Ben&Ben - Araw-Araw | Official Music Video

Music Video for Ben&Ben's latest single, "Araw-Araw".



Umaga na sa ating duyan
'Wag nang mawawala
Umaga na sa ating duyan
Magmamahal, o mahiwaga

Matang magkakilala
Sa unang pagtagpo
Paano dahan-dahang
Sinuyo ang puso?

Kay tagal ko nang nag-iisa
Andiyan ka lang pala

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sa 'yo'y malinaw

Higit pa sa ligaya
Hatid sa damdamin
Lahat naunawaan
Sa lalim ng tingin

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sa 'yo'y malinaw

Sa minsang pagbali ng hangin
Hinila patungo sa akin
Tanging ika'y iibiging wagas at buo

Payapa sa yakap ng iyong hiwaga
Payapa sa yakap ng iyong...

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sa 'yo'y malinaw

'Wag nang mawala araw-araw
Pipiliin ka araw-araw

ARAW-ARAW LYRICS (English Translation)

Dawn has come
Within our cradle
I pray you never fade

Dawn has come
Within our cradle
I love you, my ethereal

Our eyes must have known each other
long before they've met
How did you slowly
Captivate my heart?

I've been alone for too long
You've been there all along

Ethereal love
I will choose you now
and everyday

Ethereal love
What I feel for you
is certainty

What you make me feel
is more than happiness
Everything is understood
with the depth of your gaze

Ethereal love
I will choose you now
and everyday

Ethereal love
What I feel for you
is certainty

Sometimes the wind breaks our lines
and pulls us into each other
I will choose nothing
but loving you fully

I find peace in the embrace of your magic
I find peace in your embrace

Ethereal love
I will choose you now
and everyday

Ethereal love
What I feel for you
is certainty

Ethereal love
please don't fade away
in my everyday

Ethereal love
I will choose you now

A Globe Studios Production
Director: Quark Henares
Cinematographer: Tristan Salas
Production Designer: Whammy Alcazaren
Producer: Maria Kristina Cruz
Offline Editor: Chichi Arquero
Online Editor: Chrysthelyn Siena Quides
Colorist: Timmy Torres

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So this is my analysis of both Pagtingin and Araw-araw MVs and this is only a theory i typed at 3AM kaya medyo sabog haha so please hear me out.

- Mukhang hindi na naging sila, siguro hindi na naka-confess si Gabi (girl) kay Khalil (guy), or maybe, namatay si Gabi before she can tell him her true feelings.

- Paano? I think an event occured between Pagtingin and Araw-araw, kung saan siya nawala, which is charan: Masyado Pang Maaga. If you notice in the whole MV she's never really there.

- Until sa part ng 'payapa', nagkita ulit sila pero sa panaginip na lang. Naisip niya din ang mga what ifs if she was still there. Unti-unti na niyang nakakalimutan mukha ni Gabi sa paglipas ng panahon, pero nang maalala niya, naging payapa na ulit ang lahat.

- Also, if you notice sa Pagtingin, Gabi is moving backwards in time, reliving moments with him at yung bago sana siya magc-confess, while Khalil is being FORWARDED IN TIME.

- Forwarded in time dahil una, mula sa party, biglang napunta sa office. Sa future, dito siya magtratrabaho bago siya maging director/actor (mahilig siya magfilm).
- Sumikat yung banda sa future na nagp-play sa party, kaya maraming tao sa stadium.
- May red carpet para sa film screening (actor/director siya), at may take ng scenes.

- Lastly, nasa thumbnail ng video si Gabi yakap si Khalil, pero sa katapusan ng video na kaharap na ni Khalil ang salamin, wala siya. This means they'll never be together in this time and space. Pero kahit ganon, pipiliin at pipilliin pa rin siya ni guy araw-araw because she was, and still the best. Kahit wala na siya. Kahit isa na lang siyang 'Mahiwaga'.
Maybe the best choice we can ever make is continously choosing ourselves everyday.
siguro may dalawang tao ang nakikinig nito at iniisip ang isa't isa....
Dy Cstln
Dy Cstln:
Hi! It's a gamble, but can you please make a song for my girlfriend? I'm willing to tell our love story just for you guys to make a good song. I really want her to be remembered because of how pure and gentle of a person she really is. She was diagnost with Cardiomyopathy (Sudden Death) and was told by the doctors she has a year to live. I really love her and want people to remember her with your great soulfull song. I hope you can read this! thank you!
kew tv
kew tv:
Magiipon ako makatugtog lang kayo sa kasal ko. ❤️❤️

July 31 2020
Ask Juan Paulo
Ask Juan Paulo:

"BEN AND BEN , IVOS, I BELONG TO THE ZOO, DECEMBER AVE." needs a collab. And we want it badlyyyy. 💕
I used to hate this song last year because my ex who cheated on me liked to play this song for the girl he left me for. Our relationship was never perfect, but I never gave up on him for 8 years. 8 years that I loved him and did everything for him yet he still left me. We were highschool sweethearts back then and had a long distance relationship during college. I was consumed by my anger and hatred, I questioned my self worth, and had low self-esteem after knowing he chose someone he just met than someone who has been with him through his darkest moments of his life. It's been 8 months since we broke up, we had no closure because I can't face someone who gave me so much pain. Idk if I still wanna talk to him tbh.

Life sucked at that moment but I am now healing. I guess my anger and hatred is gone now. I've accepted it and praying he's happy now with that girl. I am done. I am letting him go. 8 years for us was probably enough. Time to choose myself this time. And this song that I used to hate is now one of the songs that I love now. It always reminds me rn that someday someone will choose me everyday no matter how hard it gets.

To all who's been cheated on, I hope you will all heal. The betrayal will always be a blessing. A blessing to have someone more than what we deserve in the future 💕
Maricel Morales Montefalco
Maricel Morales Montefalco:
How funny how I always listen to this song while thinking of choosing him everyday but I ended up choosing myself because we’re not growing and we did so many wrong decision for each other so I chose to end it. :(. I still love you but we’re too young and maybe we need to grow apart. Hindi siguro sa lahat ng oras pipiliin kita sa araw araw...
mia legaspi
mia legaspi:
it's sad that, my maybe the night turns into kathang isip. that I thought would be my araw araw, but turns out into leaves.
Neil Francisco
Neil Francisco:
It's quiet funny that people share their apology letter here, not to say I did what they didn't do, but imagine if y'all just said those apology letters/speech in person to the person you lost. Imagine how things would've ended up.
Chris aribas
Chris aribas:
I changed this comment so you'll never know why everyone liked it.
anony mous
anony mous:
My girlfriend, now ex, used to sing this to send me to sleep whenever my mental health fails me. It was her way of telling me that she'll choose me, despite our differences and the difficulties in our relationship. She wanted me to sleep knowing that she chose me and that she'll choose me again tomorrow. Last month, however, she broke up with me. Our fights took a toll on her to the point that it drained her. I wanted to beg her to say but I chose to give her the freedom that she wants. Even now, I'm still fighting the urge to beg her to come back.

