Barack Obama gives eulogy at John Lewis’ funeral – FULL SPEECH | ABC7

Former President Barack Obama used Rep. John Lewis' funeral to issue a stark warning that the voting rights and equal opportunity the late civil rights icon championed are threatened heading into the 2020 election.

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Sheryl Chapman
Sheryl Chapman:
VOTE on NOV 3 like your life depends on it. . .because it does!
"Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV" -Trump
Jena Jones
Jena Jones:
May we use our talents and will to find John Lewis' way of forming a more perfect union.
Sabrina Sanford
Sabrina Sanford:
This is who we are. We need again to come together and show those who do not understand who we are as a united people, of one human race
BlackBeekeeper BBK
BlackBeekeeper BBK:
I pray that America will look within themselves for that which is good if at all possible. Take that good and share with their fellow man/woman and lift them up. We can only hope and pray. It starts with the person in the mirror.
Patrick Jonynas
Patrick Jonynas:
where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?
our nation turns its lonely eyes to you..........
Steve Wisniewski
Steve Wisniewski:
Our world, no. I speak for myself. I’ve never had the pleasure or the honor to have met you sir. I’ve heard you speak and though I don’t understand you that well I am not as educated as well as you, I believe in what I’ve heard you say and how you speak in the honor and your behavior of being a human a man a beautiful person. I will miss you and I wish that I and my children could have met you before you’re passing. Someday we will but we will honor your beautiful presents and how you represent it to us, all of us. No color, just justice for all. Rest in peace and thank you for what you and your family which is huge, have done for every American and every person in the world. God bless
Ze Germans
Ze Germans:
Thank you Mr President for these absolutely amazing words, which ring so true ever today
Lic. Pierre Millet
Lic. Pierre Millet:
Mi wife and I are very happy with the eulogy about our Icon of civil rights John Lewis. This is the moment to action against the bigotry, white supremacism, and antidemocratic agenda of President Trump. The next November 3, 2020 all of us must go to vote for another President that represent we the people and never the riches and powerful businessman. Joe Baden he's is the best option. God bless America!

Thank you for reminding us of the promise and hope of this nation, Mr. Obama.
Renato Sogueco
Renato Sogueco:
❤️. !
texas best
texas best:
We miss you Mr President. Thank you.....thats all I can say...... thank you
Marie Vorter
Marie Vorter:
Rest faithful son job well done. We will take it from here.! May you rest in peace. Mr John Lewis.
staff staff
staff staff:
Peaceful protests?! 😅
Teng Vang
Teng Vang:
I miss having a president that knows how to speak in full sentences.
Dr Di B BB
Dr Di B BB:
Help us Lord
lone star
lone star:
Great obama, Great america, Thanks from korea ^^
Mark Bondurant
Mark Bondurant:
Still amazing to me how our country went from an apogee of wisdom and compassion with Obama to the nadir of depravity with Trump.
Dre Gowens
Dre Gowens:
A Prophet of Civil Rights. A graceful, yet powerful voice. A doer of equality and bringing people together as one. The hand that held the nation as his child and fought for all the children in this house... THE WORLD HOUSE. The open hand, not the clenched fist. The creator of GOOD TROUBLE. OUR hero JOHN ROBERT LEWIS 🙏🏾💪🏾🤝🏽🤲🏾❤
Name here
Name here:
34:25 "I'm here because of you". One of the truest things Obama has ever said
Gina Ayon
Gina Ayon:
It's sad to see how some people make evil comments Obama spreading compassion and togetherness.Thank God we have more good then hatefulness.I feal sorry for those lonely people.
William Wallace
William Wallace:
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap:
John Lewis, Encore! LoL!
Some Day Travel
Some Day Travel:
I miss the GREAT Speeches he gives outlining the thing in front of you and what is to come. I miss A real President BARACK OBAMA.
Melanie Whaley
Melanie Whaley:
You'll gonna learn today!
Tom McAllister
Tom McAllister:
Is there a troll convention here today? Perhaps listening to an eloquent, empathetic speaker is just too much for them to handle.
Christina marie
Christina marie:
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson:
The reason Obama “brought politics into this” is because John Lewis fought to protect Americans Ideals.

