BLACKPINK - How You Like That M/V [KOREAN REACTION] | Comeback!

BLACKPINK IS FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Brandon Te
Brandon Te:
the only reaction that matters
Jungkook chewing gum & dancing
Jungkook chewing gum & dancing:
"This song shows how essential Rose is to Blackpink" SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK
David is the only one I know of who does these weird ass reactions😂
raisa khan
raisa khan:
Tbh I was really looking forward to this comeback. The concept photos gave me a very different vibe but the mv was quite different... Maybe its just me.. But I really expected something different this time
Jre: body roll
Bris : leave his chair
David : called it out🤩👍🏻
I can’t be the only one that thought Jennie with short hair at the end looked kinda like Yeeun from CLC.
Juwita Rahman
Juwita Rahman:
“Rosé is essential in blackpink! Her voice is hard carry! Yass say it louder
"This beat is like, I don't know, farting...?" the weird thing is I get it lol
mul cans
mul cans:
Rosé has THAT voice im thankful blackpink has someone like her. Everyone is important but Rosé's voice is the signature of blackpink songs
yes rosé the backbone of their songs
Kanon M.
Kanon M.:
My girls and MV are gorgeous but I personally don’t like the song that much, like Kill this love mix with Boombayah and a little 4D ... kinda disappointed for exciting and waiting a long time but still looking for full album!!
Ritchel Sayson
Ritchel Sayson:
david: feel like you're farting
"this song helped me with digestion" hahahahah that got me rollingg.
Your reaction is so entertaining!
I loved the MV, the visuals were all amazing and the girls were gorgeous.
I agree it wasn't their most hard hitting track, but I think there's more coming since this is a pre-release single!
Can't wait for the next releases!
K.C. Orlando
K.C. Orlando:
David honey, sweety, I think you need to see a gastroenterologist if this is how you react to this video.😂
everyone's so negative in the comments about the song relax it's just a pre-single they still have an album coming

edit: hi for everyone getting the wrong idea of what i said i DID NOT say you can't have an opinion on the song. i mean don't attack the girls for the hardwork they put in ik it's not what people expected it's not there fault that's what i meant but enough with the negativity stream hylt for clear skin💕
Bale 10
Bale 10:
"Feels like you have gas in your stomach, feels like your farting" best quote I've heard david say.
i was expecting jisoo to say 'blackpink in your area' this time..
My name is Aminé
My name is Aminé:
Disappointed by this song, I’ve seen other reactors like Anthony Too we’re dissatisfied and he’s a huge blink.
Jae Barclay
Jae Barclay:
The most accurate reaction ever, Dave. I loved the fusion Hanbok/계량한복 but unfortunately a lot of people are calling it kimono. Spread the word that it's Korean, Dave!
Saori Ssi
Saori Ssi:
Get you a man that appreciates you like David appreciates Rose
Ara Kim18
Ara Kim18:
They have a knack on leaving people wanting for more, I’m sooo excited for the next single and the FULL ALBUM! I can’t even fathom that this is just the appetizer to the main course.. hahaha
Christian Almendo
Christian Almendo:
Rose is everything
Nguyen Ngan
Nguyen Ngan:
I love Rosé’s voice so much! Her voice makes me feel like heaven! Everything from her, voice, visual, dance in this mv are just on point! ❤️💯🔥 totally agree when you said this song made us realize how much essential of Rosé in Blackpink! She the one and only and can’t not replace!
D M:
Rosé is my bias she is so underappreciated
Regina Khamzina
Regina Khamzina:
thank you for paying attention to Rose😘
oh yes!! Rose' has always been my favorite.
Lona M
Lona M:
The visuals in the MV was beautiful and I liked the first verse....but the rest of the song was a bit repetitive. I really hoped to see them trying something new and showing more growth. Hope their title track is better than this.
Julia Keeton
Julia Keeton:
I don’t know why everyone is complaining about the song?? This is one of my favorite things that they’ve ever done. It’s just different compared to their other stuff, which is why people are complaining. But if it was similar to Kill this Love people would find something to complain about too. I think people just have way too high expectations for Blackpink. Which is YG’s fault, if they released more music, they wouldn’t have as much pressure on them.
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim:
YG always did this to us, KTL and this HYLT ends abruptly leaving us for more, maybe thats the plan, make us unsatisfied so play it on a loop 🤔
Julia Guedes
Julia Guedes:
For the first time EVER I disagree with you and I HAVE to give the award to Danny, this is a generic music with nothing new in it. Feels like I’ve waited forever for so little
Pinklisa Lisa
Pinklisa Lisa:
"This song shows how essential rosé is to blackpink" - DAVID, 2020.
Nhu Nguyen
Nhu Nguyen:
Main rapper but doesn’t rap
Main dancer but no dance break
S Hersi
S Hersi:
Rose’s presence in the song was everything. Looked like a queen 👑
Kiara Prameswari
Kiara Prameswari:
Other reactors : *dance to the beat*
David : This song helps my digestion

