Anthony Davis & Rajon Rondo Joins GameTime - Game 6 | Lakers vs Heat | 2020 NBA Finals

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R O N D O!!!!!!!!!!!!!’
Jay Buted
Jay Buted:
1. LeBron James 4th time NBA CHAMPION and FMVP.
2. LeBron and Green are NBA Champions in three different teams.
3. Rajon Rondo is part of the Celtics 17th title and Lakers 17th title.
4. Dwight Howard is an NBA CHAMPION in Orlando.
5. Javale McGee, Danny Green and Quin Cook are NBA CHAMPIONS against LeBron and with LeBron.
6. Jr Smith is a two time shirtless NBA Champion.
7. Kostas Antetokounmpo is an NBA CHAMPION before his Greek Freak brother.
8. Three NBA First overall picks won a ring on the same team and the same year.
9. Dion Waiters is an NBA CHAMPION since last week.
10. Morris twins are not the same anymore. The one is a Clipper and the other one is an NBA CHAMPION.

Shafia Ahmad
Shafia Ahmad:
Rondo is a baller. LeBron hugged him for a while after winning. Respect.
F R:
Rondo played like 2008 Rondo tonight. Dude was legendary.
Rondo with a shirt 6’1 170
Rondo without a shirt 6’5 230

Smart Money Bro
Smart Money Bro:
Rondo = most important player. Took the right pressure off LeBron. Rondo is the only player LeBron trust enough to be Point Guard while he plays off the ball and saves energy. Mad props to the underrated Rondo.
Anthony S
Anthony S:
As a Lakers fan never would've thought in 10 years. LeBron, Rondo and Dwight win us our next one after 2010....🤯
Steve James
Steve James:
Rondo is bulkier than I thought.
Mark —
Mark —:
Rondo is the definition of a true point guard congrats to Rondo 🏆
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
Rondo almost has a goated body like Caruso.
Rondo is so professional when talking he will make a goodcoach
Rondo really won a championship as a Laker and as a Celtic. 💛💚 #Numba9
Kofi Boakye
Kofi Boakye:
Rajon says it best. If he had lebron he'd never lose that much. They understand what they need to on the floor and what to do
rafael roxas
rafael roxas:
Lavar ball says laker not getting any championship without his son lol. Where he at
Paul Pierce and K.G wont talk with Rondo anymore cause he won with Lebron.
MieL Baltazar
MieL Baltazar:
Skip Bayless bout to say: "You're celebrating a Championship in the bubble?This should've been a sweep"😂😂😂
Bring Rondo back, win 2 more in row
Humble Servant
Humble Servant:
Ppl disrespecting Rondo by saying he looked like his old self. DISRESPECTFUL. Rondo is so much better than his old self. He shoots better, controls the game better, has less ego, speaks with his game more than his words, level headed, let’s the game come to him. If Rondo was this good back then they would’ve beat the Lakers 2010.
Rondo with Jersey: Franklin the turtle
Rondo without Jersey: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Sean David
Sean David:
Howard: ima just shoot this 3
Rondo is one of those players who looks small in a jersey. When you see him without a shirt you realize why he's in the NBA. Dude is Diesel
Terrance Wiley
Terrance Wiley:
10 year anniversary since Kobe last championship.
Kuan Benny
Kuan Benny:
Lebron, AD and Rondo are the real big three.
Paul C
Paul C:
The haters must have a bad day today 🤣🤣
JR smith stats
50 claps 23 high fives 69 Henny Sipping
JoNathan TaMari
JoNathan TaMari:
Lakers Knocked the Blazers off their Trail, Set the Rockets on Fire, Ate the Nuggets and cooled the Heat
Rallace Washeed
Rallace Washeed:
The man said he watched film on how Jimmy turned the ball over during the playoffs... next level bball IQ...SMH
I’m just glad Rondo got his 2nd Ring so both him and Ray Allen are tied.
Jace Tran
Jace Tran:
Rondo rly dropped 19 off the bench today. Bron and AD had some great veteran support to push them to that next level
Omar Farraj
Omar Farraj:
Remember when Clippers blew 3-1 lead to nuggets?
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge
100K Subscribers With 1 FUNNY Video Challenge:
*I pray who ever reads this becomes successful , And we can all arise*
Crypto Chofo
Crypto Chofo:
Rondo is a genius. He has also wanted to play with Bron for years I bet.
D S:
I can't believe i like Rondo this much now. Hahaha i HATED that man my whole teenage life 🤣😭 You're a beast bro. HOF'er & 2x Champ.
Gary Payton telling Rondo he reminds him of himself is the biggest compliment you could get from Gary Payton LOLOL
1 Sub Before Tomorrow
1 Sub Before Tomorrow:
‘‘’Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day❤️😌and who’s talking negatively god bless you too:o”...
Sean Smith
Sean Smith:
Anthony Davis could have been the series MVP but props to bron cuz he earned it! However Rondo was the player of the game to me and i dont think Miami expected him to play like he did! I think he caught Miami completely off guard!!
Ill Tafari
Ill Tafari:
Rondo's shoulders as wide as AD's, that's crazy
Rondo looking like Carl Johnson leaving the gym off Grove St.
Kyrie is naturally better and more gifted then Rondo BUT the difference is Rondo doesnt need to be guided for that greatness to come out when needed. Kyrie has ONLY has success when he was guided and thats the difference in talent and skill 💯 hence Kyrie's lack of true success without Lebron and he/people don't realize that. AD does and he embraces it #GREATNESS
favin gaith
favin gaith:
happy for rondo man
Christopher Mikrowelle
Christopher Mikrowelle:
Now get Jrue and win another championship!
Rondo improved his 3PT game a lot during the break. It seem like he was automatic from 3 in these playoffs 🔥
I love Rondo. I even liked him when we played him on the Celtics, thought he was their best player. So to see him come and win it in LA in a different stage in his career but continue to grow and find a way to contribute to a winning formula. That shit makes me happy.
Jacob Wiley
Jacob Wiley:
I was a Rondo nonbeliever, but Rondo proved me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong.
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown:
When Rondo came to the Lakers I knew it was a huge get. People were writing and talking about the acquisition as if he were a throw-in, but guys with his Basketball IQ, poise and leadership ability are rare. Mad respect for him.
Paul Davis
Paul Davis:
Davis has a chance to be a great Laker for the next 7 years!
Marianne Laylo
Marianne Laylo:
Oh wow. Rondo dont have any tattoo. Amazing
Rondo is a animal bro !!! Straight G homie! This is why lebron wanted him in on the team. A lot of u thinks that’s his role was to score 20 PPG lol nah lol his role is to put players and run the floor we’re they need to be.. LAKERS!!! LA BABY.
Alberto Esquilin
Alberto Esquilin:
That’s facts if cousins doesn’t get hurt imagine the damage the pelicans would have done to the warriors.
Joey Steele
Joey Steele:
Ryan Sansaricq
Ryan Sansaricq:
So happy for Rondo. I've wanted him to win another title for years and it's amazing that he was able to still play such a crucial role. I still remember when people were debating if Rondo or CP was the best point in the game.
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer:
On the floor he looks tiny, but Rondo is jacked.
D Miles
D Miles:
Can y'all believe Dwight got one!!!After heck of career he's finally nba champion.
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks:
This was the most focused playoffs ever. Hats off to my Heat, what a resilient group, but I can't lie, I'm wherever LeBron is, the kid is special
Mel O
Mel O:
Rondo will be a coach one day, and I think his next career will be just as good
Rondo low key rocking Celtics colorway shoe was not random.
Greatness S
Greatness S:
“Since they traded my son, they’ll never win a championship! I GUARANTEE!!!”
Marc Specter
Marc Specter:
Now they talking Miami is weak.

