BLACKPINK Reacts To BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY Official Trailer | Netflix

Proving that music knows no borders or language barriers, BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY offers a personal look at the four members of BLACKPINK, from their years as trainees to their current global success as the most popular K-pop girl group of all time.

Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé of BLACKPINK react to seeing their movie
trailer for the first time ever!



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BLACKPINK Reacts To BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY Official Trailer | Netflix

Record-shattering Korean girl band BLACKPINK tell their story — and detail the hard-fought journey of the dreams and trials behind their meteoric rise.

100+ komento:

im literally crying 😭. you guys don’t understand what they mean to all of us Blink
I can’t see a reason to hate them.
Disliking them is logical.
Hate is not necessary.
These girls gave so much to be here
To live their dreams and see fans happy.
To me, they’re everything.
H K:
Everyone who's not a blink thinks Jennie is the baddest bish but Jisoo is actually the most savage and we live for it LOL
Abby Galle Hernandez
Abby Galle Hernandez:
Rosé was born to be a musician. If you have watched the entire documentary on Netflix, you will see how deep, sentimental, somewhat introverted, artistic, creative, intelligent she is. Her passion for music and her perseverance to be a K-Pop Artist.
H K:
Lisa: cringing looking at herself
Lisa: They might think we are weird kids
Jisoo: But that's us. Please accept us.

Rigor Obedoza
Rigor Obedoza:
They sacrifice at a very young age. They deserve what they have today. Spread love and love only!
Pau Grace
Pau Grace:
Jennie : I'm curious to see ourselves through other people's eyes
Lisa : they might think we're weird kids
Jisoo : But that's us. Please accept us.

Madhu Sharma
Madhu Sharma:
They're so natural not pretending like other people... Just being their own self..cute, crazy funny and this is the reason I love to Stan them.. And of course their talent is beyond the imagination of haters!!!
Fahrizal Ahadisuryo
Fahrizal Ahadisuryo:
2:59 : Jisoo & Jennie be like
Sehun Trash
Sehun Trash:
When Jisoo spoke english in the first few seconds I’m like “WHOAAAAAA THE CONFIDENCE YASSSSS JISOO YASSS GET THAT GURL”
Army Blink Rosé
Army Blink Rosé:
jennie: not bad.
jisoo: not bad but not good. *QUEEN*
Gavin Huang
Gavin Huang:
Hope this documentary is longer than an hour.
Tony Tran
Tony Tran:
Many armys and blinks hate each other these days for no reasons. I think Blackpink and BTS are successful and they are the Asian pride. We don’t have many Asian artists who are recognized by western media so I think we should support each other because they definitely change western opinions about Asian artists. King & Queen Kpop
“It’s just the beginning” 😢 this will hit different ten years later.
Abu Hena Mustofa Kamal
Abu Hena Mustofa Kamal:
Rose:best singer
Sky Records
Sky Records:
Who here Loves Blackpink?
Faika Villagracia
Faika Villagracia:
"My Favorite Part"
She improved a lot
Really nobody:

JISOO:Not Bad But Not Good
jaz Zy
jaz Zy:
lisa “they might think we’re weird kids”
jisoo” but that’s us, please accept us”
Nihisha Kandeepan
Nihisha Kandeepan:
When I saw them all in the car, all I can think of was this:
Jennie: Marry me Rosie!
Rosé: Okay!
Jennie: Oh, that was easy! **makes pouty face**

I love them so MUCH!!
Renjun with 0% patience for haechan
Renjun with 0% patience for haechan:
Jennie: Not bad
Jisoo: Not bad but not good
We stan the savage queen👑
Jisoo: " I asked myself, are you going to give up just because it's not easy? " line gets me EVERY TIME T A T

It's so true with all of your dreams in life. Just go for it, never give up even if the going gets tough ★
rotten tomatoes
rotten tomatoes:
why jisoo looked like she's just had been crying?
our precious jichuu
Jennie holding back her tears, she's so precious 🥺 how can ppl hate her.
nelson sailo
nelson sailo:
Why is rose attracting my eyes and heart... Its so weird. Shes super talented. Im a fan of bp but not an actual blink..... But damn, this girl 😍😍😍
BLACKPINK is getting more popular and receive love every hour, every minute, every second.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy:
Lisa: cringing looking at herself Jisoo: MY FAVORITE PARTTTT Lisa: They might think we are weird kids Jisoo: But that's us. Please accept us. 🤣❤️
Bina B
Bina B:
One of the main reasons why I love Blackpink is because they are so relatable. Even though they are living very different lives than me and are celebrities I still find it very easy to connect with them as people. And I have a great deal of respect for them for how hard they've worked and how they overcame all the struggles they faced as trainees and perservered through hardships to get where they are today.

