Best AMAZON PRIME DAY Deals 2020! *shop now*

Best AMAZON PRIME DAY Deals 2020! *shop now* For links to everything mentioned and shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

HAPPY AMAZON PRIME DAY!! In this video, I share all of the best Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals! It’s a great time to shop for yourself or for the holidays!!

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AMAZON PRIME DAY is October 13th & 14th this year!
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BEST Women’s Fashion Deals:
BEST Men’s Fashion Deals:
BEST Beauty Deals:
BEST Home Deals:
BEST Kitchen Deals:
BEST Tech/Electronic Deals:

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⭐️ADIDAS - Up to 30% off
Solid Striped Tee:
Patterned Logo Tee:
Logo Sweatshirt:
Track Jacket:

⭐️LEVI - Up to 40% off
711 Skinny Jeans:
Mile High Skinny Jeans:
311 Shaping Skinny Jeans:
High-Rise Straight Leg:
Ribcage Jeans:
Black Denim Jacket:
Beige Sherpa Jacket:
Denim Shirt:

Logo Underwear:
Logo Thongs:
Logo Sports Bra:
Nude Seamless Thongs:

⭐️COLUMBIA - Up to 40% off
Fleece Jacket:
Rain/Wind Jacket:

⭐️SMART WATCHES - Up to 45% off
Kate Spade:

⭐️ALDO - Up to 30% off
Black Chelsea Boots:
Black Ankle Boots:
Cognac Flats:

⭐️LACOSTE - Up to 25% off
Crewneck Sweatshirt:

⭐️RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES - Up to 20% off
Classic Aviators:
Classic Gradient Aviators:
Black Round Sunglasses:
Black Square Sunglasses: OR
Oval Sunglasses:
Tortoise Shell:

My FAVORITE Leggings:
Fleece Jacket:
Shearling Sherpa Pullover:
Faux Leather Jacket:
Trench Coat:
Black Mules:
Turtleneck Sweater:
ALL Amazon Essentials Deals:

⭐️UNDER ARMOUR - Up to 30% off
Ultra No-Show Socks:
Long-Sleeve Cold Protection Shirt:
Fleece Sweatpants:


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Maureen Edwards
Maureen Edwards:
Anyone else totally sick of seeing holey jeans?
Alolika K
Alolika K:
im a minimalist, not high on buying......but im still watching this....coz its Shea
Still really sad to see the continued support of Amazon when they don’t pay their taxes (at least in the UK where I live) and don’t treat their staff like human beings. You’re such an engaging, fun youtuber but Amazon is NOT the way forward. :-(
Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn
Gtggbbyby Vtggghhnjn:
The fact that short fits you at 5’5 just shows how hard it is for people who are acc short to find stuff that fits.
R T:
At first I thought you cut your hair, then I realized you just put it back... but shoulder-length hair would look so good on you!
Amelia Evans
Amelia Evans:
Watching this on my way to my driving test. Her videos are so calming!! 😂
Every time I see you modeling clothes and see your amazing body I’m thinking how the hell did she birth two kids and still look this great
American Boost Head
American Boost Head:
I’m 5’3” and 3/4” and “short” sized jeans are pretty much a cropped Jean on me.. I think it just has to do with how long your legs are Vs how tall you are... I personally wear a size long and sometimes a regular.... js 🤷‍♀️
Amanda Bentes
Amanda Bentes:
i find so distasteful that youtubers keep doing these Amazon products videos, when you all know they’re a horrible company, owned by a horrible human being. where are your morals guys? boycott Amazon
The Adidas stuff are clearly things she would never buy. I'm sick of seeing YouTubers push things they would never buy themselves.
acha herb
acha herb:
How did she just so happen to have all of these things that just so happened to be on sale on prime day?
Michele Riss
Michele Riss:
I can’t understand where my question keeps going I just want to know what you wear with the dress besides Leggens during the winter season? Oh please answer
Ashley Tiegs
Ashley Tiegs:
I think 30 or maybe even younger should be the cut off age to wear croptops. There, I said it. (Haters gonna hate though)
Watermelon Gal
Watermelon Gal:
I love how Amazon have these sales. I don't think I'll be getting anything but I still like to browse and see what's there. Thank you so much for sharing these with us and taking the time to find and add the sites to these. Appreciate that!
Their sales are so underwhelming. A lot of crap from China and no real deals. when you manage to find something decent all the smaller sizes are gone. very disappointed, once again.
Chiara Bellone
Chiara Bellone:
Always on point!! X Happy prime day!! I'm going to have a head start with Christmas gifts today.
Yazmin Araque
Yazmin Araque:
LOVE THIS VIDEO! I really like the effort put on linking everything and on the storefront for this sale. Keep up the good work Shea!
Patty Rose
Patty Rose:
Love your picks for Amazon prime, going to sit down with my husband later today to look at some electronics for my boys too 🥰🥰 coming back here to use your link 😘 love you Shea!
Katherine Penna
Katherine Penna:
Nooooooo don't take the short pants away from the 4'11 gals like me😭😭😭😭😭lol they are always out of stock!
Rachel Smith
Rachel Smith:
Yesssss girl! Blogger here (totally different niche) Have you been up all night too?! Time for the coffee IV 😜☕

