An Insight, An Idea with Sundar Pichai | DAVOS 2020

A dialogue with Alphabet chief executive Sundar Pichai on quantum computing, artificial intelligence and the future of technology governance.

Speakers: Sundar Pichai, Klaus Schwab

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.

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Vikram Razdan
Vikram Razdan:
One quality to look out for any CEO is whether he/she is still learning as a student. But where Sundar Pichai scores above other CEOs is that he also behaves and sits like a student.
Mohamed Fazil
Mohamed Fazil:
The way Sundar is smiling its like he has seen the man's search history other night 😂😂😂
PLEASE turn on automated closed captions by YouTube so hearing impaired are not excluded.
Nabil Patel
Nabil Patel:
Sundar is brilliant
alakeshwar jayanarayan
alakeshwar jayanarayan:
I am a great admirer of this great man. He has made India proud.
Wandera P. Steven
Wandera P. Steven:
Such a smart and insightful CEO. He has the best ideas to realize Alphabet's and Google's vision, no doubt.
ajit reddy
ajit reddy:
That old gentleman took half of the time just asking questions!!
He:when u wakeup at night..And u can't sleep anymore....
Sunder mind voice: கேக்குற பாரு கேணப்பய மாதிரி ஒரு கேள்விய..😆
Ugonna Wachuku
Ugonna Wachuku:
Commendable conversation. Thoughtprovoking. Meaningful. Insightful.
Shruti Pawaskar
Shruti Pawaskar:
Explaining everything in simple language 😀😀😀I'm impressed
Lava Kafle
Lava Kafle:
A dialogue with Alphabet chief executive Sundar Pichai on quantum computing, artificial intelligence and the future of technology governance.
He is a magician of technology .
Rajiv Dewan
Rajiv Dewan:
What a brilliant technocrat, humble.........
ss harshitha
ss harshitha:
Man of Great Intelligence , still being Down To Earth , A single word to describe ,Sundar Pichai sir: " THE PHENOMENAL "
Edu Media Tube
Edu Media Tube:
4:39 classical computers or analytical engine?
usages of 0 and 1 in the coding right, well I am decoding.
Chethan Sagar
Chethan Sagar:
Klaus Schwab - Rich & Smart person being honest and real. (At least that’s what it looks and sounds like anyways)
Sunil Nayak
Sunil Nayak:
Cloud and AI ....
Nicolas Berney
Nicolas Berney:
One of the best explanation of quantum computing
Lois Sharbel
Lois Sharbel:
Thank you for this enlightening conversation! Great admiration for this brilliant and positive man, Sundar Pichai!
hiren patel
hiren patel:
Please ask him irrelevant "YES" or "NO" questions. He must be immunized with that by now.
James Pierce
James Pierce:
jiyaa Makwana
jiyaa Makwana:
today is sudar pichai's birthday 😊😊many many happy returns of the day sundar pichai and God bless u🤗🤗🤗💫👑👑🎂🎂
Kc Sharma
Kc Sharma:
Aap Mujhe, kyun, Darte Ho ?🙇
I keeped him, in front of u !🙏
Mikhail Adlin
Mikhail Adlin:
"quantum will be one of the tools in our arsenal" eloquent af
Travis T.
Travis T.:
6:50 hehe know's where this is going. That smirk. 😏 "regulate"
James D'SA
James D'SA:
Great personality with great wisdom and knowledge
Ashik Rahman
Ashik Rahman:
Enna macha epdi irukka ? Onna sarakku pottu romba naal aachuda, let me know man
Armando Tacza
Armando Tacza:
Amazing enterview !
Winston Bachan
Winston Bachan:
The Blessings Of Lord Shiva Fell Upon You! Satyam Shivam Sundarm! 😁
dinesh kumar
dinesh kumar:
Great man ever the world has got for technology transformation .
Qaseem Siddiqui محمد قسیم صدیقی
Qaseem Siddiqui محمد قسیم صدیقی:
Sundar a young genius!
Balaji Srt
Balaji Srt:
Gentle Genius👌
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
he knows, thus, he smiles.
and will live longer.
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan:
I would like to land a job at Alphabet as Engineering Director for You Tube in March 2020 based on my first Google Duo interview
Mr faisu_07
Mr faisu_07:
sundar pichai is a great Man I ❤️ you Sir sundar pichai
Nathan Daniel
Nathan Daniel:
Reminds me of an old friend @therealgarrydhaliwal @gordotheguy
Ray Zuyi
Ray Zuyi:
Me: Listening about data openness and governance
Also me: Is she really taking a video there?
Balusamy Palanisamy
Balusamy Palanisamy:
Can technology transform politics, democracy of developing or under developed countries?
Sarthak Joshi
Sarthak Joshi:
Jai Hind top 3 market capitalization companies are run my Indian ceos all are not companies of Indian origin wow!
Jack K
Jack K:
Thanks for sharing! Insightful. =)
Manoj Thakor
Manoj Thakor:
thank you
johnsun john sun
johnsun john sun:
One day I give you big dinner, so long I an waiting
Michael N/A
Michael N/A:
Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar:
*Tamilan Da*
Robert Riddiough
Robert Riddiough:
God vs human bafoons🤣🤣🤣
Stephen McKay
Stephen McKay:
Google to Alphabet CEO- A very big move.. GOD BLESS
THE Gamer
THE Gamer:
love u sir i follow u u r my inspiration
Disciplined Student :)
PN Motorworld
PN Motorworld:
*was Elon musk there* ?
Pseudo Prophet
Pseudo Prophet:
You know you're an actual big deal when you're being interviewed by Klaus Schwab himself at the WEF. 👍👍
I bought Google today
Coding Master
Coding Master:
quantum encerytion
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
Roy Reyes
Roy Reyes:
this is nice. Sundar bringing balance to everyones interes. everybody wins in this new space.
Intellectualmrjohns SurfinG
Intellectualmrjohns SurfinG:
I Apologize Mr Sundar I Know Yo Re A Good Person . But You Know what am saying
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
where is the Escalade yo?
such demotion, much wow
yagna's technology
yagna's technology:
great man
Dulal Ahmed
Dulal Ahmed:
Very gently, so brilliant talk!!
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
Therefore, they already have a good ceo


