Bucks vs Celtics | NBA Film Room

In this film room Coach Pyper looks at the great game between the Bucks and Celtics. Giannis was awesome, the Bucks defense was amazing holding Tatum to 5 points. We will look at the final 6 minutes and how the game ended up going to the Bucks.

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10 komento:

S Monster
S Monster:
Incidental contact isn’t a foul?! Are you kidding me?! So if I just run into you on accident, while you are shooting, it’s not a foul?! OMG these trash refs make me sick
Excellent breakdown coach as always..10.30 i think there is a clear travel in giannis and one !
Boolat Guzairov
Boolat Guzairov:
Damn Celtics would benefit a LOT from having a shooting player at 5. Theis regularly left wide open after DHO - with little to none threat from outside.
2:40 Shouldn't the Hayward missed layup be a goaltend on Giannis?
Giannis stat line: 36pts
7 ast
15 reb
9 fouls
6:20 "refs aren't going to call that". They called Heyward for that exact thing just a few minutes before that and his wasn't anywhere near as bad as this one.
Big Jax
Big Jax:
Great video
Roy Meng Yeow Tan
Roy Meng Yeow Tan:
tik tok dance
Samuel Loetscher
Samuel Loetscher:
Do you think the Theis screen was a foul on Giannis or not? I was real confused
Giannis should have been fouled out!