To my mahiwaga,
For three years, pinili kita araw araw. Kahit mahirap. Kahit masakit na paminsan minsan. Hindi ako bumitaw dahil alam ko sa sarili ko, ikaw na 'yung mamahalin ko habangbuhay. Ikaw na 'yung pagsisilbihan ko araw araw. Na 'yung kamay mo 'yung hahawakan ko hanggang tumanda na tayo. Pero mukhang may ibang plano ang tadhana at kailangan kong tanggapin 'yun. Ngayon, pinapalaya na kita sa mga planong binuo natin, 'yung plano nating bumuo sana ng isang masayang pamilya.

Ikaw pa rin ang pinipili ko kahit hindi mo ako pinili. Mamahalin na lang kita mula sa malayo. Wag ka mag alala lagi kitang ipagdadasal. Na sana matagpuan mo 'yung taong di magsasawang mahalin ka at mamahalin mo rin pabalik. Na mahanap mo 'yung mahiwaga mo.

Sana, sana napasaya kita. Hanggang sa susunod na habangbuhay, pipiliin kita. At kung maulit man 'to, sana hindi ka na ulit mawala sa akin.
Frances Montero
Frances Montero:
I remember the day when I stopped listening to any ben & ben songs. Dont get me wrong, I love their songs the lyrics are magical. I just hate myself for associating this band to someone who can’t even choose me. :(
Desmond Pascual
Desmond Pascual:
Khalil's perspective - Araw-Araw
Gabbi's perspective - Pagtingin
miss xx
miss xx:
My parents separated us when we were still 15. We parted ways to find our purpose, but we tagged each other all along, even without communication and assurance.

We chose each other everyday. After 6 years, he proceeded to law school and I am about to finish my pre med. At the end of the day, I hope we will still be each other's "choice"
Katc Ckat
Katc Ckat:
This was the last song we slow danced to a few days after I got back from an overseas trip. Pagbalik ko kasi may iba na siyang pinili at gustong piliin. We both bursted into tears as the first chorus played. This was like a farewell song no matter how much I fell in love with it the first time I heard it on May 2019 (na sana gusto ko pang tugtugin sa gitara para sakanya).

As the song ended, napaupo ako sa malapit na silya at sinabing, "Sa loob ng limang taon, pinili kita araw-araw. And now, I am setting you free."
Autto Ged
Autto Ged:
I've been inlove with my bestfriend for the past 6 years, since 2014. we were polar opposites, so I really didn't like her at first but I got the chance to know her & I realized she is all the good compiled into a person. She told me she liked me & I also told her I felt the same way. For 4 years we went on like that, No label, no commitment but she was always the person I told everything about, the only person I didn't have to pretend to be someone else. A safe space. We were not emotionally equipped or showy but I know she always knew what I wanted to say. But we drifted apart, got on with our lives, with no explanation on why we ended. We didn't have communication for a year, and last April was the first time we got to talk again.

We were never the type to act on what we felt. All my friends tell me to stop and I should move on but how do you walk away from a person that has turned into your family?

Alam kong di na ulit magiging tayo dahil mas importante yung pagkakaibigan nating dalawa, hindi ka na pwede ulit mawala. Kaya kahit masakit na hanggang dito nalang, hindi naman kailangan na maging tayo para lang alagaan kita, magagawa ko parin naman yun --- sa malayo. Ang dami ko gustong sabihin sayo pero naduduwag ako parehas tayong takot pero okay ng ganto, na hindi mo alam na wala naman nagbago sa nararamdaman ko simula nung nakilala kita
Jasper Tonato
Jasper Tonato:
Was randomly selecting a love song as i do my proposal to my girlfriend. Then this song came out of my playlist. That random selection made the moment super special since she’s now my fiancé. ☺️
Mcllennan Pangilinan
Mcllennan Pangilinan:
Someday ma m-meet din natin yung taong kaya tayong piliin araw-araw
Vince Morales
Vince Morales:
Hi, BB's. Di nako magpapakilala, hahaha. I just want to share my story po. Ito yung mga panahong masaya ako, pero mayroong nangyare na sobra kong pinagsisihan. Sana basahin nyo, BB's! Mahal ko din kayo, Stay
safe ah!!

Sana if nababasa mo ito, always be strong and lakasan mo yung faith mo kay Lord. Mahal na mahal kita, aking mahiwaga.

