Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19 after downplaying virus

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has tested positive for coronavirus after months of flouting social distancing guidelines. More than 65,000 people have died of the virus in Brazil, according to the country's health ministry. CNN's Bill Weir reports.

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Leon S Kennedy
Leon S Kennedy:
There is a saying: Play stupid game, win stupid prize.
rabnass World Archives Film Video
rabnass World Archives Film Video:
Brazilians like US Americans, they wanted an idiot , they got an idiot.
Holy Land
Holy Land:
Sounds more like he's trying to sell his stock pile of Hydroxychloroquine.
More like “Covid tests positive for Bolsonaro”.
Eva A.
Eva A.:
He will be fine I guess . Devils like that never get sick in torturing others
THE COUNTRIES with the HIGHEST CORONA Virus infection rate have the WORST LEADERSHIP.
If its only a little flu, they should reserve medical treatment for those who need it.
Perry Elyod
Perry Elyod:
'shows that I am a human being' - the jury is still out on that when it comes to sociopaths.
Peace Frog
Peace Frog:
He lies just like the US President.
Please, he needs to be in a critical condition in order for him to realize the seriousness of the pandemic.
Charles Martin
Charles Martin:
This president from Brazil let him keep taking hydrochloriquin, (GOOD)
David Lavery
David Lavery:
Dude has a death wish and he wants to take everyone down with him.
Steph Thompson
Steph Thompson:
He’s gonna come out of it and be “yea it was totally just a little flu” 😂
Terrell Robinson
Terrell Robinson:
I believe this is called poetic justice.
wily wascal
wily wascal:
Used to be, the moon revolved around Earth. With this President, we've gone into lunacy orbit.
The German Stromtrooper
The German Stromtrooper:
Bolsenaro : a little Flu
Coronavirus: hold my beer
Scott -O
Scott -O:
I can only imagine how many people he infected,running around without a mask like he did. Thank god a judge ordered him to wear one.
Lg G3
Lg G3:
I wish him to recover from this soon ..
Even though he's been so cynicall about it
He deserves a good outcome ,everyone does ..
In the wise words of Major Benson Winifred Payne “ Who’s the dummy now?”
De Cruz Gabriel
De Cruz Gabriel:
What awaits those recovered in this PLANDEMIC, very
Machiavellian; be the future "infected". Anyone who has had the
misfortune to fall into the hands of these miserable genocides; Their own
governments are already in a fully identified database, just waiting for the
moment when the WHO announces a new recycling or mutation of the virus so that
the health authorities run to “catch” these citizens who had been selected in a
TESTING. of those who are doing in all towns. It is urgent to warn these people,
because the next time they are in a hospital room or COVID care center they
will not be able to survive and also warn that everyone who has to be a
possible "infected" or "recovered infected" awaits the Same
fate, also the warning goes for healthy or "asymptomatic" people
because they are also in danger of being forced to the TEST and therefore to be
part of that database. We can affirm with all certainty that the WHO and the
"bought" governments that obey it, have already identified who will
be the next victims and the number of "infected and deaths. This is how
they advance in this morbid plan of extermination of humanity in which they
need to reach an alarming number of deaths to impose the vaccine as
"salvation", only that this vaccine is going to leave both men and
women infertile and as a "biological clock" that determines the time
of its existence. This is how they intend to achieve the "sinister"
AGENDA 2030, killing and then intervening the birth and thought.

Hopefully he has a very hard battle so he realizes the severity of it.
Steph Thompson
Steph Thompson:
If he survives this . LMAO . He’s going to have a field day.
E.B. G
E.B. G:
Covid-19: " Wait.....There's More!!!"
Brian Lamore
Brian Lamore:
Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Well, maybe there's one better...
LiS Wright
LiS Wright:
Did he really really test positive? Oh sorry, he took the hydro drug, he'll be OK. Just like DJT, he took the hydro drug.
