Angry Rant: Jenna Marbles Forced To QUIT Youtube By Cancel Culture

Jenna Marbles has been on Youtube as long as I can remember and now she has been forced to quit by the mob. Cancel Culture is the worst

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I Am So Fucking Sick Of Cancel Culture. She Has Grown Over The Past 10 Years & It's ABSURD People Have Bullied Her Into Quitting Youtube Over A Video From 2012 That She Has Already Apologized For...
Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack
Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack:
"You can't start a witchhunt every time you feel bad about yourself." That's brilliant. Spot on.
"Cancel culture" Let's be honest, It's straight up fascism and bigotry with a veil of political correctness.
to victory
to victory:
In this religion there is no forgiveness, mercy or redemption.
“...some people aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some people just want to watch the world burn.” -Alfred
We have a saying in The Netherlands; When you point to another, three fingers point back to yourself (look down at your hand when you point at something, your other three fingers indeed point back).
Think about that cancel culture...
I bet the people that attack her say worse things than her.
The Swedistani Hobo
The Swedistani Hobo:
People need to stop giving in to the terrorists, everyone who bends the knee is just another scalp for them to help reinforce their ideology.
J Noody
J Noody:
Im a lonely, sad, bitter, human being, and even I'm not that shitty, to get some one canceled.
Garrus Vakarian
Garrus Vakarian:
Feminists: “Why are white men running everything!?”
Also Feminists: “Let’s cancel the OG female youtuber that was an inspiration for women and pioneered their way onto the platform”
Her ‘apology’ should have looked like this 🖕🏼.
*It's getting out of hand. People can change over time. I doubt the people who did this to her are saints or the angels of the church. Nobody is perfect* ✅😞
James Rininger
James Rininger:
I would rather die standing on my own two feet than die begging on my knees. Anybody being targeted by cancel culture needs to adopt a similar mod set.
You have literal rap*sts and predators on YouTube still making videos yet people bully one of the most genuine and wonderful creators off this platform for impersonating Nicki Minaj in a tan.
Nate S
Nate S:
Imagine being one of the SJW"s bullies that are cancelling people for having the wrong opinion or saying something offensive years ago and thinking you are the 'good guy"
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez:
The left is cannibalizing itself. I'm Latino, and I don't think what she did was blackface. Here's the real issue, when a man makes mistakes, there's no leeway or sympathy. Now that cancel culture has affected a popular woman amongst youth, it's a problem...
Intorsus Volo
Intorsus Volo:
Sjws: “oppressing women is bad”

Also sjws: “yay i oppressed another woman today, made her cry, forced her to quit the internet”
“Problematic” is a word progressives use to describe things they don’t like.
Imagine if everybody's past would be out in public! I guarantee that everybody has done or said something stupid or controversal in their teens or 20s.
Epic Math Time
Epic Math Time:
This is what happens when people base their entire moral code on the resentment of others.
Fascinating how the people that allegedly want anti-bullying are the biggest bullies.
Her first mistake: apologizing.
I'm so angry. She was and will probably always be my favorite YTber. She just wanted to make fun, wholesome content for everyone - regardless of views or stances. She didn't use her platform for anything else. She owned up to her past and CHANGED. Wtf is wrong with people??
I'm kind of mad that she gave in. Thats exactly what the cancel culture wants. That will put that in their resume for fighting more and canceling more people. "We canceled Jenna marbles and we can cancel you too"
Twitter is snowflake 4chan; stop paying attention to it.
C M:
When you censor comedians to this extend you know that the people responsible for it are totalitarian. Absolut dictators who should NEVER be in charge.
History and Headlines
History and Headlines:
People need to stand up to cancel culture and not let bullies win.
Josh Vandegrift
Josh Vandegrift:
One side does it 98% of the time. Let’s be honest here.
Robert Febur
Robert Febur:
Her problem started when she apologized. NEVER apologize for hurting people’s feelings that you don’t even know.
shane tyler
shane tyler:
Cancel culture: have you seen someone being cancelled from something they did 10 years ago
Someone: No
Cancel culture: WOULD YOU LIKE TO
The concept of forgiveness is foreign in Communism. Instead, they have "self-correction" or "self-criticism". How charming...
We're currently witnessing the death of logic and rationality.
We are in a generation where almost everyone is sensitive to every little thing....ugh you hurt my feelings let me cancel you....🤦🏾‍♂️
Andre Monroe
Andre Monroe:
She shouldn’t be so defeated.. that’s what they want to see.
Will Herman
Will Herman:
Jeremy, you nailed almost everything in this video except for one thing.
Sure, there are probably some people who participate in the cancer that is Cancel Culture who are Centrists or even some Conservatives.

However, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of these Monsters belong to the Far Left/Democrats/Woke Mob!