So, patapos na ang 2017, malapit na mag 2018, may nakilala akong babae, ahead siya ng 1 year sakin, nakilala ko siya dahil ang section namin, naging section nya before. She was a vlogger, so ayon, crush ko siya. That time, wala pakong oras para magmahal, marami akong crush, pero after 1 year (2019) , siya ang nanaig, siya nalang ang natira sa mga crush ko, haha ang funny no. Then ayon, I followed her on twitter, then she followed me back, sobrang saya, sobrang nakaka kilig, yung pag followback nya lang, sobrang masaya nako. So ayon, sa first 2 months naming mag mutuals sa twitter, ako tong si papansin, gustong magpapansin sakanya. Sa twitter, diba may curiouscat? that time, puro ako ask sa curious cat nya, siyempre, dun ko nalang nga nakaka usap yung tao, siyempre sulitin na, haha. Tapos, dumating na ako sa point na gusto ko na siyang maka usap, yung tipong, kami lang dalawa, so ayon, nag chat ako sa facebook (March 20, 2019 to), then nag reply siya agad, na-alala ko, na lock twitter account nya nun kaya ko siya chinat, para itanong kung kailan nya mababalik ang twitter account nya, ayun, sinagot nya, kinikilig ako ng sobra dahil ang bilis nya mag reply!!!! hahaha. Kaso guys, hindi ako umaasa na magugustuhan nya ako pabalik dahil maganda siya, matalino siya, funny and most importantly, mabait. So ayon, umabot kami ng 2am magka usap, hanggang sa umamin na kami sa isa't isa, sabi nya noon, sasabihin nya crush nya kaso i bblock nya ako, hahahaha galing nya no. So ayon, naging sobra akong masaya sakanya, itinuring ko siyang prinsesa, kung pano ko mahalin si mama, ganun ko siya minahal, sobrang worth it nya mahalin, sobrang soft nya kasi, haha. Sa mga oras na yon, siya ang pahinga ko, yung tipong kahit pagod kana mag aral, gaganahin ka dahil narinig mo boses nya. Siya din ang nagsilbing ilaw ng buhay ko tuwing ang mga mata ko ay nagdidilim ng paningin, so for short, inlove nako sakanya. Ang sabi ko kay lord, "eto na, Lord salamat. Sigurado na po ako sakanya, siya na ang ihaharap ko sainyo once na naging successful nako sa buhay." marami akong pangarap, na gusto ko, siya ang kasama ko. Gusto kong gawin yung mga #RelationshipGoals na nakikita ko hahaha, siya lang ang gusto kong makasama sa mga ganon, at siyempre, gusto kong bumuo ng pamilya na siya ang magiging nanay ng mga anak ko. Mahal na mahal ko yung tao, solid. Pero, guys. Hindi naging kami, alam nyo kung bakit? Aakyat na dapat ako ng ligaw, sapat na yung months kong pagkilala sakanya, alam kong kaya ko siyang mahalin hanggang dulo, ako kasi yung lalake na kapag liligawan ang babae, hindi lang liligawan dahil sa pisikal na anyo, o kung ano ano, kundi, manliligaw dahil sa mga pangarap ko sa buhay, siya ang gusto kong kasama. So ayun, hindi naging kami, aakyat na dapat ako ng ligaw kaso, may nangyari, nagiging dry siya, feeling ko na turn off sakin, hanggang sa umabot na sa point na, may nasabi akong mali, at inaamin ko naman yon, mali talaga ako. Pero sabi ko sakanya dati, bago pa mangyare yon, aayusin namin yung problema, walang bibitaw, at walang matutulog ng may galit sa isa't isa. Pero ang ginawa nya sa pag aaway na yon, umalis siya ng walang paalam, sa madaling salita, na ghost ako. Hindi ko matanggap, araw araw kong tinatanong ang sarili ko kung deserve ko ba yon, kung bakit nya ginawa sakin yon, tinanong ko din sa sarili ko kung minahal ba nya talaga ako? ang sabi nya kasi sakin noon, oo. Pero base sa nangyari, parang hindi. So ayon guys, na ghost ako. Sobrang sakit, sobrang hirap. Araw araw, at gabi gabi akong umiiyak dahil sakanya. Grabe, kung kailan sigurado nako, dun pa umalis yung mahal ko. Kung kailan handa nako, dun pa siya sumuko. Kung kailan isinama ko na siya sa mga pangarap ko, dun pa siya umalis. Oo, mali ako, pero I need closure. and I still need her, dahil simula nung iniwan nya ako, nagpatuloy dumilim ang paningin ko, at nagpatuloy akong naging pagod sa buhay dahil nawala na ang pahinga ko. Akala ko nung una, kaya ko, pero hindi pala. Kailangan ko parin siya. So ayon lumipat siya ng school, GNC na siya nag aaral ngayon, dito sa Pampanga. Mayroon siyang nakilala doon, 2019 din to nangyari, nakilala nya, naging boyfriend nya. Naging masaya siya sakanya, dahil everytime na makita ko ang picture nila, halo halong emosyon ang nararamdaman ko, naiinis ko, hindi sakanya kundi dahil sa sarili ko. Masaya ako, dahil alam kong masaya siya, kahit di na ako ang dahilan ng pag ngiti nya. Pero behind my smile, there's still pain, masakit parin, pinipilit kong maging okay kahit hindi ko na kaya. Dumating na ako sa point na, nag print ako ng picture nilang dalawa, para sa tuwing miss ko siya, titignan ko lang yon, okay na ulit ako, tignan ko lang yung ngiti nya sa mga pictures na kasama nya boyfriend nya, okay na ako, tignan ko lang yung saya nya sa picture nilang dalawa, masaya nako, pero masakit parin. Bakit ganyan ano? kung kailan seryoso tayo, doon tayo hindi sineseryoso. Hirap guys, sobra. Hanggang ngayon, mahal na mahal ko parin siya. MASYADO PANG MAAGA para mawala siya, pero siya parin ang pipiliin ko ARAW ARAW, at sa SUSUNOD NA HABANG BUHAY.

Sana nabasa nyo hanggang dito, bb's!! :))
Shopau TV
Shopau TV:
"Kay tagal ko nang nag-iisa. Andiyan ka lang pala."

Si Lord bigla naalala ko sa linyang ito. Wag nating kalimutan na araw araw nating kasama si Lord sa mga buhay natin. D man natin siya naaalala minsan. Lagi siyang nanjan para sa atin.
Xyrus Eñano
Xyrus Eñano:
i think eto ang isa sa pinakamasakit na kantang narinig ko, there is this girl before na gustong gusto ko talaga, and dahil naging ldr kami, onti onting nawala yung feelings, hanggang sa dumating sa point na i ghosted her, imagine, gustong gusto ko yung tao pero nagawa kong iwan siya, and then nagkaroon ako ng girlfriend, i admit it, sumaya ako sa mga araw namin, pero dito ako naging demonyo, nakasira ako ng tao and nasira ako as a person, then ngayon ko narealize na pumili ako ng ibang tao, e meron namang taong walang ibang ginawa kundi piliin ako araw araw, hindi naman sa nagcheat ako pero siguro kung hindi ko hininto yung meron samin, siguro ang tagal na namin ngayon
Shekinah glory Velasco
Shekinah glory Velasco:
Someday, we'll have that someone who will chose to love us everyday.
MrLasti Lastimado
MrLasti Lastimado:
I just realized why my ex dedicated this song for me. It hits different right now, hirap pala no? Pag yung taong nagsabing pipiliin ka sa araw-araw ay wala na. It was 6 months ago lovey but you're still right here in my heart. Matagal na pala pero fresh parin, I hope someday if magkita man tayo ulit sana ako parin piliin mo sa araw-araw, I may have committed too many mistakes and was a total disappointment pero the day you left me mas natutunan kong tumayo sa sarili kong mga paa naging mature ako at natuto sa mga pagkakamali and hoping na sa susunod na magkikita tayo sana makita mo na deserve ko yung forgiveness mo pero kung hindi man, it's okay. It was a long and rough run but I hope you're happy right now. I love you in every single way <3
This song is for YOU. No matter how crap your life is, always remember to love yourself. Not anyone, but yourself. Find yourself and give it the best love you can ever give. Only then will you know your true worth
imagine someone choosing you everyday, for the rest of your lives.

i want that. i hope everyone who's reading this will find that someone.

and yep it's almost 4am, it sucks that i miss him.
Who else noticed that this is literally the sequel of "Pagtingin"
Umaga na sa ating duyan
'Wag nang mawawala
Umaga na sa ating duyan
Magmamahal, oh, mahiwaga

Matang magkakilala
Sa unang pagtagpo
Paano dahan-dahang
Sinuyo ang puso?

Kay tagal ko nang nag-iisa
And'yan ka lang pala

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sa 'yo'y malinaw

Higit pa sa ligaya
Hatid sa damdamin
Lahat naunawaan
Sa lalim ng tingin

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sa 'yo'y malinaw

Sa minsang pagbali ng hangin
Hinila patungo sa akin
Tanging ika'y iibiging wagas at buo

Payapa sa yakap ng iyong hiwaga
Payapa sa yakap ng iyong...

Pipiliin ka sa araw-araw
Ang nadarama sa 'yo'y malinaw

'Wag nang mawala araw-araw
Pipiliin ka araw-araw
aroha astro
aroha astro:
i had a boyfriend at gumawa ako ng video namin together using this song for our anniversary sadly, we broke up in that day and i didn't send the video.

pinili ko siya araw araw pero hindi na niya pala ako pipiliin sa susunod na araw hanggang katapusan.
Chit Adaque
Chit Adaque:
There was this guy who actually cared for me, made me experience to be and feel loved since I was the only one who always gives and does efforts. Yet, when the timing wasn't right and things don't go our way, he just suddenly blurted out that he fell out. We were always together, always communicates, I was there during his worse, waiting for his best. Still, it wasn't enough. Thank you for the short time, it was fun while it lasted. And I hope you could've chosen to love me everyday, for better or for worse.
Joven Angelov Obani
Joven Angelov Obani:
I had a crush on someone, two days before her birthday she confessed to me na crush nya din ako. We decided not to take things fast. So naging magMU kami, magkaiba kami ng religion tbh. We kept being lowkey ng ilang buwan, and then nung bandang January, nagkaron ako ng opportunity to go to japan. Guess what? I turned it down for her. I chose love over my dream.

This aug hiniwalayan nya ako and iniwan. Tinapos lahat ng connections blocked on twitter.
Today Sep 27 isang buwan na ang nakalipas pero hindi paren ako nakakamoveon. Kasi pinipili ko paren sya ARAW-ARAW.
Xykviz Zivkyx
Xykviz Zivkyx:
To the love of my life, I love you with all my heart, with all my life, with all that I am. I am yours and you are mine. It’s you and always be you. I choose you over anything else, I will still choose you even if we fight, I choose you no matter what. I’m full of love for you. You are the rhythm to my heartbeat. In every challenge we are gonna face, I’m here everystep of the way. I assure you that I can never love someone else as much as I love you. Ikaw lang talaga, mahal. Pipiliin kita araw-araw, ika nga ng ben&ben.
Aj Lim
Aj Lim:
Kate Soriano
Kate Soriano:
me to my ex-mahiwaga🌈
*“piliin mo siya, gaya ng pagpili ko sayo araw-araw”*
Caleb Bañares
Caleb Bañares:
New way of saying "Mahal kita" :

Pipiliin ka araw-araw. ❤️
Marky Fue.
Marky Fue.:
I promised myself, na kapag pumunta ako sa concert ng Ben&Ben, I will bring my beloved person there and enjoy the taste of melody together, and while the song "Araw - Araw" goes on, in the midst of the line "Mahiwaga, Pipiliin ka sa Araw - Araw", I'll hold her hands tightly and look at her eyes deeply while
saying to her "Will you be my Mahiwaga?, I promise myself na pipiliin ka, Araw Araw."
Kelvin Jhones Aliga
Kelvin Jhones Aliga:
Imagine being someone's mahigawa.
Kenneth Manalo
Kenneth Manalo:
"Kay tagal ko nang nag-iisa, andyan ka lang pala."

To my Engineer Krysha,

Happy 19th Birthday!

Tupadin mo mga pangarap mo ha? Isa ako sa pinaka masayang tao pag natupad mo yung lahat. Andito lang ako lagi para sayo.

Fighting! ily. 💙
Hermione Suson
Hermione Suson:
Bago magmahal ng iba, piliin mo muna mahalin ang sarili mo.

Soon you'll find your mahiwaga that will choose you everyday. In God's perfect time.
Zaira Bueno
Zaira Bueno:
Goosebumps while watching this music video! At first, I actually thought na it will be a love story between two people choosing each other despite their flaws and imperfections. Although in my interpretation, this mv shows how we should choose ourselves first before we chase others. Notice how Khalil was always left alone in search for Gabbi? How he ran and entered doors only to find out he's in a different place? I think it's about how we face various situations in life pero in the end, when we cannot find people who will be there for us, when we feel like the universe is conspiring against us, we should choose ourselves. You owe it to yourself to look in the mirror and say na pipiliin mo ang sarili mo araw-araw. ♡

PS. Kudos to the whole team at maraming salamat sa musika ninyo, Ben&Ben!
RK Fabula
RK Fabula:
So, I saw this person last Nov. 2017, had a chance for us to meet last June 2019. I consider this person as my Mahiwaga, na pipiliin ko araw araw, at Mahiwaga na ayaw kong mawala araw araw. But then, ayun, TOTGA ko na siya ngayon. 💛
Kyle Anton Aligno
Kyle Anton Aligno:
"I hope ako parin, I really feel lost without you, maybe you were my considered home and without it, there's no place to stay and feel so safe."
Xylvaughn Jacob
Xylvaughn Jacob:
1:35 paiwan hehe I'm practicing singing this song for someone special
Carlandrie Santos
Carlandrie Santos:
I saw this mv recomendation and i love this song its chill when you drive 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Migs Santos
Migs Santos:
Soo ayon umamin ako sa crush ko dahil dito sa kantang toh and i told her how much i appreciate her and choose her ‘araw-araw’

Ngayon, she’s officially my girlfriend
fredy setiawan
fredy setiawan:
Selalu terngiang-ngiang.
Archiebald Capila
Archiebald Capila:
It was on this day last year when this music video was released.

This video still makes anyone melt after watching the same. The song still lives in our heads rent-free.

This has to be one of the greatest OPM songs of all time--bar none.
Don Filomeno A. Gaborno
Don Filomeno A. Gaborno:
It hurts. Choosing that person day by day, continues to make efforts and everything to make her feel wanted. but unfortunately, i couldn't feel the same way.
April V.
April V.:
When I first listen to this song in Viva, my heart suddenly captures it's message so I used this song as a theme on my story in wattpad. Wala lang, skl😁
Clea Amara Acosta
Clea Amara Acosta:
Hiiiiii!!!!! I just want to share my story here kasi I think this song is soooooooooo accurate for me, us. We met in the hospital two years ago and there it started. He is my doctor. He courted me for a year and nung January 1 2019 sinagot ko siya kasi I see that he really do love me and I also do. Malapit na second anniversary natin love but I don't think I can still make it. My heart is starting to give up on me and I know you know it too, ikaw doctor ko eh. Diba you told me this is you're favorite song at lagi mo piniplay ito kasi sabi mo you always choose me everyday, ako lang. You always sing this to me before I sleep. I feel at peace while you embrace me. Love alam mo na pipiliin kita araw araw. I will always do. I may not be able to be with you throughout this life pero sa susunod na habang buhay araw araw kitang pipiliin. Hope you read this love. And one more thing I love you.

You can do it Doc I will always guide you and love you. Save all you're patients and magpahinga ka rin I know you're tired. I love you....
Biz BizzyBee
Biz BizzyBee:
It's funny to hear this song.

I always chose her every day. Instead, she chose someone over me.
annekaia앤 카이 아
annekaia앤 카이 아:
when words can't explain my feelings, Ben&Ben songs speak itself.
No matter how much I love you, you never stayed huh? Im happy for you. Look for someone new. Someone better than me. I hope he makes you stay. And you’ll always be my first true love.
Potato Man
Potato Man:
I met this woman accidentally. And unexpectedly I fall unto her so deeply. Sya na yung naging pahinga at kausap ko araw araw, and everyday I prayed for her. Hindi kami, pero we have this mutual love sa isat isa. Pero dumating sa point na hindi ako yung pinili nya. I just simply told her "Piliin mo si (The other guy's name) Deserve mong piliin kung sino ang mahal mo". I stayed faithful, I prayed for her, and watch her from afar. I chose not to message nor see her, I even ignored her messages ayoko namang dumating sa point na magaway sila because of me, gusto ko pa din syang protektahan kahit sa mga simpleng bagay at paraan lang, masakit, but I chose to protect her and I chose to love her still, as long as I can. Umabot sa point na sakin sya nagkkwento ng mga problema nila, ng mga misunderstandings nila. gusto kong sabihin na "Di naman tayo ganyan dati", but still I made sure na hindi ako makasira sa kanila. To make the long story short, kung kelan ready ko na syang i'set free, kung kelan decided na kong lumayo ng tuluyan, she came back. And now, here we are, happy being together (Officially) I even made a video of her, using this song hahaha skl. Its not easy at all, madaming challenges, and after all what happened, I still choose her everyday, I chose her through every pain, and I will say handa ko syang piliin araw araw.
Jay Sincero
Jay Sincero:
"Kay tagal ko nang nag iisa. Andiyan ka lang pala."

