when he said they shouldn’t have trusted Berlin 😑😤🤬
Ghost man
Ghost man:
If arturo didn't die in season 5 ...then I'll book my flight to spain..to kill him with M-16..🤞
Vincent Padovano
Vincent Padovano:
Can't wait...Palermo will save the heist...he will do it for his love of Berlin and for Helisnki ....
Abinesh Varun
Abinesh Varun:
1:40 everyone's favourite arturito
Miss Chandira
Miss Chandira:
Every character.... Had best job.. Love u my addiction... 🦋🦋waiting for more.. N more... Mi cutie hot professor 🌸🌸he had given full moon light.... To the show... 🌼🌼😘😘😘😘
The professor is going to help deliver that detective baby. So now she will feel obligated to let him go..That’s going to be season five twist
I mean if the professor dies then we all know that they didn’t get out of the bank because he was the one the plan knew what to do when the time came :/
Donko YT
Donko YT:
My favourite scene was when Denver beat the hell out of Arturo... Damn it felt so good... :)
mildred santos
mildred santos:
Hmmmm i think the ending will be.... The gang escaping and 1 by 1 being shot or captured.... Then only proffessor and tokyo is left... So proffesor sacrificed himself so tokyo can run.. And then tokyo ks telling it to cincinnati, alex and lisbons daugther
Ianrey Patiño
Ianrey Patiño:
For me that at the start of season 5. Berlin will comeback in the middle of the fight of Sierra and The Professor. While Sierra is talking about her ex Husband infront of The Professor, and after that I wish Berlin going to say to say to her did you miss me my love. And I wish that Sierra will join them.
Just like his brother and Lisbon what happened to them they where enemy, but they will fall in love again together.
Mart Main
Mart Main:
Season Finale Prediction: Tokyo is narrating the whole story from prison to the child born from Alicia and Berlin. *Remember this comment*
Vr Sways & TikToks
Vr Sways & TikToks:
I swear to life
And God I cried
I felt like that is it..
I want to be the hero
And kill him, even tho
This is fake.
If Denver dies,im not watching.
drali jnh
drali jnh:
Naaa aint gonna wacht this shizzle man. Lol. I dont want no spoilers so BYERE
Daniel Harrington
Daniel Harrington:
I have a theory as well - maybe Sierra will eventually join the group, which explains her singing Bella Ciao at the credit. But not after the event that she checkmates the professor in the final moment of season 4.
I think that she will first use the Professor to negotiate with the government - to hand him over to the authority and to either reduce her sentence or erase her warrant. However, after the various events to which Sierra snitching on the government and announcing the government's illegal actions, even with the Professor arrested, her sentence will not be reduced and she would still lose everything.
This is when Tatiana - Berlin's fifth wife comes in. With the Professor getting caught, she took on the plan with Marseilles and work with Palermo to proceed the plan, while trying to rescue the Professor from the outside. Sierra's dissatisfaction towards the government rises with how all of her efforts wasted, so she collaborated with Tatiana and Marseilles to release the Professor from government's custody from the inside. And that's how she will join in the group - probably she won't be an active member but she will help them with their causes. The final part will involve the plan to get the group out of the Bank of Spain.

I don't think that the Professor will die after the series. However, I do think that several characters in Money Heist have higher chance of being given death flag. Here are some examples:
1. Palermo is the one I think will definitely die after the heist. His action, of instructing Gandia how to free himself, indirectly causes the death of Nairobi, and this is almost unforgivable. He will redeem his action in the finale by sacrificing himself - just like Berlin - to help the group successfully escape.
2. I do think that after the events of Money Heist, Sierra will die after giving birth to her child. Her death and her final support to the group will be the best redeeming action afterwards. Possibly, Sierra will die after an execution, or maybe die during childbirth after she helps the Professor escape. Afterwards, probably(?) Denver and Stockholm will raise her child.
3. Helsinki is the one who has a higher chance of death flag as well. He lost Oslo, and later on Nairobi, two of his best friends, in the two heists. For that reason, I don't think that he will remain optimistic, or even sane. His action might carry the various theme of sacrifice later on, to reunite with his dead comrades. If there is an escape scene, I would like to see Helsinki and Palermo heroically died on the battlefield together to secure the group final retreat. Though, honestly, I really don't want to see fatty die, he is one of the best characters in Money Heist hmm.
Otherwise, really want to see Gandia and Arturo dying, but there is no reason of letting them die while still making the series logical. Probably Gandia will escape one more time and die during a fire exchange with the group. I really hope so.