BEGINNER FLEXIBILITY ROUTINE (Stretches for the Inflexible)

Not flexible? Follow along with this 30 min stretch routine designed to help increase flexibility! Great for beginner's or anyone in need of a great stretch!
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100+ komento:

Let me know how you enjoyed this stretch routine! I am by no means a professional, but I do believe that doing these stretches on a regular basis will definitely increase your flexibility! Much love! See you soon Xx- Maddie
When it came to the touch your toes part and she said hold I started vibrating like a nokia smh
Joshua Valadez
Joshua Valadez:
“Pull yourself a little further”
Ma’am this is as far is it goes
linda simpfendorfer
linda simpfendorfer:
Thank you. I'm 73 with arthritis in my hips. I started stretching with you last week and already I am having an easier time getting in the bathtub and putting on my shoes and socks, which had become more difficult since staying home so much during the pandemic. This is a great routine, although I can't do everything, but I'm trying and it's working. Thanks again!
Anan Dawit
Anan Dawit:
Me : while doing this
My bones: the next song is crack crack crack
What my body feels like

Brain: Yep we can do this
Neck: It’s easy
Arms: Let’s gooo!!!
Legs: *Nokia vibrating intensifies*
Is there a level that's before beginner???? I just did this and learned I'm as flexible as a flagpole.
May Phyu
May Phyu:
Uhm did anyone’s legs start shaking just from stretching? Just me? Ok
Toasty Slices
Toasty Slices:
My brain: I can do this
My knees on my cold hard floor: no
Daniel K
Daniel K:
You know your inflexible when "keep your back straight" is putting you to your limits 😀
Love your workouts ❤️
Jasmine Barros
Jasmine Barros:
Note to self : don’t do 100 squats before doing this , you will become a human maraca.
bloominq rxse
bloominq rxse:
I'm on a dance team and lost my flexibility over quarantine. I hope this helps get it back! Fingers crossed!!!
Edit: Omg ty to all the people who liked and replied! I hope all of you get your flexibility back, and here's an update on me!
1. I am almost back with my left split, I never had it but I was so close!
2. My kicks/botmas are the same, and I am sooo happy!
3. I have a triple turn on my right side and that's more than before quarantine.
And I have been following this, but just know once you get back to dance, cheer, kickline, or gymnastics you will be almost as good as before, if not the same or better! I'm rooting for you!
Jung Naegi
Jung Naegi:
Maddie: *Beginner Flexibility Routine, stretches for the inflexible*

Also Maddie: 12:46
If this is for beginners I think I need whatever comes before beginner.
maria belan-crawford
maria belan-crawford:
I have been doing this routine about 3x a week for the last month. While I haven't done it every day, I have gotten so much more flexible. I didn't know I had it in me.
I used to absolutely hate stretching - but I've been doing this after every workout and now I look forward to it. I even feel less of the chronic pain in my lower back , which is amazing and unexpected.

If you feel like you can't do these stretches at all right now (like me when I started), know that all you need to do is keep trying! You can do it!!!
Katherine Maeve
Katherine Maeve:
Anyone else trying to get flexible now that they're stuck in their house with nothing better to do?

Update #2: I missed a couple of days, but I have mostly been doing this for 3 weeks every night and I am SO much closer to being able to touch my toes. I've never been able to do that or do the splits, but I tried going down into the splits position and I was the closest I've ever been. I was still like 6 inches from the ground, but progress is what is important in this case. Once you make it a routine, you find yourself wanting to stay in the stretches even longer even though it hurts a little bit because you can feel the muscles stretching. How are you guys doing? Have you noticed any improvements?

