Burn the Witch - Episode 01 [English Sub]

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Burn the Witch
Burn the Witch 龙与魔女
Episode 01 : Witches Blow a New Pipe
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Muse Asia
Muse Asia:
Premiere of Ep#2 starts at 12:30 hours Oct 2nd (GMT+8)
You just can't miss it!
Link of Ep#2:
Kise Kun
Kise Kun:
And now the Legendary battle between Modules and Anime shall begin
Gotta Watch'em All
Gotta Watch'em All:
For the people who don't know: This story is about the Western Soul Society.
This is in the same universe as Bleach.
Stratos Edge
Stratos Edge:
Thank you to the entire Muse Asia team for getting us this anime.

This seems to have a Harry Potter type of world so I'm really excited and have really high expectations from this. I hope it doesn't disappoint.
Bruce Dias
Bruce Dias:
Gone are the days where we waited desperately for a single episode to be released, now we get 3 on the same day. The Muse Asia Team is spoiling us and I like it, hehe.
Sleepy Ash
Sleepy Ash:
And now begins the battle between modules and anime. :,>
Nur Jihan F
Nur Jihan F:
that white dragon looks like in the "how to train your dragon" movies
Dede Jasindra
Dede Jasindra:
We don't need to burn em because they're already hot
Nicholas Dave M. Manansala
Nicholas Dave M. Manansala:
Guys don't skip the ads so we can support Muse Asia, cause their awesome!
Veterinarian Putra
Veterinarian Putra:
Japan : shinigami
Germany : Quincy
Spain : Arrancar
England : witch
Ruski Boi
Ruski Boi:
Muse Asia, thank you for this. We live in a world where high quality anime is aired on YouTube. And I love that.
Anime Yahallo Studio
Anime Yahallo Studio:
Thank you yet again for the free streaming Muse Asia. We all love your dedication for helping us "poor" otakus watch anime that benefit us and the anime industry.
Aditya aman Mishra
Aditya aman Mishra:
Imagine aizen showing up and saying
Ah these kids
Hadou 99, five swirling dragons of destruction
Kenny Sans
Kenny Sans:
It's kinda nostalgic on how the girls chant their magic by numbers just like how our beloved Bleach characters chant their Kido spells. So excited for the continuation and see that Hado 99 be animated. ❤️
21 Preetish Kulkarni X-G
21 Preetish Kulkarni X-G:
I can see the art style is similar to bleach brings back memories

This anime arrived sooner than expected 😂😂😂. Most of the old mangas haven't been turned to anime yet but this one being a new one to get an anime so fast 😂😂. Looking forward to this and Jujutsu Kaisan.
Beautifully executed!! Love how they didnt try to make it "cool" like Bleach but instead fully embrace the mystical fantasy feel of this series! Beautiful BGM and theme song!
WizVirus Channel
WizVirus Channel:
Is it me or the white dragon looked like the Light Fury then became the faceless titan (AOT)🤣🤣
Taki Chan
Taki Chan:
The black hair girl voice actor was ms. Suzue's va from millionaire detective right?
Me first time seeing the deer
Me: Is that a deer or dragon?
*Y* *E* *S*
Thats the first thing that came across my mind 😂
wilhelm paul martinez
wilhelm paul martinez:
omg wtf , muse Asia is just a gift to everyone now
Everyone's Cloozuma
Everyone's Cloozuma:
I imagine how Noel & Ninny would meet Ichigo.
Eleanor Maya
Eleanor Maya:
I said it before, I'll say it again:
_He looks like a wimpy version of Ichigo_ . 😅
Nia Baiju
Nia Baiju:
I like how almost everyone in town knows about Balgo just being . . . Balgo lol
Rahul Varghese
Rahul Varghese:
Sucks that Bleach didn't have this animation
Joseph O'yek
Joseph O'yek:
Expectations: Bleach
Reality: Yuri
Jinxz Delavu
Jinxz Delavu:
Episode 1 title:
Witches blow a new pipe

Me: hmmm interesting 🤔
Poke deep
Poke deep:
please don't skip ADS for muse Asia plz
Beautiful stuff perhaps I should leave you humans alive.
Mono Kuro
Mono Kuro:
Muse uploads at 12 in the afternoon?

