Apple iPhone SE 2020 After 2 Months: I Regret Switching!

Here is my Apple iPhone SE 2020 Review after 2 months of daily use. I switched from my iPhone 11 Pro Max for 2 months to share my experience so think of this as a long term iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro Max review. Included is a real life daily battery life breakdown and iphone se 2020 battery test.

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iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 8 Camera Comparison:

Doesn't matter if you call it iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone SE 2 this $400 iphone is really great for the budget market. The iphone se vs iphone 11 debate is close because you can save so much money if you are willing to sacrifice one major thing. The one thing that made me regret switching. For more iphone se 2020 camera reviews and comparisons subscribe to the channel. Let me know what you think about the long term reviews!

This video was made in partnership with Spigen. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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Danny Winget
Danny Winget:
What do you think about long term reviews? You want more? Also who else has a iPhone SE 2020 and what’s your experience been like?
Thomas Gulick
Thomas Gulick:
The battery life isn't bad at all. I've had my SE for about two weeks now and it lasts all day no problem. People just need to stop spending 10+ hours a day on their phone.
Jonathan Hoffman
Jonathan Hoffman:
Coming from a 6s as of a couple weeks ago, the battery life is literally 3 times as long so I have no complaints.
Daniel Fan
Daniel Fan:
While this review is great, personally I don't think that the SE is geared towards people switching from higher end phones (11 pro max). This phone was designed for people switching from older gen phones (6/6s/7) and I didn't think that you put that into account. This phone has been a great upgrade over my iphone 6s and I have no complaints as I've gotten used to the small form factor. Battery life almost doubled and its incredibly snappy. Great purchase on my part.
Also, please don't waste 3 minutes talking about cases, no one clicked on the video for that
Tomas Andreas
Tomas Andreas:
As someone who personally has a big forehead, having a phone with a big
forehead really suits me
Kiz I
Kiz I:
You’re missing the point of iPhone SE. Not be compared to IPHONE 11 PRO MAX2000 can’t do it man
Rob Higgins
Rob Higgins:
i had a iphone 6s and i have switched to a se 2020. it is amazing for me! if you have a old iphone/android i heavily recommend getting this phone
Avery Grace
Avery Grace:
Me sitting here on the first SE 👁 👄 👁
Val Hakun
Val Hakun:
Battery life shouldn't be a problem for people, who don't get glued to their phones, and who don't obsessively use the camera.
Alexandru Soare
Alexandru Soare:
"kid's first phone" lmao, can i be your child so i can get an iph se? haha (cries in samsung galaxy s6)
Darroll Freeman
Darroll Freeman:
I just ordered a red se. I'm tired of not being able to put my phone in my pocket!
Phil Black
Phil Black:
This phone sounds perfect for a person like me. I’m not on my phone very much but do like my I phone. I’m sold.
I mean I use my phone with 0 brightness lol
Few seconds in and I'm sure it's battery life 😂
him talking about the screen being too small.
me switching from an ipod touch.
i think ill be just fine. XD
Louis Luzuka
Louis Luzuka:
honestly I got the iPhone SE 2020, and my mom has the 11 and my sister has the 11 pro and honestly the battery is something you get used to honestly I love this phone and I can't see myself where anything else can come close, especially as a kid growing up I would've loved this thing! 28mm f1.8 in my pocket at all times. not worth the extra $1000 luxury for the iPhone 11 Pro max I was going to get, I ended up ordering a 11 inch iPad Pro with that difference in savings, which I feel is a better ecosystem for me :D
I love it for what you get with the price and since I’m not a gamer battery life basically okay.
Jon Luc
Jon Luc:
As an SE owner, the battery life is fine for my use. I generally keep my brightness level around 60% and when I know I have a battery-intensive day ahead, I'll just turn on lower power mode and that seems to do the trick.
Elijah Markson
Elijah Markson:
Im getting an iPhone se on Monday and I'm pretty excited ngl
Gustavo Brenes
Gustavo Brenes:
Battery Life is Definitely a deal breaker for any smartphone.