Update! I have been doing this consistently for the past two weeks and I have seen a MAJOR difference. When I tell you that I am NOT flexible at all, I mean it. I'm going to keep doing this every night before I go to sleep just to have a routine. My biggest piece of advice would be to focus on your breathing while you are stretching. Keep up the good work, guys! :)
Dream Queen
Dream Queen:
Me watches this: Easy its just stretching
*10 minutes* ok just a little intense nothing to worry ab-
Jasmitha Gourabathini
Jasmitha Gourabathini:
I've been doing this routine for a at least two months... Skipping a few day of course... But I am a lot more felxible then I have ever been. At the beginning I couldn't stretch really far, but now I can. I still can't do the middle splits stretch very well, but I am close. Keep on trying everything! You will be a lot more flexible if you don't give up! Have a great day!!!
Pola Azevedo
Pola Azevedo:
I was born with brachial plexus paralysis and have double scoliosis. I’ve been doing this stretch routine everyday for about 3 months and I’m amazed at how much better I feel now. I thought having back pain everyday was normal. Now, with simple stretches everyday my back hurts 80% less. I can also touch my toes and do the splits!!!!
Tem buck Too
Tem buck Too:
I watched this video all the way through and thout ' wow that all looks easy enough'. Fast forward to me actually doing it and I feel like I am dying. Who knew my hips were so tight. I have a lot of work to do. Took lo her than 30 mintues but I made it through to the end.
peach milk 🍑
peach milk 🍑:
Doing this for 3 months to see if I can finally do the splits I’ve never been able to do

Day 1- ✅ It seemed pretty easy so I don’t know if I was doing some of the stretches right
Connor Kelly
Connor Kelly:
Her: "Bring one knee to your chest, keep the other straight."
Me: "Sounds good, that's pretty manageable."
Her: "Now bring it to your side."
Me: "Hmm, that's a big no-can-do right there."
Alexandria Jackson
Alexandria Jackson:
This was my first time doing a fitness workout on YouTube. I’m flexible, but as I got older (I’m 30), my body began to stiffen. This was an amazing stretch workout, and it helped me to not only stretch my body, but to also move out some depressing energy that I was carrying. Thank you so much. I’ve subscribed to your channel and I hope to learn more from you. ❤️
Niah Robinson
Niah Robinson:
Her " this is a pretty basic beginner friendly stretch routine" me (pauses video) IM DYING HERE
This was still a great stretch though !!!
Fullmetal Chimera Jinchuriki
Fullmetal Chimera Jinchuriki:
No one:
My neck: *angry plastic water bottle noises*
When she said try and grab my TOE with my arm my jaw dropped cause my body is like a log
Nessie W. L. Neck
Nessie W. L. Neck:
why are there apps like FitCoach and shit that make you pay for this kinda stuff??? This woman needs more recognition. Her dance routines make me sweat more than any paid-for dance workout app
Isadora Fernanda
Isadora Fernanda:
Mad : So you will put your leg in 90 grees
My leg : hhmm no
That one Commenter
That one Commenter:
Her this is a basic BEGGINER stretching routine me dying
Yussuf Hussain
Yussuf Hussain:
Her: go as far as possible
Me: goes as far as possible
Her: a little further
Me: -_-
Laila Pike
Laila Pike:
I LOVED this so much!!!! I just got into dance and am trying to get my splits and more leg flexibility in general so this is definitely going to be a daily thing! Thank you so much!
Mara Le
Mara Le:
SHE: Hold Hold Hold
ME: Help Help Help... dead)))
Muayad Al-Barwani
Muayad Al-Barwani:
Im not flexible enough and im going to give this a shot (il update everyday)
Day 1: it is obvious that i am closer to achieving my goal.
Day 2: Felt better than day 1 after stretch not that much easier to do exercises.
Day 3: im having some back and neck pain so i decided to do a short 5min stretch instead.
Day 4: im in better shape now i feel my back is more flexible.
Day 5: still doing it (sorry for late update)
Day 6: doing it still
Day 7: complete :D
Marta Turek
Marta Turek:
Begginer flexibility routine. sounds good.
Maddie: does stretches and positions that i'll never be able to do xD
Kaylyn Broussard
Kaylyn Broussard:
I am obese and have decided to FINALLY take charge when it comes to my health. This 30 minute stretch was the first kind of exercise that I've done in years. I know my form was probably terrible but I know that if I keep at it, I will get better. But as soon as I started, everything started popping. My neck, back, ankles, etc lol and I honestly feel so refreshed now. I know this is an older video but thank you for this. 💗
Rose Parables
Rose Parables:
When she started doing the first exercise:
Me: is this a cardio warm up?
Della Kozume
Della Kozume:
Omg this is the video my PE teacher had us do HIENHSJSVEVYEJEBVEG
I noticed you missed out the right leg over when on back

That is a really black cat!

Thanks for your vids
This is like a magic reset button between workouts and really helps with muscle soreness, thanks a ton!
Olive C
Olive C:
Does anybody else feel like they were built like a T-Rex with weirdly long legs and teeny little arms?
Sowmya C B
Sowmya C B:
Any beginners who can't do this .. try the "splits in 30 days" app.. I found a difference in my flexiblity on the 8th day of doing it.. that will give you the beginner flexibility needed for this one!
Zayd Cherry
Zayd Cherry:
Me: starts to stretch

My body: “have mercy on me”
M O:
2:04 the stretching begins

Also, this is the best stretching video ever!
Ayah Awad
Ayah Awad:
make sure you warm up like do jumping jacks or high knees before you start stretching (unless you want hamstring surgery)
Whenever I feel bad about how I'm doing, I just look through the comments, and then I know that I'm not alone. :) Have a good day everyone.

Edit: Thank you to everyone who has replied. You guys are so sweet! :) It put a smile on my face. :)
madi e
madi e:
i’ve been doing it everyday for almost two weeks now and i can already see a difference! i didn’t want to do hardcore exercise but i wanted to get moving and stay healthy. i was unable to hold do all of the positions when i first started and today was the first day i held all of them! it was a little more modified than she was doing it but it really has helped me !!! thank you <333
Seasoned Kale
Seasoned Kale:
Me: does stretch

My legs: *half life scientist scream*
john ryan
john ryan:
"If you can touch your toes..."
* me death gripping my kneecap with the tips of my fingers *
"Ahh of course. So simple!"
Brenna Nysse
Brenna Nysse:
Class of flexibility 2020
Teacher(me):Let's take attendance
Legs:*no response*
Arms:*no response*
Back:*no response*
Hips:*no response*
Teacher: looks like no one is here guess we don't have to continue today
luiza shabetnick
luiza shabetnick:
ive been doing it for 2 months, 3-4 times a week. when i could finally fully touch my toes last week without any effort, i cried. i lost 7 kgs, i exercise almost every day, and now i see the results. i can go to the 7th floor without using an elevator and i dont feel out of breath. i can run the stadium 2 times and not feel exhausted afterwards. i started eating healthy, no sugar\fastfood. my skin is clear and literally shining. it is such a joy for me and i literally feel my body is grateful for all the stretches etc. thank you so much! and yes, the first 2 weeks i made myself to go jogging\exercising but now i just want to do it because it brings me joy. crazy! sorry for my english

Upd. Thank you for your kind words, everybody! My progress so far (started in late February, today's middle of June): i am still amazed by how food affects mood and body. My skin is not oily anymore (god, i did not need to buy expensive cleansers/creams to treat that acne?! Just to eat healthy?! What?? Blessed). I feel waaaay less iritated without cause. Stretching helps A LOT with anxiety and depression. I incorporated workouts in my life in such a way it just feels natural to do so. I feel stronger and dont feel dizzy when standing. I dont count callories anymore and dont crazily follow my diet (i felt very conflicted when my boyfriend returned home from marine practice and eated like we used to. We just cook our meals sepparately and eat together and that's ok).
Maddie Rae
Maddie Rae:
I’m doing this everyday 😌 here’s my progress

Day 1: I started yesterday & didn’t write it, I paused a few times but afterwards I felt great 😌 definitely shaking haha still can’t do the splits 😂

