Bumblebee vs Blitzwing - Fight Scene | Bumblebee (2018) Movie Clip 4K

Bumblebee vs Blitzwing - Full Fight - Battle Scene | Bumblebee (2018) Movie Clip 4K Ultra HD
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Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr, John Ortiz, Pamela Adlon, Jason Drucker, Stephen Schneider, Glynn Turman, Len Cariou, Gracie Dzienny, Fred Dryer, Dylan O'Brien, Peter Cullen, Angela Bassett, Justin Theroux, David Sobolov

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Filmic Box
Filmic Box:
Bumblebee Egg Prank Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-22rMEhtzo
Kyle Campbell
Kyle Campbell:
Not bad for a director that spent most of his career working on stop-motion animation
Lord Weegee
Lord Weegee:
You were expecting Starscream BUT IT WAS ME, BLITZWING!
Vincent Dong
Vincent Dong:
I like how Agent Burns isn’t like other villains, when Bumblebee said “this is a mistake” he immediately said “stay cool hold your fire”. He didn’t say stuff like “Bullshit, then why were you trying to run”
Luke Basco
Luke Basco:
I love bumblebee's voice in this scene. It makes him sound as if he were a young prodigy
I really enjoyed Bumblebee it has so much heart compared to the rest. Goes to show when you actually just build a story than just messy chaos.
Lightman 2120
Lightman 2120:
Still wishing Blitzwing had more screen time.
jake halle
jake halle:
Michael bay movie franchise: awesome fights, terrible cinematography, not that good story plot

Travis knight: Pretty good story, nearly perfect cinematography, better viewed and amazing fights
sakayt singh
sakayt singh:
What bees fighting against Asian murder hornets look like.
Quix Silver
Quix Silver:
I’m just now realizing that bee did that whole fight while critically injured from the military .... AND STILL WON
FOr now blitzwing is the closest we've got to a live action gundam
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman:
David Sobolov voicing Blitzwing also voiced Shockwave in Transformers Prime and voiced Grodd in The Flash and currently voicing Drax the Destroyer. I like how they went back to basics of starting the story small as a way to flesh out more storylines.
A live-action Transformers fight scene where I can see everything that's happening and with no random jump-away cuts midway through the fight?!

What sorcery is this?
Scout 1032
Scout 1032:
I really love how balanced this movie is. Showing that the decepticons and autobots have their weaknesses. For example bumblebee would handle blitzwing but he was injured and outmatched. It was only by chance the blitzwing was distracted for bumblebee to get the upper hand.
Jhovaniel Perez
Jhovaniel Perez:
Bumblebee: "I'll never talk"

Blitzwing: "Is that right?" then lets make it official"
Jamie Olberding
Jamie Olberding:
1:34 Blitzwing: "DID YOU THINK YOU COULD HIDE!!!"
Braylin Roberts
Braylin Roberts:
My favorite thing about this movie is that they didn’t try to make any of the robots super muscular like for an example blitzwing. His arms are skinny and flat and his thighs aren’t big like soundwaves’ he’s just well tall.😃 Great Job Travis Knight 👏
JD Pragmatic
JD Pragmatic:
Man Blitzwing looked friggin awesome in this movie. The design team mixed the live action style and G1 designs of the seekers perfectly.
The cockpit on the chest
Wings on the back like a jet pack
Black boxy style helmet
I just can’t get over how amazing his aesthetics are.
Bonus: they threw in a voice actor from Transformers Prime for good measure
Clarion XL
Clarion XL:
3:06 Fun Fact: That’s the same voice actor for Shockwave from Transformers Prime
Taajwar Pope
Taajwar Pope:
Best Transformers spin-off
I really like that he was the main focus and his interaction with the girl.
Deutalios 818
Deutalios 818:
3:20. Blitzwing’s facial expression there was pure “oh shit”
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares:
I wanted blitzwing to be the main decepticon
With bumblebees voice he seems more serious. While as when he doesnt, he is more chill and like a teenager.

Edit: example, who doesnt want to wreck the bullies car and splash egg all over it? A teenager sure would lol!
0:42 I wish bumblebees voice sounded like this in the Bay films (when he actually did speak). This voice for Bee is perfect!
Daniel Theroux
Daniel Theroux:
Bumblebee: I'll never talk
Blitzwing: last choice of words
Mix Vids YT
Mix Vids YT:
1:35 That's my Math teacher when she finds me in school toilet
Jump street Stories
Jump street Stories:
1:35 5 year old me getting caught when we played hide and seek
That one guy
That one guy:
I love how blitzwings face is like a pilots headgear
S U P E R N O V A:
1:40 look closely at that scene, bee just turns his battle mask on in a blink of an eye😯😯😯
2:08 if bumblebee aimed for the head then BlitzWing could be dead and his voice will be okay
JRA MaloChico
JRA MaloChico:
Did you think you could hide?
Blitzwing vs Bumblebee best fight scene from Bumblebee (2018).
Jarrah Jamal
Jarrah Jamal:
Bee: I’ll never talk !

