RIVALS! WBC Franchise/WBO/WBA lightweight World Champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez all goes down Saturday, October 17th (ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN+, 7:30 p.m. ET).

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Arsenal K
Arsenal K:
Loma ‘RunnerChenko’ got exposed and outboxed by Teofimo. Loma supremacist fans talk too much and when their hype job loses they come up with lame excuses.
Marcus Bingham
Marcus Bingham:
😍 Phelps, is omfg lovely
George Morenstein
George Morenstein:
Lopez either walks through him from the opening bell or it's over for him. Lopez in by K.O. in 4.
Elizabeth Dorchester
Elizabeth Dorchester:
it will be a draw and rematch. many will say lomo.lost by 2 rounds but been arranged for months . i rematch loma beats him stops him round 8 all arranged
Loma will show the skeptics once again why he is the number one pound for pound boxer .
Lol! Sounds just like something Rosario would say
Mr Manino
Mr Manino:
Gabriel Rosado!! You got it bro. You made an on point prediction 101%. Team Lopez!
Vice Versa
Vice Versa:
Loma by 8th round TKO.
Kali Kali
Kali Kali:
This fight is gonna b like kovalev vs yarde technical showdown loma will put his aggression on pause
Mike Fondanova
Mike Fondanova:
400 fights now he gonna see something new ???
Michael Bay
Michael Bay:
How is Vasiliy cocky???
I believe it will be Lomochenko convincingly that being said a $20 bet on Lopez is a good bet at 31/2 to 1 for an upset.
Rob t
Rob t:
Loma masterclass incoming.
Rob Baker
Rob Baker:
Anthony Yarde is such a bellend!
cat man
cat man:
a great boxer 9 times out of 10 beats a great puncher FACT
Lopez will look good in the early rounds but when he realizes that Loma is another level he will get frustrated and that will allow loma to do is thing and break him down round after round to win on points or stoppage in the later rounds.
Rosado too many tatoos prevents him from thinking clearly.Somebody tell him who Loma is .
Whoever wants it more is gonna win
I wab animals
I wab animals:
Pacquiao vs Loma is a legendary chess match
Rodelio Taylo
Rodelio Taylo:
Lopez is a hard puncher no question for that. but i.q is talking about im for loma if loman wins by k.o i think its around 6 to 8 rounds. but if lopez k.o loma im sure its around 1 to 3 rounds..if ever the fight will reach 12 rounds i think loma won by decision...
Mr Grandi
Mr Grandi:
If it goes 12 I see Loma out-pointing Teo. They both going to have their moments and land good shots but Loma may have more tools at his disposal
Bigboy Pants
Bigboy Pants:
Lomas power is underrated at this weight. Late stoppage
Jhon Famo
Jhon Famo:
Long in the? When are we going to recognize prime ,usually, is 27- 37
Geez look at mayweather. A 38 year old maymeather BEATS a 23 year old mayweather. "Long in the tooth"? Lol
I dont see that yet
Loma owned ha ha ha ha Lopez put the heat on nice one woooohooo.
Lomachenko will swivel under a Lopez reaching jab, slide around his lead foot and turn Lopez. Lopez will turn thinking he got Lomachenko exactly where he wants him, shoots a canon of a right straight and... and wake up in hospital as he orientates himself. It’ll take around a week for him to figure out that while he was playing checkers, Loma was playing was playing 3D chess.
Lomachenko will dominate the fight on his skill set. Lopez is improving and will be a future champion. I just can't see Lopez landing the big shot he would need to stop Lomachenko, so I'm going for a points win with a possible stoppage in the later rounds to Lomachenko.
khayalethu mahlangu
khayalethu mahlangu:
Why is everyone worried about lopez power when loma showed he can take a punch against linares
Kind of odd everyone thinks Teo is some kind of one punch killer. Him and Loma both have 15 fights and Looez has 12 KOs to Lomas 10 KOs.
The biggest difference is Loma has finished far better competition.
Марат Махамбетов
Марат Махамбетов:
Loma will knock Lopez out by 4th round upper cut with left hand and add big shot with right hand to the chin. That will make Lopez go for a deep sleep. (I have seen this fight already on the 17th of October, 2020)
Fight Film
Fight Film:
Somebody please tell Spencer Lopez is not black.
Scott Geoffrey
Scott Geoffrey:
I think Lomo will get knocked down, but win the fight
Lomachenko has more balls than mayweather because he brings it without that incredible defence of Floyd who is one of the top boxers of all time.
Biggest boxing match would be loma vs Floyd.... Floyd has not lost anything even at his age