Best Amazon Prime Day 2020 DEALS on Cameras, Tech, and Video Gear

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is happening RIGHT NOW October 13-14! Scroll down for link to the best deals! ****** 🎁 Check out the best deals happening on Amazon Prime Day RIGHT NOW here ➡️

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📒 Show Notes 📒

1️⃣ Sign-up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime here:

2️⃣ Best Amazon Prime Day Tech Deals:

SD Cards and Hard Drives from Sandisk and WD

Lacie Rugged Drives and NAS Storage

Mavic Mini Drone and DJI Osmo Action

Budget Webcam Prime Day Deals

Joby Tripod Prime Day Deals:

ULANZI U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig

3️⃣ Lighting Deals from GVM and Neewer:

GVM Lighting Deals on Amazon:

GVM Lighting Deals on B&H Photo:

WATCH our Think Media Video on RGB Lights here:

Neewer RGB Lights on Amazon:

4️⃣ Action Camera Deals:

DJI Osmo Pocket Gimbal Camera Bundle

5️⃣Canon M50 Refurbished on Canon's Website (Best Price with One Year Warranty)

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Think Media 4K Video Gear Checklist:

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In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares how to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020. Subscribe to Think Media for more updates on the best Amazon Prime Day Deals for content creators!

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Think Media:
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⏰ Check out the best deals happening on Amazon Prime Day RIGHT NOW here ➡️ (Affiliate)

NEW ALERT ALERT 🚨 27% off the Canon M6 Mark II! ➡️

Watch our Think Media video about the M6 Mark II here:

0:00 Details About Amazon Prime Day
1:48 4 Tips for Getting the Best Deals
4:09 Deals on SD Cards, Webcams, Drones, Lighting
10:54 Pro Smartphone Video Rig (Must See)
17:22 Video Gear Checklist for Content Creators
21:48 GVM Lighting Deals on Amazon and B&H Photo
27:22 Best DEAL on the Canon M50 Camera
30:09 Camera Tripods and Smartphone Tripods
33:28 Computer Monitor Deals
34:07 StreamYard: The Best Easy-To-Use Live Streaming Software
39:49 Panasonic Camera Deals
42:14 GoPro Hero 8 Vs. GoPro Hero 9
43:54 Samsung T5 SSD Vs. Samsun T7 SSD
46:49 Sony ZV-1 Vs. Canon G7X Mark III
49:03 Canon G7X Mark II Deal on Canon Refurbished Website
51:09 Deals on Camera Lenses
54:48 Best $18 Microphone for Cameras and Smartphones
57:29 Shotgun Microphone Deals
58:45 How to Choose a Camera for Photography
1:02:55 Gimbal Stabilizers for Smaller Cameras
1:06:40 Best Shotgun Mic for iPhone
1:10:23 How to Get YOUR Questions Answers on Think Media
1:13:44 MUST-SEE Gadget for Turning Your Camera into a Webcam
1:17:20 Laptop Deals and Best Specs for Video Editing
1:25:29 Best Drone for Wildlife
1:29:55 Wi-Fi Router Deals
1:32:14 How to Select Categories for Amazon Lighting Deals
1:37:59 12 Things Every Content Creator Needs
1:42:00 Best DSLR Gimbal Stabilizer
1:50:20 New YouTube Channel Called "Think Marketing"
1:54:00 Is the Canon M50 Good for a Film Student?
1:54:20 What do you think about Fuji Cameras for creating content?
1:59:34 Post in the Comments... What TOPIC do you want me to cover next?
Video Influencers
Video Influencers:
Rise & Grind!
It’s Kiara’s Life
It’s Kiara’s Life:
Definitely trying to catch a deal on the canon m50
Althouse Media
Althouse Media:
Loved this one, Sean. Crazy to see how CHEAP all of the SD Cards are!
Mae Angela
Mae Angela:
I got the Sony ZV1 bundle on the Prime Day deals
I've heard the m50 mark II was coming out soon. I was originally waiting for the sales to get one, but now I'm torn. Anyone hear anything?
John Plumley
John Plumley:
Jeff Satz
Jeff Satz:
I had been following the M6 for a while and finally bought it at the $799 on Prime Day. Best part it is being delivered a day early. I have been watching your channel on how to use it. After spending years in front of the camera it is time to figure it out. Great channel, great team.
Mark Anthony Music
Mark Anthony Music:
I 'm just looking for a good deal on lighting!
Nathyn Brendan Masters
Nathyn Brendan Masters:
I have that Boya microphone for my G7. Give Sean some props for staying up for us on Primeday.
Relic Hunting South Texas
Relic Hunting South Texas:
Thanks for the info:)
Globe 3
Globe 3:
I'm looking for a robust video editing laptop. Any suggestions?

Bobby Slaughter
Bobby Slaughter:
Always good info and you're right; you have to check the prices, somethings aren't that much of a discount
Tip Ring Ring Sleeve
Mis-ter Solitude
Mis-ter Solitude:
Bachconcertos Whitney
Bachconcertos Whitney:
Yeah, I ordered the lavilier mic for $19.99 too
Dawn Banks
Dawn Banks:
Focusrite 4 a mixer , and an acoustic anp
Monica Navarro
Monica Navarro:
amazon is having the canon g7x mark ii for $499 but is it refurbished or new?, Or would you say to get the $450 refurbished from canon?
Dawn Banks
Dawn Banks:
Yes yes yes :)
New Dads
New Dads:
40:02 shoutout to being a new dad! congrats!
Burke Makes Stuff
Burke Makes Stuff:
Thanks for the heads up on the geek pro tripod. Been watching it for a while. Got the sale and the lightning deal! I appreciate it brother. You feeling okay? You’re a little low energy. Hope you’re well.
Bachconcertos Whitney
Bachconcertos Whitney:
I just ordered these for $169.99 with my first vlogging camera Neewer Bi-Color Video LED 2-Light Kit with Stands
The Indy Solution
The Indy Solution:
Love prime day! It’s defintely when we stock up on a lot of items we don’t want to pay full price for!!! Thanks for the video
Amy Nicole
Amy Nicole:
Thank you so much- you should do these more often, impromptu searches - because it’s nice to have a guide to sort through the mountains of confusion !
Vlada LunarTarot
Vlada LunarTarot:
Thank you so much for the information that you constantly share with us. It's so helpful.
iBmovin Up
iBmovin Up:
Thanks Sean for your very helpful vids. They have helped me so much on my YouTube journey. So much free value. You and think media are great!
Elaine Petrakis Midnight Crafter
Elaine Petrakis Midnight Crafter:
Lol... you look tired Sean. Being a new daddy can be exhausting!
Sean Scott
Sean Scott:
Great video and huge congrats on being a new dad!
Bachconcertos Whitney
Bachconcertos Whitney:
B & H is historical - every product and fashion photographer since the 1970s shopped their for all their gear. If you walk in the store you will be overwhelmed with all the camera equipment, as well as computers and all electronics etc. It is only subway ride away from me in NYC - so I order from them in case I need to take a visit.
the 20 dollar video capture works I reviewed it
Still confused about whether the Canon M50 can video continuously for at least an hour without heating up and turning off. Please clarify for me.
Melvin Alcantara
Melvin Alcantara:
Is canon 90d is this camera worthy for YouTube starters can anyone tell me please..
Dily Flix 83
Dily Flix 83:
thanks for the information. hopefully later I can have it, for now I can't because the financial pandemic has not improved
Manik Desilva
Manik Desilva:
Hi Sean, which mirroless camera do you recommend for photography first and video 4k or 1080p @60. Second , I need video only for zoom type situations and non pro use. Thanks
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia:
Hi Sean, the Neewer Advanced 2.4G 660 LED Video Light I'm interested in does not come with a stand. What light stand would you recommend? Thanks.
Lemon Fresh Kate
Lemon Fresh Kate:
Thanks for the info.
Travel With Amel
Travel With Amel:
Am i the only one who see that the audio is ahead of the video
M50 deals will come up more now as the Mark 2 is imminent
Jenny Hanks
Jenny Hanks:
Thanks for all the info 👍❤️
Living Style Productions
Living Style Productions:
Who is here to support one another 👍 up. Wish you all the luck and success. God bless!
Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk
Joy Mae - Millennial Money Talk:
Furbo is on sale if anyone is a dog fan!
Life Works
Life Works:
Great video 👍
Abdallah Taha
Abdallah Taha:
Hi Think Media, I have a question regarding my channel and I hope you will answer. 😥
I used to make videos about scholarships and opportunities and this how I gained around 11.4K subscribers. However, I started to not enjoy this content and it felt like this is something I don't want to do anymore. So I stopped for some months and then came back with new content about motivation, and life and time management, which is the content that literally represents my real self. Yet this was like a curse to my channel. My new videos didn't do well at all. I tried to hide the old videos (unlisted) in order to prevent any traffic for the old content but that made my channel worst. Most important I started losing a lot of subscribers and almost no gain for new subscribers. I am following all the SEO optimization tips but it is not working. I feet like the algorithm is against me. My videos aren't being suggested although some of them don't have much competition. I started to think that maybe I should start a totally new channel because the old one won't work or will just take too much time. I need advice. Thank you very much.
Hi is Canon m50 mark II released already
Global Foodie ASMR
Global Foodie ASMR:
Love it
Satan's Trilogy
Satan's Trilogy:
Sunny Gem
Sunny Gem:
Are you getting commission from the Bezos train?
Toox Talivai
Toox Talivai:
I thought Americans had no cash because of lack of stimulus
Team ABC
Team ABC:
📸 📸 📸