Blitzwing:Poor choice of words
A film about transformers without a million explosions and slow-mo.
With balanced action
It turns out it's possible! Isn't it Michael Bay?...
adam bump
adam bump:
You got to hand to to Bumblebee for just being a scout he's a remarkably skilled fighter and pretty tough.
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares:
Poor bumblebee I feel bad for him because he didn’t deserve to get hurt
Wonjae Yi
Wonjae Yi:
At least he’s stabled, compared to the one in the animated series
Phoenix Reborn
Phoenix Reborn:
Does anyone else feel like that blitzwing felt a little empathy when he goes to kill bumblebee
Dino Mulalic
Dino Mulalic:
I just really love how Blitzwing fights, using his built in weapons, size, jets and aerial agility to his advantage.
The Backstory of How Bumblebee lost his real voice
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa:
Blitzwing: Tell me where your friends are hiding.
Bumblebee: I'll never talk!!
Biltzwing: Is that right? Then let's make it official
*Damages Bumblebee's voice box
Bumblebee (distorted): ARRGGHHH NOOO!!!
Blitzwing: You're so WEAK!!!
*Rips out his voice box
3:33 did anybody notice in the left side of the screen there is blitzwing's head
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy:
This movie really made the fight scenes between Autobots and Decepticons feel satisfying.
Andrew Jelen
Andrew Jelen:
Blitzwing: Tell me where your friends are hiding...
Bumblebee: I'll never talk!
Blitzwing: Very poor choice of words.
J4IME on blitz
J4IME on blitz:
Me playing hide and seek instead of saying "ready or not here I come"
Ngl his design and when he said “Now you’ll die screaming” I legit thought he was Starscream when I first saw this movie lol
John J
John J:
"Now you'll die screaming, like your frie-AUGHH!!!"
Actionmoviefan prime
Actionmoviefan prime:
1:35 blitzwing- do you think you could hide
2:29 bumblebee- I’ll never talk
2:31 blitzwing- is that right
2:34 then let’s make it official
The_Mr. Pizza
The_Mr. Pizza:
I’m pretty sure he reason they made him Be blitzwing is because if it was starscream he woudlve died. And we don’t need that
Doom fry
Doom fry:
3:33 that's his head on the left. So sad
Kimberly Trelstad
Kimberly Trelstad:
Blitzwing: tell me where your friends are hiding.
Blending Kyle
Blending Kyle:
Blitzwing: “Hmmm, this guy is the only LEAD we have to get the escaped Autobots. What’s the smart decision to do right now? I know, shut him up PERMANENTLY so he can NEVER be interrogated again!”
Kool hari
Kool hari:
3:24 when your brother took the remote to the TV
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct:
I thought that red robot it's starscream
1:29 this is what starscream should looks like
Who else remembers prime airachnid
I get that in the films removing his voice gave his relationship with Sam and Charlie a "Boy/Girl and his/her robot" relationship, but can we please stop making Bumblebee mute?
Scout 1032
Scout 1032:
I really love how balanced this movie is. Showing that the decepticons and autobots have their weaknesses. For example bumblebee would handle blitzwing but he was injured and outmatched. It was only by chance that blitzwing was distracted for bumblebee to get the upper hand.
"Now you'll die screaming like you friends!"

Can we acknowledge how awesome that line is.
Austin Wood
Austin Wood:
Not gonna lie, as much as I love Volkswagen Bumblebee, I love the Jeep Bumblebee a little more
Chaser Red
Chaser Red:
Blitzwing: Tell me where your friends are hiding.

Bumblebee: I'll never talk..

Blitzwing: Aight, bet
Alexander Joseph Plaza
Alexander Joseph Plaza:
oohh so that's why bee lost his voice in this movie
asa b610
asa b610:
When a player goes off the radar in GTA online and you find him 1:33
Srikanth Ramprasad
Srikanth Ramprasad:
Fun fact: the F4 Phantom and the Harrier Jump jet used in the movie aren't Decepticons vehicles. They are the vehicles used by the Aerialbots Firefight and Slingshot.
DavidFresh Gaming
DavidFresh Gaming:
He could’ve said run a little louder
2:32 That would probaby be me if I hear someone saying this movie trash and the Bayformers are better as well as mocking those who like Bumblebee.
Sharpshooter 02
Sharpshooter 02:
1:34 when they find you in hide and seek
ᴠɪɴᴄʏ suicide squad
ᴠɪɴᴄʏ suicide squad:
You know would be the best movie ever? Transformer WITHOUT HUMANS
1:14-1:22 Michael Bay would be proud
Owen Dow
Owen Dow:
This movie in my eyes is the best transformer movie I just love bumblebee
Tfp: bumblebee lost his voice by megatron
Bumblebee: voice box lost by blitzwing
Daniele Mazza
Daniele Mazza:
First time i’ve seen Blitzwing i confused him with Starscream
This movies fights are the best we've gotten since the bayverse fights cause damn were they hard on the eyes to watch these fights have better camera angles and know when to zoom out and back in with micheal bay it was like the camera guy was having a sesure every movie
Timothy T.
Timothy T.:
Alternative Scene:

As Blitzwing flies in, all Bumblebee can say is "Run..." before a missile is launched at him. Blitzwing fires on the Cybertronian, and any of the humans unfortunate enough to be close enough. The explosion knocks back most of the jeeps, causing them to roll over. Bumblebee has fallen into his back, and is staggering to get up before Blitzwing can circle around to fire again.

Agent Burns screams in pain under a flipped car. Bumblebee hears this, and rushes over to get him out.

"Are you functional," he asks the man.

"What was that?!"

"Decepticon... I'll explain later. We have to get you to safety."

Bumblebee transforms into his alt mode, Agent Burns now sitting at the passenger seat. A few of the other soldiers quickly climb in, guns in hand, they drive off into the forest to take cover of the now overhead Blitzwing.


As Bumblebee falls to the ground, he manages to pick himself up. Looking around, he sees that the battle has caused casualties of an alien race he has only just met. Saddened, he starts to limp away, before hearing something move. He turns to an overturned Jeep, and makes his way to it to inspect further.

What he sees is the man that chased him down, struggling to escape the cabin of the vehicle. They lock eyes for a second, fear in Burns', and guilt in Bumblebee's. The Cybertronian lifts the car up and rips it open to let out the soldier, and collapses under the strain of his damage.

Scared, alone, and systems failing, he is forced to transform into his Jeep alternative mode. As he shuts down, he can feel Burns get into the cabin and close the door, before he goes offline.
william stelmar
william stelmar:
Is it just me or does blitzwing sound sad when he sentences bumblebee to death?
When i first saw this i was genuinely terrified cause blitzwing is like 2 or 3 times bigger than bee
Sparkle Shine Prime Productions
Sparkle Shine Prime Productions:
Oh gosh! I can see blitzwing’s head when he was now blown up to microns at 3:33!
Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz:
Just got my Ss blitzwing today! And it’s Effin beautiful* it made me like a kid again :’) I hope there will be enough blitzwing for all of us to enjoy! 🙌
The Golden Bear
The Golden Bear:
Even tho Blitzwing didn't had enough screentime at least they'll save Starscream for later films
The SageofRage
The SageofRage:
why did he have to rip out his voice box
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson:
1:47 "Now you will die SCREAMING" ..the fact that blitzwing was originally supposed to be starscream is so obvious.
Zachary Cabanié
Zachary Cabanié:
1:35 Me when I finally get a new character in Fire Emblem Heroes
Travis Knight....

You are the true god of the transformers community.
Noticed how when they where getting shot or punched they DIDNT start falling apart like they where made of legos
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter:
blitzwing: "you are hereby sentenced... to death."
bumblebee in John Cena voice: "are you sure about that?"
matthew forbes
matthew forbes:
"Throw it out your actuator 3 face."
I love how the fights in this movie are grounded up and you can see the individual blows. If bay directed this there would’ve been a explosion everytime bee or blitzwing hit each other
Riley Draws
Riley Draws:
I dont like how Blitzwing is a starscream recolor he's supposed to be a triple changer right?
Srikanth Ramprasad
Srikanth Ramprasad:
1:07 movie Decepticon insignia.
"Then let's make it official" thanks blitzwing
Kridd Core
Kridd Core:
Even thought it was short, Blitzwing was done well.
What’s so dope about this scene is how fast Blitzwing was flying when he grabbed Bee by the neck and SLAMS him into a mountain on Full After Burners!

“Did you think you could hiiide?”

He was PISSED! 😂😂
Jones Wang leather
Jones Wang leather:
At least they don't have parts falling around during the fight, seems the quality of the body is much better than Michael bay's TF
Juliet Labbao
Juliet Labbao:
I kinda feel like they are calm at fighting then intense but its still good its not bad
Susmita Paul
Susmita Paul:
Bumblebee sounds young yet manly like a tough teenager.
Mr. M
Mr. M:
This movie just makes me angrier at Michael Bay when I realize we could have had movies like this the entire time
3:24 Bumblebee: You should have gone for the head.
Joshua Witt
Joshua Witt:
All Pain is docked, "double singles", "elder bee toy storage investigation"
1:57 Iron Man vs Thor and Hulkbuster vs Hulk
Nicholas the Hedjhog
Nicholas the Hedjhog:
It combined michael bay's trash robots with the classics, and its awesome