Broadway Star Nick Cordero Dead at 41

Broadway actor Nick Cordero has died of complications from coronavirus. He was 41.

Cordero had been hospitalized for over 60 days.

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It’s like this virus chooses who it wants to kill. I tested positive for this virus recently and I didn’t get sick at all. Only reason why I tested was because I lost my sense of taste but other than that healthy. It’s crazy how this virus works. Sorry for this man, he was so young and had lots to live for. RIP
The Notorious N.O.E.
The Notorious N.O.E.:
Idiots still out there claiming Covid is a hoax. People are actually dying 😢
Elizabeth Hennessey
Elizabeth Hennessey:
It's so strange that some people get so sick and die and others just feel like a bad cold - hope they find out why.
He is not the only one! This shows why EVERYONE needs to take precautions and wear a mask. It's not just for you, its for everybody else.
Funky Fungi
Funky Fungi:
“Complications due to blood clotting.” This is becoming more and more evident with COVID-19. Some may get respiratory issues but there is always blood clotting involved. Doctors have been talking about this for months now. This is not a flu. About a month ago in New York City even with declining numbers, there were over 4000 EMS calls for heart attacks. The year before it was roughly 76. There is something going on that we don’t know about COVID-19 yet. RIP
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste:
Dann, he and his wife fought sooo hard. Poor baby!
I thought he would make it after hanging on for so long. This sucks.
I’ve followed Nick Cordero’s coronavirus battle since early April. Each day I hoped and prayed for a miracle to occur. There were ups and downs on this battle, but I kept trying to think positive and hope that he would recover. Nick put up such a fight after all. I can’t imagine what his family is going through right now. I especially feel for his young kid, who will grow up without his father. This is so not the ending I hoped for or imagined. He was so young and healthy. It just goes to show that nobody is immortal and nothing is a guarantee. R.I.P Nick Cordero.
Must have been crushing when they told the family the legs had to be amputated... for a dancer that mustve been horrible
Bo Nicole
Bo Nicole:
He had the worst case of the virus I’ve ever heard of. It literally destroyed his body. I’m sorry for her loss, but I’m happy for his release because that man was went through hell for 90 days. I hope he has peace now and I hope one day his family will too.
Ron A
Ron A:
So sad to hear about this...I was hoping he was going to make it... RIP Nick, my condolences.
Jamie Zaragoza
Jamie Zaragoza:
I just don’t understand, everything he had to go through just for it to end this way..........
Angelina M.
Angelina M.:
That was so long and drawn out. His wife is such a strong woman. She was so hopeful. That's a real tough one.
Amberlynn 18
Amberlynn 18:
Unbelievably sad. God give strength to his beautiful wife. Rest in heavenly peace.
to everyone commenting 'who?' or 'who is that?'
1. it literally says who he is in the video. maybe watch it first, then comment
2. just because you don't know who someone is doesn't mean that they are less important, or less famous than other celebrities. nick cordero was EXTREMELY influential and inspiring in the theatre industry.

