Best Of Russell Westbrook | 2019-20 NBA Season

Check out the best of Russell Westbrook from the 2019-20 season so far!

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every time Russ passes the 3 point line he gets a speed boost like in Mario Kart
Drew Perri
Drew Perri:
Everyone hates on my guy Brodie. But he never gives less than 100%
Ralph Aldridge
Ralph Aldridge:
Is it just me or we take Russell Westbrook's triple doubles for granted
Why always hating on him? Look what he’s done in his last 30 games.
I have no idea why this man isn't in MVP conversation. He has beeen putting the Rockets on his back this entire 2020 and is averaging 27.5 PPG
JM - 11AH 868637 Jean Augustine SS
JM - 11AH 868637 Jean Augustine SS:
Only Russ fans can like❤️
Wet Like I’m Book
Wet Like I’m Book:
Imagine if he never had knee surgeries. He’d be going ultra instinct
Best center in the league
Earlier this season: Slower and uncomfortable *21 ppg*
2020 starts: Fast asf and super comfortable *30+ ppg*
Regor Jak
Regor Jak:
Still as athletic as ever! This man bullied the two best defensive bigs in the league in AD and Gobert
My g Westbrook still in his prime
Ky Anh Ta
Ky Anh Ta:
This man is a monster and yet doesn't get that much recognition put this man in the MVP conversation!
Jeffrey Chen
Jeffrey Chen:
for some reason, russ's highlights are more exciting than harden's..
Please boi
Please boi:
1:15 "Russel Westbrook to the basket WAWHUAWHUAWAWUHA"
i luv him so much. so much passion so much vertical. he s like a small antetokoumpo.
Alper Tunç
Alper Tunç:
the most athleteic player of tn nba!
Lesley Taylor
Lesley Taylor:
Always been my favorite player. Love you Russ :)
Alan Rochford
Alan Rochford:
I miss the NBA
Best Rocket’s player this season.
Immanuel Omsiva
Immanuel Omsiva:
Each likens another triple double
Immanuel Omsiva
Immanuel Omsiva:
Triple double king
Jon Nuredini
Jon Nuredini:
13:40 Porzingis was like
'Nah im good'
Top Kek
Top Kek:
Kee Sheng Ang
Kee Sheng Ang:
His touch around the rim has been one of the best in the league this season, he used to miss those full speed layups, now he made most of them which is just incredible
katherina. dimopoulou
katherina. dimopoulou:
I love Russell Westbrook
3:37 man is really trying to abuse the rim
Andrew Brambila
Andrew Brambila:
Even tho I’m a laker fan Russ will always be my fav player
1:41 ‘’ westbrick ‘’ 😂😂😂 my guy still a beast tho
Matthew torres
Matthew torres:
i could watch russ highlights all day
Emilio Galaz
Emilio Galaz:
Mister triple double
Phillip Beckman
Phillip Beckman:
Westbrook is phenomenal. I don't understand the hatred.
bruce lau
bruce lau:
Literally tho I miss Westbrook and his amazing stuff with them triple doubles tho , just unbelievable, I miss NBA hoops big time 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Siyuan Wang
Siyuan Wang:
Damn. Two clutch plays were killed by buzzer-beater.
Ahh now i have something else to pleasure myself with.
Tarryn. B
Tarryn. B:
I like him, he’s original
3:48 the coach already knew what was about to go down
I still can’t get over him in a rockets jersey 😭
km kiwi
km kiwi:
Imagine PJ Tucker missing a corner shot
James k
James k:
One of the best point guards in the league ,
maybe even the best?
John terceño
John terceño:
Strong af
I'm still not used to see him on a red jersey 🤣🤣
Lucas Gjesing
Lucas Gjesing:
Let’s all just appreciate Brodie while we can
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook:
Gotta watch this every day.
Hes played the best Ive seen since his MVP year.
Westbrook drive : and one!!!
Gorden drive : ahhhhhhh!!!
Harden drive :my arms !!!
Ed Tech28
Ed Tech28:
Gravity: exists
Russ: "And I took that personally"
Txm grn
Txm grn:
Love this player
Which one sound better GOATBROOK or WESTGOAT??
The Luminous One
The Luminous One:
Russell Westbrook is absolutely awesome. A great dude with an immense game.
Ömer XXX
Ömer XXX:
Hes so underrated
Old Male Yu
Old Male Yu:
3:27 that's a hurtful fall but he did not even act hurt
Michael Long
Michael Long:
Harden: gets glazed by a player and falls down
Westbrook: gets slammed and then dunks over the guy in the next play
