August Alsina goes off on Keke Palmer after she denies dating him: "I curved you!" | Naya updates

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Mahogany Batiste
Mahogany Batiste:
There was no reason for him to bring up her Mental Instability, she didn’t bring up his drug addiction.
Daniella Prince
Daniella Prince:
August is tired of people not claiming him 😭😭😭😭😭
jae S.
jae S.:
He’s out here really acting like a bitter side chick...
tasha phanor
tasha phanor:
I don't feel bad for August, coming for keke cause he's mad at jada for saying it was an entanglement,but yet he will not come for the celebrity men who actually clowned him.
Juanise Oliver
Juanise Oliver:
Keke come thru... whew chile 😶 I'm tired of these men shading her, she deserves so much better from the industry. I'm rooting for you girl 💪🏾💅🏾
Nicole Wesley
Nicole Wesley:
I agree with Keke’s response. There are more concerning things to worry about than the jada and August mess.
Latoya Cross
Latoya Cross:
Honestly, social media is the worst place to go when you're going through something.
Sarcastic Sagittarius
Sarcastic Sagittarius:
He saying “you could possibly neva” as if he didn’t sleep with the married cat looking lady 🙄
Tricia Leftwich
Tricia Leftwich:
I’m starting to think August is the reason these women aren’t claiming him. Maybe he needs to recognize this about himself.
Angela brookes
Angela brookes:
Hurt people Hurt people aug is just as unstable as the people hes mad at
Choconet Hotcoco
Choconet Hotcoco:
It's called misplaced aggression. August is mad at Jada but she's too big for him to strike out at but Keke is on his level so he unjustifiably rips her head off for nothing.
Rosemary Ngugi
Rosemary Ngugi:
My heart goes out to Naya's child. No child should ever grow up without their Mother.
Nashley Grey
Nashley Grey:
August was the one who put his business for the public to see so he shouldn't be mad when people show their opinions about it He is messy
He thought he had a relationship when they were just friends with benefits, LOL
sihle bullock
sihle bullock:
This young male is still seeking out milk. He need to quiet himself and be a man. There is a difference.
Veater Winfrey
Veater Winfrey:
Keke inserted herself in something that wasn't her business. I would've ignored his mess and kept on with my life. smh
I pray they find Naya ❤️❤️❤️such a sad and unexpected story
Asia Gary
Asia Gary:
If they are friends why didn’t he pick up a phone and call the girl. “Hey why you bashing me” problem solved
JaiC Bacote
JaiC Bacote:
Now KeKe didn’t have to inject herself...she knows he’s emotionally hurt and sensitive. You gotta leave them type of men alone 😂
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie:
He felt Jada was the love of his life because he was as little boy messin with a grown woman and that's how it goes! Same for 20'year old lil girls with grown men who think that's cute. People need to understand that grown folks have way more cards to play at the table than you do - YOU gon get ur feelings hurt, grow tf up and stop speaking on other people's bedrooms.
Dalia Butcher
Dalia Butcher:
When your "friend" is going through something you call them and find out if they are ok... not throw out subliminal/shade shit, and if you don't have nothing positive to say just don't post... He took it the way she served it and he served her back... lesson learned...
Ramond’s Enchantment
Ramond’s Enchantment:
August a married woman should have never been the love of your life. You were asking for heartbreak.🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Sarah Justice
Sarah Justice:
I hate men who attack women,wise men never do that .These men don’t respect themselves and are man child.
Dr. Sophia Reed - Sophie-sticated Mom
Dr. Sophia Reed - Sophie-sticated Mom:
I mean I don’t feel like what Keke said was wrong. I personally don’t think that he should have aired all this dirty laundry with him and Jada that happened years ago. And now her and Will have reconciled. I saw the red table talk and you can tell Will look hurt about all this being brought up from like years ago. He has to understand that when he put his business out there. Other people are going to have an opinion on it. Just like 50 cents posted the dm between him and Will. I didn’t agree with that. But it is a consequence of airing your own dirty laundry.
Waking Up With Wendie
Waking Up With Wendie:
Broken people are attracted to broken people. Jada isn't the only one to blame. August knew that she was a married woman. Why we always attack the female in situations like this. Drugs or no drugs, August was a grown man, who knew Jada was a married woman so he was wrong too.
Vicky Licious
Vicky Licious:
KeKe shouldn’t have been speaking about it and than gets mad when he wants to say something back that’s super wack to me
Monii Monk
Monii Monk:
I don’t like how he said “you could possibly never” as if Keke is ugly🤨
MissAlphaOmegaGOD - 2U!
MissAlphaOmegaGOD - 2U!:
He acts like a girl and he’s always attacking women but not keeping that same energy with men? 🤔
Why aren’t there more comments about the Naya Rivera disappearance ??? I’m shocked and floored. I had no idea 😨😨😨
Adaduru Duru
Adaduru Duru:
Why is August coming out to talking about women he lay with this is Immaturity.