may he rest in peace and power <3
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson:
I was hoping he would stay strong to see his little baby grow but his wife will stay strong 🙏
San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo:
I lost a coworker recently from Covid and he was only a few years older than this gentleman. It’s just devastating. 😞
F covid buddy of mine since high school died last month and then our neighbor who was a nurse died too and left three children covid victims!
Just absolutely many loved ones affected from this. They never depicted themselves as victims. She was always transparent and hopeful. We are thinking of you and your baby 💔
Sam Sung
Sam Sung:
So sad. Have been following his story for a while.
This show covid 19 something to taken seriously. Stay safe everyone
Angela James
Angela James:
This man suffered beyond words. Heartbreaking.
I have no words except this breaks my heart. My heart is broken for his wife and baby and all that they went through. Very sorry to hear this.
Deborah Salinas
Deborah Salinas:
R.I.P. Nick Cordero. 🙏 🙏 to his wife and all his family.
Trinichica Subero
Trinichica Subero:
So sad 😭 losing someone is never easy may he Rest In Peace 🙏🏼
Lilah Johnson
Lilah Johnson:
Rest In Peace! He’s no longer in pain anymore. Prayers for his family 🙏🙏🙏
Diane Pante
Diane Pante:
What a nightmare of a virus.May he rest in peace in Gods arms.
Lynne Erickson
Lynne Erickson:
he was a friend of my son's who worked with him on The Toxic Advenger. He was such a talented man and the broadway community is tight so this is heartbreaking for so many. RIP NICK
All of those anti-maskers need to shed some tears for a stranger tonight, and then suck it up and wear a mask in public. My heart is breaking for him and his family
Milah Hipsel
Milah Hipsel:
I can not believe it 💔 I really really thought he would get better soon. This is so so sad. May his family have the strength to cope with his death and feel better soon 🙏♥️
Cindy Noland
Cindy Noland:
So very, very tragic. God rest his soul, and be with his young family.
So sad. Condolences to the friends and family. It sounds like he fought tooth and nail like a soldier.
Jennifer Murray
Jennifer Murray:
Fly free and dance to eternity. GOD BLESS his family and my thoughts of strength and peace be with them. GOD BLESS US ALL IN THESE TIMES.💗💗
My condolences to the family.
And to the rest of you, Covid-19 is deadly. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing. These are not political statements, they are the statement "I want to live, and want you to live, too." FFS, people this thing is no joke.
Gleegirl 687
Gleegirl 687:
Excuse me while I go listen to Waitress and cry for his passing, his wife, his child and the rest of his family✌
Marie Michaels
Marie Michaels:
They truly did all they could to save his life. I hope that thought is with her as she grieves. Very sad situation. 😔
R.I.P NICK CORDERO 1979-2020
That’s so sad but now he’s no longer in pain and he’s at peace. Please everyone, wear your masks and stay home.
Shahida Kamal
Shahida Kamal:
So sorry 😐 he is so young! Unbelievable pain and agony for the family. May God give peace of mind and ease the pain of his survivors .
Billy Lopez
Billy Lopez:
Wow, I'm just glad his suffering is finally over. He faught a long time.
kery gnyangui
kery gnyangui:
We were hoping for the best God has him at last and we can say see you again,for Ms kloots courage our deepest sympathy
Elizabeth K
Elizabeth K:
My heart is broken over his untimely death. Prayers for comfort for all who will grieve in his absence.
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin:
I've honestly never really followed Nick Codero much, but it's a shame to see another bright star get taken out by covid. Rest In Peace. :/
yup young ones dies..when they all said only old ones die..I am old and Stay at far so good??? but I have to eat..
Bored Squidward
Bored Squidward:
I've never heard of him before. RIP Nick.
Lucy A
Lucy A:
I'm sad for his family, especially his wife. May you find strength in knowing that Nick continues to live through your son and your love and memories of him. God bless you.
Teresa S
Teresa S:
I was commenting on another YouTube video about him needing a lung transplant, and I got this notice he had died. Only 41!
I’m so sad. Condolences and love to his family. He is no longer suffering. He is free.
Marche MT
Marche MT:
I have been following Amanda Kloots as well. I don't even know this man and my heart is broken for Amanda !!!!!!!!!!!! That poor soul suffered so badly :((((((****** Rest in peace sweet Nick!!! The angels have you now!!!!! GOD BLESS XOXOXOXOXOX
Scribbli Chheery
Scribbli Chheery:
60 days is a LONG TIME to literally suffer to death in a hospital. R.I.P. 😥
missy dawn
missy dawn:
I'm so sad for him and his family. I was praying so hard for a miracle. RIP Nick
this is indeed heartbreaking, so talented, so full of life, so full of love.....and now you gentle giant of a man you can indeed walk around heaven all-day... I sincerely thank you for your amazing gifts to broadway
Alicia Nyblade
Alicia Nyblade:
Yes, he and his wife will dance again. Nick, you seemed like an amazingly strong spirit. Your song, "Live Your Life", is a testament to your courage and zest for life. It shows how brightly you shone, and we will carry that light to live our lives as you inspired us to do. May comfort and healing be with Amanda and your son as they grieve and may your soul rest in peace, wherever it is now. Blessed be. )O(
Nancy Wedge
Nancy Wedge:
He fought the good fight for so long. I thought he had made it. My heart is broken for his family. Gone much too soon. RIP Nick😢
sn tg
sn tg:
I am so sorry for his family. My condolences to this young man's family and friends.
Alicia torres
Alicia torres:
Rip Nick. God bless his wife and their beautiful son!
T Zulutron
T Zulutron:
God rest u Nick Cordero, it was a pleasure working with you at Bullets, i loved that role for u. I would stop and watch him sing Aint nobody's business so many times.
nhan vo
nhan vo:
Wow this is heartbreaking, she’s so strong..god bless her..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Jessie Salazar
Jessie Salazar:
God rest his Soul🙏✝️🕊️
Michelle Sunoskie
Michelle Sunoskie:
My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with Amanda and Elvis and their families. I'm so heartbroken for this beautiful family.
charles barboza
charles barboza:
RIP Nick!!! My Prayers are with Your Family.
Wanda Holmes
Wanda Holmes:
Damn, I was so hoping for him. RIP Nick
It would be sad that his son will not know him
Rosie Rubino Caputo
Rosie Rubino Caputo:
Heartbreaking news. My deepest condolences to his wife & family! 💔
Ree McLaughlin
Ree McLaughlin:
Heartbroken for Amanda. I've been praying for Nick and their family since I first saw her video. 🙏🏻💔
Lorraine R.
Lorraine R.:
Oh so heartbreaking! 💔 Praying for his wife, son and family. 🙏🏼
Very sad. My thoughts and prayers for his wife and little boy and his family.RIP Nick. 😢
This is so sad!! He fought so hard for such a long time!! My heart goes out to his wife Amanda and little Elvis.