The East had the Celtics, the reigning Champs Raptors and Back-to-Back MVP Giannis' Bucks
Nemar Resultan
Nemar Resultan:
Jimmy Butler just submitted one of the most impressive postseason efforts we’ve ever seen.

The Miami Heat were never expected to make a deep run.

In fact, everyone’s expectations for Miami were so low that Butler was even accused of prioritizing money and lifestyle over winning when he signed with the team.

But he led them all the way to the Finals anyway.

Butler was the biggest reason the Heat swept the Indiana Pacers, beat the 1-seed Milwaukee Bucks in 5 games and upset the Boston Celtics in the conference finals.

Then he took it to a whole new level in the Finals.

In the ultimate David and Goliath battle, Butler’s 40 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists in Miami’s Game 3 win without his two best teammates was one of the gutsiest Finals performances in NBA history.

He then backed it up with 35 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists in Game 5.

The man fought like hell when the world had given up on him and his team, when all hope seemed lost.

Butler averaged 26.2 points, 8.3 rebounds and 9.8 assists across the Finals and played an insane 44 minutes per game, doing absolutely everything for a team that was never meant to be here in the first place.

This was a team with two of its three best players hurting or out, and a team that played two rookies huge minutes in the Finals, but none of that mattered so long as Butler was leading the way.

