Brian Windhorst reminisces on Vince Carter’s legacy | SportsCenter

Brian Windhorst joins SportsCenter and looks back on Vince Carter's legacy after announcing his retirement from the NBA after 22 seasons. (2:26) Kendrick Perkins weighs in on the possibility of JR Smith signing with the Los Angeles Lakers to replace Avery Bradley after opting out of the restart of the 2019-20 season.
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Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre
Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre:
H.O.F no doubt and 1st Raptors player to have his jersey retired......
In the early 2000's he was the biggest superstar in the league, him and Kobe. Some people will forget that. On top of that he was 22 years in the league and was making plays every year even at the end. LEGEND!
Muhammad Mask
Muhammad Mask:
Vince Not a Hall of famer? I'll quit on the NBA....beside the stats alone he helped in popularzing the league when that was needed the most Post MJ retirement....All-Star leading Vote Getter like How Many Times?!? Heck he had the Whole Canada on His Back
Vince is a total class act, he'll be missed!
Mac Dre
Mac Dre:
He went from Superstar,
to AllStar,
to All Pro,
to Constant Pro!!!
To HOF!!!! 💯 in game 🐐Dunker!!!
Sucks he didn’t get to play his last season
Nick Kast
Nick Kast:
Happy retirement VC thanks for the highlights🙏🙏
Jaime Sacristán Rivas
Jaime Sacristán Rivas:
Listen, I love Vince, but he's easily one of the most underachievers when it comes to NBA superstars.
I’m all good with the Raps retiring his jersey first. He created basketball in Canada pretty much.
Yahweh’s Allstars
Yahweh’s Allstars:
Thanks Brian! Finally someone that gives him the respect he deserves!🙏
Dre Cristo
Dre Cristo:
I remember playing in my room on my door rim and nerf basketball trying to dunk like Vince. His impact on kids and basketball in the early 2000s is unprecedented.
Matevz Rojc
Matevz Rojc:
Again, misleading title, VC stuff is just the first part lol
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall:
Vince should have gotten a ring
Non headband Toronto Vince was super athletic.
Caп¡s Aпuв¡s
Caп¡s Aпuв¡s:
This guy will be a HOFer, maybe even on the first-ballot. When that happens, will he be wearing the Raptors colors, becoming the 1st ever HOFer to be inducted as a Raptor? I think so. People hardly remember him playing for the other teams but everyone remembered his playing days with Toronto (unless you're too young to remember).
Mac Dre
Mac Dre:
Mr.baghead Studios
Mr.baghead Studios:
What a LEGEND!
Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen:
Best In-Game Dunker Ever!!!
Darm Bains
Darm Bains:
I always thought he would come back 1 more year end his career in Toronto
princess The
princess The:
Paul Loman7
Paul Loman7:
Salute to a great
Hakeem Jones
Hakeem Jones:
He didn’t chase a ring but it would have helped him in the HOF list. But I salute him playing the longest
Sports Scoopz
Sports Scoopz:
Come check out the new podcast episode talking about everything from CK future in the league to the soap opera that is Kyrie Irving
H Z:
Ryan Cameron
Ryan Cameron:
Love this dude of course .. but I'll always remember 2001 I think Curry should have shot *Dell* to the young ones
Scott -O
Scott -O:
Thanks for all of those highlights. Especially those years with the Raptors and Nets. And that most memorable and exhilarating,dunk contest I ever seen
Leroy Rodgers
Leroy Rodgers:
It’s almost impressive that Vince never won a title.
HunterX23 X
HunterX23 X:
VC Shoes??🤔
Pete Nojd
Pete Nojd:
It's like everyone forgets he quit on the Raptors (his best years prior). Long career =/= HOF.
chris malone
chris malone:
I agree Vince given us alot from his career he a hof. He could been on jordan and kobe radar with his talent if he had the work ethic
The Toronto Raptors need to do the right thing and retire Vince Carter's jersey!
Teddy Hart
Teddy Hart:
Top 10 shooting guard all time, especially if youre comparing his peak
Mike S
Mike S:
One of the greatest! 1st ballot Hall of Famer!
Johnny RD14
Johnny RD14:
Don’t forget who got the best play in the history of basketball. Prime Vince’s nuts could shave a 7footer head like nothing
Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert:
Sad that Vince Carter didn't win a championship
Real Adro
Real Adro:
The generation I grew up watching in the NBA is completely gone... wow! I’m completely sad too actually say this.
yo yo
yo yo:
Should have finished the season
Allen Jones
Allen Jones:
Kobe < Vince Carter
Steven Perry
Steven Perry:
Respect for the Prince.
J C:
Best Dunker of all time
Vince's Nets should have beaten those Lebron Cavs teams in the playoffs
1Left 2Live
1Left 2Live:
He was never the same after the knee injuries. He always a great jump shot. Never was a great defender shot blocker or steals. I put him the class with penny hill rose. The could of would of should of guys.
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson:
NBA champion bench rider Kendrick Perkins
I’m Water
I’m Water:
I’m sad to see him not try to win rings.. he could of been like an iguadala for a competing team!!! Whyy vincee
don't care
don't care:
He's one of the best, of not the best in game dunker ever. That's it. Nothing more.
Dav3 Vill
Dav3 Vill:
I believe that if only tmac and Vince didn't part ways they only need one more piece to win a chip but still Vince half man half amazing!
Rose Buds
Rose Buds:
That motorbike celebration is so underrated
Ted Logan
Ted Logan:
Vince was fun to watch and had earned a lot of respect along the way. He could've jumped on the Warriors or Heat band wagon to gain a chip, but he didn't want to go that route. Best of luck to him after basketball.
Eli Hernandez
Eli Hernandez:
Brian Windhorst reminisces about taco stand's legacy before closing due to Co Vid 19
And now he's going to work for ESPN. And tell us LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time
Tamhar Preet
Tamhar Preet:
Why cant perk start a sentence without saying 'listen'?
Rob Madden
Rob Madden:
Man Perk tryin to say Smith is the funniest thing in the world. “Stephen A. Smit” “JR Smit”. 😂😂😂😂
johnny twillie
johnny twillie:
SN: i already for got the ladies name(Elle Duncan) that this one is gonna replace but she just had a very viral take on these times and he hair never done like that. L's. They still agin out the ladies. Smh

Found name Elle Dunan abetter not get aged out! Great anchor and breaking news reporter. Dont do the sisters like that espn.😤
Daniel & Camille Page
Daniel & Camille Page:
Legend! No need for him to come back to who knows what kind of fan-restricted league it will be from here on. I think he might’ve played one more year on a championship caliber team if it weren’t for everything going on. Perfect time to retire! Best in- game dunker the game has ever seen. Thanks VC!
If Vince Carter had tried harder he would've made an All NBA team as many times as Gilbert Arenas or DeAndre Jordan or Jermaine O'Neal did.
Vince Carter's retirement is basically like that guy at the gym who wants to get one more game in, but then leaves because no one can get a team together
David Hutchinson
David Hutchinson:
I remember his 2000 dunk contest and didn't follow the nba much since the early 2000's. Heard Vince was just now retiring and was floored, couldn't believe he was still playing. Unbelievable
Mark Mitch
Mark Mitch:
Hilarious ! "ESPN’s Ratings Are Tanking Beyond Belief, ‘First Take’ Out Performed By Cartoons And National Geographic Shows." In Fact, "Jay Leno's Garage". A TV show where jay Leno talks about cars is Smoking ALL / EVERY ESPN show. This is SO Beautiful ! These Progressive low life's actually thought that they could insult most of their Fanbase by endorsing scumbags like Kaeper-pick or Kaeper-Fraud & BLM & America hating losers that call the Greatest country in the history of the Planet "Racist". This is SO Poetic ! CNN & ESPN will be a distant memory very soon. AMEN !
bee boo
bee boo:
Let's see WHO ruined Carter's chances of a ring - Stan Van Gundy and Lenny Wilkins.
lancelot letona
lancelot letona:
The End of his Career, he is a real model to follow by the way, but beyond his amazing dunker, wow his a real fighter since 98' I think when his gone my good memories gone at same time; the NBA, has chance and his players too... So unfortunately.... I Understand nothing is the same buy I don't like at all... Respect Vince Carter!!! 👏🏼🤙🏼☺️😊
vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten:
Over half of the video has NOTHING to do with the title.
Dien Auto
Dien Auto:
JR will give Bron a title
Le Comité
Le Comité:
I think it's great folks are looking out for each other, looking to get smith hired, make a living. Perkins said Smith is battle tested? Yes, he's probably heard it all from his star teammates, but for all the WRONG reasons. Not knowing when to call a time out, when to shoot, when to pass...sitting at the end of the bench moping...yes, moping like a child. Sitting in the locker rook ignoring your coach, failing your team mates. Perkins says don't hesitates, sign him. Sign an unreliable player? ESPN is really struggling for material. Much respect to you, were always a hard working still are.
Lewis Fadipe
Lewis Fadipe:
He's a GOAT to me
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
Too bad Vince carter has no Championship ring
FaQ Hue
FaQ Hue:
Vince Carter should have joined forces with Tracy McGrady after he left Toronto..
Mitchell Wassam
Mitchell Wassam:
You'll never be able to tell the story of the NBA without Vince Carter. Much respect. Next stop H.O.F
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan:
Wth is he the only one wearing a shirt under his jersey?
Yannik Winter
Yannik Winter:
Thanks for everything Vince Hello from Germany
DJ Suplito
DJ Suplito:
Happy retirement Vinsanity
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan:
Perk you sound ridiculous Jr has never been called swish
What if? What if he didn't go to graduation the day of game 7 vs Philly. An average game for him and the Raptors move on and who knows what happens after that.
Brain Over Brawn
Brain Over Brawn:
Let's put VC's career in perspective:
VC is 19th all time in scoring, with over 26,000 points. Up there with the very greatest scorers, this alone makes him a HOFer
-VC is 6th all time in 3 pointers made.
-VC is 6th all time in game winning shots made. Always a clutch player, he made clutch shots at a higher percentage than many of the other greats on this list with him.
-VC is 2nd all time in blocked shots by a guard. Second only to one Michael Jordan.
-VC is one of only six players ever to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists per game for 10 straight seasons...the others being Barkley, Malone, Lebron, Kobe and Jordan.
-VC is an 8x NBA all star. Not only was he an all star, he was the leading vote getter 4x...essentially he was the most popular player in the game at this time. Only Lebron and Jordan have done this more times than VC.
-VC is an olympic gold medalist. Not only was he on the squad, he led team USA in scoring in the 2000 olympics to win the gold medal.
-VC was 1998 ROY.
-VC won the 2000 slam dunk contest, putting on one of the greatest performances of all time. VC is widely regarded as the greatest dunker of all time.
-VC holds many player records on both the Raptors and the Nets.
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez:
Toronto did him so wrong.
Zando Lee
Zando Lee:
Vince Carter was a victim of the NBA expansion policy toward Toronto and Vancouver. These 2 teams were not allowed to have the first few top draft picks for their first few years in their existence. I believe the picks were anything between 1 and 7 and the years were the first 5. Made it hard to build a team around Vince.
vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten
vincentrich - Banned But Not Forgotten:
I didn't know that Vince retired. Vince had a great NBA career. He was the most popular player in the NBA for a few years, and he happily accepted a diminished role because he wanted to keep playing and didn't care about whether he was the star or not. He did it so genuinely, that, from a fan's perspective, it never felt like a let down that he was in a reduced role (like it does when stars resist it and complain about it). He also has one of the most amazing physical gifts that I've ever seen. When he was young and at his peak, no one could jump like he could, and even in his 40s, he can jump and dunk in ways that a 40-year-old shouldn't be able to. He's got a real gift.
chris george
chris george:
I used to love windy, but after a acid trip I look at him totally different. Does anybody know any credentials of windy? Who is he? What has he done? Besides when he breaks Woj’s story late why do we listen to him when he talks athletics? I’m lost.
Never really cared for his career.. 🤷🏽‍♂️.. he was a glorified dunker..