To all you people who are STILL out there partying, living it up, ignoring what is happening all around us, and not doing your part to be responsible and social distance yourselves from others, shame on ALL of you!!! Covid-19 is REAL ... VERY REAL!!! What is it going to take for all you people to GET IT!!? This very sad story can be anyone of us!!!

May you rest in everlasting peace Nick.
Iris Torred
Iris Torred:
Very sad 😢😢😢heart broken I was praying for your recovery rest in the peace of God Nick Cordero God bless you sending my condolences to your family 😞 😞 😢😢
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris:
As a musical theatre performer...this just breaks my heart. His poor wife and family...she fought so hard alongside him.
It will just disappear, huh? It’s just a cold? Ugh! 😩 This is so sad, I can hardly stand it, and meanwhile there are ignorant people not giving a shit. 😢
Nicholas Kluftinger
Nicholas Kluftinger:
So sad. Everyone here in Canada was hoping he would recover. RIP Mr. Cordero.
Paula Hutcherson
Paula Hutcherson:
I pray that our lord will give you peace my friend. May God bless you and your family.
Rita Clay
Rita Clay:
Prayers for his family. He fought a good fight.
fabi con
fabi con:
Wow im in shock, i remember hearing when he got covid19 n a week later i got it! Thank the Lord i recovered n i was rooting for him to do the same! Everyday i kept checking for any updated and got excited when they said he woke up!! My condolences to his wife,his son and his family! RIP 😔
Guy Merritt
Guy Merritt:
Very sad, but, when I heard - weeks ago - that his lungs had holes in them and his leg had been amputated I feared he would live and be utterly miserable. I am saddened to hear of his passing and he battled valiently, but, he is at peace on the other side....and that could be a blessing considering the damage done to his body by this disease. Returning to the light my have been the best thing, in his case. Condolences to his family as I am sure they are broken hearted. Sometimes, I think, it's hard to know what we should wish for.....
Jeannie Anderson-West
Jeannie Anderson-West:
So unbearably sad.. a husband, father, dancer, singer, a young man.. my heart breaks for his family.. love and prayers. This is a pandemic people. Follow the rules if not for yourselves for others. Be well be safe.
I see a lot of Trumpian magical thinking on this thread, smdh, wear a mask have respect for other people period, and that is how we beat the coronavirus as a society.
can you say the word 'died' with anymore dramatic effect?
Steven k
Steven k:
It was just going on & on for months
Heartbreaking & I did see him in a few shows on Broadway without his name being seared in my mind. We must acknowledge though that this tragedy has effected well over half a million (known or lesser known) families all over the world so far.
Jackie Wise
Jackie Wise:
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm so sorry for your loss there are no words 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
SA Inja woof
SA Inja woof:
RIP NICK❤💛💚👼 Sending love, strength, and healing to the family.
S B:
Life is short appreciate everything while you can.
Sean Garner
Sean Garner:
My heart breaks for this obviously amazing and brave woman and her sweet child. What a horrible end to an outstanding life.
Edna Richardson
Edna Richardson:
So sorry to hear this my condolences to his family......
Carmelina Pejic
Carmelina Pejic:
This is thoughts and prayers to his family..its a sad day for our city of Hamilton..🙏
Buckeye Fangirl19
Buckeye Fangirl19:
I'm so sorry to hear this. He was so young and he fought so hard.

My deepest sympathy to his wife, son and family, friends and fans.

The world is a darker place for his loss.

What's it To ya
What's it To ya:
RIP Nick. I wish more ppl who'd take this serious..
J Georges
J Georges:
A precious life is lost. May God bless your soul. My sincerest condolences to your family! R.I.P. Nick!
Gary King
Gary King:
So sad... makes me want to shake the next person who calls this pandemic a hoax!!!
RIP 😢 I angers me so much that people out there saying the virus is a hoax & won’t wear masks.
Kim Smith
Kim Smith:
Amanda my heart hurts for you and your family so much.I have been watching your journey from day one.May God comfort you and Elvis at this heartbreaking time.We love you and our prayers are with you.Your love has been a testament to God's eternal love and I know Nick sits on the right hand of our Heavenly Father,Jesus promised that He has prepared a place for us.To God be the Glory.
Naptural Goddess
Naptural Goddess:
Aaawww, sad😢 I pray they find a vaccine, cure or something for this terrible virus!😢
Dianne Marie
Dianne Marie:
This is terrible news. He suffered a long time. May he Rest In Peace Nick♥️
Nick was fighting sooooo hard to killed the coronavirus
"We NEVER know what the future will bring." -- Zobo the Clown
Yosef Roth
Yosef Roth:
Damn this man had Covid 19 since like march.. I thought he recovered : / so sad.. :(
*( Rest in peace, Sir. You're an inspiration of a fighter, all the way till your last breath. )*
Darius Manson
Darius Manson:
RIP my man
Prayers for your wife and child
poetry pebbles
poetry pebbles:
I'm heartbroken for his family. 🙏🙏