Happy Prime Day! I went through all the 2020 Amazon Prime Day Deals and filmed a video on things I love that are in the sale + hauled some Amazon Fashion items! Everything is linked below

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Security Camera:
Echo Auto:
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Beach Waver:
Hair Dryer Brush:
T3 Hair Dryer:
T3 Curling Iron:
PMD Clean:
NuFace Toning Kit:
Facial Steamer:
Foot Massager:
Steam Mop:
Instant Pot:
Air Fryer:
Dutch Oven:
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Santal Scent:

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Desirae Rambow
Desirae Rambow:
Could you do a video about items that can be purchased locally/ your favourite local companies? Mass purchasing from retailers like Amazon are not helping our local businesses who are in serious need during these times! Especially around the holidays coming up😊
*I just stopped shopping on Amazon so I could watch this & get more ideas, I’m totally ordering all of my Christmas today and tomorrow!!* thank you for this video! 🤍
Tori Hughes
Tori Hughes:
So excited. Literally doing Christmas shopping for some of these!
Gabriela Corri
Gabriela Corri:
doctor: “you have 11 minutes and 41 seconds left to live”

Amy Cole
Amy Cole:
Just got your sweater!! Used my $10 off from whole foods/amazon so it was a steal! Thank you @alexandreagarza
Samantha Bissell
Samantha Bissell:
please do more of these as they're my favorites I'm looking forward to the gift haul videos like these fabulous video
Annette Marquez
Annette Marquez:
Thanks for sharing Alex, would you mind sharing where your necklace is from? I am looking to buy one for myself, is it good quality?.
Tina White
Tina White:
Great deals!! I will definitely take advandtage of your ideas! Quick question off topic: are you using any self tan product or are you just naturally so gorgeously bronzed and tan!! You look so amazing!! Congrats on the pregnancy btw!!
jayne wilkinson
jayne wilkinson:
We find things expensive from amazon. Much cheaper from ebay
Salina Cuffy
Salina Cuffy:
I love that you always show us the good stuff before the ending of sales. You really are the best! Thank you for looking out! 💜😌
This was so helpful! Thank you so much!
Mikaela Mathews
Mikaela Mathews:
Alex you look amazing. Love the video! Great ideas for Christmas, too!
Ivelisse Santos
Ivelisse Santos:
Hi Alexandrea! I was wondering if you got the 2 bracelets from Amazon. I know that the other 2 are from Miranda's. Thank you 😊
Life With The Garcia Family
Life With The Garcia Family:
Yay, love your videos!!
I have a channel with family vlogs too❣️
Happy Prime day! I’m actually loving the October switch 😊 it’s like a kick off to the holiday season 🤗🎄
Nicole Anne
Nicole Anne:
Love amazon too! - excited for your gift guides! I love Christmas! xx
Kelsi Mo
Kelsi Mo:
Mamas on point with uploading! I was wondering who would help me shop and upload a video first! Thank you for this video! 🤍
Ani Ramos
Ani Ramos:
Cute outfit! You are glowing! Keep the videos coming!! I can't get enough... your main channel and the vlog!!
Melina Jacobs
Melina Jacobs:
I love your tank top you are wearing, where did you get that?
M C:
Thank you so much! You are an angel!💖
Laura Mahachek
Laura Mahachek:
Christmas shopping starts today!!! Thank you for posting this!
Catrina Morrow
Catrina Morrow:
Please do a YouTube video on the beach waver for those of us who don’t have Instagram! 😩 even on the vlog channel would be fine!!
Hi! Where are your necklaces from? I have seen you wear the mama and the name Alex and I love them?
Gaylee Weymouth
Gaylee Weymouth:
Great ideas Alex 💡! Love watching you beautiful 😍 !
Aaron Buchanan
Aaron Buchanan:
Amen I love love these amazon products & videos you do bc they are so amazing
Tiki Harls
Tiki Harls:
That Cardigan is everything!!! I'm actually wearing mine in my video too!!🥰🥰🥰
Janet Roberson
Janet Roberson:
Love all the clothes you bought
Sarah Berry
Sarah Berry:
Thank you!
Amanda Fiorina
Amanda Fiorina:
so excited for this!!
Katie Cregeur
Katie Cregeur:
The nespresso machine is on a major sale too 😉
Mrs. Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Mrs. Jones:
Breaking my baaaank lol
Gloria Guzman
Gloria Guzman:
U look amazing love 💗💗💗thanks for sharing this with us
vannessa vasquez
vannessa vasquez:
Love watching your videos Alex 💕
Emily Fisher
Emily Fisher:
Where is the tank from?😍
Jaclyn Kenny
Jaclyn Kenny:
Good morning! Love following your family and your growing success.
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez:
You're so lovely and beautiful...❤🌻🌹🌹🌻❤
Rachel Machado
Rachel Machado:
Mariela Mata
Mariela Mata:
Where did you buy your Mama necklace from?
Alisicia Justice
Alisicia Justice:
Love this! ☺️☺️😍
Anastasia D.
Anastasia D.:
Where did you get your necklace made?
Kelsey H
Kelsey H:
Are you a size small in everything you got? Some sizes were mentioned but not all ❤️ thank you!
Volkman Kenneth
Volkman Kenneth:
Hahae so good
Dawn F
Dawn F:
Would love to have seen products from black owned businesses
Chey Flowers
Chey Flowers:
You are glowing 🥰
Dana Shann
Dana Shann:
Can you link or share the cardigan sweater & crop top you’re wearing in the video? :) It’s not linked thanks!!
Mhoises Bengco
Mhoises Bengco:
Love this video
Janet Roberson
Janet Roberson:
Hello Alex and Michael
kiiwi x] dulzúrii
kiiwi x] dulzúrii:
GooooooooooD Job
So cutee
Gagandeep Kaur
Gagandeep Kaur:
Carla T
Carla T:
Where is your tank top from that you're wearing?
Keiran Ward
Keiran Ward:
Is this only in America this deal I’m in the uk and have prime but I’ve not had no emails about this prime day x