Back To The Future [1985] - The DeLorean

Original scene from the first Back To The Future movie

This is the scene where the DeLorean is introduced for the first time, serving as a time machine made by Doc Brown.

Note: the scene is mirrored in order to prevent copy right issues with Universal

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Abdulla Alkhoori
Abdulla Alkhoori:
The original Rick & Morty
when you realize that their future is your past
Whatever you do, don't set it for 2020.
when the car is more appreciated than the characters
It always amazes me how, with so little backstory, this film completely convinces us that a kooky old scientist and a skateboarding garage band kid could be best friends.  Not 'mentor and student', not 'father figure and surrogate child', but just best friends.  Amazing!
The moment I decided I was going to be a nerd for the rest of my life.
Carly Ikuma Aldridge
Carly Ikuma Aldridge:
Seriously, one of the greatest movies ever made.
pp lai
pp lai:
I am addicted to this movie. I watch it over and over again with same excitement and it never gets board.
Dan Jenkins
Dan Jenkins:
Marty tries to step aside and doc is like nope. If this ish don’t work we’re both dying. 😂
Kieran Bricker
Kieran Bricker:
Docs new rule: DON’T SET IT TO 2020 OR DEATH
Sarthak Shetty
Sarthak Shetty:
I came here from future in 2019 after watching Avengers Endgame
Eggs is eggs
Eggs is eggs:

I love his delivery of that line.
Dmac 740
Dmac 740:
Movie was made perfect any other car wouldn't of worked.
The 80s were awesome
The Wraith
The Wraith:
Film this today and people would scream about animal abuse.
"He's using a dog to test a potentially dangerous machine!"...etc.
joan marie
joan marie:
as hulk in endgame says: "time travel!"
Mr Yusuf
Mr Yusuf:
Back to the future gives me hope for the future lol
Cloo Viewer
Cloo Viewer:
I just realized something...

How did Doc get into the delorean while inside the trailer? The doors open upwards.
I'd say something about how did he remote control a manual DeLorean, but it's also a time machine, so that's kind of the least of our worries.
MGTOW And Jubilant
MGTOW And Jubilant:
Marty: Doc, you don't just walk into a store and buy plutonium! Did you rip that off?
Doc Brown: [waving arms] Of course! From a group of Libyan nationalists. They wanted me to build them a bomb, so I took their plutonium and in turn gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts!

My favorite line along with Marty's reaction after this

Joks iZantos
Joks iZantos:
Does it run with pym particles?
Douglas Foley
Douglas Foley:
“When this baby hits 88 miles per hour. You’re gonna see some serious shit.” One the best and most iconic lines in cinema history. 👍
Del Taco Jordan
Del Taco Jordan:
Wait a minute wait a minute Doc
Are you telling me you built a TIME MACHINE
Out of a DeLorean!!?
Yes '
Yes ':
"Jesus Christ doc you disintegrated Einstein!"
Toast Roast
Toast Roast:
This is easily the best movie i've ever watched.
The first time I heard of it, it wasn't attracted to the movie. So I was just scrolling through channels on the TV, and I saw Back to the Future. I decided to watch it. It was worth my time.
Jeff Hartwig
Jeff Hartwig:
The screen is flipped.... "LLAM SENIP NIWT" should be "TWIN PINES MALL" lol
0:06 "Twin Pines Mall."

Easter Egg: When Marty returns to this mall at the end of the movie, the sign has changed to the "Lone Pine Mall." (Because Marty ran over and killed one or more of Old Man Peabody's pines the first time he traveled back to the past.
Sancho O'Dell
Sancho O'Dell:
Marty McFly:" Doc. Are you telling me that you built a TIME MACHINE.... .out of a DeLorean?"
Dr Emmet Brown: "Well I figured if you gonna make a time machine out of a car. You should do it in style!"*

*approximate quote
Iron Shark
Iron Shark:
Steven Spielberg is a pure genius! Who else can visualise a story like this??
Service MegatroniX
Service MegatroniX:
greatest movie ever, too many years ahead of it's time ...
Sparta Rage Kick
Sparta Rage Kick:
okay just watched this again.....sooooo doc stole plutonium from the lybians.....yet they show up w/one van w/one shooter....after a balck market rare high end resource had been stolen from em.....lmfao.....sooooo ridc....if u stole drugs from the cartel....u wouldnt be chased by just one van w/one shooter....lmfao...plutonium is way much more valuable....yet one van....come on now....
There are extremely rare amount of films that get me hyped every...single...time I watch them and this trilogy is one of them. Its just so perfectly done.
Starkster Industries
Starkster Industries:
*Meanwhile during the events of Stranger Things 3...*
nazar volkoff
nazar volkoff:
this is one of my favorite movies i watched it so many times and i would still watch it again and again.. i learned english from watching american movies...
Nintendo&Pixar Fanatic 2001
Nintendo&Pixar Fanatic 2001:
3:50 This should be me escaping 2020 in a nutshell.
One of the best scenes in movie history
Richard Cano
Richard Cano:
Doc is clearly suicidal and was willing to take Marty with him.

