Ariadna Gutiérrez's Life Changed After Steve Harvey Accidentally Crowned Her Miss Universe

Steve Harvey and former Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez break down their crazy moment at the Miss Universe 2016 pageant.

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22 komento:

Proof that everything happens for a reason
Damn her English got better lol
Wow I guess it was God's plan. Oh God works weird😂
Myra Manibog
Myra Manibog:
Gutierrez looks way better with straight hair then she does with big curly hair. Simplicity is beauty!
Mathura Yogarajah
Mathura Yogarajah:
She is the most luckiest runner up
Hongki Jeremy
Hongki Jeremy:
Tbh her accent and english got improved!! 😍
Vidushi Tiwari
Vidushi Tiwari:
She isn't a bad person guys she is a human too just like us ,pia is one of my favs but to be honest I can't imagine that kind of stuff happening to me , she was overconfident and little mean during the competition and wasn't right winner , now she is really changed my gosh she is reflecting an image of a queen , this proofes that EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD HAPPENS FOR A REASON
Rhea Elisabeth
Rhea Elisabeth:
she is gorgeous. i would give anything to look like her 😘
It Was at the Miss Universe 2015 not 2016! Damn Steve u forgot the Year? 😂 😂 btw Ariadna is Such a sweetheart, a Real Queen 👑 The Universe is taking care of her✨
Nona Britton
Nona Britton:
Awesomeness love Ari & you Steve
Leafy Watson
Leafy Watson:
Hi steve some mistakes can last a lifetime in a happy and funny way ,that's real ♡♡♡♡
Pet Lover
Pet Lover:
Miss Universe 2015! Not 2016. Damn y’all back at it again making mistakes.
Gio 10
Gio 10:
How is your life?
Nope, I just made a movie with Vien Diesel.
Kiran Arora
Kiran Arora:
She is akwardly weirdly funny 🙄
Kiran Arora
Kiran Arora:
Her dress is stunning
Fitta Amaludin
Fitta Amaludin:
Changed her life..??
Of course it did.
The whole world remember her forever.
Everything happens for a reason. If it weren't for that crowning mistake, people will not pay attention to you much and you will not be able to achieve those things. I hope to see more of you stunning lady, Ariadna. You should come here to the Philippines and promote your sunglasses. Love from the Philippines. :)
Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins:
Why didnt she sue?
Margeo 2018 Ok
Margeo 2018 Ok:
Pete Wong
Pete Wong:
Even she was not Miss Universe. She’s still beautiful & successful woman.
Polo Morai Tlali's fam
Polo Morai Tlali's fam:
That mistake changed your life girl.You are even more famous.Thanx for steve mistake
Seascorp Scorpio
Seascorp Scorpio:
I am so happy for her...She is more famous than the winner now.