Apparently Margot Robbie Can’t Stop Using Her Harley Quinn Voice | SYFY WIRE

We sat down with Rosie Perez, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Ella Jay Basco, Chris Messina, to talk about the latest installment of the DCEU.
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Apparently Margot Robbie Can’t Stop Using Her Harley Quinn Voice | SYFY WIRE

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stephanie riera
stephanie riera:
Use me like a button for: “We Need a movie of Harley and Poison Ivy”.
I Play For Fun
I Play For Fun:
I don't want anyone playing harley other than Margot.
Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush:
I honestly wanted to see Harley fighting Joker in this movie
Nobody thinks What I Think
Nobody thinks What I Think:
This is a “I need a movie where Harley and Poison Ivy are dating” button
Renee Blasey
Renee Blasey:
Spoiler warning only people who watched birds of prey can press read more

The most emotional moment is when harley dropped PeRfEcT sandwich

Edit: omg guys i have never had this many likes before tysm
OMG margot is made 2 be harley quinn hands down
Cassidy Starke
Cassidy Starke:
Am I the only who think that the best DC movies lately are about their female characters?
Daina AP
Daina AP:
this is better than suicide squad thats for sure
Ela Torres
Ela Torres:
Plot twist:
*Harley Quinn can’t stop using her Margot Robbie voice*
CozmicK G
CozmicK G:
Not gonna lie, BoP was one of my favourite DC movies.
Tevinn Tanner
Tevinn Tanner:
5:08 -
*I don’t know WTF is going on but did she just admit to playing Harley again or am I tripping*
Coulter Trickshots
Coulter Trickshots:
I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but I actually thought suicide squad wasn’t that bad
Depressed Huffpuff
Depressed Huffpuff:
I love how Margot keeps expressing her love for J.K Rowling every chance she gets.
Osian Coleman
Osian Coleman:
Ppl should go see this movie it’s genuinely fantastic.

From a filmmaking perspective as well it’s awesome truly unique.

Support it we need more superhero movies that r directors vision.
I can not figure out if she's 12 or 25 and I'm uncomfortable.
Gracie Gutierrez
Gracie Gutierrez:
I need another movie with Harley and Poison Ivy dating
how come the title isnt abt this amazing female unity and instead its just about "harley quinns voice"........
Um Uhhh
Um Uhhh:
Renee: “You!”
Harley: “You...”

“...killed my SANDWICH!!!”
John Doe
John Doe:
Why is the guy looking all around the ceiling and looks like he needs psychiatric help?
They talk about her voice at 5:08 so yes it’s click bait 7 7:
Imagine “Birds of prey 2 The Jokers Return
I need Poison Ivy and Harley, friendship or couple version, I don’t care
lil psycho harley
lil psycho harley:
True after Using a Harley Quinn type voice after a while It kind of sticks
Joel Rosario
Joel Rosario:
6:11 Harley laugh
Dave Clerk
Dave Clerk:
Why is the dude on the right look like he's high out of his mind
I'm really rooting for a Harley and Ivy's friendship in a DC movie, featuring the Joker (Jared Leto) and of course Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz). It would be great to see Margot Robbie as Harley and (maybe) Amy Adams as Poison Ivy!!!
Andrew Dembouski
Andrew Dembouski:
Take a shot every time someone says “You know”
Corinne Kel
Corinne Kel:
i swear i saw a few years ago where this movie was going to be about Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman and was gonna be called Gotham City Sirens and i got excited but birds of prey was still a great movie
Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince
Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince:
This was a great movie!!! Everyone should watch it and enjoy
Blue Raine
Blue Raine:
The woman who plays detective Montoya has a great speaking voice I love it
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
Mike Riley
Mike Riley:
Still think Huntress & Roman were the best parts of the film. My only issue was the handling of the Cassandra Cain character. Should have just named her some random girl name.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
OkayFloat Records
OkayFloat Records:
I’m noticing in these interviews they always ignore Ella and the other actors talk over her. You can see Ella seems over it so she doesn’t bother. Wish at least one of her cast mates had her back and was like YO LET THE KID TALK
Miss Perfecto
Miss Perfecto:
I really need a movie when the girls fight against the joker
Victor Dasilva
Victor Dasilva:
My Daughter saw it three times already she loves this movie.
Lovlouz Edits
Lovlouz Edits:
Holly Ashley
Holly Ashley:
I think they should make another Harley Quinn movie
5:02 Is when magrot says IT
Matěj Bureš
Matěj Bureš:
6:16 “Who’s having a good time?”

Well not Chris in this interview
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Just saw this movie couple days ago and I gotta say Margot Robbie & Ewan McGregor made the movie really fun and enjoying!
Chi Rou
Chi Rou:
Please we really do need gotham city siren ❤😭😭
Harley is one of the best DC “villains” change my mind
May G
May G:
Chris Messina (Victor) has this 'kill me' or 'i just wanna leave' face at the beginning when he's not talking 😂😂
loveHarley Quinn23
loveHarley Quinn23:
Really they finish birds of prey and now she's filming suicide squad 2. why don't people watch late night shows where they explain
Birds of prey. Is actually now my favourite movie, I am going to buy it on DVD,blu Ray and rent it. To show my support for the movie, as well as watch it 4 more times in theatres!
AK n e m. S SoS Yes.
AK n e m. S SoS Yes.:
DC: How many woman you want?
Warner Bros: *YES*
Bob Jones
Bob Jones:
Apparently the stunt coordinators from John Wick worked on the fight scenes in this movie
Margaux Dare
Margaux Dare:
People can say “I want a movie with Harley and _______,” but I just want a movie just for Harley 😂😂😂😅
Spooky Candy Theater
Spooky Candy Theater:
I want a whole movie with Harley and Cass. Pleaaseee
6:40 minutes of video titled around a moment that lasts about 4 seconds.
DES & MARI Forever with family
DES & MARI Forever with family:
I want to see a Harley Quinn and poison ivy movie!! I love their friend ship
nash sanadiki
nash sanadiki:
multiverse theory, that how I choose to think for ever single DC movie people say is "bad" or doesn't follow the comic books.

Got a give the director credit for showing passion and creativity
Helin Kara
Helin Kara:
5:41 i kinda wanted her to say Poison Ivy tbh
Her voice in the trailers sounds like it has hints of Minnesotan in it and definitely sounds bassier to me. It's kinda weird.

