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Bumblebee - The Cybertronian War: Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) helps Bumblebee (Dylan O'Brien) escape Cybertron.
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On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee the Autobot seeks refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. Charlie, on the brink of turning 18 years old and trying to find her place in the world, soon discovers the battle-scarred and broken Bumblebee. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns that this is no ordinary yellow Volkswagen.

TM & © Paramount (2018)
Cast: Dylan O'Brien, Peter Cullen
Screenwriter: Christina Hodson
Producer: Michael Bay
Director: Travis Knight

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100+ komento:

Egg Pin
Egg Pin:
In all honesty this has to be the best scene in the entire film, seeing all the transformers back in their full original designs really hit the geeky spot for me and for that us transformers fans shall bow to Travis knight
Seve Hynes30
Seve Hynes30:
Let’s face it when you were playing with your transformer toys this is what you imagined in your head
Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon
Jawbreaker The Hyaenodon:
Optimus: *appears*

Decepticons: “Why do I hear boss music?”
Wonjae Yi
Wonjae Yi:
Bumblebee’s voice sounds more handsome than the old movie bumblebee
give me your pringle please
give me your pringle please:
Who else got chills when Soundwave, Starscream and Shockwave appeared. The Decepticon trio
Edit: Glad I'm not the only one.

What? You though I would be one of those people who say Thanks for the likes? Nah
Exility 17
Exility 17:
blizzard fog
blizzard fog:
Girl playing with nerf guns: they aren't even fun

Arnob Barua
Arnob Barua:
Who else would be happy if this was just the whole movie
Jean Nguyen
Jean Nguyen:
I live how they modernized their 80’s look! 😁
This is what we need. No humans, just the transformers on Cybertron
ethan mendoza
ethan mendoza:
Peter Cullen is a legend still being the voice actor for Optimus since the beginning just tickles my Inner Geek
Izzhan Rifqy Khairul Affendy
Izzhan Rifqy Khairul Affendy:
Shockwave: “let non escape”

Autobot named “non”: *HELL YEAH*
Michael Bay: Optimus has a mouth so he can show emotion, as that is hard to do when he has a face plate

Me: 0:46, Your move Michael.

Primes eyes show more emotion than any of Bays films. It's the look of Fear and uselessness.
When every Transformers fan dream comes true. Travis Knight finally gave us a TRUE Cybertron scene in a big budget movie. The one from Dark of the Moon looked cool but it wasn’t the true Cybertron
It is a shame we didn't get more of soundwave, starscream and shockwave I was pumped to see them.
Mr Rex
Mr Rex:
Shockwave: *LET NONE ESCAPE!!*

*All Autobots escape*

Dammit Starscream
GD Heavy
GD Heavy:
I bet fans of the original g1 cartoon shat themselves during this scene
Michael Bay: "there is no way the classic designs can work on the big screen- they are too blocky and stupid. So, i'm gonna make up my own designs that will melt computers trying to animate them,"
10 years later, he loses the movies and a rookie director was not only able to make the 80's designs and voice modulations work, but make them look good. what i mean to say is, screw you Bay

and before anyone says anything, Travis Knight isn't a rookie in the film industry; he's worked on very good movies as an animator. what i mean is that this was his second movie he directed. Meanwhile, Bay did, what, 6 movies, 10 before the first Transformers?
Brown Box
Brown Box:
Hasbro: so how many star screams and thundercrackers do you want
Travis knight: Yes
Blanche's Lesbian Lover
Blanche's Lesbian Lover:
Soundwave's voice is the sound of death.
A dumby named Conor
A dumby named Conor:
This is what Transformers in a live action movie are supposed to look like. Not crushed soda cans hitting each other.
This scene is basically if 2 schools are doing paintball for the field trip
I won't lie, I LIKED bayformers, a lot, since they were really my first exposure to the series... but...

My face was overrun with goosebumps when I saw Wheeljack. I agree, just like with all the Intros to the Terminator movies, if they could make This intro: the movie, I'd be the happiest Geek in the universe.
Fran Golemac
Fran Golemac:
Classic transformation sound: *exists*

OG Fans: *happy nostalgia attack*
Steel prime King of Dabbleyoo
Steel prime King of Dabbleyoo:
G1 soundwave and shockwave: exist
Travis knight: make it extra quadruple c's THICCCC.
Tylet Rose
Tylet Rose:
Cybertronian battle scene: *exists*
Every single G1 fan: *happy screaming*
Why Koala
Why Koala:
There should be an Optimus Prime solo film, where it shows how Optimus becomes the great leader he is today and the backstory of the Cybertronian war

My family and I shopping during the coronavirus:
Shockwave: "Let none escape! ........ Dammit they escaped through those little pods"
Miura marley
Miura marley:
*I hate to say this because i love Bay and the 1st film compared to the other trash.* *But i love how lore accurate each character looks here, their expressions is so human but they still look alien, their weapons, body design etc looks so advanced esque none of that human looking design.* *Bay once said years ago the way they look wouldn't work on screen which is why he made changes, oh how wrong he was.* *Cant wait for the next film, which supposedly takes place before Bee.*
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman:
They should make a Cybertron film because this clip says everything.
Bumblebee voice is cool in the movie
Biker Wolf Chip
Biker Wolf Chip:
This is seriously the movie we should have gotten back in 2007.
Jamie Deering
Jamie Deering:
This needs to be a whole movie, set on Cybertron, no humans, G1 designs.
We really need a movie where it’s just the war on Cybertron with the old design for the transformers who agrees
If you look really close at Shockwave's eye, it lights up as he speaks. Such attention to detail.
Micah T.
Micah T.:
Micheal Bay couldn’t even accomplish the term “Animation Accurate”.
This scene looks and feels like Transformers. Miles better than Michael Bay's Transformers movies!
Apple Butter
Apple Butter:
This is such an amazing movie, from character design, to to everyone’s traits and personalities, to the story plot and nostalgia of the old shows. Not to mention it gained an 91% rotten tomato score, while bayhem transformers scored an 20% average. The small details like “objects are closer than they appear” to the heartfelt bond between Charlie and Bumblebee really make this movie special.
Imagine if The franchise was remade so that everything looked like this.
Josh Han
Josh Han:
Shockwave: "Only Starscream could fail to dispose of a helpless captive."
Anthony Aaron
Anthony Aaron:
I really like how the decepticons actually look like characters instead of clunks of grey metal like in the Bay movies.
Чынтемир Мурат улу ЖОПА
Чынтемир Мурат улу ЖОПА:
The transformers return after these messages
We now return to the transformers
Christopher Rightsell
Christopher Rightsell:
I like how this movie changed everything and made the transformers G1 style
Two minutes of everything everyone ever wanted to see in a transformers movie

2 hours of humans
This scene is better than all Michael Bay’s TF movie combined.
Finally, a transformers movie with actual emotional depth...
Sai Ram
Sai Ram:
"you must protect the planet"

*Proceeds to land in the US.
I love how everyone looks like there G1 counter part especially soundwave.
Matthew Ryan
Matthew Ryan:
When your team was almosh lose

Pro player : 0:17
Funny as how they were accurate to seekers being almost the same.
cure of corona virus
cure of corona virus:
I like the design of the autobots they looks like they are optimus primes children's
This was nice. Especially Epic Voice Guy as Soundwave.
Noob Playz70
Noob Playz70:
My favorite scene was when sound wave and shockwave charged in
Donnie Montoya
Donnie Montoya:
Everything about the look of this scene is perfect
I never thought Starscream would take orders from anyone, especially Shockwave
Noah Garrity
Noah Garrity:
FINALLY, a Cybertron clip WITHOUT Chinese subtitles...
It's amazing...They don't look like mashed up pieces of metal and you can tell who's who
A Literal Lamp
A Literal Lamp:
The look of fear Optimus has when Soundwave and the others appeared really goes to show how dire the Autobots’ situation is and how much he genuinely cares for those under him. Truly the hero we need
Jamie Deering
Jamie Deering:
This is what a transformer movie needs to be just set on Cybertron and focus on the war between autobots and decepticons
Moff Xanatos
Moff Xanatos:
So... yeah, I'm gonna need this but about 60x longer
Ewan Callister
Ewan Callister:
Optimus Prime

Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior:
0:04 Iacon City has fallen.
Carlos Roberto Silva Junior
Carlos Roberto Silva Junior:
This and Transformers Prime are loveletters to G1
King Kyanzilla
King Kyanzilla:
Hey guys the Autobot that said “There’s to many of them!” Is Weeljack cause of the colors and the thing on his mouth
Ritvik Mishra
Ritvik Mishra:
Optimus prime: “I’m not trapped on Cybertron with you”
“You are all trapped on Cybertron with me!”
Alam. JR
Alam. JR:
0:22 listen carefully. You'll hear a windows error message sound.