Saying that "Cancel Culture is both sides of the Isle" is an absolute slap in the face to the good people who have fought against the Woke Mob, the Twitteratti, the Far Left Culture Demons, and the MSM for so long.

You saying that would be like me saying that YOU, Jeremy, are part of the Far Left Main Stream Media simply because you report news stories.


This is and has ALWAYS BEEN a Left/Far Left thing.

To say otherwise is an f*cking insult.
Gaudia Certaminis
Gaudia Certaminis:
I think you’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter of someone is offended by something. If you’re offended by something I did, then tough. I don’t want to be in a position where I unintentionally offend, but other than that I don’t owe you a damned thing.
Cancel culture needs to be canceled.
Mad Squirrel Mods
Mad Squirrel Mods:
The Cancel Culture has officially lost their marbles.
People need to stop apologizing; it never works. There's no point.
You're right the people that are coming after Jenna and any other wholesome YouTubers are miserable and lonely people who have no damn life
Joe Darby
Joe Darby:
She’s a diamond of a human, I wish she wouldn’t let it get to her. But when it comes on so thick from these people I can imagine it’s hard. I wouldn’t want that sort of negative shit send at me
Chase Eckman
Chase Eckman:
Jenna marbles is literally the least problematic YouTuber on this platform
"How dare you cancel somebody when other X youtuber still exists on the platform". Isn't that just somebody saying "Why cancel her when you should be cancelling these other creators instead."
The problem is not the people doing the "canceling" its the companies that over-react over the slightest gossip.
Here is why; There will always be people that hate you for whatever legitimate or illegitimate reason , they will try to bring you down, bringing old dirt is common tactic.
So the term "Cancel culture" is old behavior that just got a new name. But we can never equate some war criminal or a rapist to someone that made a slightly edgy or insensitive joke.
Social Justice Warriors?? More like Socially Unjustifiable Susans
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson:
What the hell? Jenna is one of the most genuine and loveable personalities on YouTube.
There can be no more tolerance for these people. This shit has to end. Now.
Drake Fang
Drake Fang:
"Witch hunts are never about the witches.."
Nemesis Lord
Nemesis Lord:
The sad thing is the people who try cancelling other people have the most sketchy past e.g. Jefree Star trying to cancel James Charles over the very things he has done
If it takes you more than a few seconds to be offended by something, you're making it up.
James Mooney
James Mooney:
It has nothing to do with the content she released its about jealousy plain and simple people hate the fact that she's been successful
"Cancel Culture", no two words when conjoined together disgusts me more than those.
Cancel culture exists because people allow it to exist. Stand your ground, don't apologize. The mob doesn't care about apologies, it just cares about making people submit.
Dave Wavy
Dave Wavy:
Jeremy - 'Is this the kinda of world we want to live in?'

Apparently it is.
It’s always funny how it happens on Twitter it’s probably the most toxic social media platform out Rn no 🧢
Dude its the sign of the times... hero today... heretic tomorrow... and the left has become the inquisition
Honestly I would ignore those people, there isn't even anything to apologize for..
Dat Guy
Dat Guy:
My sister watches her, I just know Jenna is really like able and joke at times that she’s a goofy ass chick that knows how to keep a man.
Jenna: "I don't know how long it's going to be. I just want to make sure the things I'm putting in the world aren't hurting anyone ... so I need to be done with this channel, for now or for forever."
There will ALWAYS be people hurt. YOu can upload the video of white walls and people will complain about diversity.
Jing Root
Jing Root:
Kids with control. They’ll self destruct, hopefully they’ll learn.
10 years from now "REEEE, he said 2 middle fingers REEEEE, cancel"
People need to get laid, get a job, get a pet, a hobby, whatever to stop being so miserable that they need to take others down.
Ishizuka Hikaru
Ishizuka Hikaru:
I remember watch Jenna Marbles years back! Some stuff i liked others were meh, but i always admired her. Compared to pokimane and these new youtubers JM is a saint!
Robert Albee
Robert Albee:
Just IGNORE this. I would NOT know anything about this. She could have just ignored it.
Anne Capote
Anne Capote:
Someone wake me up from this nightmare. Seriously...
RobotSays Yes
RobotSays Yes:
Your always saying “I hope I’ll earn your subscription today” this video did just that. Well said sir.
She was criticize for saying that sleeping around with men is wrong. But men who does it are been canceled, I don't get it.
Raskar & LOGIC Studios
Raskar & LOGIC Studios:
I was just talking bout this same thing today with two of my friends and I feel like if someone heard the things we were saying they'd be offended. I shouldn't have to feel that way. I agree 100% with you on this issue and hope society stops this nonsense.
Charlesj HemphillIII
Charlesj HemphillIII:
Until today I never heard of her.
But what you're saying is true about them.
ur2sqrley L
ur2sqrley L:
"...sad bitter powerless people"
Finally hearing someone saying actual dirty truth outloud, thank you sir.
"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right."

