[BREAKING] Undisputed | Shannon "shocked"" LeBron's teammate J.R. Smith will replace Avery Bradley

[BREAKING] Undisputed | Shannon "shocked"" LeBron's teammate J.R. Smith will replace Avery Bradley

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flymingo the fittest
flymingo the fittest:
J.R was practicing with the Lakers the whole time they will make it work with him
Duane Crooms
Duane Crooms:
Jr is one of the streakiest shooters of all time. I just pray he’s focused. There not testing for weed 😂 . Ima leave it right there
Don DP
Don DP:
Jr Smith and Dion in the same team?
**Kawhi laughs**
S Mitchell
S Mitchell:
JR bout to bark at pat bev!!! That’s the real reason we signed him lmao
KingDin TV
KingDin TV:
Meme team is taking shape💪

Now let’s win this chip for Kobe
Skip:Michael Jeffrey Jordan never need to add to the roster in July!!!
just observing
just observing:
Someone gotta tell JR to check the Gdamn score at the end of quarters!
Danny Osvaldo
Danny Osvaldo:
Henny God in 7 🥃
HumbleLeader Freaky
HumbleLeader Freaky:
Why I feel like skip pushing a don’t play agenda he would be sick if Lakers Win it 😬
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson:
I think this move is for insurance and nothing more than that
flymingo the fittest
flymingo the fittest:
Lebron going to make it work
Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove
Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove:
They be making it seem like JR for the last 2 years was just sitting on the couch chillin... he’s been putting up shots everyday 🤦🏾‍♂️

Stay ready... ain’t gotta get ready
Luis Casiano
Luis Casiano:
Hennyless jr is dangerous though
marshall parker
marshall parker:
Caurso should take Bradley spot
Michael Joseph Luy
Michael Joseph Luy:
Skip Bayless: Mr. 1.4 points per game teaching the GOAT on what to do in game situation like that. #SoWeird🤔🤔🤔
Threadpool Gam3s
Threadpool Gam3s:
Skip was spot on about JR.
There's an extra " in the title
Kishon Moore
Kishon Moore:
9:33 shoot it shoot it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Blkmigo 11
Blkmigo 11:
Don’t forget rondo start him at point
Renee Owens
Renee Owens:
Richie Ramous
Richie Ramous:
Let’s go Lakers
Id pass it to korver instead of george

Korver had to redeem himself from the year prior lol
All Star Rejects:

Dwight Howard, JR Smith, Dion Waiters, Rajon Rondo
Bryan D
Bryan D:
Hen-tastic pickup by the lakers!
Dante Ramirez
Dante Ramirez:
Henny Smith 😂😂😂
Robrtfit For life
Robrtfit For life:
There’s no way in hell i would bring JR ahead Waiters, Caruso, Morris or KCP
You're gonna need JR and Green to provide spacing for AD and Lebron.
Dex Can
Dex Can:
9:32 💀☠
ohslimgoody julymoon
ohslimgoody julymoon:
The King had hanging around and working out all this time for a reason.
Orlando Spruill
Orlando Spruill:
They should’ve sign Jamal Crawford
Lmao when skip was yelling at the tv saying shoot it shoot it Shannon tried hard not to laugh cuz he knew it was true 😂😂
1st in the West and saying steal the chip. Stop disrespecting these athletes.
oj oj
oj oj:
You can forget that the same Media and lebron fans was Killing an destroying Jr smith for lebron lost finals, calling him everything. and today ohh Yeah lebron did the right thing sign him?? hahahah
JR ain’t starting he’ll get good minutes off the bench. Caruso should start in Bradley’s spot
Hanee Camper
Hanee Camper:
That's all Lebron needs just one player who can create and give a break when needed
Mary Palya
Mary Palya:
Gotta be KCP to starting line up
Fred Echavarria
Fred Echavarria:
Damn having no job beating someone ass a few weeks ago to playing for the Lakers good for you jr
Tony Rodriguez
Tony Rodriguez:
Yeah, Lebron choked big time on that play. Goats dont do that. MJ>LJ
Poncho Z
Poncho Z:
Put Caruso or rondo in the lineup
Billy Aryan
Billy Aryan:
shannon now has to edit skipps twitter posts
Shannon said it was A pickup????
Leo Mc
Leo Mc:
Whenever someone is gets on LeBron roster he is immediately propped up and the minute they arenr performing they get blamed for not being able to manage the limelight lol. Good luck to JR, make the most of your second chance.
Somehow skip turned a convo about the lakers signing jr smith to blaming lebron for jr Smith goofy mistake again gsw in the 2018 finals
Hanee Camper
Hanee Camper:
Dion waiters WATCH
New Age Mob
New Age Mob:
I thought Kuz was gonna be much better this year he’s been somewhat of a disappointment, I would try to go get Buddy Hield this off-season
Everette Sentino
Everette Sentino:
Never realized how valuable Bradley was. Wish he could’ve stayed in Boston.
It's hard to replace your starting point guard with a shooting guard who hasn't played in a year.
dee essex
dee essex:
An A lol Shannon is a damn clown
Wendell Glo
Wendell Glo:
JR gonna be doing great then they gonna flip the script
James Lee
James Lee:
If JR ain't on the Henny he could be an asset...
Jarrett Harper
Jarrett Harper:
Do the Lakers start Jr or waiters? Or move Caruso/kcp to the starting line up?
Shannon's face when stuck trying to come up with an excuse for LeBron not taking final shot 🤣🤣🤣
Like Gillie said JR 🧠 🗣”Activate O.G. Kush Mode” in the finals🤯🤯🤯😂😂😂. Keep JR away from ⛽️ b4 game time he’ll be aight lol but all jokes aside. Jr is going to ball out
Lebron right now is like that kid at the park who is trying to get the other kids interested in playing a pick up game but they would rather be at home playing video games 😂
ATL 1:
JR is in the top 10 on the all times 3 point for a reason
So is LeBron James the only one exempt from playing on ball perimeter defense🤔??... just my opinion, bt you can't be the Goat with out defense, sorry🤷🏿‍♂️
Flex Finito
Flex Finito:
Start Caruso
JaBurd Mclovin
JaBurd Mclovin:
Ill take Jr over Bradley ANY DAY
Starting lineup should Lebron,KCP,Danny Green,AD,Javale
Then Kuz,Caruso,Waiters,Jr,and Dwight coming off the bench everyone else .. rondo give him stretches here and there but not over 20 mins
marty mar
marty mar:
I think Caruso should be the starting PG for Avery Bradley
Cookies Gelato
Cookies Gelato:
I hope not Avery Bradley the most slept on player in the nba jr smith will not do better then Bradley
I think he's here to remind everyone about the scoreboard!
Mr Hitch
Mr Hitch:
Where is Jenny?
Great point Skip, you replace a starter with someone who hasn't played in a while. Whereas nick Wright proclaimed all year BRAVEHEARTS are missing a "rim protector". Insert Joakim Noah. 6'11 former DPOTY. Check. Now we can match you fakers size and length. And as Sam Mitchell mentioned months ago, my team has no weaknesses. We about to smash y'all @$$.
mariah c
mariah c:
Everyone talking about Jr and he's not even officially on the team yet
