Asian family speaks out after San Francisco tech CEO's racist rant at California restaurant

"He was full of hate and anger."

A Southern California family is speaking out after a San Francisco tech CEO went on a racist rant that was captured on video while they were celebrating a birthday at a Carmel Valley restaurant. In the video you hear Michael Lofthouse say, "Trump's gonna f--- you. You f------ Asian piece of s----." Full story:

#racism #racistrant #CarmelValley #caughtoncamera

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100+ komento:

D P:
Dumbest tech “CEO” ever for not knowing the internet would destroy his life 24 hours after that rant
Frank Hoe
Frank Hoe:
The dude is actually British and telling Americans they don't belong here. Wow
Jamie Gracias
Jamie Gracias:
The waitress is wonderful. She spoke out against that racist.Don't accept his apology. He is apologized because he got caught. Be calm and stay away from racist and hateful people because they all are possessed by evil.
Like everyone else who is in this situation... He's not sorry he said it, He's sorry he got caught and exposed!
Urahara’s Shop
Urahara’s Shop:
Lol this is so typical. Racists claiming they’re not racist
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
That employee is so super duper amazing
One-winged Angel
One-winged Angel:
I Love how the waitress defended the Asian family!
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez:
He’s probably mad because all my Asian brothers Making crazy money with little English in Cali
Thumtl Nguyen
Thumtl Nguyen:
His mom says he has addiction and a loose cannon. Funny thing is his sister in law is Asian and she now knows what he really thinks about her.
Marcella Sheridan
Marcella Sheridan:
He absolutely meant what he said, despicable excuse for a human being.
When I see a cat.
When I see a cat.:
The funniest part is he's British and telling Asian-Americans to get out of the US as if his ancestors didn't get kicked out of this country twice.
Lucia Nevarez
Lucia Nevarez:
This employee is an amazing and brave human being. Thank you for standing up for what was right. She made my name proud. 🤗🤗🤗😍😂🤗🤗🤗
Sidecartouring Motoconcept
Sidecartouring Motoconcept:
I want this waitress to work in my company. Well done
Who goes out to places to trash talk or harass other people?
Just have a good time and mind your own business.
Easy to call yourself a CEO when you register your business and you are the ONLY person running the show.
Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON:
*“Racism isn't Getting Worse, It's Getting Filmed”* _- Will Smith_
Collin C.
Collin C.:
"My behavior in the video is appalling. This was clearly a moment where I lost control and made incredibly hurtful and divisive comments and would like to deeply apologize to the Chan family..."
Translation: I terribly regret everything I said in this racist outburst and temporary moment of insanity and by doing so, I desperately hope to save face and avoid being labeled a bigot by my peers,family, & friends and avoid being fired by my employer.
So disgusted with him. He thinks highly of himself but he’s so uncultured.
robert shuman
robert shuman:
Can you imagine,dating a woman like that employee. She's got your back. Should be a 🇺🇸general. Kick,some politicians butt,for letting ppl die,for $.
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M.:
He is just set mad, because I’m sure a hot Asian turned him down at one point. So there’s that! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Think Smart
Think Smart:
He is not one bit sorry. He is only apologizing becuase his racist ignorance went viral
Michael Lofthouse: I promise next time to never get caught again.
I think he's mad as he fears Asian people have a superior intellect than him.... don't you hate what you fear or so they say
Cultivation Cinema
Cultivation Cinema:
I lived in San Francisco 10 years, and it was the most open racism, all around, I’ve seen.
"I was taught to respect people of all races..." And you got a big fat F on the test.
Bigz v
Bigz v:
Whites start it, then a white comes to the rescue . A Play from the white saviour playbook.
jim rudolph
jim rudolph:
If he wasn’t caught on camera, would he be apologizing?
Sunny Vang
Sunny Vang:
When they get caught “I’m sorry” 🤦🏻‍♀️
He’s not really sorry, he’s just sorry that he got filmed!
Linda Humes
Linda Humes:
This guy is a loose cannon, how does that kind of nasty rant “just happen”? He’s sorry.... that he got exposed
Me ow
Me ow:
he's just sorry because his asian investors might back out looool
Idk Idk
Idk Idk:
He “lost control” ok sure and pigs can fly
Say What
Say What:
I'm not a duck, I've just got feathers, webbed feet, a bill and I'm quacking.
Juliana acosta
Juliana acosta:
He’s only saying “sorry” because he was caught showing his true colors.
stangmaster 2
stangmaster 2:
When I was about 5, my father's job took us to Tokyo for almost three years. I went to school on a military base near our home.
The Japanese wre very nice to us, always waving or smiling at us.
When we came back to the US, that is when I discovered racism.
Evidently we white Americans were not supposed to have Asian, black, or Jewish friends.
Asians I now know, are still like the Japanese.
Dana Fujii
Dana Fujii:
"I was taught to respect people of all......"

Are you lying or trying to convince yourself?
Anyone can call themselves a "CEO" of their own "consulting firm". BTW, that server/manager is truly an amazing defender of equality
So basically his employer told him, apologize with crocodile apology so you can keep your job regardless of your racist nature.
Bohemia Lite
Bohemia Lite:
Maybe he does this in all restaurants so that he can get a free meal
Yes, he meant ever word and was caught. He's sorry.... Yes, he's a Sorry azz.
He said go back to your own country. Another white person forgetting he is descended from immigrants at some point
John Lee
John Lee:
"I would like to deeply apologize to the Chan family..." Sir, that apology may have come too little too late.
Bosss Pansss
Bosss Pansss:
The irony is that he isn’t even from the US, and the Asian family is Asian American.
Get out of here! These are the first guests we’ve had in 4 months!
Susie Bear33
Susie Bear33:
THEN it comes out they all know each other I no longer react to any of these "news" stories and "video accounts of racism"
There is an old saying “MY TOUNGE IS MY ANEMY” he should of kept his mouth shut
Waitress looked like a ref ejecting a player, or an umpire calling an out lol
Pat Veldon
Pat Veldon:
He “emigrated” from the U.K. to the U.S. in 2010. It’s funny how brown people “immigrate” and are “immigrants”, but white people “emigrate” and are “expats”, isn’t it? The finger, lol, how childish. He only had around 200 twitter followers, pretty pathetic for a “CEO”. He also has some kind of criminal record as well. He should get the hell out of America.
John Xiong
John Xiong:
Why they always apologized after being caught 😂 keep the same energy
Unfort I live in SF and for all its "peace, love and inclusiveness" I experience this (as an Asian American) both in the workplace as well as outside. And I bet you so much this tech CEO is the same one to preach "diversity and inclusiveness" and be the loudest and proudest of anti-racist efforts within his firm or when posting on social media. I hope more and more of these racist tech executives are exposed and don't ever be afraid to stand up for yourself if you ever encounter one.
Quantum Optimist
Quantum Optimist:
"Sorry" cause he got caught.
Smile! You're On Candid Camera!
"piece of shot"

Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia:
The waitress says, “Not today satan ! Not today!!” He’s only sorry he got caught . He needs to be fired and sent back to the U.K., we already have plenty of racist here, we don’t need him too!
Jack Buena
Jack Buena:
"... I was taught to respect people of all races..." Whoever taught you was a bad teacher.
C Beto
C Beto:
Sorry guy but u must live in a bubble. Yes there are people like him EVERYWHERE😑
Lava Magma
Lava Magma:
He must be angry due to virus hurting his business and reacting to COVID-19 😂
Linn Geez
Linn Geez:
Welcome to the BM, and BW's world where No one comes to our rescue.
He should go back to England if he isn't happy living here...
Lights Out
Lights Out:
In the words (and actions) of Lord Vader... “Apology accepted, Captain Needa.”
alexander lee
alexander lee:
A brava to the female employees.👏 She did a right thing :standing up and speaking up💪🏻👍
He should be known as “Lofthouse Van Haten”.
Zhenkal Sherpa
Zhenkal Sherpa:
It’s so sad n depressing to see from a well educated country people acting stupid things like that.. we are here for awhile on this earth nothing is granted... y can alll human being live with love , care n happiness.. n make the world a better place n good example to everyone ... is it really hard to do that????
The waitress deserves major kudos for stepping in and speaking up.
captain cool
captain cool:
Michael Lofthouse needs to be fired immediately and never hired again.
The Kendra Show
The Kendra Show:
I applaud the waitress for sticking up for that family! 👏🏾💯
GuitarsAre LikeStupid
GuitarsAre LikeStupid:
*Lofthouse Apology Translation* : "I want to keep my job as CEO! I love making millions! I need a new McLauren or maybe a Porsche GT3........Russian brides and.......Facebook......Rolex Submariner........My house.... " *Translation Ended*
FlyingRabbit Seo
FlyingRabbit Seo:
Asian live matters, too! I heard his brother’s wife is also an asian.
He deserves for the consequences.
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman:
(lol'd at "You are a piece of shot" in the instagram rage, smh)
Will C
Will C:
hes been caught in dms saying he meant everything he said and doesnt care lol
B Lee
B Lee:
Much love to the Chan family and the waitress who stood up for them! ♥️
dana sixty
dana sixty:
I believe we ran those Red Coats out of town a long time ago .🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Racist was identified by the public to be the Michael Lofthouse, founder of Solid8. Thumb up so everyone can remember his name and company.
That CEO is one of those who are racist and be racist. Then later make a "I'm not racist, it was a mistake" post.
Johnny vu
Johnny vu:
That place is Amazing. Staffing there have been great since we visit there and they are even greater for doing the right thing.
Warrior for God
Warrior for God:
Really appreciate her. Where I live, I know some people would of took CEO's side and, for others, it's not their business.
Just Wendt
Just Wendt:
His action do speak louder. I believe he meant the words as well. I am so sorry the Chan family had to endure such mistreatment.
Nobody "loses control" and says things like that, unless it's the person's typical inner narrative that runs all the time.
Shawn Ferrell
Shawn Ferrell:
Hey, I'm the CEO of my house. I'm the only one that lives here, but I'm totally the CEO so I must be successful.
Coco Ramos
Coco Ramos:
Another case of "That's not me. He just looks like me and acts the way I feel."
He had a lil to much of that COURAGE JUICE🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹He meant everything he said!!!!
Koi no yokan 99
Koi no yokan 99:
"Calibrating" "Having Fun" It's everybody's right and ability to do so.
God bless.
And here’s the kicker...he's from the UK and therefore AN IMMIGRANT!
Of course they don’t tell what caused the reaction in the first place
Austin Kinser
Austin Kinser:
So so sad. I remember back in 2014 when my partner and I went to a Golden Corral in Robinson, PA and we had been sat next to a family who asked our waitress if they could do anything about gay people coming into the restaurant. They asked her to have us move tables. Which I refused. She was kind and said she made the manager aware and if they bothered us, they would be asked to leave. We just sat quietly, awkwardly, and ate our food. The sad thing is, they had two kids with them I remember. Which they will train to be the same way.
Anthony White
Anthony White:
Beautiful family having a good time spoiled by a miserable piece of human waste and that's all that guy will ever be with that mindset. Well done to the lady who stood up for the family. ✌
Nieves Dela Rosa
Nieves Dela Rosa:
Thanks to that person that step in too show that we still have amazing people with goodloving 💓s
Ramona Ray
Ramona Ray:
He’s crying crocodile tears, he absolutely meant what he said! What did an Asian do to him.
Wow and he forgave him! Whoa mamá!
Joni Deppu
Joni Deppu:
It's hilarious how the statement clearly wasn't written by the guy lol
david lasher
david lasher:
Just keep an eye out for that guy!
Next thing you know he's back with a weapon! ....
Look at what he was taught, but that DNA can't help but express. Its just in em, that little Colonial Demon is there, just waiting to bust out as soon as Melanation is around it.
You can tell that racism is in this man's DNA. I don't think he will change.
This scene looks familiar and reminds me of every time a person in high power status goes on a crazy tyrant moment...they have their typical generic apology letter about a lapse in their judgement and this is not a true reflection of who they are and that they were raised better...someone should've punch this guy's light out and I could've printed them that same generic apology letter.
Star Pepper
Star Pepper:
Y'all always apologizing, he MEANT EVERY WORD!
Txawj Vwj
Txawj Vwj:
That guy use to have an Asian girlfriend that cheated with an Asian guy and got married to the him. LoL sad loser.
Richard Dela Cruz Quimpo
Richard Dela Cruz Quimpo:
Sometimes we want to be good that we forget how to be kind.

To the racist : God bless you.

High fly Filipino people . . Mla, Philipppines
He’s a liar! He meant what he said. Racists feel so comfortable now showing their true colors. Come on out with it! Let your true colors be known. We aren’t taking it anymore.
Great job for that waitress. Instant action, I love it.
Ora Franc
Ora Franc:
What a sweet employee to defend her customers 💖
Jonny Q
Jonny Q:
He should’ve went back to where he came from aka his mom