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Jennie’s mind:i don’t remember having a fifth member in Blackpink
Taehyung:I don’t remember having a collab with Blackpink
Lαʅιʂα MαɳσႦαɳ
Lαʅιʂα MαɳσႦαɳ:
Sooo disrespectful stopping them in tye middle of their performance
lmao Jennie was like “excuse me?”
Sugar cane
Sugar cane:
the amount of mad ARMY when they stop bp. thank you.
No Offense But Kim Taehyung Is Prettier Than You
No Offense But Kim Taehyung Is Prettier Than You:
Who's bangpink here?
Busola Ebietomiye
Busola Ebietomiye:
Why did they invite them to perform when they know that they are not capable of taking care of things
Julia J
Julia J:
1:27 jennie was like ''excuse me,i dont remember having a 5th member in our group.''
Natalie Ak
Natalie Ak:
They stopped them, because there were people outside and blackpink started early, so they stopped the show and wanted to do it from the beginning. After that on june 22nd blackpink apologizes fans with ice cream. They gave little boxes of ice cream with a sticker of blackpink on it, for the fans that cheered for them during the performance. And lotte family apologized too.
1:53 I'm not a big fan of BP but that was seriously disrespectful 😔
Sugar cane
Sugar cane:
*and you cant see bp x bts at lotte ever again*
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl:
WHAT THE HELL?! THAT IS RUDE.😡 Lotte Family need some professional training on how to treat artists.
الحلاوة اكبر مني . شوفوا الصورة
الحلاوة اكبر مني . شوفوا الصورة:
1:59 the armys love BLACKPINK they are so cute😍😍😍😍😍
Blackpink 5th member
Blackpink 5th member:
V was like “huh! Jennie? What is happening. Maybe i Am thinking a lot about Blackpink”
trisha dungca
trisha dungca:
Jungkook He Is No Reaction, When He Heared BLACKPINK Stay😂But Yoongi He Looks Like Shocked😂😂😂But Still Cute😍😂
FrUiTL00pzz 69
FrUiTL00pzz 69:
This is why blackpink isn’t attending this year I’m assuming 🤷🏻‍♂️
Vittoria Alessandra D. Baldonado
Vittoria Alessandra D. Baldonado:
They didn't respect our QUEENS and KINGS😑I feel bad to BTS and BLACKPINK😔
Bianca Yu
Bianca Yu:
wait why did they have to stop
h A
h A:
Didn’t they also play stay during bts performance?
What the hell is this tho.They treated or Kings and Queens like that.So weird.
Hanane Soualah
Hanane Soualah:
Suga in 0:43 like:what are u kidding me right now?!😂😂
Linda Paija
Linda Paija:
Rose and lisa must have been so mad they didnt even look back to wave their fans.
We stan a sassy Shady Queen Like Jennie🤣 She was So annoyed at the staff.
heyitsme 4
heyitsme 4:
peps m
peps m:
lmao this concert is a disaster
mmerve mmelek
mmerve mmelek:
Yoon .p.
Yoon .p.:
lmao can we just appreciate how these ppl (not bts and blackpink) call them selves PROFESSIONAL osnfosjkdj i think not i mean POOR SUGA HAS NO MIC AND THE TALL LEADER IS TRIGGERED. AND THE QUEENS HAD TO STOP PERFORMING RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE JUST BC THE STAGE STAFF FORCED THEM im sorry about shouting but WHYYY
Kaye selanreB
Kaye selanreB:
Jennie be like "i dont remember having another person om stage"
Food is better than your faves
Food is better than your faves:
Question, I thought Jennie was human gucci. Why is she going to a Chanel pop-store? For what I know Gucci is different from Chanel.

Edit: This is a joke
Brodie :
Brodie ::
i would of been pissed and embarrassed how unprofessional of the staff
Not an army But They're Concert is Ruined because Lotte
*Jennie singing*
Yoongi and Tae:
Uhm..😕 😕
Wait so what happened after ‘stay’ by BP appearing while Bts performance i don’t understand ?
Clueless Me
Clueless Me:
I was so focused on something when it was blackpinks concert because fans were holding bts bombs and I was like "did they both have there concert on the same day o.o?"