The Los Angeles Lakers might’ve raised the Larry O’Brien Trophy, but Jimmy Butler is a champion at heart.
Mohamed Hussein
Mohamed Hussein:
MJ can have the GOAT title. Lebron is the BOAT, the best of all time.
SO happy for AD to get his 1st ring, hopefully 1st of many.
Goose W
Goose W:
man I feel u, GP
-Gotta get the F outta here
StonedZebra 666
StonedZebra 666:
this team is going to 3peat. nobody is beating LeGoat, AD and Rondo
There can be only one
There can be only one:
Congratulations to first ring Chris Paul!
Steven Shaw
Steven Shaw:
So happy for everyone of them, LBJ, Rondo, AD, Dwight… This means a lot
Colten Thomas
Colten Thomas:
Rondo built like a strong safety
The Chosen One
The Chosen One:
You can tell they a lil drunk 😭
Hoopers Nation
Hoopers Nation:
LeBron and AD will be seen as one of the greatest duos when this all said and done. The will move up the rank i put them in my VIDEO as time goes on. Finally after 10 LONG YEARS!!!!!
He’s a sergeant major material if he joined the army man
Joshua Montana
Joshua Montana:
GP talking to Rondo: Only two real point guards in this and Chris Paul. lol
LeBelt finna beat his ass
The man on the right his suit needs some oxygen that button looks like its about to pop 😂😂
Taz Saalim
Taz Saalim:
Rondo got some wide ass shoulders
Callum Brown
Callum Brown:
If they keep most of their core again they gonna be in da finals again 🙏
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez:
This is just missing Cousins and it would be the Pelicans 2.0.
Man I can't believe this is real 💜💛🏆
Louis Ocampo
Louis Ocampo:
We want another one!! 🏆🏀 Celebrate 🍾 2night! Rest 2mrrw! Then start on Another 🏆🏆 Back 2 Back
Ashtin Durae
Ashtin Durae:
That boy AD got that chip off his shoulder. He’s about to come back next season a damn monster! Let’s go LakeShow
Cjr Moneychaser
Cjr Moneychaser:
Rondo a legend for reals💯
Wil Crawford
Wil Crawford:
As a pelicans fan, I’m happy for AD
Henry Lu
Henry Lu:
lol rondo wearing green shoes. Wow. clearly he loves the celtics more.
I’m sorry I’m distracted by the kids enjoying themselves in the back this is going to be a long lasting memory for them 😆
Ron Smith
Ron Smith:
Much respect to Miami dem goons are killers they were amazing during the playoffs and finals JB is a Dog a killer teams better watch out miami future is bright for those guys #respect
Abdi M
Abdi M:
Jheez Rondo ripped
Dr Phot
Dr Phot:
Heat: We have Mr. Buckets!

Lakers: Well, we have a Playoff, Rondo!
John Jelks
John Jelks:
Rondo is a true bonafide point guard! He was the difference make throughout the playoffs. 😃👍🏿
This means a lot more....Especially for Kobe's Tribute, Ad's and Dwight's 1st win, LBS's legacy cemented, Rondo proving what he is made of, Caruso and KCP showing up, Doing it with class and grit....not winning regular season Defensive player of the year and Regular season MVP!!!! so much more!!! The league not having any Covid-19 positive test!
ShaH M
ShaH M:
JR getting these dude shirtless 😂😂
1 Sub Before Tomorrow
1 Sub Before Tomorrow:
‘‘’Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day❤️😌and who’s talking negatively god bless you too:o”...
Damn Rondo is fit! Body of a God.
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang:
I think AD is one of the only players other than Kareem to have won a NCAA championship, Olympic gold and NBA championship now
11:02 You Know that Rondo felt some type of way after The Glove said that😂
Game Boy
Game Boy:
In rondo's interview you can feel the intensity of lakers and celtics rivalry as they mentioning him being the first player in NBA history to win both rings from those two rivals😀
If we can get Jrue for next season we gonna go crazy
S D:
Rondo a monster, they forgot about him but him and Lebron is gone be a top 5 duo if they stay together for the rest of their career 💯💯💯
Rondo really stepped it up for us this playoffs. We should just have him sit out most of regular season and be ready for playoffs lol
Donald Bentley
Donald Bentley:
Rondo kids having a blast 😂😂💯
Black Litty
Black Litty:
One of the og point guard that's still hooping in 2020 🏆🏆🏆🏆💯
It's Academic
It's Academic:
Thanks Pels... love you everyday! HEY CHAMPS, gtfo of that bubble and get home... we’ll light one up for y’all, and keep it burnt until you get back home. So proud of the mental strength you displayed everyday out there in isolation. You are Spartans; victorious and forever enshrined in glory. Love y’all. Get back safe, and we celebrate!
Eddie Lim
Eddie Lim:
Savage Rondo’s “sure, sure” to AD’s comment on Pelicans can win the ring LOL