😂😂😂 i can't
Drusilla Rengma
Drusilla Rengma:
Yo Rosè ❤️
we live in a dystopia
we live in a dystopia:
I was expecting the main rapper to rap this time.
Kseniia Ponomarenko
Kseniia Ponomarenko:
I mean, this is just a pre-release, so I'm okay with that song, unless something hard would come next
Ar.Kaninika Dey Sarkar
Ar.Kaninika Dey Sarkar:
It was a forgettable song. Disappointed
Amira Chaalali
Amira Chaalali:
rosé slayeddd ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rosé has that Aura & Charm.

Once you like Rosé there is no Exist.
So you telling me, I waited two hundred decades to get basically just repeat of how you like that and few sentences thrown in? Please god tell me they got a bop coming in and this wasn't all they gave after such a long wait. But the visuals tho👏👏👏
They did great! Rose also caught my attention. I loved it reaction ur so honest. Not "acting" or exaggerating. Thx 4 keeping it real
Cyniee Castillo
Cyniee Castillo:
"The dance parade Yg signature" tho, hahahahhaha😂
Leela Chandrashekharan
Leela Chandrashekharan:
I really loved the mv. I felt all members shined equally but the song felt a little underwhelming for me and this is SOLELY my opinion!!! I genuinely liked it when Teddy experimented with styles like Whistle, playing with fire. I feel that When D4 became blackpink's biggest hit, Teddy found out what the audience is in for. So now all he wants is to follow that template. It's no secret that it's working for them because of the views they've been getting. But I think blackpink themselves would want a little diversity in their discography, especially considering the fact that Jennie wrote stay which is TOTALLY different from their other tracks.
But as long as blackpink's out of thhe dungeon, I'm happy
It's about time YG stops using them as models and starts to appreciate their musicality
I dont mean to offend anyone please don't come for me:))))
alex higgins
alex higgins:
Maybe I was expecting to much? I mean it's not bad...but it didn't give me the same feelings as the previous come backs... Im excited for the rest of the album tho
3E 18R1-4Q0 Madhu spurthi
3E 18R1-4Q0 Madhu spurthi:
Okay but this is only a b-side when title track drops i can't even imagine my position
"Feels like you're farting"
David 2020
Lou Lyn Pata
Lou Lyn Pata:
Agree with you, Rose’s voice is critical to this song
Wall Flower
Wall Flower:
I really was expecting something better. This seems like every other kpop song and video. But maybe that's what they were going for. The girls looked good though.
Jev Mahinay
Jev Mahinay:
i dont get all the hate BP has received from this song. I mean, its always been YG's signature to have this kind of arrangement?
Marwa Elmi
Marwa Elmi:
3:31 wait did you watch this before this reaction. How did you know that Rosé was going to say: ‘bird it’s a plane’
Letitia G
Letitia G:
I'm so underwhelmed. I really want to like Blackpink because I think they could be amazing, but I am so tired of YG releasing the same freaking song over and over and over and trying to pretend there's something new here. This sounds outdated, like it's been in the vault since 2016, and the lyrics are cringe.