Day 2: didn’t pause at all today, she’s super good with dialog 😌 the hip stretch about 3rd to the end is really helping with getting lower to the ground w the splits
Isabella Garcia
Isabella Garcia:
This never feels like 30 min😂
Raquel Ransey
Raquel Ransey:
I literally do this routine every morning. Fabulous. Plus trying to get my splits back
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez:
The moment she said, "You can use a towel to pull the leg", I immediately grabbed a towel and then, Hohohoho! I started feeling it
Janitra Prabaswara
Janitra Prabaswara:
You did it calmly.
For me, it was a lot of pain, grunting, weird sounds, and my body shaking like crazy.
Yaya P
Yaya P:
On the floor leg stretch when her leg is extended I can keep both legs straight. My bottom let goes up off the ground and my knee isn’t straight.
Voice of Neha
Voice of Neha:
Me doing HIIT : whoa today was good!
Me doing stretches: shake it off, shake it off
"Beginners" DUDE...FOR WHOOOO????
kevin yeeping
kevin yeeping:
Lol you really made me realize how much more I need to stretch. This stretch routine felt fantastic!
Thank you so much! This really helps, I'm trying to work on stretching my body and becoming more flexible! I recomend this to anyone trying to become more flexible!
N R:
Hey guys so i really want to be more flexible and do the splits but i find it hard to stay consistent and i wanna change it so I've decided to do this video every day for 30 days so can you please like this or comment to remind me and hold me accountable this will help a lot i believe in our community that we will push each other to do better. I will keep you updated !
Day 1:✅damn at first it hurt cause i didnt warm up but by the end it felt good I'm learning to embrace the pain 🤗
Day 2:✅pushed myself a little more happy i finished
Day 3:✅feels really good doing it
Day 4:✅was really tired but still did it, i see improvment🤗
Day 5:✅ i did it honestly my playlist made it 10 times easier
Day 6:✅ DID IT ! ! !
Day 7:✅I'm so tired but still did it don't give up guys do it ! ! !
Day 8:✅ i know its random but how good is juice world's song wishing well
Day 9:✅
Day 10:✅im sick
Day 11:✅yesterday i was sick so i did it twice in a row today, it was hard
Day 12:✅i see improvement
Day 13:✅
Day 14:✅
Day 15:✅almost half way there! Im proud of my h0e self😏, good job, keep going !
Day 16:✅going strong🙌🏼💪🏻
Day 17:✅
Day 18 :✅ nothing new, still going strong
Day 19:✅
Day 20:✅
Day 21:✅ i really improved🤗
Day 22:✅
Day 23:✅
Day 24:✅
Day 25: ✅ god I'm almost done i feel like I've improved
Day 26:✅
Day 27:✅
Day 28:✅
Day 29:✅ 29 down one more to go😏
Day 30:✅omfg i finished it,😱its been a fun ride😊 ill miss it and im so proud of myself😏

Feel free to do it with me and write your progress in the comments
I felt so stiff after 5 months of selff isolating that my legs are literally in pain. I was never very active and I thought it wouldn't affect my body so much. today is day 1.
Goldie Vaughn
Goldie Vaughn:
Loved it! Love you kitty cat - he’s so big!🙏🏻
Isabel Vera
Isabel Vera:
Not enough people comments on how Maddie’s cat made us forget about the pain
18:30 thats the toot pose. You'll understand when you do it yourself everyone XD
Rachelle Lynch
Rachelle Lynch:
I love this routine so much, I always forget how good a long stretch feels :)
Sans Wheat
Sans Wheat:
"Hold the center hold"
~Chuckles slightly to self...
haveaniceday peeps
haveaniceday peeps:
I came across so many vids and this vid was one that I could really stretch my legs to get ready to try to get the split , I’m watching this vid every day till a month or maybe more !❤️
Rachel Paschal
Rachel Paschal:
Her: Rolls Shoulders
My Shoulders: What’s Crackelacking
Edit: thanks for 1K likes I did not expect that!
Racquel Palmer
Racquel Palmer:
Loved this, looking forward to my improvement xD !
Becky Landkammer
Becky Landkammer:
her just all calm while stretching me GRAAAAAH WHEN IS IT DONE??? her now just stretch a little further me WHAT my mom what's wron- ;-; bai now
Deiya geek17
Deiya geek17:
This was amazing love the music in the background and her voice is sweet. I will do this again for sure until im ready for something else
Really like that explaining about hip position while stretching different parts of the body! I've done most of the stretching before but now i finally feel the muscles i was supposed to feel before! Thanks :)
Charlaine Cazeau
Charlaine Cazeau:
get as far down to the ground as possible
Me: sitting in the same position as we started :)
Michael Brisbois
Michael Brisbois:
I love your music in the routine. Any way you would share the jams you're using in your video?
Arda çekirdek
Arda çekirdek:
I started to this video like 1-2 months ago and i add more moves to program. Also i searched about strecthing infos in this time. Actually it’s good for beginning but it doesn’t give more than beginning. Also i don’t recommend this video.

