Burn the Witch - Episode 02 [English Sub]

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Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch 龙与魔女
Episode 02 : Ghillie Suit / She Makes Me Special
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Muse Asia
Muse Asia:
Premiere of Ep#3 starts at 13:00 hours Oct 2nd (GMT+8)
You just can't miss it!
Link of Ep#3:
Mr Grimm
Mr Grimm:
Just when Crunchyroll failed me since for them it ain't available in my region, Muse Asia came to the rescue
I don’t know her name but that black haired girl is definitely gonna be one of the most “thiccest” girls in anime this year no cap
sam kaminari
sam kaminari:
Muse asia is the best thing that ever happen to me in 2020🥰
Millennial Igorota
Millennial Igorota:
“Bruno-san, those highlights look terribly lame.” Savage hahaha. I like her na.
A wild magical girl appears!
A wild magical girl appears!:
Balgo is that one guy in action and horror movies who miraculously survives because of sheer luck. 😅
Mridanka Mahanta
Mridanka Mahanta:
I really didn't want to merge this with bleach but that blue dragon guy is a spittin' image of Grimjow 🔥🔥🔥
Animation of this anime is really good
"Dragon Rights Activist"... so there's discrimination here.
No Name
No Name:
Is it just me or does anyone find Bruno attractive but hate his prsona
no, this is patrick
no, this is patrick:
The live chat was 80% simps
This was part of Aizen's plan afterall
OTAKU Territory
OTAKU Territory:
Blond hair dude is most useless character so far in this series.
zenzen ze
zenzen ze:
So this is basically how to train your dragons X harry potter anime adaptation
J u s t y o u r t y p i c a l w e e b
J u s t y o u r t y p i c a l w e e b:
"posted 43 minutes ago"
Comments: IM BACK BABY
Me: 👄
Blackstark NEMESIS
Blackstark NEMESIS:
That's Bungee gum...
-96% UMI
-96% UMI:
Man I was going to watch this on an anime site but Muse Asia is God they know what I want.
10:02 the transition tho
Nis Burn
Nis Burn:
Muse Asia really doin some good shits
Duragons, dragons, and more dwagons.
Gerard Yadao
Gerard Yadao:
4:41 Hey dats the dragon from Game Of Thrones
nut hunter
nut hunter:
make sure you don't skip ads so that muse asia can post more anime we like. 😊
Anna C
Anna C:
The fact that I can't unsee how Noel looks exactly like Byakuya.
LACAMBRA Mark Joseph F.
LACAMBRA Mark Joseph F.:
I really really love this kind of animation. It gives 80's - 90's vibe. And that turn in 10:03 makes me a bit dizzy but that is so good...!!
Firouz Kariim wibisono
Firouz Kariim wibisono:
Bangnyfe is like when Tite Kubo fused Ichigo's dad and Grimmjow together
Vizard Ethan
Vizard Ethan:
That balgo reminds me Kon from BLEACH.He's like Kon version.
Anyway, I like this anime. It's another story from BLEACH universe.
Nice Tite Kubo 😎👍
25 limlunsheng
25 limlunsheng:
I wonder how the natsu reacts of he's in this world
Yasin Allana
Yasin Allana:
Ok this was quite different to bleach, but the same vibes
Jack Devianne
Jack Devianne:
I can lowkey hear the voice of Rimuru Tempest from Nina-chan or do they have the same va?
Pink Lamborghini
Pink Lamborghini:
Netflix adaptation : Soul Society. New York Branch
Jonna Flores
Jonna Flores:
Did the Character styles looks like Bleach Anime
Sagar Chaudhary
Sagar Chaudhary:
4:42 wait is that DROGON from GOT
Ikan berapi [Ali R.P]
Ikan berapi [Ali R.P]:
Idk why
The beautifulness is remembering me of blood blockade battlefront level of beutifulness of animating
John Sariego
John Sariego:
19:50 did anybody else notice that cat sound from the dog
Yujiro Hanma
Yujiro Hanma:
Bro plz stream Haikyuu to the top part 2 it's coming out today plz
Ķùřø黑 {BLACK} -XIII-
Ķùřø黑 {BLACK} -XIII-:
4:42 A random Game of Thrones referrence appeared out of nowhere...
We have a grown up Hiyori teamed up with a long haired Nemu, taking care of a blonde Kiego with dragon dog Kon. intriguing.
un ordinary Zzz
un ordinary Zzz:
2 ep in one day

Praditya Wisnu Aji
Praditya Wisnu Aji:
Is that a dragon from GoT? The scene where balgo explains that he only attract dragons
Yui will never be forgotten!!!
Ashraaf Malek
Ashraaf Malek:
Cant imagine how dope Thousand Year Blood War is gonna be next year 🤯
Justine Mercader
Justine Mercader:
I really need an Osushi-chan in my life!

Hey, I just noticed those symbols at the back of their jackets/mantles. They resemble the Western Zodiac signs. Does it suggest there might be twelve squads in this as well?
Harish Babu M
Harish Babu M:
Neol-san has such a straight face .
Terry Kang
Terry Kang:
*that "you're such a pain!!" reminds me of Sleepy Ash from Servamp*
So far we've seen the symbol for Aries, Scorpio, and Taurus. I wonder in what capacity the other signs will be in?
Rajvir singh Multani
Rajvir singh Multani:
I hope this thing gets a series of its own
me: mom i want kofuku
mom: we have kofuku at home
kofuku at home: 1:07
Amit Bansode
Amit Bansode:
Bruno and his Rickenbacker ..they are too savage ...when he summoned him .😱💯
Tenzing Sozin
Tenzing Sozin:
Oishii it's soo good, feels good to feel a similar vibe to Bleach
17:54 An octahedron verson of Bakudo 73 'Tozansho'
Nix Noct
Nix Noct:
That dragon looks like from the GOT.
Zanpaktou = Dragon
Swagger Cupcake
Swagger Cupcake:
the way he said about ability to communicate with dragon........