Elly Green
Elly Green:
I have an iPhone 6s and my battery life lasts three hours, maybe four if I’m lucky.
yoedda forcecore
yoedda forcecore:
wake me up when september ends
PoRkTeSiNo RN:
Kinda weird but i was expecting an iphone 5s sized iphone se 2020 with a screen design of an iphone x 😂😂😂
I have the (PRODUCT) Red iPhone SE 2020 and I personally love it. The phone I had before this was an iPhone 7 with a beat up 62% battery capacity which I had to charge up to 4 times a day, which didn't honesty bother me too much because I was so used to it. So switching to an all-day battery life was out-of-this-world to me. I use my iPhone SE 2020 about 5 and a half hours a day, and I charge it wirelessly overnight. So this battery life is PLENTY, if you're an average iPhone user. Some of you guys are the kind of people that NEED the best of the best and I respect that, but there are also a lot of people that don't give a crap about iPhones (like me) and are just looking for a cheap phone that works. So in my personal opinion if you're going from an iPhone 8 then it should be worth it; but going from an iPhone 11 or even a 10 then it probably wouldn't be worth it.
Of course you'd overall feel not as comfortable or satisfied using the iPhone SE (2020) coming from the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
Yes the phone overall can do pretty much what you need for it to do, but having a small battery capacity would be a deal breaker for me.
Personally, I upgrade my iPhone roughly about every 3 or 4 years (give or take). I'm still on the iPhone 7 Plus that I've had since it came out. It definitely is starting to show its age as the battery doesn't hold as long. Even if I don't use it heavily while out or at work, the battery doesn't last as long. It also has its instance of lag every now and then.
Going back...
I do think that the iPhone SE (2020) is a great choice for those on a very tight budget and need something that can do most things. In my case, the smaller screen size and the small battery capacity is a deal breaker for me. Also, having just the 1 camera lens is also a deal breaker for me.
I'm waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I hope Apple announces it soon since I'm just about ready to upgrade.
Paul.w w
Paul.w w:
Haha the battery is fine if you're not throwing your life away each day 😂
That's what made the original SE so special because it offered most of the features of the flagship iPhones at the time and had a better battery life than most of them.
Avery Grace
Avery Grace:
Once you start on apple you can’t rlly go back... mostly because everyone uses iMessage and ft
Andrew Soriano
Andrew Soriano:
i don''t care about the cases just focus on phone functionality instead.
mashet pootato
mashet pootato:
well... you had an iPhone 11 Pro Max... a flagship phone, what did you expect? 😂
I’ve got the 256gb iPhone se. Absolutely love it. Yes the battery life could be better but it charges really quickly with a quick charger and that makes up for it. Good video
Sarah J
Sarah J:
The small size is perfect for my hands. I always dropped the larger phones. I had the 5S before this one and I loved it! The battery life is a bit short. I only make it through one day, but that's good enough for me. Also, Bought my daughter the red one...super cute!
Marianne De Almeida
Marianne De Almeida:
I appreciate these videos but I really think comparing a $400 phone to an iphone 11 pro isn't great cause we broke. Comparing it to maybe an x or 11 is ok but were probably not even connsidering that one. Love most of the videos though
How good is face ID when you have to wear a mask. Answer: No good.
Gention Qeli
Gention Qeli:
I just hope that apple is gonna produce and relase more chep/budget iphones its been enough with all that crazy expensive crap o think that if iphone will release more cheap budget phoned i think that the sales will be high
I returned my SE. I loved everything but the battery life.
I can’t get wowed by smartphones anymore. Still on my OG SE. Not missing anything. Will need new battery soon though.
This is my first iPhone! The SE 2020 is a beautiful Corona Red. I love it. I’m going to give it to my mom, the phone, not the corona, and then get the 12 cause I need to make love to it. Sweet, sweet love....what? It’s nice.
That wireless charger you have on the power outlet is SUPER cool! I NEED one! Great Video Danny
Anton Holmberg
Anton Holmberg:
I've owned the SE for about three weeks now. (My first iPhone ever btw, have liked it) I have no other complaints but the battery life has let me down :( Other than that I've loved the new SE!