Julian Styles
Julian Styles:
Need to really stop asking Brian Windhurst opinions. Get someone better.
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer:
Arguably the best in-game-dunker of all time. Half man half amazing! I hope he makes the hall of fame ✊🏽💪🏽🏀
Gaming Person54
Gaming Person54:
I can’t believe some purple act like VC could only dunk... that’s ridiculous, was a great mid-range shooter and a phenomenal 3- pt shooter! He just underachieved!
Best dunker of all time period
Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi:
VC played so many NBA seasons because he was always rehabbing injuries, in a weird way it helped him stretch out his career
Sanjay Jyothish
Sanjay Jyothish:
He didn't demand the trade.
The team had no interest im keeping him after his injuries hence he asked them if they have no interest in him just consider moving him to another team.
Lee Berry
Lee Berry:
Well I'm not sure I agree with all that's being said. First of all Kyle lowry's jersey should be the first jersey in the Raps rafters put vince's jersey up but not first he quit and that can't be forgotten forgiven sure. Second although he played for along time at a high level his cousin might have been a little bit better player (NO disrespect). 3rd he didn't leave to chase a ring he left because he didn't like playing in Toronto. Basketball was created in Canada and not by V.C although he definitely made the game more popular in our country and we can thank him for that. He had a great career long but does he have the stat's to go to H.O.F that's up for debate I think? Does someone get in for length of career or cause they the best dunker at that point in time. I say NO has to be more, titles help but not a must wasn't the best player in the NBA at any point during his career. I'm just saying I like V.C as a player but I'm not sure what his role would have been on a ring winning team. Since he never won will never know. Have to be careful who go's in to the hall or does everybody get in? It's definitely gonna be debated for me I say thx for the memories but not enough for the H.O.F atleast from my point of view.
David Miyamoto
David Miyamoto:
Any fan would have wanted Carter on their team.Stephan A, tell us what u really think about him. You gave him an inproper sendoff today. Weak.He"s a hall of famer as well as an ambassador 4 the game.
Bimmer Fest
Bimmer Fest:
Lakers sign VC. He’s availability now. And forget about JR.
Gaming Person54
Gaming Person54:
For the lakers and JR... y not Jamal Crawford?? Dude is better than JR at 40!!
Mike Love Thyself
Mike Love Thyself:
Sucks he didn’t get to go out like he wanted to, he had a long successful career tho, I’m glad he got to retire on his on will and not due to injuries.
Guilherme Maruiti
Guilherme Maruiti:
Young players outside the nba must be happy he retired, I mean, the dude was taking a spot in the nba forever, if there were more players like vince in the league you wouldn't be able to draft every year. JK I'll miss watching him play.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill:
He better have a statue at the Toronto's arena because he put Canada on the map when it came to basketball.
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve:
Air Canada
Tony Muñoz
Tony Muñoz:
Turned this video off as soon as they brought Bumdrick Perkins on 🤦🏽‍♂️
Ernie Estrada
Ernie Estrada:
It's sucks He never got a ring
VİNCE better than Jordan...
Vince CARTER'S influence on Nba is greater than Jordan and Kobe.
Vince Carter's size can never be measured with championships and individual rewards. There is no other player who has had more influence on people than JORDAN without having won the championship.
Vince CARTER is the purest talent in NBA history.
The undisputed best slam dunker in NBA history.
His career is not as good as Jordan, but his influence on basketball lovers is greater than
Thanks to him, Nba has spread all over the world. Nba is the only superstar to spread its popularity. Its impact on world basketball is bigger than Michael Jordan.
Watch the "Carter Effect" documentary.
There is a scene in the documentary, which is perfect: No one of the customers entering the shoe store buys Jordan's shoes, but only purchases Vince CARTER's shoes.
I wish is career would've ended with a dunk you know in a special game , not in a game that people will not remember...
Thicc Man Inc
Thicc Man Inc:
Don't let this distract you from the fact NBA players won't be allowed to play doubles ping pong in Disney
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
If this was LeBum the video by Windhorst would be way over 4:51
He will always be Air Canada Carter. Should have retired a Raptor.