Edit: Apparently I am last year you! Haha
nandy kats
nandy kats:
Hey beautiful! You're so important that I came to the corner of my room in a family function and I'm watching it 😂
Michelle Roots Fitness & Nutrition Coach
Michelle Roots Fitness & Nutrition Coach:
Great video!! I'm heading to Amazon right now to look at some of these deals! What was everyone's favourite deal they found???
Dorian Parpari
Dorian Parpari:
Adidas these past few weeks has really been calling me. I dropped Amazon prime but have been on Adidas site too much. Got two pairs of shoes, red hoodie, a black n white track suit and a black hoodie for my son. I am going back!! These are all good brands, I need me all of this!
Respect Amazon workers and don’t buy on prime day.
Anna's Style Dictionary
Anna's Style Dictionary:
Great video shea! You are so inspiring and motivate my to keep going with my YouTube channel! 💗
Tonya Billings
Tonya Billings:
Great video...but I am tired of shopping- never thought I would say that 😯- but I am over it. We are keeping Christmas low key this year not buying unnecessary things... donating to charity instead.
Ohhhhhh Levi’s & Lacoste. 😍 thanks for sharing my lady. ❤️😘😘😘Sandy
stupor mundi
stupor mundi:
All of that Adidas took me back to school (late 90s early 2000s)... such good times 😄 Adidas and sportwear in general were all the rage. I love their minimalistic designs over most other brands.
Avey Williams
Avey Williams:
Thank you! You always serve up the best suggestions.
Carla Cardenas
Carla Cardenas:
Thank you. Much appreciated ☺️
Katy Smith
Katy Smith:
Thanks for sharing the Levi's are on prime sale!! Totally didn't notice on the site.
sokin jon
sokin jon:
You. Can't even imagine how much I enjoy watching your Videos. Shea,. You could literally talk about anything, I'd still watching
Sara Nena
Sara Nena:
You. Can't even imagine how much I enjoy watching your Videos. Shea,. You could literally talk about anything, I'd still watching
alia Perez
alia Perez:
I love the matching Adidas top and leggings.
Steve & Beth Hayward
Steve & Beth Hayward:
I did not know it was Amazon prime day until I saw your video. So glad I subscribed to see all your new posts! 😃 Thank you! Happy shopping! 💕
-Nellie -m
-Nellie -m:
I’ve never shopped off Amazon here in Australia 🇦🇺, maybe I should have a look. Great video Shea as always. 😊
"Hallerr erveryone" 😂😂😂
Olivia Rav'e
Olivia Rav'e:
Love your videos so much Shea - keep up the great work!😄❤️🦋
Lisa Johnston-Cosner
Lisa Johnston-Cosner:
Thanks, Shea! I never know how to navigate this sale! 🌷
Amy Navarrete
Amy Navarrete:
Thanks for your helpful suggestions! 🥰
Alyssa Smith
Alyssa Smith:
Yay!! I was hoping you would do this video! 💕
Yep I always get a short! Most definitely!
Malibu Karina
Malibu Karina:
Wonderful! I may pull the trigger on the Levi’s !!
Tina Becker
Tina Becker:
Yay! Love my daily dose of Shea 🥰❤️
Sita Neupane
Sita Neupane:'re always great❤️❤️love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵
Ana H.
Ana H.:
Less Amazon, More Local
Kelly Bonanno
Kelly Bonanno:
Your videos are like having my very own personal shopper, Shea 🤷🏽‍♀️Love it!
Drea D'lux
Drea D'lux:
Excited as heck! I got the ⚡LIGHTENING DEAL on 2 of those popcorn batwing cardigans!
comfort Aernyi
comfort Aernyi:
Shea I love your videos they really inspire me i live in Nigeria so most of these pieces we can hardly have access to them here so if there is a way that we here can enjoy these fantastic bonuses let me know please.
Sue OSullivan
Sue OSullivan:
Thanks Shea! Another great video! Can you please let me know if the Colombia gray fleece jacket runs large or small? Thanks
Ramanjot Kaur
Ramanjot Kaur:
Omg ... was literally waiting for you video... you are awesome ❤️❤️
Katy Smith
Katy Smith:
Sooooo I shouldn't have just brought all my old school Adidas items to Goodwill? Because all that looks like what I dropped off cuz I thought it was outdated. So confused.
Viola Hart
Viola Hart:
No Adidas on my Prime Day. 🥺
Kate Spade smart watch as a gift! Wow! Hoping I'm that friend of yours you mentioned ;)
Angie Stevens
Angie Stevens:
Your soo awesome!! Thanks for taking your time to make our lives easier. I love all your picks. ❤❤
Vianka Arriera
Vianka Arriera:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Andyger B
Andyger B:
Shea , Prime for mens, Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
Rina's Choice
Rina's Choice:
You look super cute is Adidas. Happy Amazon Prime Day!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Czapla
Jessica Czapla:
Thanks Shea! Super helpful as always! You’re awesome!
Alisia Koekemoer
Alisia Koekemoer:
Hey Shea all the way from South Africa. I am inlove with your channel.. Thanks for making my everyday life just amazing... Your tips and ideas is just wow...
Amazing victory
Amazing victory:
Adriana Deschaine
Adriana Deschaine:
Thank you! I love watching your videos!
Celine Altun
Celine Altun:
so inspiring and beautiful Shea! You make such good content
Julie Hines
Julie Hines:
I would love an outfits of the week video!! Great video :)
Everything WITH SERRA
Everything WITH SERRA:
Love every single videos 💖
I have the Kate Spade smart watch and I love it and get compliments all the time
Beth Yu
Beth Yu:
Shea, you would look so chic in a long bob. You should consider it! 😀
Do you have hobby’s or is it just shopping?
Traci Mueller
Traci Mueller:
I love Shea but can’t find her links on this post 😞halp please!
• Lil’ Bluebxrries •
• Lil’ Bluebxrries •:
Wow! Keep up the great work!
Diana Suk
Diana Suk:
Can I ask you what sizes you got in the adidas tops/sweaters?
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty:
Thanks, Shea!
Christina Tripodi
Christina Tripodi:
Please do some more handbag videos! How you shop preloved or handbags you’ve sold
Andrea Case
Andrea Case:
I dont use Amazon. However a lot of other retailers do sales during this time so I was able to grab a few christmas gifts from retailers
Hunter Meserole
Hunter Meserole:
Men’s addition!!
Flo Flo
Flo Flo:
They got some great deals this year
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
I’ve never shopped off Amazon here in Australia 🇦🇺, maybe I should have a look. Great video Shea as always. 😊
Ashley D
Ashley D:
Revlon volumizer 29$!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would love to see a what I eat in a day or your workout routine cause your body is goals! 💪
francisco morales
francisco morales:
Dude, I don't usually comment, but let's just say I had to like and comment this video!
Michele S
Michele S:
Love your haircut. Beautiful.
Kunal Goyal
Kunal Goyal:
they were already giving 40% off on levis and other prime wardrobe items before prime day for prime early access :)
Amy Leigh
Amy Leigh:
Great video! Thanks for sharing.
Going to need the fat girl sales link. Thanks.
Christine Lowe
Christine Lowe:
What about your comforter set? Could you tell me the brand?
Lakersha Olivarez
Lakersha Olivarez:
Thanks Shea! You’re so awesome 😊
the Columbia brand fleeces are pretty much disposable. they will last about 1-2 months, then look bad
Travel Club with Nicole & Kelly
Travel Club with Nicole & Kelly:
Great maaaaaaan ... now can Josh show us what he likes for the men pls??? Thx & have a great day shopping everyone!
Kaitlin Beste
Kaitlin Beste:
Aw man I just bought the underwear
Carmen Chirino
Carmen Chirino:
What size did you purchase the Columbia jacket?
Flo VD
Flo VD:
Hi Shea, I always wonder how you can have your shoes upstairs, in a closet with a white rug. Do you clean them each time you come back home? My shoes are in the basement, as I don't want to spread all the dust and dirt all over the house.
Flo Flo
Flo Flo:
Yey great video Shea ❤️ hope you have a great week
Girl your tummy!! 🙌
Michaela Rizzo
Michaela Rizzo:
What size are you wearing in the black adidas shirt?
Soni Massey
Soni Massey:
He Shea luv from india ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Harshu Harshitha
Harshu Harshitha:
Hi Shea. Luv u from 🇮🇳india. ❤
Erica Burke
Erica Burke:
Girllllllll your favorite steamer is on sale!
Gustavo Lopez
Gustavo Lopez:
Comeee backkk to luxuryyy!!
Christeen Biju
Christeen Biju:
I love seeing your videos .hope to meet u some day
Criss Rivera
Criss Rivera:
Prime day is butt nothing is on sale its lies amazon tells us lol