This line reminds me na sobrang tagal ko na naging single noon tapos dumating yung girlfriend ko now na najan lang pala 😍🤍 iloveyouuuu babe sana mabasa mo to 🤍
Ag Fuentes Er-er
Ag Fuentes Er-er:
Pinili ako ,pero panandalian lang.

4 months akong nag effort para makuha ang puso niya at yun nga ni loveback niya ako,
Napakasweet namin sa isat isa,gala kahit saan,punta dito punta doon at minsan nag kiss din parang daig panga namin mga mag jowa na 5 taon na dahil sa ka sweetan namin haha

Akala ko pag ibig namin ay pinagpala ngunit di nag tagal ay nawala.(Mitsa)

2months lang kami BUT we don't have official relationship,in short"walang label",kasi hindi ko nga pa siya niligawan kasi nga hindi pa ang right time kasi hindi pa kami nakapag tapos nag pag aaral at saka hindi parin siya totally na naka move on sa past relationship niya hays.

Minahal niya naman din ako ngunit di buo kasi nga may kahati ako sa puso niya.

Binuo ko ang babaeng pinaka mamahal ko pero dumating ang araw na bumalik siya sa taong bumasag sa kanya.Pinili ko siya araw-araw pinili din naman niya ako ngunit panandalian lang.

Parang same sa story ni Kuya Paolo
hindi sila nag katuloyan ng babaeng mahal niya.

Masyado akong naniwala sa kanyangga pangako,nangako siya dahil masaya siya,nangako siya kasi akala niya sure na siya,pero pag dating nag pagsubok di nya pinanindigan.

Ang bilis namin nag simula ngunit ganun din katulin nawala.

Pinili nga pero panandalian lang :<

Grabe lahat ng kanta niyo natatamaan ako.Parang kinakanta niyo ang mga pinag daan ko from Happy moments to Heartbreak songs,sana ma basa niya ,at pwede magawan nang kanta tungkol sa mga pinili ngunit panandalian lang.

Iloveyou Ben&Ben ,I really love your music♥♥♥hope na maka gawa pa kayo ng kanta.
Margarita Bacus
Margarita Bacus:
"Payapa sa yakap ng iyong hiwaga." That's all I can say bi. I mean, you are indeed a world to me. Without you, I really don't know where am I today.

I'm very grateful that I have u in my life bi. Hope you'll be able to read this one of these days 😅😅😅
Roel Ancaja
Roel Ancaja:
"bakit kailangan pag dumating kung aalis lang din" kadalasan sa mga naiiwan is ganto yung dahilan but think for the bright side of it. Maybe pinadala sya sayo para maging blessing or para maging lesson. At sa nagbabasa nito sana meron na ring pumili sayo araw-araw 😊 keep safe guys!
the girl who harnessed the sun
the girl who harnessed the sun:
This will be my wedding song. Babalik ako dito mga 10 years from now. See you all!!! ❤️

Edit: Hi guys! Malayo-layo pa ang ating lalakbayin. Hehe, no pressure. Sa totoo lang, nahanap ko na sana ang aking hiwaga. I followed the pull of fate and came this whirlwind romance. I still can't fully grasp that the kind of love we see in movies is real and it happens!! We are happy, growing, and in love. But here's the catch: He's a seminarian who will have to make a decision later at some point as to where I will stand in his life...

Truth is, I already knew that he chose God (even before I came into the picture). What's greater love than that? Hehe masakit na masaya. Pero diba? When you love someone, you gotta learn to let them go. Sobrang blessed ko dahil hinayaan ako ni God na makilala ang taong paulit-ulit kong pipiliin at mamahalin kahit na sa malayuan lang. I'm with you until ordination. Praying for you, always. Thank you sa support, loves! Nakaka-touch. Nawa'y masaya ang inyong mga puso gaya ng sa akin. 😇
Charles Wayne Valeriano
Charles Wayne Valeriano:
"pagtingin" taught me that don't expect too much from a person and "araw-araw" taught me that if someone feels they are unloved, they disappear.
Bhdar Aujero
Bhdar Aujero:
Shiela Mae I guarantee you na pipiliin kita sa araw araw, I know covid is taking a lot of time from us but our love will ALWAYS prevail and I thank God for that. I love you so much take care😌
Samson, Jon Bryan B.
Samson, Jon Bryan B.:
Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na may pipili sa'yo araw-araw kahit tinalikuran ka ng mundo, yung tipong maniniwala sayo na kaya mo kahit ikaw mismo di ka naniniwala sa sarili mo at si Lord yun! Jesus Christ 💯
Anonymous Girl
Anonymous Girl:
I remember my ex and I went to ben and ben’s concert a day after our break up. They sang this song, I wanted to hold his hand since magkatabi lang naman kami pero the reality hit me na we are not together anymore. When they sang the chorus “mahiwaga pipiliin ka sa araw-araw” I felt that , we used to choose each other before. When they sang pagtingon, I looked at him the entire time because I still love him. It’s been a year since we broke up but I still love you and there’s no one whom I can love the way I love you.
I want to hug him after concert, I wanted to say na “where did we wrong?We used to be so damn inlove with each other but what happened?” I guess people change.
Jade Nichols
Jade Nichols:
I wanted this kind of relationship when I was a student. Akala ko hanggan pangarap nalang until I found my special someone when I stepped into an engineering school. I knew she was the one after a year of knowing her. She was the ideal woman I longed for. So I made THE choice and courted her. It was hard since she was gorgeous and many wanted to be with her while me? I'm just a simple guy without any hidden talents. I just made sure to show her how much I wanted her. And now we're both engineers and more than 5 years together. She was the only choice back then, she is the only choice today, she will be my only choice in the future. thanks for the song ben&ben
Nikki Sings!
Nikki Sings!:
sana may tumawag rin sa aking "mahiwaga" at ako ang pipiliin.
Jilliane Earn
Jilliane Earn:
Nung time na nirelease tong song na to sinabi ko sa boyfriend ko na "ikaw ang mahiwaga ko, kasi pinipili kita araw araw". And boom nagulat nalang ako na sa araw araw na pag pili ko sa kanya may iba na pala siyang pinipili. Masakit kasi merong "SILA habang may "KAMi".
Regine Echano
Regine Echano:
Oh God, "pipiliin ka, araw araw"
Sobrang pagpasalamat ko kay Lord!
Why,? Coz I'm in a mess right now, and my life is starting to fall apart, but then the fact na I failed him, he still choose me, choose to love me at my worst and even help me stand up again..❤🙏 It's like God put me here in this situation just to see what is most important thing that I need, not what i want but what i really need... and I'm so thankful i found the man, God wants me to be with. If I wasn't in this situation I won't see God's plan.. I know God loves me, im just mere pawn on the biggest picture He want to create, and i'm glad He used me, its an honor to be chosen everytime. Whatever challenges, God is always there, guiding, helping and giving us hope and light when darkness falls.
Chynna Santarin
Chynna Santarin:
Imagine loving someone for so long and hide it because you don't want that person being awkward towards you, then years later that person confess to you that he/she likes you but... Both of you are already married in different people, like its another story of pinagtagpo pero di tinadhana.
SM Ferido
SM Ferido:
I had a girlfriend when I was 17 years old. Year 2016, nagbreak kami to pursue our dreams with a promise na di kami maghahanap ng iba until settled na kaming dalawa. Pero nagkaroon sya ng ibang bf. 3 years na kaming break pero sa almost 3 years na yon, walang araw na hindi ko sya naisip, naalala at namiss.