If you pay attention to some of the small details of the movie, Doc had a family fortune which he depleted in order to pay for his time experimentation. In the opening scene there are "Past Due" bills laying around Doc's garage. He is out of money. Look even closer at the opening scene and there's a newspaper article about how his mansion from 1955 burned down and he sold his land shortly after. It's suspect that Doc burned down his own mansion for the insurance money to fund his research. It's pretty clear that Doc is taking extreme measure's to fuel his obsession with his time machine, even going so far as to work with Libyan terrorist.

Now with this is mind, think about Doc's other inventions. They're crap. His mind reading machine doesn't work, the trinkets in the garage are shoddy, and even his clock tower model in 1955 nearly burns his house down. He has no money. No family. And his only friend is a naive young kid and a shaggy dog. The DeLorean Time Machine is all he really has to live for.

This scene is his moment of truth. Look at his reaction when it works. He is just as shocked and surprised as Marty. He was NOT 100% sure the DeLorean would work. So why the hell did he have the car drive right towards him? It's because he was in the mindset that "This is it. It comes down to this. If my life's work fails me now, I don't want to live anymore." And the fact that he didn't let Marty move out of the way means he was willing to take the poor kid with him to the dark abyss. This scene was one miscalculation away from a murder suicide, proving that Doc was just as crazy and dangerous as everyone kept telling Marty he was.

On the surface, Doc just seems like a cooky one dimensional cartoon of a character, but this incredible movie contains all the hints and details that really show he's a person with secrets, struggles, triumphs and defeats.

Fuckin' love Back to the Future.
A Thing
A Thing:
3:48 British drivers be like…
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown:
My Dad was 20 years old and my Mom was 21 years old when they saw this movie in 1985.
Mihir Does Stuff
Mihir Does Stuff:
*Weird flux capacitor but ok...*
KuR4I3iye With Milk
KuR4I3iye With Milk:
The best of the best my childhood legend. 😭
Ben Tedds
Ben Tedds:
Meanwhile, in an alternate timeline:
"Jesus Christ, Doc, you disintegrated Einstein!"
"Yes, Marty! My bomb for the Libyans works perfectly!"
Luke Cooksey
Luke Cooksey:
For me this is one of the greatest scenes in movie history
Landon Keller
Landon Keller:
Just pulled out a deluxe from his mobile operations center
Mickey Winters
Mickey Winters:
Watch out people. Here comes the pathetic preteens from stranger things that are gonna highjack this 80s video begging for attention and likes, and making sure they tell us why they are watching this..👹🖕👹
Vj. gibson
Vj. gibson:
If I had a time machine like that I would time travel to the same exact moment China created that virus,i would go back in time and stop that virus from happening
Wait a minute, Doc... Are you telling me this is the longest minute in the history of time?!
0:03 You can hear Amtrak General Motors F40PH #254’s Horn on Southern Pacific’s Sunset Mainline between LA-Yuma in City of Industry California before it got change.
Bad MoFo
Bad MoFo:
Anyone else confused that the deloreans a manual but the doc drives it with his controller?
Ang Li
Ang Li:
This was one of the most mind blowing movies I’ve event seen
0:28 man that car sounds good it’s a shame DMC cars never sounded that good in real life!!
Tails_Gamer 10192
Tails_Gamer 10192:
3:03 when this baby hits 80 mph your going to see some serious shit
Nicholas Martinez
Nicholas Martinez:
The soon to be mom: I’m pregnant
The soon to be dad: 3:51
Eli Echavarria
Eli Echavarria:
0:31 Pink Wheels.
Christopher Love
Christopher Love:
This movie never gets old, especially this scene!!!!
Brittany C.
Brittany C.:
Great Scott! Happy 35th anniversary of the film’s release! 🙌🤩
Seven Co: YouTube
Seven Co: YouTube:
3:01 the start of one of my fav songs
Angel Avila
Angel Avila:
This is where Rick and Morty got there idea from. And many othere movies and tv shows. Still one of my favorite.
Wafflely Birb
Wafflely Birb:
We can’t forget that Einstein started it all
That’s why we need to appreciate pets more in movies
why do movies from the 1980's feel like magic, while modern movies feel like "meh, another cgi monster"
Christopher Adams
Christopher Adams:
That is the coolest remote control ever!
I count myself blessed having watched this in the theater as a kid. It is still just as mesmerizing and wonderful as when I first saw it. Truly a masterpiece. I love everything about it, especially the look Doc gives Marty when he tries to inch away. "What do you think you are doing? Get back here!"
What did I tell you 88 mph!!!!!!!!
Aaron S.
Aaron S.:
*"Don't stop, Wibur! DRIIIIVE!!!"*
"When this baby hits 88mph, you're gonna see some serious shit."

