Bella Hadid; Plastic Surgery (2020)

Bella Hadid; Plastic Surgery (2020)

Bella Hadid is a 23 year old supermodel; once only known as Gigi Hadid’s little sister. Bella Hadid has had a meteoric rise in the modeling world in the last 6 years.
Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi Hadid have a huge following on Instagram with Bella's IG account boasting 28 million followers. Bella is the face of Dior cosmetics and walks the runways of Paris, Milan and New York.
After Bella’s rise to fame however, many earlier photos surfaced of her looking very different than her present day look. People have been speculating for years that she has had a nose job, filler and just about every other surgery you can name.

In this video I will show you why I believe Bella Hadid has had plastic surgery. I’ll tell you which procedures she has had and I’ll briefly go over each one
and make sure to stay till the end when I will total up the amount Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery cost .

In addition to telling you about Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery procedures; I want to know how you feel about Bella Hadid’s plastic surgery ?
Do you think it's right that she doesn’t admit to them? Is it responsible of her to her young fans? Is Bella’s plastic surgery a way for her to cheat the system?
Does it make you feel better that her amazing beauty is mostly due to plastic surgery?
This is also a video about Bella Hadid’s transformation!

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Please know that although I have an informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.

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Lorry Hill
Lorry Hill:
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Immy Dubby
Immy Dubby:
All these years I thought she's the older sister of Gigi lol
Bye Felicia
Bye Felicia:
WHY do celebs deny surgery when it’s obvious??

Look, I won’t judge you for getting plastic surgery.. but I will judge you for being a liar.
Of course she had surgery, little girls. Of course she is starving herself to have that body, little girls. Her diet does not consist of pizza everyday like she mentioned in an interview...stop believing everything.
Sophiieee lol
Sophiieee lol:
You literally just need to have rich/famous parents to be a model nowadays
Mariana Fak
Mariana Fak:
Whoever did her face is a true artist
Ddrsdd D
Ddrsdd D:
She made herself look a decade older, just like Kylie Jenner.
Nicole Mohoric
Nicole Mohoric:
As a kid I always thought plastic surgery needed to be super obvious, and all these other celebrities were just naturally perfect. Constantly wondering why don’t I look like that. These vids are really eye opening. Still insecure but feeling better about it.
Seth Crockett
Seth Crockett:
“Beauty is made and not born” omg what a quote queen
Charlotte Erika
Charlotte Erika:
Although she is beautiful and I mean no disrespect - I kinda feel like having plastic surgery then becoming a supermodel is almost... cheating?
Her face went from 🥚 to 🗿
Marit Scholten
Marit Scholten:
She actually looks a little like Jennifer Lawrence..
lolli pop
lolli pop:
Her face looks like an exact copy of this model,
Carla Bruni 😕
Lara Carvalho
Lara Carvalho:
I can’t believe she says she never did any procedure in her face. Even a blind person can tell she did
Debbie Boden
Debbie Boden:
When she hits my age , Mid sixties she'll wish she'd kept her full cheeks, as you naturally loose volume. I get she can get fillers and botox but still...
kimy n
kimy n:
So to summarize this, she had some surgery to look like what all high fashion brands want. High cheekbones, sharp foxy eyes, high brows and in general just a very clean and sharp look.
Princess P
Princess P:
I used to really look up to her but as an ex-fan I'm dissapointed, first of all she denies EVERYTHING when it's pretty easy to tell that she has a complete other face, I believe that bella and her sister, kendall, etc, have overrated fame, they got to where they are because of their family's connections, because they are tall and have money to do what ever they want with their bodies and faces, so unfair for other girls who work their ass off the triple and get no recognition.
Cherry Wu
Cherry Wu:
surgeon: how much do you want to look like carla bruni

bella: yes
Monica H
Monica H:
Lorry, thank you for speaking calmly,....and not rattling on about other things. You made your point very clear. Lots of people don't do that.
sophie (:
sophie (::
how can she say she’s not had surgeries? she looks like an entire different person. it doesn’t matter to me but why lie
ja’la cabdullahi
ja’la cabdullahi:
And people still be like “these are what good genetics looks like” 😂😂 yeah right, no genetics played a role at all
Elina T
Elina T:
I’m 24. When I first saw her I had no idea who she was. I thought ‘awesome, a slightly older model in her 30s or 40s absolutely killin’ it and getting recognition! When I found out she was younger than me I was shook.
I wish she’d come out about it because I need her surgeons number 😂
Kat Manson
Kat Manson:
Ironically these videos make me feel so much happier with myself knowing even the 'beautiful" people don't look like that and I love the way you articulate yourself and how you sound
Arhon Pineda
Arhon Pineda:
She was tired of looking like Jennifer Lawrence lol.
I'm gonna tell my kids that her surgeon is Michaelangelo. Periodt.
mia moni
mia moni:
Bella Hadid is absolutely beautiful with or without surgery, but I have to say, in some angles her new nose looks so scary...
spill n't
spill n't:
imagine how much it would help young girl's self esteem if she became a famous model without surgery instead
Mindful Consumer
Mindful Consumer:
She looks more symmetrical yes but she also looks much older now...she doesnt look fresh and youthful
Its incredibly funny how someone like her would deny surgery, just shows a LOT about her personality
Bella has the charisma of a potato. I'm so done with these "instagram models" that look great but lack uniqueness.
Chanel Clipston
Chanel Clipston:
I didn’t realize her entire face was under the knife.. She looks incredibly different but the same..
Celina Day6
Celina Day6:
This is not plastic surgery , this is a whole TRANSFORMATION , it's like they took another face and put it there a 360° transformation ...😲😲
It’s ridiculous of her to say she hadn’t had done plastic surgery 🤣
you be naming some procedures i never even realised were a thing...
Zinhle Dladla
Zinhle Dladla:
Here I was thinking I was the only who found Bella looks weird. Her face is creepy
First Last
First Last:
I think Helen Keller could tell she's had plastic surgery.
“Buckle fat removal” that seemingly just makes one look like they are malnourished or gaunt in the face.
Gabrielle Austin
Gabrielle Austin:
You kinda look like monica belluci 😍
Margarita Marinova
Margarita Marinova:
Bella is the biggest SCAM in the entire modeling industry!
Layhla Grace
Layhla Grace:
When someone tells her she looks pretty all they’re really saying is “your surgeon did a great job”
Silver Knight
Silver Knight:
0:25 did anyone else notice that was Natalie Portman and not Bella?
Don’t get me wrong she’s gorgeous but she always reminded me of a Russian spy
I dont find her pretty even after the surgeries. She still looks plain to me without makeup enhancements
Bella Hadid really walked into that plastic surgery clinic and said "Give me Carla Bruni's face." If you don't know who Carla is, google her and you'll be SHOOK.
Dana Hughes
Dana Hughes:
I don't like that she lied, when it was obvious she had surgery.
Denisia Wardlow
Denisia Wardlow:
Even The Weeknd knows his ex had plastic surgery.
Yeah, no.
Yeah, no.:
Gigi looks younger now wtf
I love her face, even with all of her procedures, but I fear for her future when it all stretches back out.
lydia pinnell
lydia pinnell:
She was a spitting image of her dad
Özge Gümüşay
Özge Gümüşay:
It's okay with surgery your face but don't lie to your fans
Aseya El-M
Aseya El-M:
This gives me so much confidence. Because it means that no one is born this pretty, they get plastic surgery (obviously nothing is wrong with that).
I just feel like anyone with money can become a's so messed up
Deniska Rybnikar
Deniska Rybnikar:
I think is patetic and selfish not to tell the truth especially when is so obvious as well her mom telling peope that her children never had a plastic surgery...omg so embarassing
Jacqueline Jones
Jacqueline Jones:
She was attractive before the enhancements, but I actually do not condemn her for wanting to increase her marketability for modeling gigs or to feel better about her personal appearance. I think it's interesting to know, but I think it can be a travesty only when celebrities become addicted to it that they can't even see that they look monstrous. Cosmetic surgery is no big deal. It's become so common place & the penchant to bully others for having it done has greatly decreased as a result!.
Danusa Vieira
Danusa Vieira:
WTF? Is she 23?!! I always thought she was Gigi's OLDER sister. Gosh, I'm 32 and I look younger than her! Definitely keeping my cheeks as they are, no way.
Delphine Wibaut
Delphine Wibaut:
Not to mention the amount of pressure it must've been for her to see her sister getting more and more successful... She had to stand out. Gigi had those natural, California girl vibes. She went for the sexy, sultry look.
Joanna Sliwa
Joanna Sliwa:
I've never got why she's considered to be one of the most beautiful women 'cause she's simply cheating with her beauty correting this and that .
mary mulligan
mary mulligan:
I must be the only person in the world that thinks she is pretty .....but ordinary ! ...not a Classic Beauty I mean you see more beautiful looking girls at the Mall ....I just don’t get the hype or success
annie morrison
annie morrison:
Of all the celebrities, in my opinion, her beauty benefited the most from plastic surgery. In my opinion, many didn't need to do anything (e.g.Megan Fox), but Bella had some major procedures done, big changes - and all to the better. Nothing on her looks artificial, and she is much more beautiful than she was. She's stunningly beautiful now.
prewtty . o
prewtty . o:
why she change her face? she already have a beautiful face omg
Bethany Reed
Bethany Reed:
I always thought Gigi was the younger sister. I was shocked when I found out it was Bella. She looks to be in her mid thirties to me. She also looks uncanny to me. Like she looks strange. Doesn’t look human. I actually find it so sad and disturbing that she felt she had to do so much to herself. 😔
That awkward moment when she has a daughter one day and her daughter is the pre surgical version of her
Gigi Smith
Gigi Smith:
100k investment to be a multi millionaire and go down as one of the most beautiful women in the 21st century? I’d say that’s a worthwhile investment
A. Zamora
A. Zamora:
It’s sad and disturbing how much she changed her face to be a model. I really hope this is all by her own choosing and not by being pressured from her mom or peers
Mango Tango
Mango Tango:
Oh my god she’s 23 but like in some of those pictures she looks like 40🤭
why do they all deny it when its so obvious!
She has changed the most, I can’t believe she denied all of them lol
Dee Hyche
Dee Hyche:
I wonder if all these celebrities watch your videos and think "dang I'm busted"
sal vation
sal vation:
I totally agree with you and always believed she had serious rhinoplasties. Look at her brother, Anwar, he has a hook nose
She is being hated for having "so much" plastic surgery when the average celebrity has had much more than her.
Globe Trotting
Globe Trotting:
Bella is absolutely gorgeous, about the most beautiful model ever. I'm glad she got cosmetic surgery because her face is amazing.
Tiana Jaric
Tiana Jaric:
They deeefinitely did something to her chin/ jaw, like brought it backward somehow. She used to look like her dad, big nose and stuck out chin, both of those are gone now.
maserati 3500
maserati 3500:
Pity she looked more interesting b4 with lebanese beautiful eyes & euro heritage now just pretty european
the thing i’m most curious about is how celebrities hide themselves while they’re recovering from plastic surgery. they have to hide their face because of the swelling and healing, so i’m guessing they pre-record videos and photos to post on social media while avoiding the general public.
Ngl idk why people are mad/disappointed at her having surgeries. She isnt hurting anyone as far as i know
Emma Walker
Emma Walker:
but I think everyone is born beautiful in their own way :(
Ailen Manfredi
Ailen Manfredi:
I am so lucky that I was born beautiful all that plastic surgery must be painful D:
Rekha Singh
Rekha Singh:
And this is what we drown ourselves in awe with, staring speechlessly, lost in admiration ,blindly worshiping man made creations.This is false beauty ,fake , and we live our lives comparing ourselves to these standards which are so far removed from natural and reality.
I am pro-plastic surgery. Bella Hadid looks gorgeous however I thought she was older than Gigi and older than what she is.
I find that sometimes plastic surgery ages people.
Denise Stahl
Denise Stahl:
Oh my gosh there's no way she can deny , I mean come on really.
play date
play date:
"Beauty is made and Not born"
Thats messed up
Caroline Diaz
Caroline Diaz:
She literally never needed work done she looked so good at 3:04 with no work done
E L:
Unfortunatly, after all those procedures, she looks like a 35 year old woman.
Nur Izzati
Nur Izzati:
I actually like her face before the procedure, very cute and innocent
Moon Raker
Moon Raker:
I remember one time I searched on google who is the most beautiful women on earth and it said “Bella Hadid” 👁👄👁
Rupsha Shaw
Rupsha Shaw:
"Beauty is made and not born" wow 💯
I was surprised when she said that Bella was Gigi’s YOUNGER sister! Bella NOW looks sooo much older than Gigi!!!! 😯
clock o
clock o:
4:30 isn’t that procedure not recommended by doctors for our cheeks get naturally hollow as we get older?
Then these people who take the fat younger be looking like skeletons in their 30s
consuela banana
consuela banana:
OMG can't imagine the pain she must have gone through 😯
Maria Betancourt
Maria Betancourt:
She was prettier without surgery.
Bella Carrasco
Bella Carrasco:
It will be interesting what she'll look like when she's 30 cause she's getting more and more surgery.
Alka Oraon
Alka Oraon:
Well, the old truth..You're not ugly, just broke..
Erin Murphy
Erin Murphy:
It’s funny how with the buccal fat removal speculation you don’t mention her overall weight loss. We can see the difference in her collar bone in those pictures. Do you think she had fat removed from her shoulders, neck and the rest of her body too? This obviously affects the jawline as well.
Min Cody
Min Cody:
I thought Gigi was younger. OmG my life was a lie
Pearlie Grace
Pearlie Grace:
Someone give me her doctors contact info asap
Anna D
Anna D:
This brow lifting thing started when Cara Delevigne became really famous. Now, all the models have the high brows that she naturally has.
Liz 287
Liz 287:
Basically she has Carla Bruni s face slapped on hers
Zaskia Simmons
Zaskia Simmons:
0:26 the first Harpers Bazaar magazine in the stack of "Bella" covers is definitely Natalie Portman, not Bella
GaiSensei Neemo
GaiSensei Neemo:
Beautiful girl. It's a shame that gorgeous women feel the need to screw with their delicate faces. Makes them look so much older.
:( beautiful NO matter what but .. I just won't ever understand it and that's okay ☺ just my opinion. I'd rather invest in skincare and sunscreen 😍