Mula noon, sya yung pinili ko araw-araw. Sya pa din ang pipiliin ko. Sana, piliin nya ulit ako.
This songs is my fave song kase this reminds me how long I waited for her, 18 years bago ko siya nakilala... 7 months na kami ngayon ng girlfriend ko pero di kami legal sa side niya kase bawal pa siya and this song serves as my inspiration and I can relate to it as 7 months past by I am and will still choosing her everyday... di ako mapapagod magantay para sa kanya... I love you so much 💕💕💕
Venus Campos
Venus Campos:
I had temporary inner peace all those years, everyday I worry. But from those times, I am the happiest, I wear still my sweetest smiles. . Maybe not this time, maybe not now. How are you up there in heaven myloves?
Jervie Keith
Jervie Keith:
It's been a year, I thought it was just last month
Patrick John Rifil
Patrick John Rifil:
Ang sarap magbasa ng mga comment dito, about sa mga partners nila na pinili sila, araw-araw. Siguro nga hindi lahat ng pagkakataon pipiliin ka, at yung mga taong makikilala mo ay magbibigay lang sa'yo ng lesson.
Tristan Barreras
Tristan Barreras:
I remember when Ben&Ben premiered "Paalam" at midnight. I was talking to someone special and we both listened to it. And now, im the only one watched "Araw-Araw" mv. But still, even though she left without any reasons. I will still choose her araw-araw
Allen Jewel Pascua
Allen Jewel Pascua:
hindi pa kami close noon, magkaklase lang kami. pero pagkaraan ng isang taon, naging close kami. siya yong kaibigan ko na sinasabayan ako sa mga trip ko, sinasabayan ko rin trip niya. lagi ko siyang kasamang bumibili ng pagkain sa canteen. nagkukunwari lang akong naiinis kapag magpapasama siya o mangungulit, pero ang totoo, gustong-gusto ko. tuwing uwian, hindi pwedeng hindi kaming magpaalam sa isa't-isa. medyo napapalalim na rin ang nararamdaman ko sa kanya, alam kong masama ito, dahil parehas kaming may jowa. pero patuloy ko pa ring dineny na may feelings na ako sa kanya. turns out dinedeny niya rin.

one time, sa PE subject, pinili niya ako as her partner. go naman ako, pero naiilang ako kahit close na close kami, di kasi ako magaling sumayaw. all the time, tinatawanan niya ako kasi mali-mali ako minsan sa steps.

so ayon na nga, may practice kami. pero nong practice na yon, g na g siya sa mga ginagawa ko. inaaya ko siyang mag-practice sa isang sulok kasi nahuhuli talaga ako. so ayon na nga, may patampo-tampo na rin siyang alam kasi niloloko ko na lang yong sayaw. so ako naman, suyo-suyo lang haha. at ayon nga, natapos na ang praktis, uwian na.

kinagabihan, nagmyday siya, gusto niya ng tulong. ako naman ang naunang nag-message. sinabi niya na di niya inaasahan na magrereply ako. noong una, hindi niya masabi-sabi ang problema niya, ngunit napilit ko rin siya. ang sabi niya may gusto siya sa classroom namin. ang hirap ko ring pinilit, hanggang ako ang unang napaamin. tapos sumunod siya. medyo awkward ang mga moments na yon. hanggang dumating siya sa punto na sino ang pipiliin sa amin, brineak niya jowa niya, ngunit mahal pa niya. binigyan ko siya ng chance na bumalik sa kanya, ngunit hindi niya ito ginawa. mas gusto na raw niyang sumama sa akin dahil nagkakalabuan sila ng jowa niya. at ayon na nga, medyo fade na rin ang feelings ko sa jowa ko, (ngunit hindi dahil sa kanya) matagal na, at ayon brineak ko na.

naging MU kami ng pitong buwan, sa pitong buwan na yon, nagkaroon ako ng kasama sa kakulitan, katarantaduhan, kalokohan at ano-ano pa. napaka-perfect niya para sa akin, kahit ilang beses niyang i-down sarili niya na hindi siya maganda, well, taliwas ang iniisip ko ron. nagkaroon ako ng babaeng sumusuporta sa lahat ng aking ginagawa, sobrang tuwa ko. hindi rin siya yong babaeng mahilig sa mga materyal na bagay, ilibre mo lang ng street foods ay okay na. bigyan mo lang ng time okay na, bigyan mo lang ng halaga okay na. naging mentor niya ako, naging mentor ko rin siya. maganda na ang lahat, ngunit andiyan na kinakatakutan ko.

halos tatlong araw siyang sobrang cold sa akin. buong akala ko, may simpleng problema lang siya. hindi ko inaasahan na mas malalim pa pala. hindi ko ineexpect to. "hindi pwedeng maging tayo" turns out, pinigilan siya ng kanyang mga magulang na ituloy kung ano man ang namamagitan sa amin. mas gusto raw nila yong ex niya. kung makikita pa nilang makikipag-usap sa akin, ililipat siya ng unibersidad. btw, limang taon silang nagsama. isang taon naman kami ng ex ko. bigla na lang siyang nagbago. heto na nga, kinarma na ako sa ginawa ko. napakalungkot ng aking sinapit, hindi na siya yong dating sweet. kapag binabasa ko ang aming past convo, napapaiyak na lang ako. sobrang namimiss ko na siya. pinangakuan ko pa namang lalabas kami after this quarantine, ililibre ko ng mga gusto niya dahil nagke-crave na siya ng sobra. looks like, hindi na pala mangyayari.

kung nababasa mo ito, pasensya na at nangungulit pa rin ako hanggang ngayon. hindi ko talaga kung paano ako makakamove-on sayo. napamahal na ako at na-attach sayo nang sobra.

maraming salamat sa mga nagawa mo para sa akin, naging mas better ako dahil sayo. hinding-hindi ka na maalis sa puso ko, sapagkat nakaukit na sa aking puso ang iyong pangalan. alam kong sobrang sakit nang ating sinapit, ngunit kailangan ko nang tanggapin, na wala na, na tapos na, na kailangan ka nang lumaya para sa ikabubuti natin.

