Ashley Park | My Story

Ashley shares how her fight through cancer taught her the meaning of faith and community.

Speaker: Ashley Park
Filming: Jon Jorgenson
Editing: DJ Ulbert
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38 komento:

Nina Sgro
Nina Sgro:
“Don’t put that in tHERE I AM NOT JESUS!!!” I love her so much.
And now tony nominee! What an inspirational story
I thought I couldn’t love her more then I found out she was a cancer survivor my respect for her like shot through the roof
danessa itaya
danessa itaya:
Wow Ashley! What a great message! You've come a long way from the little girl I used to babysit! Keep up the great work and keep sharing your message!
Jana Haas
Jana Haas:
I've almost cried!
God is everywhere doing such life changing things.
Great story!
Lydia K
Lydia K:
She's a beautiful person.
Thank you so much, Ashley, for sharing your story. My friend Mark Dancewicz was in Broadway's cast of Mama Mia as well. YAY! What really struck me about your story was not just your illness (I've gone through 6 years of chronic illness). But it was the fact that you're a Believer and an actress. That alone feeling I have had many times in hospitals, but also many times in being an actress  and a Christian. I just wanna thank you so much for sharing as I really resonated with feeling alone, but never being alone because the Lord is always there with you. Never stop enjoying The Arts and may you continue to keep pressing on the Father. Blessings!
Sally Nelson
Sally Nelson:
This was a wonderful testimony. As has been said, GOD is everywhere and in everything. As Chuck Smith would "hold the course" and I would add, keep looking up....Psalm 121.
Ashley Romney
Ashley Romney:
You are the epitome of faith & courage!! You are absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing your story to make an impact on this world. You are making a difference.
Kwame Assan Essuman
Kwame Assan Essuman:
Wow powerful comments. Especially with Ashley I do agree with your comment "you are an epitome of faith.
Your story brought me to tears. God is good !!
Gwen Hughes
Gwen Hughes:
She's an ANGEL
Delphine Mousseau-Robiot
Delphine Mousseau-Robiot:
Such a great testimony. Thanks for sharing.
Kwame Assan Essuman
Kwame Assan Essuman:
Wow powerful comments. Especially with Ashley I do agree with your comment "you are an epitome of faith.
Gretchen is the best plastic change my mind
Elena Zumzi
Elena Zumzi:
So beautiful , she is such a lovely person ~♡ .
great definition of faith!
Matt Manning
Matt Manning:
My friend Mary Clare was diagnosed with Cancer during preschool thankfully she survived
Emma Lilla
Emma Lilla:
I never knew about that omg she’s so great
Lindsey Turbyfill
Lindsey Turbyfill:
This is so inspiring! So glad I got to hear this amazing story.
Khendricks_phone Hendricks
Khendricks_phone Hendricks:
If you see this, thank you for sharing your story Ashley. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear tonight.
Prisca Kim
Prisca Kim:
Wow... love her!
Kaila Walker
Kaila Walker:
A truly extraordinary human being
Hannah Fowler
Hannah Fowler:
This is amazing
really liked this story, awesome 
Danielle Fite
Danielle Fite:
I love this so so much
Wow, what a story
i love ashley 😍😍😍
Liz Aye
Liz Aye:
Wow she’s an amazing singer and actress I found her on Netflix Emily in Paris and she’s my fave character. I love her story
Timothy Anderson
Timothy Anderson:
I’m crying oh my god I would die for her
Shanna Lzd
Shanna Lzd:
Great. ..
Your incredible Ashley Park
BC Sherod
BC Sherod:
very cool.
1Cal1 Leppy
1Cal1 Leppy:
Dear Evan Hansen the clog!
Mayeth Piamonte
Mayeth Piamonte:
I know someone who was 5 and had cancer, and fought it off pretty fast!
Angelica Sano
Angelica Sano: