Authentic Filipino Coffee by Brian Tenorio

Want some coffee that satiates the local palette while supporting local farmers and a brand that is truly our own? Meet the revolutionary startup, KKK Coffee!

Founded by Marikina and New York-based designer Brian Tenorio and social entrepreneur and book author Jamir Ocampo, the startup company is surely up for a good start with a Filipino consumer base becoming more and more conscious of their consumptions and with a greater purchasing power.

From the branding, the beans and the brew, KKK Coffee offers a brand that pays tribute to a revolutionary organization that sought to fight for Philippine Independence in 1892.

Established in 2014, it is not just a café but a coffee brand that represents the Filipino’s love for coffee as evidenced its recipe that includes Kapeng Ginto (Golden Coffee) which has the right amount of sweetness and creaminess, Kapeng Pandan (Pandan Coffee), infused with dried pandan leaves, Kapeng Labuyo (Chili Coffee), which is an instant favorite for foreign customers, Kapeng Salabat (Ginger Coffee), a ginger drink mixed in coffee, the Triple A Premium Barako Coffee and Café Filipino which is the KKK’s king of all coffee.

Aside from the coffee recipes, they also offer meals that can go with the drink which they call coffee pairings such as suman and tablea which are sourced from Luzon all the way down to Mindanao.

The next time you think of heading to Starbucks, CBTL or Seattle, think again.

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I have lived in Mindanao, Philippines for 7 years now. With the exception of the few times I have been able t travel to Davao and visit Starbucks , I have not had a single cup of coffee that I did not spit out, then pour out! So where the Hell can I find this Filipino coffee that can equal Colombian, Indonesian, or Kenyan blends that I drank everyday from shortly after birth until 2009 in the USA when I moved here?!