The thing i didn’t reccomend this video is she doesn’t talk much about movements. I just realized that i was doing wrong some movements for like 2 months. For example, while you are standing up and trying to touch your toes, you should always keep your back straight. But all i try was bending. It was just an example and there are many of them. She should talk about how to do the movements. I won’t follow along this anymore..

Thanks for the video but this words are for starters and they should search more.
Patty Villaraigosa
Patty Villaraigosa:
I have been stretching with you for 5 months , and I love it ! I’m so grateful for giving us the opportunity to stretch our body in an incredible way. I’m ready for the next level, when do you do stretching 2?
veera liski
veera liski:
ahhh thank u!! got me feeling so relaxed and kind of energized after a stressful school day
Zeynep Saner
Zeynep Saner:
"hold your toes"
me: *hands are a meter away from my toes at best* okay, perfect
Honey Nicole Reign
Honey Nicole Reign:
Enjoyed this! Will be doing this everyday. Looking forward to getting into a full split and other flexible positions like a gymnist.
Day 2: Little sore in my hamstrings & my hips, but overall I feel so good! I can stretch a little further than before! Will update later!
Update: Five days later, I’ve taken a rest period for my muscles, but I feel more flexible than before, my form has gotten much better!
Honay hoe
Honay hoe:
Day 1( did the whole thing really no sweat felt amazing!

Day 2( did it this morning i didnt wake up sore btw, still feels amazing! Did get interupted a few times ..

Day 3(played some music today it felt a bit toughter but it sped past

Day 4 is a rest day!
Asanda Goduka
Asanda Goduka:
I never really complete doing the exercises I end up laying on the floor watching her finish the session, I'm 23 for God's sake 😭I can't be feeling this tired and so inflexible.
This pandemic really got me at home trying to see how flexible I am 😂
Lívia F.
Lívia F.:
Percebi que eu sou mais inflexível que eu pensava que fosse
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov:
13:10 is this for real beginner flexibility routine for the Inflexible??
Najlaa Taleb
Najlaa Taleb:
How to give this video 100 likes ?? I 've been taking this whole flexibility routine very seriously cus i hated how i couldn't keep my leg stretched or even touch my toes without literally screaming internally :( sooo guess what thanks to Maddie i am much more flexible than i was and it feels very GOOD ! thankxx madds xoxo
You: Let me help beginners with an easy stretch routine
Your cat: No 😹
Kelli Marissa
Kelli Marissa:
This is great! Will definitely try this a couple of times a week to see if it improves flexibility :)
Knight of the Holy Rosary
Knight of the Holy Rosary:
Madfit. I’ve never known how important this is. I’ve done my first routine. I’m sore, I’m tired, I feel amazing! for some reason my knees don’t hurt when I go down the stairs and my back cramp is gone. Thank you truly
Paxton Noble
Paxton Noble:
1 week in gonna keep updating y’all every week till I reach 2 months and let you know how it goes 👍🏽👍🏽 thanks madfit
Agnieszka Polkowska-Nowakowska
Agnieszka Polkowska-Nowakowska:
Well, it really hurt, while doing the stretching, however my backache has gone and I feel wonderful. Such a great video! Thanks! I am a new subsciber!
Mekayla Anastasia
Mekayla Anastasia:
I won’t lie, my body feels brand new after these stretches😭. Thank you!🙏🏽💕
Dalia Guajardo
Dalia Guajardo:
What kind of music is this in the background. I really enjoy it! :)
love the background music soundtrack the asian inspired ones 👌
JL Krysti
JL Krysti:
I’ve been doing this during my lunch break in quarantine. Always makes me feel amazing afterwards. Thanks!
Sparkle LovesYou
Sparkle LovesYou:
I am overweight and in my 30s.... I can't tell you the last time I've done a stretch exercise routine. That was beautifully put together even though it as challenging I was able to complete it. Thanks for sharing
Tracey Morrell
Tracey Morrell:
I can't believe how good my body feels after doing this for the first time, I'm in love and am totally making this part of my routine
I love this routine as well as your style as an instructor. I feel that when it comes to stretches it is important that the instructor doesn't talk too much and let the focus set in. Subscribed 👌
Gilka Desirée
Gilka Desirée:
I used to be a gymnast 🤸🏻‍♀️ now I cannot even touch my toes. 😭😭😭 this is sad.