BTS protecting and supporting Taehyung ?


Hello and welcome back :)
here are a few moments of BTS protecting and supporting Taehyung.
Tae is probably the most loves member (by fans and even the other BTS members).
when asked who would they hang out with, most members chose Taehyung.
Jungkook chose Taehyung as the member RM cares most for.
Everybody loves Kim Taehyung.
Watch the video and see
members being proud of Kim Taehyung,
members caring for and helping V,
RM letting V rap and more.
What's your favorite moment?
Let me know :)

BTS protecting and supporting Taehyung ?
태형을 보호하고 지원하는 방탄소년단 ?
テヒョンを守り、支える防弾少年団 ?

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Saqib Farooq
Saqib Farooq:
V's friends: *Take care of him in every way possible*
My friends: *Make my life miserable for the sake of fun*
Stxay. Stray
Stxay. Stray:
V: “I’m not good look in real life-“
ITZY x RV Short Clips
ITZY x RV Short Clips:
1:35 Taehyung: *didn't get a chance to blow the candle*

Also Taehyung in the future: *blows every birthday candle of other members first*
catherina official
catherina official:
Rm:The dad
Jin: The mom
Suga:The cool uncle
JHope:The cool aunt
Jimin:The first child
Jungkook: The middle child
V: The baby
Brigid De Guzman
Brigid De Guzman:
Im so soft when JHope kissed Taehyung while sleeping huhu.
Elzė Ustinavičiūtė
Elzė Ustinavičiūtė:
I feel like V is shy and really caring, nice thats why everyone loves him and thats why they protect him becouse he deserves it
My Routine:
So I need to drink so
I need a cup of Tae
And put some Suga
And I need a kookie

Jugkook: It’s free real estate
Kpop’s Girl
Kpop’s Girl:
5:20 we all miss the young Taehyung&Jungkook :( , now they matured a lot.
Everyday Of Fun
Everyday Of Fun:
*Suga has a different spot for Tae in his heart*
Sherrie Cox
Sherrie Cox:
Vocal Line: *does rap part*

Rap Line: *screams* THATS MY SON!
Jungkookie Cookie Jams
Jungkookie Cookie Jams:
9:40 V's smile makes me happy🥰🤗
Taehyung is not wierd




everyone needs to protect V, he would trip himself and fell into a hole or something.
God made Jungkook capable of anything (besides math) so he can watch over his hyung.
Rolly Budlao
Rolly Budlao:
V: "im not really good looking in real life"
Our humble tae-tae
Etdzes Tchosdon
Etdzes Tchosdon:
The fact that everyone loves V is because he's a baby🥺💖 He have a caring nature and is very lovable and adorable...
BTS treats V like a baby

Kookie be like :Wait , what , why
am I here for
V and kookie my favourite ❤❤
Cindy F
Cindy F:
Taehyung : * exists *
Jungkook : You(rs) are mine. Mine are mine!
Na Kimm
Na Kimm:
04:04 When Mom loving her child❤️ be like ^
04:52 When mommy hugs her child
06:08 When Our brother Is playing with his little brother
07:02 When Brother Want a little sister be like
Lol Times❤️
Kookie Lil Bunny
Kookie Lil Bunny:
*Jungkook exists*

Taehyung: I. MUST. HUG.
Asha crook!
Asha crook!:
V is dah precious!!! But I think it’s taekook jung kook and tae go together!!
Piper Rockelle Fan
Piper Rockelle Fan:
Tae has changed a lot cause he lost many people like his grandmother and his best friend I miss the tae tae :/
Nahira Sayed
Nahira Sayed:
V did cute heart shape coffee and other one really look like a cabbage :-D
Joyleen Lau
Joyleen Lau:
Taehyung: *exist*

BTS and AMI: *we gotta protecc him at all costs.*
einah srb
einah srb:
They all love V so much bcoz I think V is the most adorable and baby-like hahaha! I love bts so muchhh!!
Banashree Konwar
Banashree Konwar:

Jin: *HiPpItY hOpPiTy,YoU aRe NoW mY pRoPeRty*
Susmita Sarkar
Susmita Sarkar:
6:08 kookie and tae look so cute 😍😍😍
Avia シ
Avia シ:
V is like bangtans Baby 😂😍hes so cute
Simz V
Simz V:
Tae was so cute when he said "i told you not to say such things" while BTS celebrated his birthday.
XxHi Xxwolfy
XxHi Xxwolfy:
That fact the TaeTae acts more of a child then Jungkook
Zeachie_SFM [R.]
Zeachie_SFM [R.]:
Jungkook and Taehyung is still a baby
Sifiso Xulu
Sifiso Xulu:
V : " I'm not good looking in real life"
Me : " say that again or I will end you"......... " just kidding your so cuuuuute😘😍😊
faeezas fun squad
faeezas fun squad:
Jimin is like a Proud mom
Proud mum moments😂❤
bushra khan
bushra khan:
Now shall i ask myself how many times i have watched this?

V was and is + will forever be my bias!♡
Jungkook is my Euphoria
Jungkook is my Euphoria:
Kookie be looking at Tae like 😍
harleen kaur
harleen kaur:
Can we just appreciate how cute Yoongi looks with minty hair and glasses??
Meemansha Verma
Meemansha Verma:
The fact that I'll never get friends like him!
Josephine Mazzer
Josephine Mazzer:
I love how no matter what jung kook has V's back and I love that
Khadija Salfi
Khadija Salfi:
Jin is his mom
Namjoon is his dad
Yoongi is his grandpa
Hoseok is his grandma
Jimin is his twin brother
Jungkook is his husband
Ultimate Koreaboo
Ultimate Koreaboo:
when taetae and kooky were spinning, I got real dizzy but couldn't help smiling
Sambhavi Singh
Sambhavi Singh:
friendship is the most precious thing they have
Jin Is V’s Favorite Mom
Jin Be Like : Im Proud To Be A Mom....
Meenakshy B
Meenakshy B:
V's heart is beautiful just like him. He is such a man with a heart of gold. That's why everybody loves him. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you V 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
IloveHarryStyles 247
IloveHarryStyles 247:
Tae is the most adorable human being in the world, we must protect him at all costs.❤️❤️😍😍😘
Emilia Norin
Emilia Norin:
9:32 the way he just sits there 😍🥺🙏🏻💜
Mya Ray
Mya Ray:
0:03 Aww! That was really cute!!!💜💜💜
Creative Art Club
Creative Art Club:
suga is a reall good caring mother
and jk is the real BFF real brother and everything for V <3
Louisa Zaglauer
Louisa Zaglauer:
why is this just the cutest thing ever!!!!! I'm laughing at the cuteness.
TaeTae: **exists**

Kookie: *hIPpiTY HOppiTy yOU aRe nOW My pRoPErTy*
Taekook....always gonna be Taekook 💜
Kittycorn Gacha
Kittycorn Gacha:
2:47 vkook looks so cute!😄
Valentina Villegas Bello
Valentina Villegas Bello:
I´m the only one who things Jungkook was a baby before and now he´s a hot body
vodka jello
vodka jello:
Tae hyung: Exists

Bangtan: *treats him like a baby*

Yeontan: am I a joke to you?
My mom, walking in: Hey, can I borrow-
Me: manually restarting my heart: Borrow what?
My mom: Nevermind, nothing...
Me Lu
Me Lu:
The fact that this comes only now in my recommendations
Deepti Seth
Deepti Seth:
Baby tae was always so shy and in a way old BTS just protects him since then. Baby v was really sensitive....he still is. Please protect him at all costssssss
Aleksa Popova
Aleksa Popova:
What's the name of the song?
Adley Joon
Adley Joon:
V is just a 5 years baby in 23 years adult body. His shooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee🤗
••Pratima S••
••Pratima S••:
*wowieeeee 🥺💓😭😭😭😭*

_why they both are so damn cute ...._

My mind : cuz they both are BTS 🥰✔️😁🌈
Crazy Monkey Potato
Crazy Monkey Potato:
"Why u sad?" Me: because v wont marry me
Upasana Sharma
Upasana Sharma:
Bts relation with V
Jin - brother
Suga - mother
RM - dad
J-hope - uncle.
Jimin - aunt
Jungkook - husband
Vicky Sam
Vicky Sam:
Tae is so innocent... I pray he never gets hurt and his innocence remains
Stranger Finn Wolfhard
Stranger Finn Wolfhard:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
V must be protected
By the Bts crew