Looks like they must've got an error while recording a voice/making a sound.
Teacher: today class, we will be learning about the outer universe

Girls: ugh, boring!

this scene gave me so much nostalgia jesus christ
Just a movie in this style about the start of the cybertronian civil war would be amazing
Omar IsHere
Omar IsHere:
We need a full goddamn movie about the war for Cybertron
Damian Javier Vedia McMahon
Damian Javier Vedia McMahon:
Well it took a decade but they finally figured out how to make a good transformers movie.

Make em look like the toys

No one cares how alien robots know what cars and planes are

Cut Bay out of production
Man I'm TELLING YOU if they make an entire war for cybertron movie, imagine seeing Metroplex or even Trypticon....
Austin Urban
Austin Urban:
This was literally the best scene in the movie.
Lance stuff basically
Lance stuff basically:
what parents see: a kid making sound effects and playing with transformers

what kids see:
Ne Re
Ne Re:
Travis knight superior, Michael bay inferior.
The moment I heard soundwave's voice I was hooked.
Johnny Johnn
Johnny Johnn:
When the bad trio shows up chills everytime!
This scene is the best in the entire series. TK did such a faithful design recreation. Travis Knight did what Michael Bay couldn't.
The chosen one Of course
The chosen one Of course:
Thumbnail: When you and your friend break something and hear footsteps coming towards you
Tristan Acuna
Tristan Acuna:
Despite this movie having the shortest budget in thr entire franchise, the CGI is still phenomenal!
I can honestly watch this scene over and over again just to be amazed how they delivered G1. All they have to do is make an entire G1 movie that fans and newcomers can enjoy
Nanchisan Nanchisan
Nanchisan Nanchisan:
0:44 That kind of humor is the one that should be used for transformers movies, not the Bay one
ZeleBigz TV
ZeleBigz TV:
I really want a G1 live action movie based on Cybertron...No humans.
Bradley Kjenner
Bradley Kjenner:
When Optimise said that there are other autobots scattered across the galaxy proves that bumblebee and the others are not the only group of autobots to he sent off cybertron.
Austin Dick
Austin Dick:
Highest-grossing films directed by Travis Knight:
1. Bumblebee
2. Kubo and the Two Strings
Albert Gajudo
Albert Gajudo:
Cybertron looks so much better than the ones in The last Knight.
titanus creature44
titanus creature44:
Let’s be honest generation 1 style transformers has made a hell of a come back and completely exiled the Michael bay era we’re getting shows and toys that are based off of old school transformers I love it
Ferdinand Shilo Ong
Ferdinand Shilo Ong:
Isnt this weird transformer already transform into car even before going to earth
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares:
Bumblebee should’ve spoken more and had more lines. He’s still my favorite transformer character and will be my favorite
Joey Cook
Joey Cook:
I didn’t even grow up watching the original 80s cartoon and Travis Knight made ME feel nostalgic for the cartoon. That’s how much this movie succeeds
Afro Cookie
Afro Cookie:
Who saw bumble bees facial expression when Optimus told him to protect the planet?
Katsu the Otaku
Katsu the Otaku:
These Scenes really should be dedicated to the Games: War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron
Santino Massaro
Santino Massaro:
I thought Transformers 5 'The Last Knight' was the final Transformers film. Then a knight called Travis came along and saved it
Oh my god when I first saw this scene I was squeking like a excited child. Everyone looks so GOOD!
Joe Gresser
Joe Gresser:
This scene alone beats the entirety of the MB timeline that shouldn’t even be a thing
AlphaSquash 0
AlphaSquash 0:
0:10 Considering he is a boat, "Stand Fast" is a Navy quote. Those who made this movie did their homework
Devano Wibawa
Devano Wibawa:
this could have been the entire movie goddamn it
Luminary *_*
Luminary *_*:
This one scene itself is better than all of the M. Bay films tbh 🤷🏽‍♂️