All these ladies are low key sleeping with August but are not claiming him.
Empress Island Beauty
Empress Island Beauty:
Everyone telling Keke to mind her business, while watching a video about other people's business, on a gossip channel!
Bobby Lewis jr
Bobby Lewis jr:
The Naya situation is such a tragedy, God bless the young boy.
If a man sleeps with a married woman his character is flawed.
Lol he’s a big ass baby catching feelings when they don’t even want him haha
Regenia Neal-Mckinney
Regenia Neal-Mckinney:
Why KeKe front Her Friend tho? Doesn't seem like a loving and fair friend to me. IJS🤔
Latoya Griffin
Latoya Griffin:
What’s the point? Sounds like both agree on one thing: they never dated!
Kkay Barb
Kkay Barb:
Why is he talking about her mental stability when he has also dealt with depression.
G. Allen
G. Allen:
Naya would have been the perfect Pocahontas, RIP
Just Browsing
Just Browsing:
I had to rewind the video after reading some of the comments. I missed the part where August is wrong for feeling used and betrayed all over again. The reality is, KeKe really didnt have to say ANYTHING at all. Why is he wrong for speaking out about a friend cracking jokes about what is clearly a painful situation. I think some people have not experienced full blown betrayal. When you have a big heart, and genuinely care for people, it HURTS LIKE HELL to be betrayed in ANY way. If you think someone is your friend, and they go on to joke about using you for a ride to a location and for food (chicken), as if that was all he meant to her, are you serious right now? WHO wants to be the laughing point of a "friend's" joke with strangers online or anyone for that matter? Why is she exempt from a clap back? I think this feminist culture has people's minds warped. Like he was supposed to just sit back and say nothing? Yall are crazy if you think that. That is a grown A** man. He did ABSOLUTELY right to check her! Why not?? She didn't care about trivializing his pain. I'm #teamaugust for this one.
How can you be in love with a woman you know is married.
Dragon's Muse
Dragon's Muse:
August mad at everyone who didn't claim him. 🤦‍♀️
Moecia Kelly
Moecia Kelly:
She been subbing and shading him since the situation started he didn't just up and go off on her. Leave that man alone
picture Purrfect
picture Purrfect:
I feel keke did deserved the clap back. If August and keke are friends she should of took up the phone and call him or just dont say nothing.
Ms. Ross
Ms. Ross:
Still trying to understand why he was so hurt if he was well aware of Will being there?🤔😢
kiara henson
kiara henson:
Well that was August fault he fell In love with someone else's wife
A Shawnee
A Shawnee:
August cutting up and this ain't even his month yet....LMAO. Sorry, I'll see myself out now.
Nafisa Ali
Nafisa Ali:
RIP NAYA!! I’m so heartbroken, her body was found today
Levell K. Behatti
Levell K. Behatti:
I don’t agree wit dis video at all it’s to much favoritism going on major 👎🏾 I think I’m finally going to UNSUBSCRIBE 🤷🏾‍♂️
Antonia Williams
Antonia Williams:
Lol KeKe is the best. Why he so mad.
Tamesia Willis
Tamesia Willis:
August had all this energy and "say it with your chest" for KiKi yet I don't see him address none of the dudes out there that's been clowning him since HE put HIS business on Front Street....

You don't get to put your mess out there and then want to be offended how anybody/everybody respond to the mess YOU brought them into
Princess Naia
Princess Naia:
I never want to hear August tell someone to mind their business when he spilled all this tea publicly. Literally everybody is minding it like he wanted foh.
August would benefit from seeing a therapist to heal his pain.
Izzy LaReoux
Izzy LaReoux:
My heart goes out to Naya’s son and her family. That is so freaking sad. I really hope they find her🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Caz Robinson
Caz Robinson:
He needs to give his mouth a holiday. I wonder if he’s going talk about all the men he’s had. What wrong with this child.
barbara Walker
barbara Walker:
Did he go after jada when she said what she said?KeKe handle him like a grown woman.
Joshua Tauafao
Joshua Tauafao:
Naya was the best part of Glee, praying they find her.
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez:
Keke wouldn’t go for a wannabe thug. She’s be dating an accountant or Wall Street clean cut gentleman. August seems thirsty he needs to go and find some real talent. He hasn’t done anything to be famous.
Mya Alsina
Mya Alsina:
Keke can mind her own damn business
sheray perry
sheray perry:
To be honest she was coming at him and how many times are you gonna come at a person sideways before they come to you straightforward.
