Ana de Armas Proves Everything Is Sexier In Spanish

After James asks Ana de Armas about the culture shock of moving from Cuba to Spain at 18, she proves that even complimenting a can of corn sounds sexy in Spanish.

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Untamed Reptiles
Untamed Reptiles:
She said “rice, beans, and chicken”

Every Hispanics ever
Artjom Glad Man
Artjom Glad Man:
more like ''Ana De Armas proves everything is sexier in Ana de Armas''
Stan Khan
Stan Khan:
She’s 31. I thought she was younger than 20.
David C
David C:
It’s not that everything is more attractive in Spanish, it’s just that she’s attractive
Ana de Armas: "Mira esta lata de maíz"
James: "Mirataratadamai"
She was fantastic in Knives Out. I hope she gets bigger projects from here on.
Ford Quarterman
Ford Quarterman:
Wow, you’d think Cubans having hardly any food is a hilarious joke based on this show...
Why was James shouting ...he was literally 30 inches from her.
Josh Toth-Thomas
Josh Toth-Thomas:
Is James losing his hearing? Why is he always yelling?
host: so what does it mean??
Ana: [answers]
host: interrupts all the way through her answer ....
000 McKing
000 McKing:
More like James Corden interrupts Ana de Armas every second.
Andrew M. Roy, Jr.
Andrew M. Roy, Jr.:
Is Ana hearing impaired at all? I’m asking because Corden is interviewing her very loudly, it seems.
Daiyans - Zuhayr
Daiyans - Zuhayr:
Michael fassbender just sitting there as if he’s the third wheel
Donie Redwine
Donie Redwine:
anna de armas: Spanish Version
emilia clarke: British Version

Edit: anna de armas: Cuban Version
Title should be the other way around: "Spanish proves everything is sexier in Ana de Armas"
Ed Klark
Ed Klark:
Who is here after knives out
Lunar Scorpio
Lunar Scorpio:
I love how she slips from “sardines” to “sardinas.”
john doe
john doe:
this host is not very good. i understand you need to "talk" a lot as a host, but this was too much.
Ana: Mira esta lata de maíz
yanny yelibeth
yanny yelibeth:
Real ones know her from “el internado”
Man, its stupid how hot she is
When she said "rice, beans, chicken" my Filipino mind worked.
David Tinoco
David Tinoco:
you know you're in for a treat when your girl says "jah" instead of "yeah"
Mc rojas
Mc rojas:
"Mira esta lata de maíz"
James: "mirantarataim" , it's true! Is hot!. Hahahaha awesome
James Corden is unwatchable. The way he talks, tries too hard, so superficial.
anasbhr !!
anasbhr !!:
Youtube: its 2020 let’s reccomend this
Ashlie Hutchinson
Ashlie Hutchinson:
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ

I lo stati di salute
rispettivi prevenirlii

I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii
Paul Kreisler
Paul Kreisler:
Michael Fassbender’s hands stayed over his lap for this whole clip.
Im here from "The Night Clerk", now I know her name. Stunning actress!
According to the current status quo, Spanish is only sexy if you look like her, or Sofia Vergara or pretty much any hot woman/man, just like anything else in life.
Kiki Martin
Kiki Martin:
I’ll admit Girl crush 💁🏻‍♀️
Pablo Perez
Pablo Perez:
En España conoció la comida ,en USA solo hay MC Donald's
intellectual Raccoon
intellectual Raccoon:
"everything Ana Says is sexier"
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta:
She said, Of all the dirtiest things you can hear this is what you want to listen
Corden : yeah yeah yeah yeah
No, everything is sexier when you're Ana de armas
Alberto Marat
Alberto Marat:
Spanish proves everything is sexier in Ana de Armas...
A D:
I dont know why English ppl call America to USA when America is from Alaska to Patagonia all the continent
Mora Otero
Mora Otero:
Ana:"mira esta lata de maiz"
James:"mira taratara main"
Subliminal Criminal
Subliminal Criminal:
It really helps also when you look like a prestigious supermodel...
Rochi Stork
Rochi Stork:
Luis Orlando Leon Carpio
Luis Orlando Leon Carpio:
Los cubanos tenemos un acento muy fuerte! Nos pueden entender si queremos y si no, no 😁! La primera frase a la que se refirió es Qué bolá asere, es taaaaan cubana que ningún otro hispanohablante la entiende! Pero la usamos todos los días a toda hora! Obama la usó en su visita a Cuba! Me encanta su orgullo por el argot nativo de su tierra! Ella es taaaan hermosa en tantos sentidos! Su acento inglés es brillante no puedo creer que lo haya logrado tan rápidamente! Se nota su talento y lo mucho que trabaja para mejorar!
Cuban have a very strong accent! People can understand us only if you want to 😁! The first phrase she mentioned was “Qué bolá asere” is so Cuban that any other Spanish natice speaker understands it! We use it everyday every hour! Obama used it when visited Cuba! I love her proud for her culture! She is soooooo beautiful in so many senses! Her English accent is brilliant! Can’t believe she made it so fast! Her talent and her intense work is noticeable!
Daniel Blankenship
Daniel Blankenship:
Cuban is a communist country so it’s obviously she be amazed by can foods 🤦🏻‍♂️.
James shouting like he's asking for directions from someone who doesn't speak Engish
Jordy Salguero
Jordy Salguero:
Born and raised in Miami, having a Cuban wife, and having visited Cuba, she couldn't have chosen a better Cuban phrase! Que bola acéré! Plus in cuba the restriction of food is shocking so I'm not surprised at her amazement with can food.
Alex B
Alex B:
Damn she's breathtaking...
I'm Cuban and I am always saying "Que bola acére" to people and they don't understand. When she said it I was like...finally..someone gets me.
*_im literally screaming cause why is james shouting at her 🤣💀_*
Gabriele Mariotti
Gabriele Mariotti:
I dunno one single British or American that makes an effort to speak a different language than English.
Mike Faller
Mike Faller:
If I ever spoke to her, I'd likely look and sound like I was taking a seizure.
Knives Out and Ana’s stunning looks brought me here.
Elena Saccon
Elena Saccon:
I'm an Italian native speaker, I have been studying Spanish for over 7 years now and I have to admit it's very sexy
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera:
Oh look at this can of sweet corn... "Mira esta lata de maíz", and the guy says: "Miras tala tala main"
Attlas Raws
Attlas Raws:
Only real ones know how REAL she is , that confidence .... Wooh
Proud to be cuban 🔥❤️🤘🏾
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
Should've had magneto speak Spanish "Voy a mover esta moneda"
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
She has gorgeous eyes 😍
Giddeon Lazarus
Giddeon Lazarus:
Two of the sexiest people on earth being interviewed damn
Kat C
Kat C:
I remember watching her in El Internado!! Great to see she’s still doing amazing
B Ningthouja
B Ningthouja:
She is GORGEOUS. I felt compelled to leave a comment even as this video is 2 years old.
Izabella Lauria
Izabella Lauria:
Why was the presenter litteraly shouting, talking to her like she was a child that couldnt understand? Didn't think he is normally this patronising
David Morgan
David Morgan:
Ana: Yeah I would say-
James: What would you say?
Ana: I would say that:
James: You would say what?
Thee zonn
Thee zonn:
James be like: "ESKEEETIT"
Mireia Dionis
Mireia Dionis:
alguien q la conozca x el internado?!❤👋
DJ Punyer
DJ Punyer:
she's very attractive
I’m so happy she is real and just not an ia hologram
Paula Martínez Collado
Paula Martínez Collado:
Cuando la veo me recuerda al internado
CBMCPE Central
CBMCPE Central:
Man, I never thought I could find an accent attractive. Damn she’s beautiful.
Representing our beautiful island. 🇨🇺
roger peet
roger peet:
I can feel her falling in love with me. that's normal, right?
Mariel Menchaca
Mariel Menchaca:
I understood better her English than her Spanish (I'm a Spanish native speaker)
Devan Devan
Devan Devan:
I bet you didn’t even notice Michael Fassbender the first viewing
Ak Wilson
Ak Wilson:
Having James and Ana together reminds me of that deleted scene in Yesterday.
Sanket Garg
Sanket Garg:
The way she says "candies and gummies" just melts your heart❤️
I'm Cuban and I couldn't be any prouder
She just proves everything is sexier when she says em.
big mo
big mo:
I have a craving for corn now.
1:09 give your land to corbin or sanders for ten years and you find out the miracle of canned food made by capitalism (saying former eastern block citizen)
She looks like a young Tiffani Amber Thiessen.
Spanish to English Interpretation: "look at that Can of Corn,"
Kimi Räikkönen
Kimi Räikkönen:
Magneto is doing that same fake laugh he did with the nazis bar scene in inglorious basterds
J A:
0:58 *C O R N*
_I don't know who she is but I love her_
Robinson Saez
Robinson Saez:
Of course, you don''t know. You have not lived in a communist country
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees:
Is James talking louder than usual?
Cheeki Breeki
Cheeki Breeki:
0:58 this has to be a gif 😂
"Mira esta lata de maís!" - jajajajajaja
James Payter
James Payter:
How has such a bland, unfunny person like Corden reached this level of fame?
Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper:
I like how she says "pressure cooker"
Devan Devan
Devan Devan:
Shush C, we can’t hear her
Ana of weapons
Michel John
Michel John:
1:18 thats what you are here for.
Thank me later ;-)
emmanuel cantu
emmanuel cantu:
She’s my favorite 🥰😍❤️
I remember she was in Wardogs, released way before her 2017-19 success period
La cubanita más hermosa. Es increíble ver como a evolucionado, es talentosa y hermosa. Y su acento..........OMG
Kelly Wakasa
Kelly Wakasa:
where is el gnomo?
Eugenia Manuela Peinado del Árbol
Eugenia Manuela Peinado del Árbol:
From all the good food there is in Spain, she only liked ice creams and donuts?
Camila Gonzalez
Camila Gonzalez:
i'm in love with her accent 🥺
Acorn Tree
Acorn Tree:
"I would eat it if you say it".
English Financier
English Financier:
Spanish/Portuguese women are well-known for their beauty and sexiness.
Robert ramber
Robert ramber:
Carlos V said “when I speak to women I do it in Italian, when I speak to men I do it in French, when I speak to my horse I do it in German but when I speak to GOD I do it in Spanish” Period!!!!
Michael Fassbender is so turned on by watching her speak lol