Edit-do you guys know because I don't.... Im very dumb *UwU*

(#sadlife and #armlink)
n n
n n:
Ugh the staff who stopped blackpink is very annoying ughh nakakabwiset!!!!
Anxhela Papas
Anxhela Papas:
2:00 why they stopped Blackpink dancing
kim jisoo's thighs are my life
kim jisoo's thighs are my life:
yg will definitely not let then come back again 🤣
yOai swag
yOai swag:
Grrr...... Why would they make that program if that will happen idols lack at practice and they should let the idols finish it duhhh it will look more better if they didn't force them to stop and why would they make the program if they are not prepared with at things and props just like the mic accident duhhhh BTS and Blackpink will be so embarrased and its a waste of money and time for the fans they were so excited then that will happen like nothing?!? Like what the heck lack of props is not an excuse staffs should be responsible for this program not just this all the program because no one likes that the incident will happen again
purwati rahayu
purwati rahayu:
Lotte is literally the worst. No one will probably want perform there again, especially big stars like bts. They probably got really mad & upset & their company too
Zahra Imran
Zahra Imran:
Ok About blackpink part is lit disrespectful why?Blinks And Armys Had Pay To see Their Idols.Why lotte even invite if they can't handle it? This is the worst one.
midnight sparkle
midnight sparkle:
Frustrated Taetae looked hot...even though he was like wtf?is this even part of the song?😂
Sarah A
Sarah A:
WTF?!?!! The mistakes they made with BTS’s mics and song mashup was bad enough but the way they kicked Blackpink off the stage during their performance was very disrespectful, I doubt Blackpink will return.
Meheraf Maruf
Meheraf Maruf:
0:50 we not gonna talk about how jk smiled at the song?
Bear Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Bear Bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:
I mean at least they could’ve said WHY they needed to leave. Or I think they should have rescheduled the performance.
cute cindex
cute cindex:
That so dumb of the people that organised the event
Tae was jungshook
I'm the banana Jin's eating
I'm the banana Jin's eating:
Damn Lisa just looks so gorgeous😍

Btw I feel bad for them
moonchild joon
moonchild joon:
I'm back after a year and I can't stand how embarrassing this is lmao
Marselin D.
Marselin D.:
1:01 uhh...his's so cute😍
I also feel bad for the staff who stopped BP, like i've seen people hating on her. She's probably embarrassed :(
#hm #kr
#hm #kr:
Guys don't fire the assistant that told them to stop its the director that should be fired!! It must have been awkward for her as well!!
Why was I laughing
Yoongi: God..God is that you?
iroké unnie
iroké unnie:
Both groups are mad that night u did a bad job that night
Breadgenie *
Breadgenie *:
0:44 that must be akward for them💀
Flynn Barcelona
Flynn Barcelona:
namjeenie 0:45
Witan Pamay
Witan Pamay:
Taehyung when blackpink song played is this my deep and unique voice and yoongi did I really wrote this song
Jawad Rahman
Jawad Rahman:
When stay was played where was other members..??
And after blackpink was stopped dancing for the staff they was so nice walking especially jisoo she giving bye bye to fans

Love blackpink and bts.. The professional kings and queens
henry ang
henry ang:
Y did I didn't I heard anything that the stay came up while the bts was singing the spring day because I was looking for the whole video to check if it was true but I couldn't hear anything that the stay came up sry✌️✌✌
Ribu Miah
Ribu Miah:
Bangpink in your area!!!! I love and purple u all! 💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️
These ppl need to improve.....and when stay was on, on the actual performance, u can’t hear it cuz they cut it out
Tae Be Like : What is That Sound I Can't Remember Omg What Happening To Me ? :o İelgğelgğwlfl
tae was like: "ooh yeah!!!! wait– that's not our song"
Caramel Lattae
Caramel Lattae:
I died when jennie wiped her side butt and looked at the lady LMAO 1:23
What kind of event is this
Aleiago Cozplayz
Aleiago Cozplayz:
i have a feeling that the bts accident started the fan war-
Jawad Rahman
Jawad Rahman:
Why they give bts big mic it's hard to handle when dancing
And i am very sad about bp

