Bubba Wallace - The Noose Incident & Bringing BLM Into NASCAR | The Daily Social Distancing Show

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace discusses the events surrounding the noose discovered in his garage, getting the Confederate flag banned from races, and his response to criticism of bringing the Black Lives Matter movement into his sport. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BubbaWallace

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100+ komento:

Bruce Gardner
Bruce Gardner:
I'm surprised NASCAR isn't more progressive, all they do is drive left.
"I don't play the race card". Plaster's BLM all over himself
Gabe Shakour
Gabe Shakour:
“It’s not about racing, it’s about race”

And in Hollywood a couple hundred scripts were born...
Primink- Fan
Primink- Fan:
Who's here after the FBI confirmed it wasn't a hate crime?
Scottandrewthill Scottandrewthill
Scottandrewthill Scottandrewthill:
Breaking News !!!
Noose proclaims...
' I'm KNOT Racist !! '
Michael Bergquist
Michael Bergquist:
The supply of racism in this country is not meeting the demand.
brown beast
brown beast:
Sorry.. but I like this show better. More real Trevor, less bad jokes from staff writers. BeEn killing thru out the lock down.
Nathan Surrett
Nathan Surrett:
Close your eyes and bubba sounds like he's about to sell you squarespace.
Aronda Jackson
Aronda Jackson:
If we sit down and talk with each other we might see that we have a lot in common. We have to understand each other.
Bubba Smollett 😂😂😂
Zoey Kiritu
Zoey Kiritu:
How can skin color cause this much trouble? Come on Humanity, find better struggles 🤦🏽‍♀️
Carolyn's RV Life
Carolyn's RV Life:
Excellent interview. I'm happy to see so many people finding their voices and speaking up. Way to go Bubba!
Brian Corr
Brian Corr:
This guy is lucky to be alive let alone up and able to give interviews. Fending off fake hate crimes is hungry work.
he is FIONE
Miklamesh Xe
Miklamesh Xe:
Bubba Wallace is the "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" driver for NASCAR ...
I bet he could sing a good country song! That voice has the bass and kick that I suspect could be a hit.
Bobby Clotman
Bobby Clotman:
Unfortunately the past is gonna live through you because of what you are instead of who you are. I appreciate you Mr. Wallace for taking much needed energy that you need to stay focused on winning a race, instead you used it for helping Your Race Win! Every little bit counts. But something tells me you're well aware of this.
Please Interview Zach De La Rocha !!
Person McPerson
Person McPerson:
OMG I love what he said. YES. BE THE PERSON you were meant to be. SPEAK UP. Do not be afraid. WE ALL NEED TO SHOW UP with our ethics. NOW is the time.
Richard Gray
Richard Gray:
Serious question. What is the appeal of watching cars drive around and around and around in a big circle? I don't get it.
I just saw a new news report that showed a closeup of the knot. It WAS tied like a noose which is contrary to a different reports I saw that showed a different knot. Perhaps I, and many others are so stirred by other racially triggered things going on right now, also pulled the trigger a little too quick.
If I were a black man and saw that rope tied that way, regardless if it was a door pull, it would certainly make me wonder. If the picture didn't exist that showed that knot there last October it would be a whole different story right now. Bubba would never have seen or known of it's prior existence at the time this all got started and scooped him up. That one picture change my whole way of looking at this and Bubba. I'm actually relieved, I liked Bubba before this, now he's OK with me again.
At this point it's getting hard to believe anything/everything on the news. Nobody reports anything strait up anymore and that is part of the problem. We are all (including me), wound a little to tight these days.
Interesting how he sees and embraces race. He explained he is of a mixed origin and naturally with darker skin. If you come from a diverse gene pool, which is usually favored by nature (tends to produce stronger and healthier individuals), what is your race? Whatever you look like "mostly"? Why does that matter? Why do we have to complicate things so much? Why can't we just be whoever we are no matter the looks? We are so dumb! Lots of evolution needed.
Saying it's been there since 2019 is to cover-up the fact that someone at NASCAR is a racist. Not catching the person and holding them accountable means they'll strike again. The KKK generally gives 2 warnings before it's a straight up horror show. That means being on guard, 24/7 and the truth in "stay woke".
Such beauty and love came from that experience. Right on! Proud and memorable moments. I appreciate Bubba and the NASCAR community.
He doesn't need to explain himself. It was a very valid and serious concern, it's great it wasn't directed toward him, but it very well could have been. It isn't something that couldn't ever happen 🤷🏾‍♀️
Really Trevor a "NASCAR style of knot?" What kind of knot exactly is a NASCAR style of knot?
A A:
I am superficial as hell! Trevor AND Bubba?? I have a thing for eloquent men not to mention they are damn stimulating to the eyes. My eyes were alternating back and forth but I wasn't hearing a thing they were saying. What they are discussing is important and I promise I went back and watched it just for the content without looking at my screen. But...damn!!! Ovary overload!
Brian Mosse
Brian Mosse:
Sitting on the phone! you poor little victim these beastly micro-aggressors.
Matthias Kaiser
Matthias Kaiser:
Reading the comments here it gets clear what is currently going wrong in the US. You can't even agree upon facts... That is insane. I have no idea how anyone can fix that...
That's true ❤ family 💗. If you admit there's a problem, you have taken the first step to destroying that BREED of evil. Respect.
Twin Tiger
Twin Tiger:
10:04 Was that a shout out to Lewis Hamilton? Awesome. Let's also not forget Willy T. Ribbs; another black man that just wanted to race, but was faced with hate through his career.
Moshe Ngobeni
Moshe Ngobeni:
god has given two things ,spirit of power and love, all of us..Soul power can be used or abused. Love is not voluntary action, it there to overcome everything.....
"The fake hate crime incident" noticed your typo.
JP Stone
JP Stone:
Trevor be getting all the current guest..
It's too much ... to see both of them at one time ... sensory overload 🤣 ... intelligent, aware, and handsome ...
lOve the show, but alot of a sudden this new editing is breaking the flow of conversation and getting me kinda dizzy
General Durandal
General Durandal:
When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one.
Evil can only win if good does nothing.
Protest peacefully, don't let your wrath cloud your judgment.
Rebecca Freeman
Rebecca Freeman:
Wowza. Think I just fell in love with Bubba Wallace. 💯🥰
Akmal Arman
Akmal Arman:
He's a good looking guy
Perry Woodman
Perry Woodman:
Congrats on the Beats deal sir. Drop'em Dre.👍🙏
Kathryn Gilbert
Kathryn Gilbert:
Bubba your racing is 🔥 and you just keep getting better great job, we love you!
Paula Holt
Paula Holt:
Hold your head up Bubba they are playing games. I hope you are strong I am praying for you. God bless.
swe ann
swe ann:
Such a great man! 👍👍🏽👍🏿
Per Erik Wennberg
Per Erik Wennberg:
Tell Lewis "whats up".. Maybe Bubba wants to join the formula one circus!? If so, he is very welcome here in Europe! ;)
Derrick D
Derrick D:
Amazing interview!
Zayetoune J Cotterell
Zayetoune J Cotterell:
Mixed race people are always good looking
For example :-
Trevor Noah
Bubba Wallace
Bubba: don't drain!!!!!! Keep your inner strength!!
Nolan Nolan
Nolan Nolan:
Did anyone notice he said Jussie Smooleete? He pronounced it like Chappelle skit making fun of Juicy Smooleete. Lol
Level Plane
Level Plane:
Well Im a fan now... I will watch your next race Buba!
Gloria Vincent
Gloria Vincent:
Love Bubba! His Mom should be proud of the SON she raised. :) --gv
Gary Keyes
Gary Keyes:
Proud of you Bubba! Keep racing hard and don't listen to these MFers!
Veon Ray
Veon Ray:
"It's not about racing, it's about race" -Bubba Wallace
Diane Wiegel
Diane Wiegel:
I have been a NASCAR fan since 2005 and Jimmie Johnson is my driver. I am so happy that NASCAR took the Confederate flag off the track and out of the race. Since the sport started with cars running liquor during prohibition and not about the flag. I say welcome to all new fans and especially those that go to the track for the first time and feel the thunder under their feet and think what it must be like to Bubba or any of those driver's going almost 200 mph
Ghost Mama
Ghost Mama:
I, for one, and my family, are HAPPY that they banned the confederate flag at NASCAR races. I hated to go to the tracks and see ignorant people waving them around and shouting Nasty comments. And the ideology behind their rhetoric angered me. (I'm a northerner) they truly believe in Anarchy and that "the south will rise again " meaning that they want the old ways if oppression to return. No thank you. It wasn't a successful outcome the first time around, so why repeat failed history? Get up with the times, and adjust your mentality. We are a United nation now. We are NOT going to be separating states from the union again. Let bygones be bygones, and move forward. No one needs to be marinated in racist history and oppressed by rich men who want to "own " other's. Let's work together, NOT work against each other. ( P.S. racist Lindsey Graham needs to be voted OUT).
margaret G
margaret G:
It was hung up there when you were assigned the garage. Be careful
eric robinson
eric robinson:
Excellent interview...great personality!
He's so precious.
Beautiful men, inside and out. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ great job. Significant change❤️❤️❤️
jennifer coble
jennifer coble:
So proud of both of you young men
Robert Cherry
Robert Cherry:
...he said Jeffrey Small yay.... 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Masha Anna
Masha Anna:
Respect and gratitude to this man ❤️
Damn Bubba 😍❤
Fantastic, thank you!
Justin Bakuo
Justin Bakuo:
I'm getting homo vibes from bubba
And by them hands I know he is packing
James Terry
James Terry:
Trevor, please keep doing what you do. From your stand-up comedy, to your time on The Daily Show, you are bringing the intellectual perspective we so desperately need as a nation.