"On the field" = São Paulo
The capital of Brazil"= Brasília
*Confusion 100*
Matt Flo
Matt Flo:
Do we really believe he has Covid?
Or is he just saying it to be like “hey look I got Covid and I’m perfectly fine”
Alexander Shtumpf
Alexander Shtumpf:
It's so weird seeing the reporter reading from his phone
Sean H.
Sean H.:
Not to go all 90s or anything but, "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!"
Al Mere
Al Mere:
“Breaking news to do”is the truest thing a reporter on cnn has said lmao.
Juan Manuel Penaloza
Juan Manuel Penaloza:
Either we're getting Christmas early or we need to do some experiments on the president and see if we can make a vaccine using his blood.
Lanti Usman
Lanti Usman:
All of Trump's twin be getting Covid first Boris Johnson the Bolsanaro.
Jim Smith
Jim Smith:
Big deal. It’s didn’t say he died from it. Millions have had it and recovered
David Morris
David Morris:
The human-being, who's the 2nd most deserving in the world, of catching the virus, now has it! WONDERFUL!! BAD luck to you, Mr president!
Now, if only his lungs would collapse from smoke inhalation as a result of all those Amazon forest fires he’s got farmers setting.
He's like "I meant to get corona. It's part of my master plan."
A M:
It's ok, he'll listen to his friend Trump and inject some Lysol. He'll be just fine, I'm sure!!
Linda J54
Linda J54:
I thought he was reported as having had Covid-19 a while back? Remember him coughing & sweating at events?
Doc Nathan
Doc Nathan:
Some time soon: *Trump tests positive for COVID-19 due to similar reasons*
I'm waiting to hear when The Orange Clown gonna get tested positive for the virus
Alvin Devasconcelos
Alvin Devasconcelos:
*”A surprise to be sure but a welcome one”*
Li pov Yaj
Li pov Yaj:
Even if Trump is tested positive, do you really think the White House and the GOP will tell the truth?
Yusuf Ginnah
Yusuf Ginnah:
*_"These violent delights have violent ends... "_*
Mauro Woicheski
Mauro Woicheski:
Obrigado pela preocupação mas nosso presidente passa bem.👍
Patty Viviendo
Patty Viviendo:
Thoughts and prayers, jk karma doing her thing 😅🤣
stefan stoss
stefan stoss:
greatest news in the history of the universe ilove the amazon forest i'd like to own jeff Beezos CNN must stop its addiction to srug industry monster God gave us 28137 speciesof mediicinal plants in the organic wilderness garden and ABOVE RDA vitamin C meat contains none
sustainable wealth means near zero pollution and spiritual satisfaction and no extrreme wealth gap
Erika Mustermann
Erika Mustermann:
Boris Johnson was also perfectly fine until he wasn‘t and ended up in the ICU.
How sad - I'm so sad for him …………………………………...……….(did that sound sarcastic enough?)
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles:
Remember CNN downplaying the virus for "social justice?"
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo GameCube:
That’s it I’m going to 2019
Noneya Bitness
Noneya Bitness:
If he's only a little sick it's irrelevant. Because without being deathly ill he'll still call it a little flu
Lee Sawyer
Lee Sawyer:
Well this cheered me up!
Socrates ExplainsEverything
Socrates ExplainsEverything:
Much like my Anti-Tiger rock has been 100% effective here in Netherlands,
taking hydroxi whatever isn't necessarily helpful or the reason he feels ok...
C. R
C. R:
That seems to convenient. He is still dismissing how bad it really is just now he is trying to say hay look at me I am fine let's see who else takes from that same playbook.
Woke Bloke
Woke Bloke:
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 HE TESTED POSTIVEEEEE YEAHHHHHHH!!!! That’s Justice
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson:
Nothing wrong with having covid 19 he'll live through it like the 99.9% of people have. What's next fake news leader is the color red actually yellow??? Lol
Mamun Khondoker
Mamun Khondoker:
He hasn't got covid.. All hoax🤣🤣
1710 Terra
1710 Terra:
I laughed out so loud when I saw the headlines.