*What is this sorcery?!*
This is just Mary and Yumeko on a different level
Randomcat Meow
Randomcat Meow:
Random weird deer:

Scp Community: God dammit not another one
Big thumbs up for Muse Asia!
Mohammad Shaikh
Mohammad Shaikh:
Thank you so much muse Asia for bringing anime to India again 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Earl John
Earl John:
"Yes, well, if you say so, Daddy..."
highly intellectual man.
highly intellectual man.:
Not gonna say this was part of my plan, but this was part of my plan.
Sakura J
Sakura J:
I think Kubo is Jk Rowling fan. Burn the witch is like Fantastic Beast. I also saw a character with name Harry. So he actually might be fan. I should explain why I think that, Fantastic beasts is a spin off of Harry Potter similarly Burn the witch is a spin off of Bleach. Fantastic beasts is about magical creatures and Burn the witch is about mythical creature aka Dragon, in both the cases there are creatures involved. Fantastic beasts covers places in New York or US and Harry Potter in Britain or UK but are in same universe similarly Burn the witch covers the western part but belongs to Bleach universe. Jk Rowling used magic broom for her character to fly and Kubo used dragon dogs. Also the zodiac reference. Jk Rowling used the element of the zodiac and Kubo used the signs of the zodiac. And the most convincing point is that Burn the witch have witches and wizards even though Kubo could have named them something else like Dragon keeper or simply pipers. Why did Kubo named them Witches when they don't even have wand and broom? I'm just guessing so please don't come at me.
Kenneth Cheng
Kenneth Cheng:
The old man sounded like Bang in One Punch Man
Umild Mintz
Umild Mintz:
Damn, kubo milking that sweet sweet bleach money..
But hell, i'll bite i 'd sell my kidney just to see rukia once again.. hope that someday the shinigami will make an appearance in this series.
Jc Serquiña
Jc Serquiña:
I love Noel's eyes, not gonna lie.
Omg I'm glad this anime got released earlier. My exams are coming up AAAAAAAH
Febin Pm
Febin Pm:
I never seen bleach, but this looks promising
Kuzeno 66
Kuzeno 66:
I ALMOST DIED🤣 light furry is huge and then suddenly turned black and become tootles🤣
We finally get to see Byakuya's long lost cousin lmao
kizori toram
kizori toram:
This Anime making me remind of panty and stocking 😂
AL Lim
AL Lim:
Me @ myself: "B**** don't do it. Do not do it. I'm warning you."

My brain: 😍 I ship it
uber channel
uber channel:
I need more anime with Harry Potter vibe like this, seriously more.
Hellou667 The Sequel
Hellou667 The Sequel:
Pink Lamborghini
Pink Lamborghini:
I'm need bleach character cameo
B. W
B. W:
When Harry Potter meets Soul Society.
Danny Lalruatpuia
Danny Lalruatpuia:
aren't fairy tales just utter rubbish?

me : im already in love with this show
VTuber Daisuki
VTuber Daisuki:
Oh no..
He’s hot...
No Worries Jasper Is Here
No Worries Jasper Is Here:
That Deer and Dragon 'ish are Anomalies. SCP anime in disguise.
AAAAAAAA Why did I only know about this now?! Thank you so much Muses Asia for including this anime!
The future is here
Saim 2.0
Saim 2.0:
It's a bleach spinn off and I hope that Bleach returns in a huge way next year........😭😘😘
Berries 20
Berries 20:
Outstanding character designs as usual. If there's one thing Tite Kubo is good at, it clearly shows here.
Ur Sapphira
Ur Sapphira:
Hoho am i late? Lol i saw Muse Asia's post about this and i have have high expectations too! Welp i just hope that this is my taste.. Cuz I'm out of animes to watch.. Btw thanks Muse Asia team! You have my gratitude
Oushnik ROY
Oushnik ROY:
Muse Asia, I can't thank u enough, I was worried that I would miss on such a great show (I am big bleach fan ) , and the fact that I can watch it for free and that also on YouTube is just amazing 👍😁😘(really thank you ❤)
God-killing Spear
God-killing Spear:
They're Dragon-hunting Quincies.
Kokoro Tsurumaki
Kokoro Tsurumaki:
Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay~!