They deserve all the success they have today. 🖤💖
A.R.I.A eriblink
A.R.I.A eriblink:
"Blackpink is the biggest kpop girl group of all time"

Jennie: oh not bad!

jisoo: not bad but not good...
Mel Madi
Mel Madi:
“Not bad but not good”
- Jisoo 2020
Lisa: they might think we’re weird kids

Jisoo: but that’s us, please accept us

🥺🥺my heart 😭😭🖤💗
Amirah Syahidah Omar
Amirah Syahidah Omar:
Jisoo: please accept us
blink: we always accept you guys although u guys are weirdo😂🥰
Wardah's land
Wardah's land:
I wish I could watch them but we don't have Netflix
laura ulloa
laura ulloa:
i mean, there was 1 minute of movie and i was crying
Fatii . . .
Fatii . . .:
Kpop just made my year... they literally let me forget how awful 2020 was for me 🥺

Thank you Blackpink 😊
Lisa: They migiht think we're weird kids
Jisoo: but that's us
Wayne Yee
Wayne Yee:
This documentary was spectacular, as a former DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere I have been a fan of BLACKPINK when they were an unknown band in the U.S. I have followed their music since they were starting to make it as a K-POP band in Korea. I think they are the BEST K-POP girl bank of all time because of their singing, dancing and how they interact with their fan base. The girls have not let success make them arrogant or full of vanity, they come across as sweet girls with a lot to give to their fans. Jennie who is the front girl for the group has the best personality of the girls and as a female singer she is one of the BEST top ten female pop singers of any music genre.
sc hoonii
sc hoonii:
Jennie: im excited for how people will feel when they see this
Me: btchh im already crying and it's just the trailer
Flowers have Thorns
Flowers have Thorns:
Did I cry watching the trailer then cry even more watching the full documentary? Maybe- and yes I still cry every single time I watch it, don’t judge me lol
Jeon Junglebook
Jeon Junglebook:
I’m not a blink but I feel their story, they went through so much, army’s that are here, please please please don’t compare the two groups. They both went through so much, I’m honesty do proud of them even though I don’t Stan them or anything. I might have to, they are so cute
Iqra Ali
Iqra Ali:
BLACKPINK is getting more popular every hour
ennie: not bad.
jisoo: not bad but not good. QUEEN
A wise woman once said:
"we want to see ourselves through other people's eyes"

- Jennie Kim
I literally cried watching the trailer 😭😭, no I can't hold other now.
Blackpink are so special for me as it lights up my sky 😭😭😭😭, I just wanna meet them for once. God please grant this wish, I'm gonna die otherwise, 😭😭😭 BLINKS : 'LIGHT UP THE SKY' trailer
Congrats Blackpink and Blinks for supporting each other from the beginning. I love you Blackpink....Blackpink in your area💖💖💖
Kanailal Chowdhury
Kanailal Chowdhury:
1:09: Lisa telling- They might think we're weird kids

Meanwhile me:

What will she tell to me if she saw me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sister edits
Sister edits:
That "not bad or not good"was savage
chloe larissa
chloe larissa:
Jennie looks like she holding back her tears she’s so precious 🥺
RJ Josue
RJ Josue:
- Rose

Gawd, love that accent
Past the Point of No Return
Past the Point of No Return:
I personally loved the documentary!! I really admired how they showcased that each of the girls has such an original, unique story yet still have so much in common with each other and fit together like a puzzle-each of their unique experiences brings them closer together.
(Rant warning)
When Jennie was explaining her upbringing and how she was already making big decisions at a young age, I was so impressed and could immediately point it to how much of a leader she is personality-wise. She taught Jisoo English and Lisa Korean. That kind of leadership is really special.
I was also touched when Lisa and Rosé mentioned how they would stay strong by thinking about the other’s struggles. They went through so much together and look at them now, basically sisters. It was really touching for me as a fan because sometimes we forget that even though the girls all being from different places is an amazing thing, it took a toll on them having to adjust to an unfamiliar place.
And of course Jisoo. She was the only one born and raised in Korea. I think she really helped the girls feel more at home and took care of them when their families weren’t there to do that. She loves the girls very much and takes such good care of them.
Anyway, I wanted to let all of this out to say to the pinks not to worry that the doc didn’t show the usual perfect image. The moments that weren’t were touching and inspiring, and showed us fans just how much they overcame. Just like Jennie said, it showed a deeper side to them. Love blackpink🖤💗
oh god i feel like want to download Netflix so bad T__T i wanna watch this documentary ASAP
Wanna Viin
Wanna Viin:
I'm crying like I don't know why I feel so proud for them and this is so touching
They deserved all the love They are a real idol #blink
Aaron Ariel Alindogan
Aaron Ariel Alindogan:
Jennie: Not Bad...

Jisoo: Yeah, Not bad but not Good...

I laughed so hard on this😂😂😂
Naasibah Majal
Naasibah Majal:
« not bad but not good » JISOO IS SO CUTE PLS 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jisoo's "My favorite part!!" 🥺🥺🥺
Vivienne []
Vivienne []:
did jisoo just hinted that more songs are coming?????
Hieronymus Pseudonymous
Hieronymus Pseudonymous:
Rose: *Looks at themselves as trainees* "That's so us, when we were trainees."
who is your bias in blackpink? mine is kuma
who is your bias in blackpink? mine is kuma:
“But when it’s the four of us, the whole thing worked.” - Jennie, Rosé.
KK Labels
KK Labels:
This means the world to Blinks...
WWX is only human
WWX is only human:
Did they just try to seduce me, a girl, with their *"Watch it on Netflix SoOn~"* !??!
Reyna AMRY
Reyna AMRY:
Someone pls tell me I’m not the only one that going to watch it everyday when it comes out😭❤️❤️
Kassua Valente
Kassua Valente:
1:06 am i the only one who saw the sheer awkwardness and discomfort in Rosé's face when the trailer was paused at the time she was crying😣😣❤
Popular Opinion: Everyone Wants to see BLACKPINK in real life.
Hasfizuddin Haikal
Hasfizuddin Haikal:
im wondering what makes other to hate them cause im freaking loves them so much!
So many great moments in the documentary. I loved the small things, like Lisa having a shopping day, Jennie and Jisoo cooking together, Rose playing guitar on a sleepless night... Great to see those real moments 🖤💗
Jasmine Solovey
Jasmine Solovey:
I feel like that all opened up so much during the documentary, we stan them all❤
Lps Flat Paint
Lps Flat Paint:
I just joined the fandom and i’m so happy to be a fan of this 4 talented girls 💜
̊. r a m e n . ̊
̊. r a m e n . ̊:
“All I wanted was people to see the potential in us.”
-Jennie Kim 2020
I like them even more now after watching the documentary.
hey you wanna come in
hey you wanna come in:
Rose noticing lisa has been doing the heart since way back makes all : 🥺🥺
Noeme Buaquiña
Noeme Buaquiña:
I'm crying a little about thinking of living separately from my family just thinking about it makes me cry.
M North
M North:
Jennie: Not bad.

Jisoo: Not bad, but not good

Bojan Grbic
Bojan Grbic:
Jennie was so cute when she said: BLACKPINK: how did they grow up?". I love BLACKPINK!!!
s ro
s ro:
hope people finally realize that they are also normal human beings with their own stories and struggles
Husein Aliu
Husein Aliu:
"Not bad, but not good" -Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim
heyItsmeeh 19
heyItsmeeh 19:
"I just want people to see the potential in us"-jenniekim2020
Innocent J
Innocent J:
This really helped me get to know them better/think you netflix
Anna Li
Anna Li:
Teddy Park almost NEVER does interviews and the fact he is in this documentary is a big deal. The man is an OG producer and produced almost all the hits of YG!
Hieronymus Pseudonymous
Hieronymus Pseudonymous:
3:15 Spoken like a person who doesn't spend any time
watching funny-Blackpink-moments compilations. :)
Army Blinks
Army Blinks:
All except jisoo:speak english
Jisoo:im jisoo and im okay👍 btw the 'not bad but not good' gonna be legend words👍