God help me 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😂
Ananya Rastogi
Ananya Rastogi:
Taehyung is literally like a baby💋😙😗
Vishakha K
Vishakha K:
Seeing V now , melts my heart. He's nomore that naughty boy running around his hyungs he's now more calm and deep but yet holds that boxy smile and adorableness towards members
KPOP is the revolution PERIODT
KPOP is the revolution PERIODT:
Bts treats v as the baby meamwhile
Jisoo is the mother of bp
Taekook BTS
Taekook BTS:
“They are asking who has the most charms. But I think it’s V right” Me: PERIODDDDT😍 💀
no one
no one:
i feel like the times suga was supposed to "*protect*" V he was actually acting like an older brother who's embarrassed from his weird brother's actions
*no offense just kidding ok*
This is too cute omg byeeee
xpxrple gxrl
xpxrple gxrl:
Awww 🥺🥺 Taehyung is like the baby of the group 🥺🥺 Theyre so cuteee 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭
Nahid Fatma
Nahid Fatma:
Okay everyone I'm being honest when I beacame an army I thought taehyung was the youngest and when I came to know he's 2 year older than kookie I was like 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Jinnie is his mom
Joonie is his dad
Kookie is his husband
Jiminie is his brother
Yoongi is his uncle
Hobi is his bf (best friend not boyfriend 😂)
Edit: Army is his child uwu
Becca •
Becca •:
4:56 I can’t, that look 😂
S Gonzales
S Gonzales:
You forgot to include Joon comforting TaeTae after his and Jins fight 🥺🥺
no u
no u:
*jungkook towards taetae:*

*he protecc he attacc but most importantly he in love with this snacc*
Shell Odgers
Shell Odgers:
Our little kookie is growing up so fast :'(
Chloe LEUNG:
bts: *treats v like a baby*

Jungkook: _Am I a joke to you_
bts members look so cute when they were younger
10:30 OMG V’S FETUS VOICE !!! Changed so much now
Alefiyah Saleh
Alefiyah Saleh:
I love the bond between Tae and Jinnie...they are like caring siblings 😍❤
Rebel Xiana Bieber
Rebel Xiana Bieber:
BTS doesn't live only for entertaining us, They live for each other. 💕
Chocolate-Chip Kookies
Chocolate-Chip Kookies:
Jungkook: it is my duty to protect the V

Someone: goes close to V:

Jungkook: I MUST PROTECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Janice Shalini Singh
Janice Shalini Singh:
I now seriously feel like Taehyung is the same like Zayn was for his 1D members❤
charn dass
charn dass:
V- “I am not good looking in real life ”
Me - liar 😁(you are the most handsome man in 2020) 💜
Valentina Viegas
Valentina Viegas:
When J-Hope placed a kiss on V's forehead 😘😘my heart just melted🖤🖤🖤
ミスフィット Misfit
ミスフィット Misfit:
They treat V as if he's their little brother and it's adorable😂❤
Tae: **becomes an elderly**

BTS: **still treats Tae as a baby**
「 Angelina 」
「 Angelina 」:
*_I am crying.._*
Epic Lee
Epic Lee:
Somewhere tae is like goku in his behaviour..
ᴍɪsᴛʏ вєrrч
ᴍɪsᴛʏ вєrrч:
If someone's gonna carry me, they atleast have to say that I'm heavy.

While they be like: CARRYING 24/7 *DABS*
V is like the little brother of the gruop
Amélie Brone
Amélie Brone:
V: *exists*
Bts members: MUST PROTECT
Me: sees suga holding taetae’s hand-
(6:52) Am I the only one freaking out about this taekook moment. just me? ok
*shakeu shakeu*
*shakeu shakeu*:
“I’ll just take one bite and I’ll leave”
*takes the whole thing*
Iris Rhyme Regala
Iris Rhyme Regala:
Damn jungkook you can dance and Carry TAETAE at THE SAME TIME?!?!!????
Nightcore _ Maniac
Nightcore _ Maniac:
VJin : *dont understnd the announcement and continue having fun*

The Announcer: Bruh i exist in dis world
jo jo
jo jo:
Tae is such a cute pie every one have to take care of him I purple u Tae💜💜💜💜
Madhumitha M
Madhumitha M:
i never knew boys care for each other before this video..........