I thought the one she used in SS was more stereotypical NY with bits of Sorkin and Tara Strong but liked it well enough.
Your Average Teen
Your Average Teen:
Anyone else watch a movie then want to be the character, so when they watched a movie with Margo as Harley Quinn they ordered hair dye to dye their hair like harleys? Just me? Ok
Francisco Valencia Soto
Francisco Valencia Soto:
Why they didn’t ask more questions to Chris?
Just came from birds of prey viewing and it's really good it's a shame it's doing poorly in the box office.
Alyssa Stella
Alyssa Stella:
Imagine Margot Robbie went crazy and became the worlds Harley Quinn
Rick Castaneda
Rick Castaneda:
So at 3:19 - Rosie confirms has this gone unnoticed?
Mood Queen
Mood Queen:
Cnt wait to see Huntress Solo film after this... She's not only gorgeous but she's like the huntress that everybody wants to talk about.
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan:
Plot twist: Margot goes insane and turns into a real life Quinn like heath ledger or the butcher on ahs
I will see it once it hits red box. I heard this was too woke and SJW like "Ghost Busters", " Charlie's Angels", "Oceans 8" etc.
BorkMyLife ;3;
BorkMyLife ;3;:
I love how they added a child figure almost 😂
Ashna Shaji CS
Ashna Shaji CS:
This movie is super awesome!! It's a visual treat..
chris messina made so many points!! i loved everything he said
(i’m making a joke because he said like one line)
Edwin Diaz
Edwin Diaz:
Ashley Hernández
Ashley Hernández:
I just want to say that I appreciate that Chris Messina never interrupts these women once in any of these clips🥰
2:17 that man is dying of death. This is the face of boredom 😂
Vicky Thao
Vicky Thao:
Is there anyone who doesn't like her though? Cuz I just want to know? She's literally a beauty.
S K:
They destroyed Cassandra Cain, I'm so disappointed.
Love her, the movie is good, next one with joker.
Nelli Yan
Nelli Yan:
She’s scary to be Harley in real life, so I’m Harley real life version seriously do you want a pizza, oh no what was I talking about😂 o yes, so I do a lot of crazy staff, express my emotions the way she does, so yes
TheRed Phoenix
TheRed Phoenix:
This movie was absolutely my favorite DC movie. All the gals had so much personality!!
Elly Martinez
Elly Martinez:
I wish there’s a movie where Harley ( Margot ) and Joker ( Jared ) together since they really fit together.
Lucy Harding
Lucy Harding:
Great thumbnail choice 😂
To be honest at first when I saw the Asian girl I thought she was a 8 year old boy😅🤪
Cynthia Nava
Cynthia Nava:
Kiley Hawkins
Kiley Hawkins:
Title: Margot Robbie cant stop speaking in her Harley voice
Video: skips straight to Margot speaking normally
Bahaa Kaskas
Bahaa Kaskas:
3:12 a seaqual yasssssss
THIS IS SUCH A GREAT MOVIE!!! I love it!! ❤️ we really needed a great girl power movie like this!!! Because I feel like the boys are taking over and now there upset that this is a girl power movie but I LOVEEEE THIS MOVIE!!! You guys did such a great job
Mochamad Aprillio
Mochamad Aprillio:
Love Margot Robbie Accent when playing harley quinn, its super cute
Secondary Account
Secondary Account:
I watched Bird of Prey and there was no “BOO!” Scene!!!!!! Or I completely missed it but I doubt that. Literally the part that made me wanna watch the movie
Maddog Basil
Maddog Basil:
The silent boss knows how to control the group
They should have made her a female mob boss instead of a cop
Just listen to how she talks
Almost like she's actually recruiting
jace garcia
jace garcia:
I don’t know why this movie got a 6.2 ratting I thought the movie was wonderful
Vitoria França
Vitoria França:
margot saying jk rowling hahahahahahahah she probably wouldn't say her name nowadays
That’s funny cause she always seems to loose the accent every other scene
Huncho Jack
Huncho Jack:
The characters barely resemble the comics.
Leah. H
Leah. H:
6:09 I've never noticed how much her laugh sounds like Harley Quinn. Was it always like that 😂
Torres Boxing
Torres Boxing:
I loved this movie.. I hope we get a sequel ♥️
Ella is like the brightest star here😭😭😭☀️☀️☀️
I hope they add this version of harley quinn on injustice gods among us HAHAHAHHA and also black canary
Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky:
Make a movie with joker and her and they get back together😕I love them
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Gacha Stitches ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Gacha Stitches ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:
Heard she is leaving the role for Harley Quinn I will miss you Margot you were the best acting as here and I also love her in Tarzan Harley is my fav character before sucide squad was released
Margot is awesome.

Edit: I keep accidentally calling my Harley and sometimes my siblings lol. They guys as well apart from my sister.
Not FBI:
Seeing their parents killed with guns and then finally study martial art and out for vengeance? Well we kinda have an expert on that in gotham
Gacha_ Naomi63
Gacha_ Naomi63:
I would love to have a voice of Harley quinn so I can just scare my bullies lol XD
Kayla Esqueda
Kayla Esqueda:
This movie is beyond good! Watched it twice already wowww
Lu Med
Lu Med:
Out of all the important things they said in the video, this is the title you pick? :/
that frog in Peppa pig
that frog in Peppa pig:
I'm beggin you to please make a Harley&Poisonivy movie 😭😭😭