All Good Men 56
All Good Men 56:
I’ve had this phone since release, it is perfect for me. As far as battery life I have encountered no problems whatsoever, of course I don’t stare at it all the time as many people do. For use as simple phone, text, and web search I could not ask for more.
Kathy Assenmacher
Kathy Assenmacher:
I"m switching from the old super small iPhone SE ago so I'm guessing I'll be happy with this one.
Bayern Fan
Bayern Fan:
Face ID is so bad. I have to take my mask off all the time when I'm outside.
Brendan Goosen
Brendan Goosen:
Love the SE, I always get one, great value.
6:10 I’m obsessed with that wireless charger! What is it?!
Prince Z.
Prince Z.:
It just seems so unrealistic to me, to want a small, pocketable phone, but then expect a massive screen, AND battery life comparable to that of larger devices.. People like thinness, they would more than likely get turned off seeing a small, bezelless device that ALSO happens to have a large battery to provide a stellar battery life. In regards to the design being outdated, people like familiarity
M Sergeon
M Sergeon:
“this big forehead and chin combo”, 😂😂😂
Thank you Danny! A very helpful review. I appreciate how well this review was given. It really helped me a lot. That is why I always check with you before buying. Thanks again !
Erwin Agustin
Erwin Agustin:
Love my SE 2, got a 18w charger for its fast charging. Im good.
T Smith
T Smith:
It’s not a deal breaker for me . I don’t game on my phone and only have usually 3 hour Screen on time . The price is great for me and I love my home button
yasmine taylor
yasmine taylor:
I'm sold mine is in it's way for the next two days 🤩🤩
Samuel San Wuz here
Samuel San Wuz here:
I have an iPhone se, and really, it’s great and I love it, it has everything I need and will want, it supports my daily usage*coming from an iPhone 5s owner*and overall, I think that it’s perfect for simple people
Jahaira Faber
Jahaira Faber:
OMG you got at wireless charger! Im sold!
I love my iPhone SE 2020, the size is perfect. I missed this so much, coming from an iPhone X.
Have had it since launch and now running iOS 14 flawlessly. LOVE IT
Jack Matheny
Jack Matheny:
Appreciate you doing a follow up day-to-day review on this.
Daymean Lewis
Daymean Lewis:
Danny!!!! lol I was reminded why I followed you again. besides the dope video and information you provide, you are an avid lover of battle rap, awesome work
Richard Bowden
Richard Bowden:
Hi started this week with the new Samsung A51 well was back in the box with return label on it enough said ,ordered the new iphone se and still got it, battery last me personally all day ,as did my phone before this one the old iphone se, screen size is perfect as got do every thing one handed, tried the big screen phone and the stress of not dropping it was to much , so at this price this new se is perfect ,i haven't mentioned the camera as i might take 20 photos and a couple of videos a year yes a year .
brian krzyzaniak
brian krzyzaniak:
really BIG IMPROVEMENT from my SHOEPHONE !!!!!
Annemarie Shea
Annemarie Shea:
Thank you for a very helpful and informative review.
Thank you Danny for a very realistic review and comments. Also, different short comings of this phone.
Bruh that face mask is way to tight 😂
Vesselin Krastev
Vesselin Krastev:
Damn, I was more impressed by these cool looking cases you showed than the phone itself :D
Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher:
I’m still on the old se and will definitely be going out to get this at weekend
Brian Lau
Brian Lau:
Thanks for the commentary Danny 👍
Battery life, screen size & brightness, and lack of camera versatility led me to use my Note 10+ more. But it is still a solid device and will give me access to iOS for 4 more years.
Joram CM
Joram CM:
I have a Motorola z3 first gen. Looking forward to this iPhone! Last iPhone I owned was the 5 in easter blue color
SE is perfect for me...small and light in my jeans pocket. Performs great, I dont spend my life on the phone anyway.
Jeth ro
Jeth ro:
For me i just want small phone.
