Best of Phoebe Buffay HD

The very Best of Phoebe Buffay from all 10 seasons of Friends. Check out our other Friends Clips on our channel! © Warner Bros. Television 1994-2004.

I just made some of Rachel and I thought it maybe fun to make some for Phoebe Here is the first video of her PLEASE COMMENT AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching Subscribe for more.

Phoebe Buffay is a character from the american sitcom Friends, which ran for ten years between 1994 and 2004 featuring an ensemble cast. This video is just .

35 komento:

Jeremy the Gent
Jeremy the Gent:
There's something about Lisa Kudrow's laugh that is so pure.
Abinash Mandal
Abinash Mandal:
who is singing??
the more i drink the less there is for the kids to drink..
who is painting us??
amazingly crazy you are, phoebe..
Fan 2 Fics
Fan 2 Fics:
This is actually one of the best Phoebe vids
Includes little moments of comedy
And big moments and are actually different from others ones yet has so little views bruh
Robertenrique05 !
Robertenrique05 !:
Why does phoebe's hair look pink?
Godwyn Corry
Godwyn Corry:
What he stabbed me first...
Jayasri Kannan
Jayasri Kannan:
Phoebe says "I'm normal" no babe u r not😍
Mandar Joshi
Mandar Joshi:
P as in Phoebe
H as in Hoebe
O as in Oebe
E as in Ebe
B as in Bbe
E as in Ello there mate!! :)
kgotlelelo M
kgotlelelo M:
I love phoebe
I lost it when she yelled at the video game
praveen pravin
praveen pravin:
My eyes...
My eyes😂😂😂😂😂
l.k. roline
l.k. roline:
4:28 LMAO I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣
Smiso Duma
Smiso Duma:
4:36 Rachel couldn't help herself
Abdullah Akrem
Abdullah Akrem:
Beloved Phoebe ❤️😆
Ian Delrosario
Ian Delrosario:
Where is the scene where phoebe says judy pick up the sock!! 😂🤣
Gavroche Thomas Belcher
Gavroche Thomas Belcher:
i said this on another phoebe comp video but Phoebe, Joey and Chandler are the only reason to watch Friends
Happy Stanner
Happy Stanner:
Godwyn Corry
Godwyn Corry:
What he stabbed me first...
Johan Carter
Johan Carter:
My favourite is phoeby
Emily Grace
Emily Grace:
Nintendorak Yamato
Nintendorak Yamato:
When Phoebe sings, I can’t stop laughing
Godwyn Corry
Godwyn Corry:
Oohhh, okay.
It's not HD at all...
Garvit Jindal
Garvit Jindal:
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect:
Phoebe is PERFECT
Anna Ncg
Anna Ncg:
She’s the funniest 😂
MaGNum Gaming
MaGNum Gaming:
Divorcing guy , Oh am so drunk 🤣🤣
She is so Weirdly beautiful
chacha cha
chacha cha:
how cute they call phoebe "honey"
Celeste Sargiotti
Celeste Sargiotti:
hello, this- this is the pigeon from the balcony calling to apologize, i shouldn't have knocked the tickets out of the pretty lady's hand, it was all my fault, not hers, bye, CU
deirdre jacobs
deirdre jacobs:
Why does that guy look like Jon Favreau?! @5:55 Is it him??
prince danny
prince danny:
P as an Phoebe, H as an hebi, o as an ob, e as an "hello there mate" hahahahhaha
Jian Li
Jian Li:
taylor swift are you ready for it
I still don't get why other people hates her
Imran Bashir
Imran Bashir:
I kinda like pheobe in first but then but if I have a choice to have friends like them I don't want pheobe in it because she judge people -ike she judge Monica and Chandler but I like her Idon't hate her
prince danny
prince danny:
towards the last seasons Ross and Chandler got more handsome. Joey was better looking in the initial seasons. Monica was very good looking in the first season. I don't know what happened later. Rachel was also very beautiful up until 8 seasons. Phoebe was fine in the first couple of seasons. May be she was older then the other cast.