The only people commenting about Obama bringing politics into this don’t agree with John’s ideals.
Kris Kaiser
Kris Kaiser:
Он сам с собой чтоль говорит- видно клоуна и зачитанный текст!
Sunset Drive
Sunset Drive:
Rep.John Lewis will lead the country to vote for common sense leadership of
💐"Love thy Neighbor". 💐
🌊🌊🌊🌊2020 Blue Wave!🌊🌊🌊🌊
Massive voter turnout
will honor John Lewis' public service to America. 🇺🇸
Thank you Pres.Obama for your continium of decency and kindness.🙏
Yes, let's make every vote "full of purpose".
Thomas Lindegaard Jensen
Thomas Lindegaard Jensen:
The man is a phenomenon. Thank you for the video!
Brandon Lauder
Brandon Lauder:
I am Odin
Bryan Mcdonald
Bryan Mcdonald:
Sorry, just to trust.
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*:
I miss u President Obama!!! My President. 💙
Diana Brown
Diana Brown:
I love you Obama. Vote!!! Vote!!!! Vote!!!!
Astro tase
Astro tase:
Go Trump! 🔥
Margo Noss
Margo Noss:
Wow. I sit here with tears streaming down my face and I am thankful. Thank you John Lewis and thank you President Obama for your beautiful tribute.
kopi bin
kopi bin:
I can't find the video eulogy from Trump on YouTube ?
Logan Mendivil
Logan Mendivil:
This was a beautiful and moving eulogy.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller:
RIP John Lewis, such an amazing man. Also nice to see a Presidential Speech, haven’t seen one for the last 3 and a half years.
Hector Amaya
Hector Amaya:
The nature of good is the truth!!

The nature of evil is to lie to cover up the truth!!

Rodney Riddell
Rodney Riddell:
free healthcare no guns a real wage $6 medicine
Ignace Erauw
Ignace Erauw:
The most exhilerating, creating goose bumps, eloqual, speech of one of the greatest presidents you Americans ever had. You will miss him for many many years. Remember him when you vote.
From Belgium.
Peter Costa
Peter Costa:
What a great speaker. Great leader. Great man. Thank you Mr. President. From Canada
Michelle Woods
Michelle Woods:
It was so nice hearing a voice today that speaks to all. I literally cried when he was speaking with tears of joy as our country needs leadership now going forward and it was nice hearing some encouraging words. What a beautiful funeral to have 3 former presidents present and all speaking. It was just spectacular and beautiful.
Penda Jawo
Penda Jawo:
This is truth verry truth verry truth
Cara Carolyn Long
Cara Carolyn Long:
Can't believe he desecrated a church funeral with campaign slogans?! Can't believe the
Democrats cheered at this. Also can't believe this devil quoted scripture. Ugh

Barack Hussein Obama is in bed with the Deep State and will pull the marionette strings of demented Biden to hand our country over to communist China if Biden wins. Mark my words !!
Bridget O'Brien
Bridget O'Brien:
Thank you Barak Obama your eulogy of John Lewis was befitting this special man. He was a treasure this country will sorely miss. But I feel a new team of Lewis followers has their marching orders and will work hard to help protect our Democracy. And help get out the vote. The time is NOW America!!!
I weep when I realize, as this eulogy makes clear, how far America has fallen in just 3 1/2 years. Please, let's bring it back. We owe it to the memory of John Lewis.
Cho C
Cho C:
It's nice to see and hear some Presidents act Presidential at this moment in time. Our nation needs this time to listen to a stern, steady voice, from President Obama, President Bush, and President Clinton.

Noticed how everyone there followed instructions to wear masks, and social distance. This isn't a political thing, this is about life and death, and respect for one another... it's the American way of doing things.
coffee_ corpse
coffee_ corpse:
Can someone explain to me how they've justified having to have Id to vote is a bad thing. Wrong even. Like I can see why one would want to do without it to cheat but I can't for the life of me see how having an Id to vote is a wrong thing. Like I've always need one before so I'm confused how all of a sudden it's ridiculous thing to require today. Literally everyone had an Id of not a driver's license. It's a requirement by states to have a id, what's the problem lol
Wendy Mcreynollds
Wendy Mcreynollds:
The most meaningful, presidential speech that I have heard in some time. Eloquent and so moving. Thank you, John Lewis and thank you, Mr. President Obama.❤️
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson:
Great president, but for real my friends, let’s honor John Lewis here.