kung mababasa mo ito, mahal na mahal pa rin kita. ikaw pa rin sa araw-araw. paalam, mahal.
osamu's onigiri
osamu's onigiri:
If only we could start talking again, like what we usually used to do.
leo buluran
leo buluran:
I've always choosed you no matter what, you're always be my forever.
grimreaper 1991
grimreaper 1991:
I dont what say but i love the music❤

Greetings from indonesia
Gucci _je
Gucci _je:
Araw-araw could be something or someone else, let us just not focus it solely to our significant other, araw-araw could be you, your dog, your acads, your work, your fam, you friend, your kapit-bahay, music, or happiness and love. Everything that is good actually
After 2 years of loving someone, taking all the risks I can do for him, finally we set ourselves free tonight because he wanted someone na hindi malayo sa kanya (ldr kami), yung araw2 pwede niya makita, sinabi niya saken na hahanap siya ng babaeng mamahalin niya ng sobra and I cried so much because all this time sacrificing and choosing him everyday was not that enough para maramdaman niya kung gaanu ko siya mahal at minamahal😭 He ask me if I can let go of him at hindi ako nagdalawang isip kahit sobrang dinudurog ako ng bawat salita nya, sumagi nalang sa isip ko na hindi ko ipagkakait kung ano ang makakapasaya sa kanya, and I was glad too I set myself free from all the chaos he brought. Sa ngayon, sarili ko muna, hinding hindi ko na hahayaan na masira ako kahit na sino man. I let go not because I get tired, but I do it for us to grow in different path that we will choose. Sarili ko naman aayusin ko 💔❤
Michelle Declaro
Michelle Declaro:
Been searching some songs for a while and finally found the song that matches my soul and the soul of the person I love. My one true love, thank you for everything. I love u even until now you're now happy there in Heaven. The night before you died from Lung cancer stage 4, yountold me to find someone that would make me happy until the sunset of my life but hanggang ngayon, ikaw parin. It's been 5 years pero ikaw ang pinili ko at pipiliin araw araw. Imysm and I know you feel the same way too. Up until the next life, ikaw at ikaw parin<33333
snazdog dbfan
snazdog dbfan:
This has the dynamics of a worship song. Slaps doe
Loui Catempohan
Loui Catempohan:
This song will mean a lot to me. I used to dedicate this to someone I look forward to spend the rest of my life. Kaya lang, we came to a point that he is not being sure about us nor his feelings for me. Maybe, I am the one who cannot wait any longer for a relationship na walang clarity. So, I decided, I will choose myself. I will choose to be happy without him. Kahit masakit.

As of now, someone makes me happy, and is proud of me. Siguro talagang may times na pipili at pipili ka ng taong IKAW yung mahal, di yung ikaw lang ang nagmamahal. Still at the end of each day, we keep on choosing ourselves, too and love every scars.
Kresh Seberre
Kresh Seberre:
What I love about Ben & Ben's songs is the fact that they are all meaningfully flexible. They could represent a significant person in your life, a state, your favorite pet, your family and even God.

Just like Araw-araw, Leaves, Maybe the Night, etc. There are many to mention, there are many reasons to love and appreciate Ben&Ben 💙💛
Akai Shuichi
Akai Shuichi:
Yung nag dislike: *eXb KaSE GuStô NAmIn eH*
Jean Kathleen simon Gatan
Jean Kathleen simon Gatan:
How i cant imagine everytime napakikinggan ko ito nandto paden yung sakit na nainiwan ng best person na tinuring ko...

[~When i was 12 at that time meron akong best friend na guy, napaka close namin yung tipong halos lahat ginagawa naming mag kasama tapos kapag grounded ako sa selpon pupunta sya sa bahay tas mag lalaro kami mag daming pag ku kwentohan and kapag an lungkot ko gagawa sya ng kung ano ano para lang i cheer up ako tapos magkasama kami den na mang praprank ng group of friends namin... As in he's my best buddy then one day pagkatapos ng graduation namin ng grade 7 he spend the whole day kasama ako at mga tropa namin then nung nag si alisan na lahat nung kinahapunan sinabi nyang lilipat na sila ng city sa caloocan then umamin sya saken na cruxx nya koo *ehhemm* tas ako crushh ko na sya ng napaka tagal at syempre umamin na den ako at nag pramis sya saakin dati na soon ako parin (cheesy po alam ko)...

2 years past and i still keep his words, i keep in touch with him via messenger and ig but didn't last that long, then around summer break, dahil bored ako that time i try to stalk him andddddd it justtt deeply hurttt the crap out of me : he didn't keep his promises : 6 months before i stalked him naging sila ng girlfriend nya...

Not only na nadurog ako ng sobra that time but now i have soww very low self esteem and alot of trust issue...

Araw araw pinili ko sya at araw araw ko pa dating ini isip kung ok lang sya? Ano kaya ginagawa nya? Sino kaya bagong best friend nya? Ayos lang ka sya? And many more... Pero hindi sumagi sa isip ko dati kung ako parin ba??
Zero Two
Zero Two:
I remember playing this on hdmi before I left to go to intramuros with my friends. Turns out that was the last time I’ll see them na pala because of the pandemic. So everytime I hear this, I miss them.
Elyziah Joyce
Elyziah Joyce:
i was learning to play this song para sa anniversary sana namin this coming nov 13. sad to say we ended our 3 yr relationship last week. i always think of him simula nung narinig ko to last 2019, i even shared him this song before. ngayon, I ended up choosing myself.
raj b
raj b:
Apparently, this is not the continuation of Pagtingin. To me, it seems to be the first part as the Pagtingin MV used reverse motion effect to signify a reverse narrative (shown with Gabbi's backward steps and the confetti going up at the end of Pagtingin MV). The order of the two MVs is not the main point though, but the message they want to convey individually. In Pagtingin MV, the focal point is from Gabbi's perspective - how she retrospects her former relationship with Khalil. Having used the reverse motion while Gabbi was also going back to her memory lane tracking the roots of their love is good. In Araw-Araw MV, Khalil seems to be going in and out between the reality of Gabbi in her life is long gone and his longing for her leading him to his imagination mixed with their good memories together. It's also noticeable how they used colors in both MVs to convey a message. In both MVs, Gabbi and Khalil wore red and had a red light flashed on their faces - this signifies love and passion. Some parts had blue hue, which symbolizes isolation and melancholy (like Gabbi wearing blue in Khalil's imagination). The part where Khalil is back to his room with the yellow hue signifies madness in realizing the love he lost (which is also shown in his emotions). It's also interesting that in the thumbnail of Araw-Araw, we can see Gabbi back-hugging Khalil, but in the actual MV, there was no particular scene at all. I think the mirror in front of Khalil symbolizes his innermost thoughts - that of still having Gabbi by his side, if possible. Haha. I can't really organize my thoughts well at the moment as I'm just blown away by the quality of both MVs. Hats off to the people behind these MVs as they were beautifully crafted and pieced together. Finally, Ben and Ben - what's more to say? Your lyricism is what I love the most. The meanings of your songs can apply to different people and circumstances. That's why for me, Ben and Ben is one of the best OPM band of all-time. Fight me!
Jawe Reyes
Jawe Reyes:
18days mula ng nagbreak kami until now may communication parin naman kami, July 28, 2020 ngayon at 10months na sana kami. Kanina around 12 naguusap kami about sa past namin, masasayang memories, mga moment na di namin makalimutan. Tinanong ko sya kung pwede paba kami, sabi nya "hindi na sorry" pero mahal na mahal nya daw ako. Sobra akong nasasaktan ngayon at hindi ko mapigilan umiyak. Hindi ko alam mahal na mahal nya daw ako pero hindi na pwede. Bakit?😞
Raff Tolentino
Raff Tolentino:
Make this blue Kung nakikinig ka sa kanta Ng Ben and Ben habang nag momodule
Sana Aul
Sana Aul:
Everytime na maririnig ko yang kanta na yan ng Ben&Ben. Napapaisip ako eh. kung may pipili ba sakin? Pag kase usapang pilian olats ako lagi HAHAHA.

Dumating sa point na gabi-gabi ko inisip if may mali ba sakin? may kulang ba sakin? To the point na tinanong ko na rin iba kong mga kaibigan. Kase ako mismo nag-doubt sa sarili ko.

Sinong hindi magtataka diba? kase parang wala ka namag ginawa kundi piliin lang yung tao at iparamdam sa kanya kung gaano sya ka-importante at ka-halaga sayo tapos biglang... boom. wala na. awit men.

Kaka-isip ko kung may pipili ba sakin, di ko namalayan na meron pala talaga. Ako. Pinili ko sarili ko. Yung mga tanong na ilang araw bumagabag sakin unti-unting nasasagot. Wala naman pala talagang kulang... lalo na pag mahal mo ang sarili mo.

Yung saya? nasa atin naman pala yon. Nasa loob natin yon at choice natin kung mananatili ba tayong nakalugmok sa nakaraan. Kung paulit ulit kang nasaktan, baka paulit-ulit ka rin sinusubok ni Lord para lalong maging mas matapang. Every dagok is a lesson men. haha.

Saka wag kang maging malungkot tapos sasabihin mong "no choice" Pare merong pagpipilian at piliin mong sumaya. Matuto kang i-appreciate yung maliliit na bagay. Kailangan bigyang halaga mo yung sarili mo. Hindi ka man perpekto, embrace mo pa rin yung flaws mo.

Baka ito yung sign na, ako muna. Kase ilang beses ko ng nakalimutan ang sarili ko para manatili sakin yung mga tao na ayaw kong mawala. Baka kailangan kong matutunan mahalin yung sarili ko ng buong buo. Baka ako mismo ... kailangan ko piliin yung sarili ko.

Hindi sapat yung kilig na nararamdaman mo kung yan lang ang pagbabasehan mo. Dahil kapag dumating na ang isa sa inyo yung humina at napagod. Kailangan naiintindihan nyo pareho na hindi palaging saya. Hindi palaging kilig. Hindi puro sparks lalo na't hindi naman kayo nagwe-welding.

At na-realize ko rin na... May ibibigay naman si Lord na tao sayo. Yung taong magpaparamdam sayo na wala kang kailangan baguhin sa sarili mo kase mahal nya kung ano ka. Yung kahit gumising ka ng may muta sa mata, maganda ka pa rin sa paningin nya.

Yung tao na sasamahan ka mag-grow. Yung tutulungan kang itama ang pagkakamali mo. Someone na isinasama ka prayers nya. Yung hindi puro kilig at saya lang ang hanap. Yung taong hindi ka iiwan sa mga laban mo sa buhay at sasamahan ka sa bawat pagsubok na haharapin nyo

Sa ngayon piliin mo muna ang sarili mo kase...

Sa tamang panahon...
may tamang tao...

Taong pipiliin ka

Garbin Tabuyan
Garbin Tabuyan:
I always miss my girlfriend everytime i hear this song. Kasi para sa akin kahit minsan may pagkukulang sya at struggles by being a person eh kasi sya lang naman ung mahiwaga na lagi kong pipiliin sa araw araw. I always love her all the time and lagi parin ako naiinlove sa kanya sa araw araw❤
Hodor Hodor
Hodor Hodor:
Note to self:

"Mahiwaga, pipiliin ka sa araw-araw"

Let self-love foster in our own lives. Let ourselves be the definition of "mahiwaga". Crown your worth before somebody else does‼️
Chel Aguilar
Chel Aguilar:
I love you but I'm sorry that I chose myself when you said that you chose me everyday. I chose to love myself first than our relationship I'm sorry.
Kennon Mediavilla
Kennon Mediavilla:
Dati wala lang sa'kin tong song na 'to, pero ngayon grabe tama sa'kin. Napakamahiwaga mo, sobra, ikaw talaga ang pipiliin ko sa araw-araw. Hoping na makasama kita soon sa concert ng Ben&Ben, ikaw ang unang taong balak ko makasama habang pinapakinggan to live.😊
yoongi's paintbrush -
yoongi's paintbrush -:
Ito yung huling song na nilagay ko sa story ko nung meron pa yung atin...
U told me that everytime na napaaibig ka, palagi kang nasasaktan. And I promised that I won't hurt u, I did but, unfortunately, things didn't go well as I expected. We're busy to the point na you don't have enough time for me, for us.HAHAAHHAHAHW pero alam mo? kahit ganon, I still understand you because ilysm. So, I'm here to say that even if wala na yung atin, I will still choose you everyday. Hindi ko alam kung mababasa mo 'to, for sure you wont. Pero diba, in case na magbasa ka while listening edi masaya ako ganon kasi nabasa mo HAHAHAHAHWHAHA til next time, buddy!

+ 12 minutes nalang birthday mo na, Happy Birthday! Ily!
Nubeh Belle
Nubeh Belle:
I have been listening to this song and I realized so many things. This song can be a song for yourself. At gusto kong kantahin to para sa sarili ko. Yung nakaharap ako sa salamin habang nakangiti sabay sabing, "Pipiliin kita sa araw-araw". Yun bang matututunan mo ng piliin ang sarili mo sa kahit anong bagay over pain and hurting yourself. Gusto kong kantahin to pag narealize ko ng pwede ko palang piliin muna yung sarili ko sa araw-araw bago ko hangadin na piliin din ako ng isang taong espesyal sakin araw-araw. Parang ang sarap sa feeling. Yung mahal mo yung sarili mo at tanggap mo lahat ng flaws mo. Yung ikaw naman muna bago yung iba. Yung hindi ka na bigay ng bigay sa kanila sa araw-araw.
Ang sarap siguro sa feeling ng ganon. Kasi dadating at dadating ang araw na ikaw naman yung pipiliin ng isang taong napaka espesyal sayo araw-araw. Kasi maraming tao na parang ang hirap hirap sa kanilang piliin yung sarili nila araw-araw bago ang iba.
No More Mr. Nice Guy
No More Mr. Nice Guy:
When I saw someone better, I chose to close my eyes so I could stay with you. You were my choice, everyday.
Mecca Metila
Mecca Metila:
To my ex. If ever mapadaan ka dito sa comment section I just want you to know that I will always choose you Nel kahit di tayo nabigyan ng 2nd chance. Kung totoong may next life gusto ko sayo parin ako. I will never get tired of choosing you everyday.