Ömer XXX
Ömer XXX:
Best pg in nba 🔥
Isaac Bellefleur
Isaac Bellefleur:
Favorite player ever idc what anyone say
Very Absurd
Very Absurd:
9:19 he really playing street ball lmao
Jesus Shuttlesworth
Jesus Shuttlesworth:
Imagine Westbrook in the 80's
Youssef Fayad
Youssef Fayad:
That’s my guy..... ruthless Russ is so freaky good wow......huge heart.....#1
andrew carrillo
andrew carrillo:
1:41 This man said westbrick 😭😭
Bad, Angry and Unguardable
Bad, Angry and Unguardable:
Mr. Pokerchip
Mr. Pokerchip:
Every time Russ screams I be hoping that big ass vein in his neck don’t pop 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️
Luke Mendez
Luke Mendez:
Best player on the rockets this season
Aj Surles
Aj Surles:
Miss the old russ but the media love to hate on him , give him his flowers while he still here , such a great Unique pg in the league
Who's here now that he tested positive for coronavirus
Miguel Salsinha
Miguel Salsinha:
That’s why he is my favourite player
Hin Lol Pang
Hin Lol Pang:
give him the mvp
Neighbor Sports
Neighbor Sports:
Russell Westbrook is my favorite player of all time I think he should have a higher overall in 2k20
my MVP dont care what u think
Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone:
We were seeing MVP Westbrook towards the end of the season...
Dxck Swinger
Dxck Swinger:
1:55 that man did NOT wanna get dunked on
Man he has bad luck in the playoffs he playing injured right now!
Okan Can Mutlu
Okan Can Mutlu:
explosive force king RUSSWEST
It was amazing to watch Beastbrook this season. Prob one of his best career season and he made it clear the Rockets his team not harden's
Austin Hill
Austin Hill:
Look at Russ man so inspirational
Stupid Ni**as
Stupid Ni**as:
Best Point Guard in the league
Blank V1
Blank V1:
My man called him RusselWestBrick
Guilherme Fernandes de Sousa Avestruz
Guilherme Fernandes de Sousa Avestruz:
Best PG in the league.
Just facts
i love when knicks fans have nothing else to cheer ab so they cheer for the other team 😂
Brian Park
Brian Park:
Its sad to see how hes lost some of his bounce after having 4 knee surgeries. It used to feel like he'd look down on the rim, now its lookin like hes reaching it. Still one of the most athletic players in the game though ofc
Ömer XXX
Ömer XXX:
He deserves a ring
Best PG in the World btw
super Cool
super Cool:
1:42 he called him westbrick lol
Krish Sule
Krish Sule:
1:42 the announcer calls him westbrick (not hating on him he’s one of my favorite players)
Levente Simon
Levente Simon:
finally a video about the best point guard in the league
danny swift
danny swift:
1:41 "westbrick"
Haha don't do my boy like that
Abigail paraan
Abigail paraan:
I really wish russ wins a championship before he becomes burden with too much injuries. Russ should team up with another star but not harden. I like PG13 and russ but they need a good center like jokic or gobert.
Ritchie Egam
Ritchie Egam:
A Great Salute to All The Corona Warriors And Our 👷🏥 Doctors .
We Will Defeat Corona #PhilippinesFightsCorona 💪👊
God Bless Everyone.
Δημητρης Βακκας
Δημητρης Βακκας:
Best pg in the league!! 🚀🚀
Moïse Dos Santos
Moïse Dos Santos:
I miss watching my Brodie play man :(
man i remember waking up and seeing my phone blow up, “ BREAKING: RUSSELL WESTBROOK TO HOUSTON FOR CP3 “ shit was crazy.
Jay Dub
Jay Dub:
Damn go to 1.40 he called him westbrick 😂
Kervin Zoren Bonaobra
Kervin Zoren Bonaobra:
So sad to see Westbrook's hops slowy decreasing but still have the same explosiveness
Amir Mourad
Amir Mourad:

Absolutamente nadie:

Yo:Westbrook is a g.o.a.t
Jamill Bennett
Jamill Bennett:
1:42 the announcers really called him westbrick 😭😭
Tasleema Fayaz
Tasleema Fayaz:
He is a triple double king .
"Russell Westbrook, to the basket AHHBAHDEBAHHHHH"
4:13 one of the most hyped anticipated russ dunks ever
Crisp_pete_bacon :L
Crisp_pete_bacon :L:
1:44 commentator says Westbrick lmao
khalifa Al saud
khalifa Al saud:
The intensity I have seen on a NBA player only after Kevin Garnett
Demarcus Cabesas
Demarcus Cabesas:
these videos y’all putting out giving my soul life again lol 🙏🏽