Angel Adriel
Angel Adriel:
and he will survive like it was a cold, or less
Colm Corbec
Colm Corbec:
No surprise whatsoever.
No Lxck Dakota
No Lxck Dakota:
Good save... “ we got a lot of breaking news to do get to”
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez:
Bolsonaro: A little flu
Coronavirus: Are you sure about that
Valerie Raven
Valerie Raven:
YES hope everyone who denies this virus is real catches it, then we'll see how real it is
kupar s
kupar s:
May he suffer a lot before recovering... That way it will be good for the brazilian...People
Ian Eugene Chapman
Ian Eugene Chapman:
This is the best news I’ve heard in months
Wiggiag II
Wiggiag II:
Never forget George Kirby! Take a knee and submit already
Pa P
Pa P:
Let's see how his heart is after a week or 2
bandoha bandoha
bandoha bandoha:
He’s fine!
Needed some good news in a time like this.
Fundamentally covid shows just how selfish people are.
"I had it, barely noticed, and thus to hell with anyone not 'tough' like me. Fake News!"
Soen Seng Thio
Soen Seng Thio:
How can he after knowing he is infected still give interview and meet people.
Rodrigo Gontan
Rodrigo Gontan:
CNN: He never downplayed the virus. Get some real info before talk about brazilian matters.
Jeff Newtown
Jeff Newtown:
👏 good! How do you say “you reap what you sew” in Portuguese???
Nicole Ketcher
Nicole Ketcher:
Why can't Trump get it too?!!??
Henry Huang
Henry Huang:
Here you go, Bunkerboy’s good buddy...
Carine Zitella
Carine Zitella:
Hey Jair, need some tissues for your sniffles??🤣🤣
Will Rickerson
Will Rickerson:
For mocking this virus and downplaying its seriousness, i hope it kicks in on him.
Jadof Darmati
Jadof Darmati:
♪ I believe I can flu, I believe I can cough like you ♪
Kingston Street
Kingston Street:
Corona said “who is next?”
Hosea Pigram
Hosea Pigram:
He need some 🥛
This is the best news I've heard all week so far. Rest in Pee.
R T:
So he gets the virus and feels better almost instantly after taking HCQ. Sounds like this virus is being hyped by CNN and the rest of the garbage media.
Aaahhhh - the chickens have come home to roost! I love irony.
Leech Phillip
Leech Phillip:
Never saw that coming! 🤪
wily wascal
wily wascal:
Creationists proving Darwin's theory on natural selection: the sweetest irony.
Matt Foley
Matt Foley:
Bolsonaro... isn’t that one of them real hot chili peppers?
When it happens to you,
you'll know it's true.
This also applies to Trump and that Mexican president who refuse to wear a mask.
Yungee Kim
Yungee Kim:
Trump, u next
robert caldwell
robert caldwell:
How ya like me now? Probably perfectly healthy, and lying his ass off.
Jason Collins
Jason Collins:
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ha!!!
Abhishek Ganesan
Abhishek Ganesan:
Karma! 🔥
life goeson
life goeson:
I hope he makes fool recovery
Back to idiotic self
Maurício Rodrigues
Maurício Rodrigues:
The worst part is: this might be a stunt to promote hydroxychloroquine to force a nationwide reopening. The more I think about it, more I realize how convenient this is for him, at this moment.
Motzel Blum
Motzel Blum:
LoL libs freak'in out he gets covid takes hydroxychloroquine gets better 😂😂😂😂
Come on Trump, catch COVID-19!
Ron Lang
Ron Lang:
HAHA. Cuomo lies about his covid and rides bike with no mask while claiming he was in quarantine. Then makes a video coming out of the basement for the "first time" Such a Liar, just like this channel
Ohhh noo he’s got the virus. Well now he can take hydroxychloroquine with zinc!!!!
Tommy Lim
Tommy Lim:
Serves him right! Trump's next! Karma finally strike's!