I have been an android user all my life. And I love the platform how ever since the new iphones came out with great features that can be compared to flagship android phones hence I am planning to purchase iphone se 2 for my wife. One apple purchase you are completely satisfied with os updates for 5 years And I liked the phone cases he displayed as I put cover on all my phones.
Tan Madeleine
Tan Madeleine:
Actually i dont really mind the battery life, cause I use it as a second driver. But still, im pretty sure if we use it generously the battery wont be drained fast, and this SE would be a great investment for years to come.
Parker Woodson
Parker Woodson:
With the phone I have now. This phone is the same size, looks the same and is just 10x better.
Steve Hoca
Steve Hoca:
I want Android phone with this size, any options?
Im sick of brick phones
Is no one gonna comment on my man rockin that wu tang joint😏👌🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Alberto Williams
Alberto Williams:
Battery life makes such big difference. I would give up some features to have longer battery life.
5:07 "look at those chickens"
I got a black iPhone SE 2020 for my birthday
Man From Uncool
Man From Uncool:
The fetishisation of consumerism on these channels is enervating.
sathiya priya sreekumar
sathiya priya sreekumar:
him:complaining that battery dies after 5 or so hours
my phone :dies just an hour after full charge
still love it though.
Brad King
Brad King:
I have that phone myself, the exact color, I have the AT&T carrier phone, I got the 64GB product red color, my experience with it seems to be a awesome just the right price budget phone for me, overall it is an ok phone, the battery life is ok, the camera quality seems to meet my expectations,
Do a Poco F2 Pro camera test and llong term review.
John Mays
John Mays:
I love that you show cases for the phones so many tech tubers never use a case and then miss lead the public great job
David Eynon
David Eynon:
OK Subtle Tesla brag... HAHAH nice review
X Marks
X Marks:
Yes, the battery sux big time !
Mahlet Tejo
Mahlet Tejo:
Im definetly switching from android to iphone cant wait to buy this.
Edit: i just bought it lol coming tmr cant wait
Whatching this from my IPhone SE 👌👍
This phone is for everybody. As a power user and tech enthusiast I LOVE playing fortnite at 60fps at this form factor no other phone can beat it at this price point and I ALSO love the old school design. Why are people forgetting SE stands for special model
Just stop being on your phone all day and there is something called low power mode and dark mode helps battery
Stasia R
Stasia R:
You’re selling stock and selling new stock. Good job. Not helpful for me personally, but I learned from you outside of my actual inquiry regardless.
Tech Absolute
Tech Absolute:
I have to charge my iphone SE 2 times a day now but I have vacation so I'm at home all day. I think the battery life is decent in comparison to my old android phone with 4000 MaH battery.
Robert Lora
Robert Lora:
Danny “but” Winget – great vid man, this phone is a crazy value and your long-term testing of it def. shows that. Brightness + A13 are battery killers though.
Earnist Se
Earnist Se:
Battery life on this new se is actually great for me , I mix in some gaming with heavy Bluetooth USAge and get 5 to 6 hours of screen on time , I love the compact phone and its absolutely a great buy in my opinion
wow a Chason
wow a Chason:
when th iPhone 12 comes out wont the iphone 11 be significantly cheaper?
Big sexy
Big sexy:
I'm glad I watched this video I'm thinking of buying it and that bad battery life worries me ! 🤔
1984 Autobots
1984 Autobots:
each coin has two sides, I always carry a battery pack with me.
dave flounders
dave flounders:
Having tried the phone
Do you think your regular phone has $700 more tech inside to justify price ?
I'm brand new to any of these smartphones, my first phone last year was my brothers old Samsung s4. I recently bought the iphone 8 and that phone still blows my mind!
Woah that wallet case is cool!
zeek beats
zeek beats:
very helpful! thanks man.
Olaseni Sogaolu
Olaseni Sogaolu:
3:57 the SE is IP67 not IP68.
Admin Bulma
Admin Bulma:
Got the SE late last month and I love it sure I wish that the screen was a little bit more brighter for outdoor use but other than that it has been a really good experience so far
Y _RB:
I had full charge in my Iphone SE when I started watching this vid and by the end of it now it is low !!