Love Blackpink💕
Mia Esparza
Mia Esparza:
I loved it I watched this documentary like 5 times I love it
Dayane Escobar
Dayane Escobar:
cuando cocino
jisoo: no bad, but not good
ajjajsjjs ame esa parte
Fatima Asif
Fatima Asif:
"They may think we're weird kids"
"But thats just us, please accept us"
Sweetie, 50 million people have accepted you, is that not enough?
Karen Vallejos
Karen Vallejos:
I've cried a lot.
So proud of this girls, thanks to be a support for all of us ❤️❤️
Dr Hoop
Dr Hoop:
Guys, in order to develop abilities, protect yourself from other people's energies, the devil and eye hallucinations, you need to train your body physically like crossfit with work on boxing bags, then bad energies and black dust from bionanorobots will not be able to cling to your body and nerves of the eyes and you will not see and feel pain, you need to train all muscle groups so that there are no weak spots and mentally imagine how you tear apart the pain and the picture in front of your eyes with your hands, also imagine how this dust burns up turning into emptiness in this way, you mentally destroy this shit this is the beginning of super strength, exercising and fantasizing, you can develop other abilities in yourself, but for each person individually, it will be easier to get some kind of strength. Also, minimize the amount of food, it is best to eat rice cooked in water like the Shaolin monks, hunger and a minimum of different flavors, you will redirect the energy from the digestion of food by the stomach to the strength you want! Another tip is to eat lemons or citric acid, it will speed up your metabolism and protect against poisons, spoiled food and metal salts, if you have any questions, ask! I am writing through translator from Russian so there may be problems with understanding the text........
In your next tour come to latín americaaaa. En su Próximo tour vengan a latino América hay muchas blinis 💕💕
Rebecca Aguilar
Rebecca Aguilar:
The fact that I've been here since 2016 and I've watched them grow into the brightest stars is bringing me to tears 😭
Emily Chow
Emily Chow:
Everyone: "2020 Is Terrible A Year"
Blackpink: "Just Listen"
Eric& Grace
Eric& Grace:
I think I've seen rosè outfit wore by itzy(or a lil bit similar), forgot her name.
Nicoly motta
Nicoly motta:
these girls are everything to me, they are my strength, my joy, when everything was going wrong they guided me like angels, I am grateful for them, I love you Jenchulichaeng 🤩🥺🥺🥺🥺🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
kim mochi ᅡ가타 ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
kim mochi ᅡ가타 ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ:
A jisso lá toda princesinha AHHHHHH cara ela e perfeita 🤡
Why every time that I see the part of Du Du Du Du Du I feel like shivers
They seem more real. Made me realize that they are a normal human being, albeit, much prettier and more talented than most.
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper:
jisoo is unintentionally funny it’s so adorable😭
kindness playz
kindness playz:
Aww there seeing there old memories so readdy for it
W. idow
W. idow:
They're so cute together! I remember when it was the 1st aniversary of BP, they were so little! I'm literally gonna cry, our girls are growing up to fast!!!
Nina Danilmare Pesion
Nina Danilmare Pesion:
The best scene "my favourite part" from jichu turtle rabbit
Dua Fatima
Dua Fatima:
Lisa: They might think we're weird kids

Jisoo: but that's what we are. PLEASE ACCEPT US. 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭
nico nico ni
nico nico ni:
Though I'm an Army, I felt love for the girls. They really worked hard. Hey BlackPink whenever you are performing know thay an army is also cheering for you girls! I loved all of them but madly in love with jennie. She is so good and strong! btw Why does Jisoo remind of Seokjin? :|
Mikaela Ruiz
Mikaela Ruiz:
Omg Jennie speaks english with a Australian accent
Maewa M
Maewa M:
Maya Aman
Maya Aman:
Jennie is all fake up laughing but jisoo is trying to catch-up with the situation , she don't want to left behind but I think that plan do not always work . Lol