He was a great, great man.
Thank you President Obama. Rest in peace Congressman Lewis.
Sondra LoRe
Sondra LoRe:
To hear from a president, a leader, and a person of integrity felt so good today. We miss you PRESIDENT Obama
B W:
Fills me with peace I haven't felt in 4 years to hear him speak.
Deborah Langley
Deborah Langley:
What a beautiful remembrance speech! Thank you President Obama! 💕🙏
Andrea Austin
Andrea Austin:
I miss having a president
A lovely eulogy.
Meazi Dawit
Meazi Dawit:
This is how president look like and speech . thank you mr president Obama!
Obama is a good speaker as a entertainer 😄
alexis garcia
alexis garcia:
No mask? Wow how irresponsible and lack of setting an example!! There are too many people in there, and how did this become political?? At a funeral!!
courtney dukes
courtney dukes:
Very eye opening and correct to todays society
Joseph Gamby
Joseph Gamby:
A great man...
Jax Peng
Jax Peng:
I miss having a real president ❤️. Obama will always be President even out of office.
Darrio 🏆
Darrio 🏆:
72 people really searched for this man just to downvote the video.
Good eulogy from Obama.
Steph W
Steph W:
The voice of a real president! Thank you. May John Lewis RIP, thank you for your service.
Liz Pollitt
Liz Pollitt:
I am in the UK. I miss Obama so much. RIP John Lewis, I will miss you too.
Quick question is Hosea Williams the grandfather of Porsha Williams from The Real House Wives Of Atlanta?
hi im a normal person
hi im a normal person:
I wonder how the kkk felt when this guy was selected to be the president of the usa
sara olberding
sara olberding:
Great speech!
Gerry Cooney
Gerry Cooney:
Who ever pulled my last comments just admitted that I am telling the truth about all the pedophiles and pedovores inside our government. Obama included. Children and babies were sexually abused, killed and sacrificed, and finally eaten.
Lori Kodama
Lori Kodama:
God I miss this man! Why can't we make an exception and re-elect President Obama!
robb mitchell
robb mitchell:
Rest In Peace John Lewis. Your courage and perseverance was heroic and an example for our next leaders in the pursuit to form a more perfect Union.
You inspired President Obama who’s leadership we greatly miss and can really use right now.
I truly hope to hear more from President Obama as we march closer to Election Day. So he may inspire all citizens to vote these Tyrants out of office. And we can continue Rep John Lewis’s mission.
Val Leclerc
Val Leclerc:
Thank you mr pres Obama we miss you

-From Canada
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen:
He is an excellent talker, no more no less. By that i mean thats how he stayed for the 8 years in presidency. Exactly like communism, only talk and talk miraculously. Bravo
W R:
Why do people clap at a funeral? Has clapping at a funeral ever been done before?
Kali Yuga
Kali Yuga:
Miss having a real president instead of one who complains about having low approval ratings
Elizabeth Boulter
Elizabeth Boulter:
So inspiring!
FooBar Maximus
FooBar Maximus:
Do y'all remember what it was like to have a real president? It's easy to forget, I know. Well, here it is. This is what we can be and should be as Americans. This is an example, as Lincoln said, of our Better Angels. Please vote this year. We need to make a change. Please.
Judy LMB
Judy LMB:
My president. The last real president of the United State of America. God love him. He is truly missed.
I miss you Obama.
Benjamin Shider
Benjamin Shider:
Awesome eulogy words of comfort by Former President Barack Obama.
Scott Fitzpatrick
Scott Fitzpatrick:
I miss having a real president
The Bahamian Cook Nook
The Bahamian Cook Nook:
To the fools calling this a campaign the damn video. You're uncomfortable because you prefer to follow someone who is against truth or support someone who has only stood up to adjust his pants!
Joycel Woychik
Joycel Woychik:
No scripture mentioned, only politics. This guy claims to be a Christian??? I want that 40 minutes of my life back.
Dona Lee
Dona Lee:
Thank you President Obama for doing John Lewis’s Eulogy! He was a gentle, loving and courageous man❤️
Ron Katz
Ron Katz:
What an eloquent and touching eulogy for a man who did such extraordinary things. However, I am saddened that there were, at the time I viewed this, 98 people who put thumbs down, for Rep. Lewis expressed love for all, and your decision to dislike this video says more about you than it does about this video.
Fake Religions
Fake Religions:
This was the same church where Dr. King used to go to but the Almighty Creator saved him and took him before the age of 41, the age of responsibility therefore, he did not fall into Idol Worshiping a fake name Jesus which, you would never find this man-made name in the original Bible in Aramaic language nor in the Arabic Quran. That was why the Almighty Creator kicked out all of those 4200 fake and false religions all over the world from their places of Idol Worship by this pandemic because of their illegitimate religious practices. The man you are praising did not make it at the Almighty Creator because, he nullified all of his works by falling into Idol Worship which is the only unforgivable sin. That was a sad news.
Bryan Mcdonald
Bryan Mcdonald:
The truth
Harriett Bell
Harriett Bell:
IT is so good to see one great man eulogize another great man. You will be missed John Lewis but never forgotten.
linda mills
linda mills:
A great man saying what another great man fought for his whole life, these 2 men will always be American HEROS.
Roger Gunning
Roger Gunning:
He will be sadly missed r.i.p my friend and thanks for wat u done for our country