Sadly, were it not for this Knot incident I would not know Bubba Wallace exists. Though I hate this sort of thing has happened, I appreciate him peacefully standing up for what he believes is right.

All the way!
Tyrese Brinson
Tyrese Brinson:
Damn he fine...stay safe handsome
Ivelisse Gonzalez
Ivelisse Gonzalez:
Omgosh Bubba Wallace is so cute, and so is Trevor Noah❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Patricia Eroz
Patricia Eroz:
Trevor & Bubba❗️❤️❗️❤️
Thanks For Giving Me The Opportunity
To Give U Both A Very Important Message Here
That I Know U Got
Despite Those Obviously Allied
With The Inc-ers
Who Have So Generously
& Once Again
Incriminated Themselves
Because My People
Know Exactly Who
Took Down My Comment❗️

& It’s Another Win For
💃🏽 W/🕺& 😲
Someone time travel to the future and found out his garage and travel back to the past and installed the noose?
Dana Marie Seals
Dana Marie Seals:
Yay Bubba ! This is awesome... great!
Matt Conklin
Matt Conklin:
This will probably get lost in the sea of comments but I want this said to the universe. My fiancee's great uncle passed away a few weeks ago, he was in failing health and confined to an electric wheelchair for about 10 years. This being said, one of the things he most looked forward to every season was getting to watch Bubba race. He was a huge Wallace fan and even had a Bubba Wallace number 43 flag on his ceiling above the door to his room. Bubba, you are supported and loved for what you do, and to at least one fan your skin color was never a factor in that love and support.
"Well, it might not have been a noose, but it was straight-up a noose."
Lynnette Delgado
Lynnette Delgado:
Hello gentlemen! Thank you⚘
Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday
Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday:
Bubba Wallace is a snack.
Daniel Block
Daniel Block:
That don lemon interview proved to me hey something is going to wrong and he is not telling the truth secrena Williams and lance Armstrong did too do that got praising but one had bad sportsmanship the other lied for almost 15 years! Bubba still hasn't apologized. Trust in nascars business died for me in june. I lost lots of love to them.
average welder
average welder:
Bubba you are my favorite athlete at this time and I will go watch you race next time you're close to my home even though I never had any desire to go to a nascar even, you made me fan we love you and support you and can't even imagine what you have been dealing with staring in the face of the devil in hell in his house in his living room, you're so strong and brave, amazing.
Finesse Fine
Finesse Fine:
6:07 and 6:49
Zulu Man
Zulu Man:
I thought they should keep the flag I'd like to know who my enemies are I don't want them to hide but then again American flag music the same thing as the Confederate flag I think they should take the Confederate flag and make sure they step it on their foreheads yeah let them where it
Sharon Todd
Sharon Todd:
That was solidarity . XOXOXOX
Damn Bubba got a new fan out of me 😍😍
Eddie Eddie
Eddie Eddie:
The way he said Jessie Smouelle sounds like Dave Chapelle and I love that.
Heavenly Ocean
Heavenly Ocean:
I don’t watch NASCAR at all, but I love Bubba. Thank you for standing up for what you believe is right.
Cherise Brown
Cherise Brown:
I dont know what Bubba was saying I keep missing it so let me watch this like 50 more times 😍😂
Derek AKASmokey
Derek AKASmokey:
I’m an official Bubba Wallace and Nascar fan now!!

He is awesome and brave for taking doing what is right and taking a stand against the obvious hate that would come with banning that flag of hate!!
Mx Bice
Mx Bice:
I don't watch NASCAR, I didn't know Bubba Wallace before. But weirdly, at 5:00 someone started cutting onions right next to me?
A really powerful moment. You can truly feel the love.
John Rubinstein Mijares
John Rubinstein Mijares:
Wait wait wait, NOBODY TOLD ME BUBBA WALLACE WAS THIS HOT!!!!!! 🔥 🥵 🔥 😉 hot damn! I'm 95% sure I'm not just saying this because I've been quarantined alone since like mid-March all super thirsty.
kaouter Mouslim haliba
kaouter Mouslim haliba:
Where did that noose come from then
Thank you Bubba for using your voice to enact change
its the good looking brother of bobba booey
Molly Allen
Molly Allen:
When you're hyper-vigilant, things that have gone unnoticed for weeks, months, years... can suddenly be noticed and seen as threatening. It's normal human behavior. I can't fault anyone in this position either way.
Lisa Holliman
Lisa Holliman:
Many protests still and media not covering it anymore lol
Nakita Ramzee
Nakita Ramzee:
First thank you Trevor for doing this interview and letting Mr. Wallace tell the truth and we are happy that it's not a hoax. second Me. Wallace please keep up your with sticking convictions and values as a black man and standing up for those who don't have a platform like you do. Thank you for bringing attention to the sport that has always been a white man's sport. Good luck and I hope you don't give up on finding out the truth about what really happened in your garage. Stay safe and win more races. Thank you
Lp G
Lp G:
So this is the new Smollett 😂
Roger Roger
Roger Roger:
Blue Lives Matter

Say it.

Live it.
Esteban Molina
Esteban Molina:
I hate how the media keeps trying to spin this as “it wasn’t left for you, but somebody did leave a noose there” so that there’s still racism at the core of it.
It was a GARAGE DOOR PULL. There was one in EVERY GARAGE at Talledega, and in basically every racing garage in the United States. Sorry media and Bubba, but the demand for racism in America far exceeded the supply.
hope richardson
hope richardson:
You need to watch the hodgetwins video on bubba on utube.priceless.the daily show could learn a few things on facts with humor.oh yeah did I mention...their black
Jesse James
Jesse James:
This was beautiful. Let’s be human beings and show compassion for each other. We all bleed the same red blood. We all live on one little blue world. We spend so much time fighting each other and ourselves. We forget the beautiful things we have all have in common.
I think a lot of people of color can relate to what Bubba said about not being political, but just being a personal color is a political act.
Bubba Wallace is hella cute!
Carey Decker
Carey Decker:
thanks for sharing