Anonymous For You
Anonymous For You:
Am u the only one who laughed when Stay was accidentally played😂😂😂❤
Shasha Nisreena
Shasha Nisreena:
ARMY at the audience look so angry but still cheer for the girls..but Jungkook and RM's face really show that they are super angry..Tae face when 'Stay' was played is so scary..Yoongi face when he got his mic was just different..I hope there will be no fanwar anymore too I just want all fandoms to unite and agree with each other opinion..✊😔
hobi loves sprite uwu
hobi loves sprite uwu:
the way the staff handled it is so unprofessional. I mean yeah it's tough to figure out a different way, but it looks shabby
Y N N A baylar
Y N N A baylar:
what stopping them in the middle of there performance
Nataly A
Nataly A:
0:35 what's this video name
Server GtMeags
Server GtMeags:
At 1:47 jisoo is like telling the woman "no'' in korean...
aww i feel so bad for kings ad queens love them both but im an army more <3
Alara Pala
Alara Pala:
Why couldn't they finish their concert?
Salsabel Alshehabi
Salsabel Alshehabi:
Jennie voice suga was like ummm do i know that girl suga ohh nevermind v uhmmmm who that girl we don't have 8 member
wait, what?
wait, what?:
Jisoo’s face at 0:15 tho like that smirk and those eyes 😂
Kim Yuda
Kim Yuda:
Is it in the same concert, same room, same day?🤔
Lanaè Davis
Lanaè Davis:
People must have definitely gotten fired. I know that for sure!
Man if I’m there I totally shout LOTTE IS A DAMN MESS!!! And armies and blinks will cooperate
Norizah Md Nor
Norizah Md Nor:
This is good moments ❤❤❤
Amisha Mandain
Amisha Mandain:
what happened!
Blackpink İn Your Area
Blackpink İn Your Area:
Benim BLACKPİNK'imi niye indirdiniz sahneden yazıklar olsun
‣‣ ‣ K.T의 재산 • EBK ‣‣
‣‣ ‣ K.T의 재산 • EBK ‣‣:
lotte be hatin on the dominating groups rn :[
phiranzi beth
phiranzi beth:
1:44 was a bad one
Mustafa Haider
Mustafa Haider:
Jai Hind
Jai Hind:
How can they take bts and blackpink (best male and female kpop groups ) so casually 😡😡😡
Theah Ferrer
Theah Ferrer:
Look at the lightstick at the time they stop performing
Alana Sandigan
Alana Sandigan:
If I was like the head of the staff I would just like let them finish their performance before kicking them out of stage
black pink girls
black pink girls:
2:00 who notice army bomb lite
Marie Tenshi
Marie Tenshi:
I hope this year will be better. 😏
*Can I ask for a link?!* --- PLZ
Claire Gabrielle
Claire Gabrielle:
Omg now hopefully they listen to spring day and stay mashup because it is a hit bish
Blackbangtan Is lifeu
Blackbangtan Is lifeu:
Samridhi Kumari
Samridhi Kumari:
Why they didn't prepared the mic nicely for sugar and all other members.... 😤😤 and first let the girls complete their dance...
This is such a big insult....
•Qashee_ Mikayla•
•Qashee_ Mikayla•:
Yoongi is soo cute😂😂😂
trisha dungca
trisha dungca:
Happy Birthday Jungkook😍😘
Mani Shah
Mani Shah:
They worked so so soooo hard on their performance and practised for god knows how much time!! And here we have LOTTE family disrespecting them and interrupting their performances😖
Angelo Cabanglan
Angelo Cabanglan:
V know a stay lyrics
Shim blinkarmy
Shim blinkarmy:
my rose 😢