George Orwell, 1984
Bradley J. Fortner
Bradley J. Fortner:
I don't know who Jenna Marbles is. But, I do know that I'm a different person now than I was 10 years ago. That's a fact.
I've always loved her content. It breaks my heart to see her on the verge of tears. She's deleted some pretty funny content out of worry that she'll offend or upset someone.

She's done some wholesome content of her and her dogs this year. She's relatable. She's grown over the years. She didn't deserve to be sh*t on by toxic people. I hope she comes back, but I doubt it. This year has been bs. Throw out the rest of 2020. I'm f*cking done.
One of my favorite insights I was taught years ago, is that being offended is a choice. No one can force offense upon you. People can say and do mean, awful, horrible, rude things to you, but it is absolutely your choice to be offended by it. The outrage mob isn’t casually stumbling on potentially offensive things, they are actively searching it out so that they can vent their daily rage and frustration with life AT something.
Fused Cheetah
Fused Cheetah:
“If all of our posts had been leaked on the internet, we’d all be out of a job” -Bill Burr
I'm not Christian but JC said it best

_"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."_
Jen O.
Jen O.:
This culture is out of control and they want everyone to be perfect. Everyone has to believe exactly what they do. Jenna does NOT need to quit. This is INSANE and I'm very sad about this.
Michael Pigford
Michael Pigford:
We need more Edgar Friendlies in this world. Seems Demolition Man was showing the REAL future.
Archeon Wanlorn
Archeon Wanlorn:
Some people can stand against the tide. Some people can't.
I want to start a Content channel just to tell these people to ef off!
Yeah it will be a little harder to make money but at least young people will KNOW that bowing to the mob is not the answer
Constitutional Patriot
Constitutional Patriot:
one side does it "a little more often?" Cmon dude. You can't even come close to comparing the two.
Jereme Smith
Jereme Smith:
Marbles? REALLY?
She’s an OG YouTuber.
Jesus Christ. Enough with this nonsense
Jenna has always been really sensitive! I remember a video of her apologizing to people who had shit on her for not taking care of her fish correctly when she didn't know. She probably has other stuff going on but I can see why she'd want to get off the platform when people look to scrutinize her for everything.
Coach Black Pill
Coach Black Pill:
"The Wall is undefeated"
-- Undead Chronic
It was a mistake that she apologised. By doing so, she admitted to being guilty and just gave ammunition to her enemies to shoot her. The outrage mob is merciless: apologising to them will not bring you redemption, it will just hasten your demise.

Stand firm, double down, and amplify! Never, ever apologise! This is the only way to fight the outrage mob.
Lockheed -
Lockheed -:
3:33 "...a little more often..."
And Mount Everest is just a little taller than the other mountains.
Fletcher DeMaine
Fletcher DeMaine:
Poor Jenna. She really was integral to creating the YouTube landscape that we enjoyed for years and years.
Ideological SJW's are out of control! This has to end!
A couple of days ago Jimmy Fallon looked like a hostage reading off a prepared statement lest the machete wielding terrorist chops off his noggin.

BLM has been hijacked by Leftists and Marxists for the purpose of revenge not fairness.

Never apologize to the Leftists people. It’ll never be enough for them.
Booby Wit Dat Tool
Booby Wit Dat Tool:
Me:" I really dont think you should throw stones without having a healthy discussion about the things that offend yo-"
Cancel culture: "wanna fight? I'll call your boss!"
"You can't start a witchhunt everytime you feel bad about yourself" Says it all, enough said. Well done Sir.
Kyle Singh
Kyle Singh:
The only person that deserves to be cancelled is Jake Paul.
just somebody
just somebody:
As Asian moms say,
"Like you never wrong only hah?!"
When there's no more content creators at least i'll have more time to spend on da-hub. I've deleted FB and Twitter years ago. I honestly thought youtube could still be a nice place to be but im about done giving any of these morons anymore of my headspace. They can yell into the void and listen to the echos bounce around.
Pat rice
Pat rice:
Can we start calling SJW’s a cult now?
It's funny how even with a perfect internet connection I always seem to have problems watching your videos.
In other news: NEVER APOLOGIZE!
The people who might appreciate it aren't asking for it. The people who are asking for it need destroy you.
Neon Wave
Neon Wave:
There are people going after Robert Downey Jr. now because of him playing a character who was pretending to be black in Tropic Thunder. I'm not kidding.
Never knew of her, watched a vid from her way back, seemed pretty funny..
Having said that.. Her bending the knee to insanity, makes her part of the problem.
0:47 What is the path to redemption?
I can just tell from the tone of this video that this really gets to Jeremy.
schmuck the duck
schmuck the duck:
How hard is it to respond with "ok, Karen" when these cancelers come for you?
Stop kneeling to outrage mobs. You not only hurt yourself by giving in, but others who they'll go after because it makes them more ravenous for power over people.