Then one of the greatest sequences in cinema history follows. Never fails to give me goosebumps!
2020 still its not feels like the future show in this movie
Jordan Wells
Jordan Wells:
Wait a minute Doc, are you telling me we have to go back to the future, in a DeLorean?
Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen:
Christopher Lloyd is such a great actor. One of my favorites.
Ho Li
Ho Li:
4:32 when the hell are they lmfao
Bingham Guevara
Bingham Guevara:
At 0:34, the photo booth in the background to the right of the opening truck door has a picture of a red fox running. Could this be a a directorial reference to Michael J FOX wearing a RED lifejacket and who will also - in a few minutes - be trying to RUN AWAY from the terrorists?
Eym Me
Eym Me:
I thought it was Twin P"nis Mall
josh denton
josh denton:
i love the fact that it happened out in front of a "JCPenny"
Soy Rarity
Soy Rarity:
I Love The Back To The Future
Erik Hackney
Erik Hackney:
"Are you telling me that you built a time machine..." (turns to the audience) "...out of a Delorean?"
Zelda Lover
Zelda Lover:
It always cracks me up when you see Marty’s face during “You built a time machine out of a DeLorean” 😂😂😂
Abraham Yedwab
Abraham Yedwab:
When you can’t outrun a VW Micro Bus...
Neftali Rivera Jr
Neftali Rivera Jr:
This scene classic, I remember when I first viewed this film when i was twelve years old and seeing for the first time the Delorian goes through time, I said to myself "Oh Shit!"lol
Scott Scott
Scott Scott:
2:53 That Delorian sounds like it has some extra HP under the hood
Mihael Vrebac
Mihael Vrebac:
when this baby hits 88mph, you're gonna see some seroius shit!!
Chris Binion
Chris Binion:
This scene may be mirrored...but the DeLorean Motor Company logo can never be. ]M[
André Manriquez
André Manriquez:
I am Flying High on your Style:-•~ In the Eye of the Morning You are a Flowing Prerogative like a Champagne Supernova with a Doppler to make it “Reign”-‘~|
Me: holds backspace on my phone for too long
My phone: 3:55
Phani 17-3C8
Phani 17-3C8:
I really loved the scene at 3:28 🤣🤣
I love how the real DeLorean's engine was so anemic they had to dub in the sound of a 350 Chevy V8.
That is the same jcpennies where cwc got there delorean
Trevor Holohan
Trevor Holohan:
Definitely one of the greatest movies EVER made. The 80's were an amazing decade to grow up in. Happy days! 👍😁😁😁
camaro rider
camaro rider:
0:26 the reason I only drive V8 cars
Rizkia Andhita
Rizkia Andhita:
If u close your eyes you listen to tom holland sound
Christopher Spaulding
Christopher Spaulding:
I WILL own a DeLorean before I die...
Disney is the Devil
Disney is the Devil:
Even though it was mostly set in the 50's, this movie pretty much sums up the vibe of the 80's.
Coacha Cola
Coacha Cola:
3:56 Pause, you can see oil or flammable liquid poured beneath the actor's feet

3:57 Pause, you can see the actors were replaced with mannequins

3:58 Pause, you can see the green screen
Randy SoCal
Randy SoCal:
One of the Best Movies Ever i seen this movie in the 80s as a kid
But doc, I wasn’t recording.
"Jesus Christ Doc, you disintegrated Einstein!"
Now, my current age, 11, I was surprised to see this that it was made in the 1980s. It looks like it was more created in 1990s.
Howaboutthat 2013
Howaboutthat 2013:
2:41 I love his voice!!!!!
Pamela Harrington
Pamela Harrington:
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour you're gonna see some serious shit!!
John Smith
John Smith:
This must be the British version where the steering wheel is on the right
Back to the future my fevorite childhood movie till today