Alexander Mason
Alexander Mason:
I don’t think Keke was interested, her saying okay Virgo seemed shady lol
L.A. Wilson
L.A. Wilson:
I feel so bad for that little boy. To wake up alone in the middle of a lake and your mom’s nowhere in sight 😔
Asia Monique
Asia Monique:
I was on his side until he went off on Keke. So unnecessary.
what’s the hype over august? he needs to calm down and don’t play with my sis keke and that’s on period. his ass walking around stressed out over a married woman and he’s taking it out on the wrong one.
Appetite 4 Chic
Appetite 4 Chic:
I remember her on Smart Guy when her, Kyla Pratt and another lil girl was overbooked for prom.

As beautiful and glamorous as Naya was, her eyes always appeared sad. Child stars go through the most in the industry, but the story is quite sketchy to me. Sad to hear this. Long live Naya 🙏🏾
Renee Carter
Renee Carter:
I STANNN for kiki’s responses! Way bigger fish to fry.
I remember Keke said Will Smith called her about her depression or something like that.
Dee Scott
Dee Scott:
I agree with keke, jada and August are irrelevant in 2020
Keke is beautiful
shantel pujols
shantel pujols:
August seems very genuine. I think he's tired of being played
Sonya Rice
Sonya Rice:
Keke deserved that clap back because she was being messy, she knew what she was doing.
Cornelia Reese
Cornelia Reese:
Why was Keke inserting herself into HUGE DRAMA??! To me she's being the attention seeker... BUT WHY??!🤔
Poor Naya🥺 I pray she's found safe and alive...
G Marie
G Marie:
I hollered when I saw the pictures of Jada and August's heads on the characters of the movie Tangled🤣 The word entanglement has never been more funny than it is now
Kianna Earrings and Eyeshadow Enthusiast
Kianna Earrings and Eyeshadow Enthusiast:
Will and jada are in an open relationship. Soooo....there's that part. August should've known better. And, jada I feel like took advantage.
This child seems unstable and craving attention and validation...poor thing...SMH
Nik Key
Nik Key:
The irony of August calling someone mentally unstable 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️
Mrs Lou
Mrs Lou:
August: Get stable mental health.
Keke : Shut up!
Chris Ringgold
Chris Ringgold:
I’m also praying for Naya’s Family, especially her 4-year old Son as Authorities continue to search for her.
Lisa McCalla
Lisa McCalla:
I’m so tired of this august whatever. So what. I can’t stand petty men. Real man do t go whining and crying about stuff like that. Real men don’t go having to tell ppl who they screw and didn’t screw.
The fact that we know more about his sex life rather than his music lol
Bronzeluv_ 20
Bronzeluv_ 20:
She literally said the same thing he said. He's the last person that need to be talking about people mental state.
Jada Ess
Jada Ess:
Ummmmm...Miss August need to direct ALL that extra energy towards Jada!! Lol!
ke'ke bee
ke'ke bee:
I hope they find her, I could imagine what her son going through rite now.. So heartbreaking.... 😞😥
Her responding July took me tf our Lmaoo!!
I have 0 respect for that dude August. He had no business blasting that lady to the public. I feel for Will. Honestly, I hope Will move on from Jada and let her live her miserable life elsewhere. Maybe Jada just needs to be single.
Camron S
Camron S:
She should of responded
Jordan Nort
Jordan Nort:
Lmfao 😂 august I won’t be surprised you come out the closet in years to come
All things Allante
All things Allante:
August is acting way too emotional he needs help foreal.
Daniel Franco
Daniel Franco:
That’s too many Virgos, someone will get their feelings hurt.
Kathryn Williams
Kathryn Williams:
He’s a child.
Kelly Knowles
Kelly Knowles:
August: I curved Keke
Keke: I'm sorry but I don't know who this man is
Royale Billups
Royale Billups:
She inserted herself and was no need. They need to leave him alone cause he got a strong clapback lol
I still don’t know who the hell is this August guy
Nafisa Ali
Nafisa Ali:
The entanglement memes are killing me 😭
Nick Mintz
Nick Mintz:
KeKe and August did not have an entanglement. August is also going on the chatty patty tour this fall.
Treshell Smith
Treshell Smith:
IDC IDC I love how when a woman sleep with a married man the woman is to blame, but since August has "issues" he gets pass. Women have issues too and married men prey on that as well. Hold his ass accountable too
Carlita Boyd
Carlita Boyd:
Some ppl get in their feelings. We're human. He been through a lot.
cass Hall
cass Hall:
I don’t see any “shade”. she was keeping it real. Majority of the ppl, like myself, that believe the current movement has my attention more so than someone’s personal problems that are rich/wealthy, when these mothers have lost their son threw hate.
champayne marte
champayne marte:
You mean when he had an “entanglement” with Jada
Lmao !!!! She’s literally funny asf for that
Deyoncé W
Deyoncé W:
August really telling people to mind their business when he told the whole world his?