Here It Is The First Anime I Will Be Watching This Fall
Kartik Tripathi
Kartik Tripathi:
How the heck did they get the rights for this.... damn....

Anyway it's awesome, nice work Muse asia
miri gore
miri gore:
The creator like big chest and Loli theme. Like the previous one
Shidiq Aerith
Shidiq Aerith:
Whaaaatatttssss, alreaaddd here it's already heeeerrrrreeeeeeeee
Night's Edge
Night's Edge:
When anime takes place in other countries
Japanese: hippity hoppity hop
I'm now your main language
Monsieur Bones
Monsieur Bones:
Tate Kubo's Bleach + Little Witch Academia.
Richwell Joff Nilo
Richwell Joff Nilo:
the white dragon looks like light fury anime mode

also the characters have Bleach eyes
Markjovel Sandig
Markjovel Sandig:
My favorite anime that Muse Asia made is " When I reincarnate as a slime" hahaha
11:22 Night Wing from How to Train Your Dragon
I honestly thought this was going to be a movie.

Noel is waifu material in my opinion.
Chaos Flame
Chaos Flame:
I think i just saw harry potter anime version. But it was good.👍
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke:
The way the narrator said Loan Don Loan Don Loan Don 🤣
0:18 Steve rocks the block!
The guy is like Ichigo x Kon.
AHEGAO senpai
AHEGAO senpai:
This new "harry Potter" anime is good
The dialogue/voice acting felt a bit stiff. Though, I always love how this studio always makes cool looking black/other characters, especially in Bleach.
Anime is Laifu
Anime is Laifu:
I literally have a test today welp guess who's failing lol.

Anime is top priority :>
the dark dragon's face never ceased to give me goosebumps.
Cres Dc
Cres Dc:
When Seira from LLSS gets reincarnated into a blonde baddie like Saki from ZLS and lives in the same timeline aa Bleach
Amogh Ketkar
Amogh Ketkar:
11:41 Toothless's friend
Jhayanx Universe
Jhayanx Universe:
Boses in Dark Souls be like
Naruto K10
Naruto K10:
This story exists in same the same universe of "Bleach" so we may get to see Ichigo
Yuumi Chan
Yuumi Chan:
16:55 I like the fonts♥
The anime is so classical! It brings me back in 90s.
Rojan Karki
Rojan Karki:
when the video was premiered 38 minutes ago but you see comments from 3 hours ago
"confused screaming"
un ordinary Zzz
un ordinary Zzz:
Muse Asia thanks alot, I was so hyped for this anime when I saw the trailer and how it has finally aired 😍🥰
Me: *sees Redist* Oh? Is this like reddi- *remembers the word redistribute* Oh... Fck I'm online for too long
Dannn - Anime Guitar Covers
Dannn - Anime Guitar Covers:
I just made a guitar cover on the ending theme, its so catchy af <3
Its_ Blitz
Its_ Blitz:
I just found a new ship :))
Charlotte Yves Lotharias
Charlotte Yves Lotharias:
If only you can also lincense Haikyuu to the top 2nd cour
Damn. I know that Bleach's final arc in animation will probably be release next year but it got me excited when Kubo's working on a new one again that's a spin off from Bleach. Ninny is giving me big vibes of Hiyori & Ichigo while Noel is like a combination of Sung-Sun and Lisa. Bruno reminds me of Grimmjow.
Shouja Fire
Shouja Fire:
I thought I am never gonna watch this so early!!!
Modern Harry Potter the Anime
Firouz Kariim wibisono
Firouz Kariim wibisono:
Imagine bleach with this quality of animation
Magixz Gamingz
Magixz Gamingz:
Hey wait this is similar to a Barbie movie that my sister watched🤣🤣
Kamado Tanjiro
Kamado Tanjiro:
Thanks to muse Asia for giving us good quality anime "muse Asia deserve more subscribers"
Ay yo? When did muse asia get a million subs? Didnt notice like the last time i watched muse asia it was still like 400k subs and when i checked its suddenly 1.55? Anyways congrats even tho if its late
Thankful but wish for 1080P version.
Hmm, ok after the stream stabilized it looks ok.
But on fast action scenes, the compression artefacts really show.
And it feels like theres a blur layer on.
el giee deee
el giee deee:
so they are using bakudo and hado, hmm interestingg