Rosé in particular deserves better. She is criminally underrated and is having all her potential wasted with boring, paint-by-numbers songs like this.

I hope the album is better. 😕
Sharfunnisha Ahamed
Sharfunnisha Ahamed:
DAVID !!! react to "stay gold" by BTS
Amanda Birindiba
Amanda Birindiba:
I'm underwhelmed. The teasers and concept photos gave us a whole different vibe, I don't know how to explain it but I was expecting something related to video games (?) and a futuristic vibe (as in how we expected the future to be when we were in the 90s)... Instead they gave us modified hanboks (loved it, btw) and wtf are these two trojan horses???????
My life is a joke
My life is a joke:
No one:
Literally no one:
No even in space:

David: This song helped me with digestion.

-_- SMH
tbh I think this isn´t very powerful, they have better songs
skrtttrp wik
skrtttrp wik:
JENNIE all rounder queen she slayeddd🔥
Rayshel Ekonde
Rayshel Ekonde:
It’s a prerelease...I ain’t gonna judge it too much cuz ultimately this is kinda like a teaser as well for what’s to come!! I’m excited and glad to see them so happy about about everything.
Syifa Nurrahmah
Syifa Nurrahmah:
What matters from this song is just giving each member’s different color, and Rosé acting skill is getting no joke bruh love her so much
Johanna Diaz
Johanna Diaz:
To be honest, don't liked this song, I was waiting for something quite different, it's almost the same vibe as other songs they already have. And this is annoying because they have so much talent and their songs could be better. Visuals are great as usual.
Rajan Singh
Rajan Singh:
people saying this sounded like a recycled D4 and KTL but it literally sounds completely DIFFERENT and it's a true BOP! idk what else to tell ya'll...
Nikki S.
Nikki S.:
Your digestion what.. 🤣🤣😂😂😂 And yes Rosé is the backbone of every BP song, she's the vocal color and the other members add layers and flavor to each song.
Really thank you for appreciating Rodé vocals
Surabhi Ranjan
Surabhi Ranjan:
I'm so happy I took the day off work lmao... so I can actually celebrate the BP comeback proper.
That said, my initial reactions were pretty similar to David's, right down to the criticism. My only con with this song is that it runs waaay too short and the dance break could've gone on for longer - it's so good! HYLT is a fucking bop and I can't wait for the mashups/rearrangements from the community! 🖤
D Joseph
D Joseph:
To be honest I was really looking forward for this music video to be something different but they are still using the same formula over and over again. They may be changed 20 or 30% about it and the visuals are obviously different and stunning but it just highlights the fact that the whole song has the same structure as the previous title songs. I wanted to love this song so badly and I really hope that for the title track they will really break out of that formula and do something new.Because BLACKPINKS Vocals and Rappers are more than able to do that and it would really help to oppose against their imagine of just sticking to one thing
Celebrities Tiktok
Celebrities Tiktok:
I am dying Lisa Rap, I'm so glad I will cry.
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma:
No one:
Literally no one:
David: My intestine is dancing!!😂
Julie Vo
Julie Vo:
It came out on how I wanted to be and I like it. I thought it was gonna be like dddd and ktl but it’s different and I was kinda tired of that concept since a lot of gg have been doing those kind of concepts
philocalist _101
philocalist _101:
"I'm sure JRE is gonna body roll to this. I'm sure BRIS is gonna leave his chair." why you know them so well. 😭
K.C.F Kimhong
K.C.F Kimhong:
They never change concept
remember when david didn't feel the kill this love for the first time and now he's in love with HYLT, wow we love to see it
tl_ tl_
tl_ tl_:

David: MY inTESTtiNes
Reynan Macarang
Reynan Macarang:
Was waiting for this! Omgg i can't breathe because of this MV.
Omg same reaction to the beat "it feels like you're farting" that's what i literally told my sister who watched together with me HAHAHA
Oh David! I have to disagree with you once >< I think it it’s only as good as same old Blackpink songs, not enough for me to go wow or get hyped up, maybe from waiting so long I am expecting more... This song is just a single so I hope the title track will blow me away. Anyway Blackpink has a solid fanbase so this song will definitely become a trend and their visual is gorgeous as always.
Yup! It’s Lei
Yup! It’s Lei:
“ feels like you have gas in your stomach..” 😒 I hella died!! Having gas in your stomach is super painful lol.. I’ll never forget having surgery and then having a stomach full of gas.. waiting to fart in order to release it.. I agree #weirdestreactionEVER but you’re still AWESOME!! 🤩🤩
passion ate
passion ate:
Honestly, I don't like that.
This is my opinion, so even if you will hate me for this, I still don't care.
The mv is beautiful, they are beautiful, but the song is boring to me. I expected something better after such a long break from them. This time, as well as with Sour Candy they didn't rise to my expectations which is a little bit dissapointing taking into consideration how long I've been waiting for all of that to drop. Also (this is my view but hate on me if you wish) I feel like they haven't developed as musicians at all. I feel like what I am getting from them is still D4 but produced in 2020.
In conclusion, I am done with giving it a try again and again. I am less excited for their upcoming album. Nevertheless I still wish Blinks to enjoy themselves with HYLT. I know you've been waiting.
Mea Leiswall
Mea Leiswall:
jisoo is a queen
i personally like the song hehe :) but i didnt like the dance break part a lot
Muriel Tapia
Muriel Tapia:
Don’t like the song but I love David’s reaction ‘something about my intestines’ lmao
Emily Wilkerson
Emily Wilkerson:
Don’t get me wrong, the girls are extremely talented, but I think this is the worst comeback they’ve ever had. This is not a song I’ll willingly listen to again any time soon. It’s not even their voices (great as usual) it’s that the music production is irritating and the hooks are underwhelming.
Mariposa Mariposa
Mariposa Mariposa:
Its like boombayah upgraded version.
Den Bejemino
Den Bejemino:
There are more vital comments here about the mv rather than the official mv lol.
Khaled Calderone
Khaled Calderone:
David: "Lisa is in Egypt, Morocco or somewhere"
Me lives in Morocco: I wish 😭😭
Bani Cu
Bani Cu:
This is the first time I appreciate Danny's honesty over your review.
Ari’s Covers
Ari’s Covers:
Lamoooo Bris didn’t leave his chair for the first time because he was so glued to the screen....😂😂
And FO SQUAD DIED....yep👍
shxxbi r
shxxbi r:
Honestly I was expecting a lot but....
“Something about my intestines”😂
Bts released their Japanese Mv "Stay gold" today as well. Would you mind making a reaction video?
Ashley Cavazos
Ashley Cavazos:
Danny's reaction was >
David your blinded by the YG concept // it's overwhelmingly old
The girls are hot w/out a doubt BUT I stand with artistic talent this ain't it
Sejal Jakhwal
Sejal Jakhwal:
I was so looking forward to this. Dude im disappointed
Priyamvada Chandel
Priyamvada Chandel:
"feels like farting"🤣🤣💯lmao 😂
Love from India ❤️🇮🇳
Opinionated Matt
Opinionated Matt:
5:14 David stop talking about your intestines, it's not getting any better. XD
Doua xx
Doua xx:
Didn't like the sound of the song
david: "dance break is too short"
Teddy: "yeah I know, that's the strategy to make people listen to it again and again... cuz it never feels enough"
Olatundun Ajidahun
Olatundun Ajidahun:
thank you !!!!!!! for saying wat u said about ROSIE cus ppl have been talking about jenlisa only
as always I want more, not enough the ending too short!!!
if possible want explanation video cuz there are a lot of things going on in just 3 min..
and finally david found away to digest food LOL
I came hear after watch dkdktv, and i will go back right now 🙈😂
David always reacts in a way that nobody else does and I appreciate him so much for it xD makes my day every time
I agree that it sounds more like a U.S. song and that's part of the reason I don't like it. I'm still hopeful for other tracks but I'm also worried that they're going to go full Western style for the whole album.