ME: you mean like hiccups in how to train ur dragon........
When Noel-chan catched Nina-chan
I knew this was somewhat gonna be yuri
(Just some subtext)
Ripper Mizo
Ripper Mizo:
The girl in the crown council looks like a female version of Kambe Daisuki
One day 3 episode I have a feeling this anime has 20+ episode ?
It's like Kubo gave the zombie controlling quincy an another chance
Nora_ neko
Nora_ neko:
Animation: 10/10
Ed: 10/10
Noel: 100/1
This anime is so damn fine
Choco Toffy
Choco Toffy:
dang this is really good anime i like the artstyle so simple <3
that cute baby dragon is just too cute turns out it grew so scary
Jyoti Prakash Nayak
Jyoti Prakash Nayak:
I really hope bleach doesn't have animation of this quality next year. Bleach needs to be better.
Raven Dioso
Raven Dioso:
They give me harrypotter vibes.
Enmado Roukuro
Enmado Roukuro:
3:37 Balgo is pervy Ichigo
Thinn Myat Lwin
Thinn Myat Lwin:
I see Saotome Mary (jk) but she really looks like her tho
HunnyBunny TogoTogo
HunnyBunny TogoTogo:
Bruno is the new grimjow
The little dragon was so cute ♥
Pink hair girl look like vice ganda🤣😂
Danur Kresna Murti
Danur Kresna Murti:
My Conclusion is the dragon is just like a zanpakuto in bleach universe. but in this universe the dragon is allive
Its_ Blitz
Its_ Blitz:
Balgo sounds like zenitsu
Ngambam Basanta
Ngambam Basanta:
Thanks for the upload. Noel chan is my idol from now.
Ssob Zero
Ssob Zero:
Who made this anime ... ?? Yhis is Godlevel animation sooo good to watch .
Queen Y
Queen Y:
This is Bleach! On its Millenial way.
「Fannoirletima」-the house of melodious override-
「Fannoirletima」-the house of melodious override-:
2:51 Not sure if Ninny said something similar to "you know" in Japanese language, but that might be something wrong with my ears 😅
Your onee-san :3
Your onee-san :3:
Omg it's so worth it too watch I'm so freaking happy that muse Asia released this I'm actually crying 😍🥰😍 and I really like the ending on this anime so soothing to hear it.
Paul Valencia
Paul Valencia:
17:19 That's Kurosaki Ichigo right there. : D
YuiNeko Otaku
YuiNeko Otaku:
I just finish watch the first episode and I saw this...
Thotslayer bluerose
Thotslayer bluerose:
Wth dont anime usually update episode every week
But this is good tho i have more time to waste in my life
Kokoro Tsurumaki
Kokoro Tsurumaki:
Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay~!

Will You Premiere All 3 Episodes In 1 Go?
Airborne Z
Airborne Z:
What is this anime being so hyped 2 episodes ended like trash?
Raden MasBrand
Raden MasBrand:
7:47 her outfit resembles a stren reitter
Damn. The soundtrack and everything is on point. Noel is thicc 😍😍💯💯
Aaron Yaoyao
Aaron Yaoyao:
Only 3 episodes are made?
ain amran
ain amran:
The characters same like Kakegurui if yah noticed but the voice actors between kakegurui and burn the witch is totally different. Noel=Yumeko, Ninny=Mary
British neko
British neko:
I guess this is one of my styles of anime British one...
Amy van Yona
Amy van Yona:
*TOG, GOHS, BTW, NB* one of best year
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar:
This anime gonna have Yuri moments aswell
Franz Cardoz
Franz Cardoz:
We feel the same as balgo sitting behind Noel
Jandelle Isla
Jandelle Isla:
and here I am waiting for some yuri to take over. I still love this show no matter what.
Damn Grimmjow got no chill at all
Anto Estrada
Anto Estrada:
"S class dragon, the dragon who transform into human form with his unbeliveble power, or we call it dragonoid"

Ignore it, just my imagination about something in the future of this anime.
Lnn Srrn
Lnn Srrn:
Omg they all have a Zodiac Signs on their uniform i love it!!! ♥♥♥♥
King Black
King Black:
Why did you Netflix this series Muse?
ZeusStark_YT [ろえる]
ZeusStark_YT [ろえる]:
I just realized that blonde girl sounds like mine from akame ga kill
ᖘꋪꀤꌩꍏꈤꀘꍏ ꌩꍏꀸꍏᐯ
ᖘꋪꀤꌩꍏꈤꀘꍏ ꌩꍏꀸꍏᐯ:
4 :45 that's Drogon from Game of Thrones.
Avinashi Sahu
Avinashi Sahu:
If you love it then like it. YouTube algorithm will recommend it to everyone. 🔥🔥🔥❤️
(ps : I mean like the video)
Rūjū Pi
Rūjū Pi:
I love the Lo-Fi vibes on the ED❤️
No Worries Jasper Is Here
No Worries Jasper Is Here:
Hey Muse Asia though this more like SCP Episodes, it's Good and Interesting.
Edbert Agathon
Edbert Agathon:
4:46 how to train your dragon
Chaos Flame
Chaos Flame:
I think macy is far more thicc than both of our protags. Love for macy ❤️👍
13:40 Noel is goddamn cool!!!
Magilune de Celestia
Magilune de Celestia:
9:10 *Yurification*
King Morden
King Morden:
Bruno is giving me Grimmjow vibes