I just wonder if J.R legs up under him? He haven't played at a elite level in a year and some change. Plus he's older. The bounce back isn't the same just being honest. Idk who the other choices could of been tho? 🤷🏾‍♂️ I mean all the names I can think of are not active just like J.R... 😴
ion know much but I do know the lakers got shooters to space the floor for lebron and ad
william maldonado
william maldonado:
Skip actually has a point towards the end of the this episode lol Le’Veon could’ve bullied Steph thou
Co-Vid is spiking right now. Basketball is the least important thing right now. Gotta keep it shutdown.
Goat Stature
Goat Stature:
People forget Dion Waiters is going to be a beast and he will have no access to weed he will be locked in the bubble
S21 Uptown
S21 Uptown:
Skip is the greatest hater of all time! Lol
Dwayne jackson
Dwayne jackson:
Never for Avery Bradley Shannon ALL FOR KOBE stop it Shannon
Yo Go
Yo Go:
Skip hates this move he know jr still got something left.
Jayson William
Jayson William:
Skip gave credit to Avery Bradley for making shots in the 3rd quarter but doesn't give Lebron credit for anything unless it's in the last minute of the game... Skip's logic makes no sense.
He not no ray Allen now or Stephen curry so stop it
Mel D
Mel D:
Jr lebrons virgin fans scapegoat
Greg Ostertag
Greg Ostertag:
They are playing 16 less games and that is an asterisk but back in the day they played best of 3 game series and nobody mentions that....do that 3 times and you potentially play 12 games less.....
Preston Alexander
Preston Alexander:
You would think, for as much as they use the word asterisk, that people would take a moment to learn how to pronounce the word.
Ron Smith
Ron Smith:
!! My God skip is jus ridiculous when it comes to Lbj he always shooting out bad negatives in that punnie little small brain of his...
Dustin Roberts
Dustin Roberts:
Should have grabbed a point guard instead. Dumb move
Out Of Time
Out Of Time:
Lmao Jr Smith minutes is a NON ISSUE. Pretty dumb to make that a point
Rubi Kino
Rubi Kino:
The LEADER of the "coalition " is the ONLY one not playing ????(the other ones are injured anyway ) whatever happened to the HUNDRED from that secret conference call ???????
Stephen Dees
Stephen Dees:
If the win the chip, AB shouldn't get a ring
Avery Bradley was the only guard that pressed full court and gave point guards he’ll.
Lebron points the finger at everybody but himself
Kenneth Jacobs
Kenneth Jacobs:
In LeBron's defense, he made the right basketball play. Yes, he had an advantage over Steph, but KD and Draymond were both at the free throw line waiting for him. Bron made the CORRECT basketball play because Hill WAS wide open, but got fouled. Hill should've made those free throws. Yall forget that Jordan PASSED the ball to Paxson for a GW shot AND he PASSED the ball to Kerr for a GW shot. Everything switch up when it come to LeBron though lol.
Diallo Willoughby
Diallo Willoughby:
Rather have Iman Shumpert... Better Defense..
Kishon Moore
Kishon Moore:
Why is shannon saying “we” ? So bandwagon
Dwight dragging his feet about making his decision to play/not play is only HURTING the Lakers. Because if he ultimately decides to NOT PLAY then the Lakers could’ve used that time to find a player to take his place. If he waits until the last day, the Lakers will be screwed smh.
Shaun Jones
Shaun Jones:
So if Avery Bradley isn’t playing.. and the Lakers happen to win the title, is he still getting a ring?
G D:
@10:00 is the reason MJ and Kobe will always better than lechock. he can't even shoot over curry or patrick. LMAOOOO
David Greene
David Greene:
Bradley is not playing mainly bcuz of his son....
marshall parker
marshall parker:
3.Danny Green
5.Javale McGee

3.Dion waiters/J.R. Smith
5.Dwight Howard
Shannon out here using us and we. Like he been a laker fan his whole life. Lmao get out of here..
Ryan Ellis
Ryan Ellis:
The only reason the Lakers beat the clippers last time was because Avery Bradley hit like 8 3’s. Losing Bradley is a huge loss and JR is a downgrade!
j jones
j jones:
It's official, Clippers in 6!
Shanon can't have it both ways saying it won't be tainted...If LBJ and Giannis caught Covid and Kahwi waltzed to a championship, he knows damn well he'd be the first person hollering it's tainted with an asterisk on it.
Lakers not making it to the conference championship. Trash pick up.
Quiet Storm 821
Quiet Storm 821:
Skip Forgot JR.Smith annihilated the Hawks by himself
91 the final resurrection
91 the final resurrection:
Henn dogg in 6