Le unwanted
Iron Bar
Iron Bar:
We know all about it, Sundar, including what you did last summer. Google works in mysterious ways...
kitti pit
kitti pit:
According to my analysis through experts a new CEO will be appointed for Microsoft by in the month of february.
YouTube Learner
YouTube Learner:
Both Professor & Pichai are really knowledgeable really awesome
shivam juyal
shivam juyal:
PLEASE turn on automated closed captions by YouTube so hearing impaired are not excluded.
Prem Kumar Ganesan
Prem Kumar Ganesan:
Great speech by sundar
Debajit Kalita, PhD, FAELS
Debajit Kalita, PhD, FAELS:
Why you remove " China remove app" from google app. As an Indian, how you can do that?
BN Singh
BN Singh:
It always inspires to see you, such a honest and genuine leader.
Gajadhar Pandey
Gajadhar Pandey:
Sundar pichai have a great gravitation force to pull the idea of transformational technology
it's awesome
gopi saran ramesh
gopi saran ramesh:
So humble yet so profound!
Kesava Damera
Kesava Damera:
Sundae is brilliant!
Shruti Pawaskar
Shruti Pawaskar:
I think I have become his big fan 😀
King Arthur
King Arthur:
Sundar great
Than Try
Than Try:
I like the way you speak Mr Sundar Pichai.
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash:
where is the love?
Sunder gives everything with example to understand the normal people who were not in tech also..😊😊
Ksn Saran
Ksn Saran:
2 tke ka aadmi
Shubhaang Vyas
Shubhaang Vyas:
Quantum Computing is a great future for humanity.
Aatma Parmatma
Aatma Parmatma:
My best wishes
google security system high understand cyber hackers all 🤪😂🤣
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar:
India's iit power
Frank Mojiavio
Frank Mojiavio:
Enhancing Quantum Technology... speedy...
Rose Pereira
Rose Pereira:
Sahi Lagrelay hai BOSS 😎
Kabir avro
Kabir avro:
When did Sundor pichai marry with AnjaIi pichai?
एरकेञ्जी कुश सानेम और जान
एरकेञ्जी कुश सानेम और जान:
Sundar Pichai, brilliant man!!!
Carlos Eduardo Fonseca Filho
Carlos Eduardo Fonseca Filho:
Nenavath Srikanth
Nenavath Srikanth:
Sir plz remove ads from Google phones it's making too disturbance
dream lover
dream lover:
Sundar is my role model
Chinwe Vivian Ononiwu
Chinwe Vivian Ononiwu:
These extremely high level overview and explanation of quantum computing is very annoying these days
AI is coming to a town near you. Chk out. Davos 2020 when Humans become cyborgs
Dharma Chatterji
Dharma Chatterji:
Shri Sunder Pichai in a Economic Forum,
Kc Sharma
Kc Sharma:
AEIOU = Eiyou ( Ohh !👈)🙇
Rajat singh
Rajat singh:
Kitne crore me bike ho Google ke CEO China main
Use AI to find a solution for the universe.
Evil corp
*He is one of the most brilliant person of this time. He may even be ahead of time!*
Dr Suresh Chand Jain
Dr Suresh Chand Jain:
thanks for video
Deepak Raj
Deepak Raj:
Who want to replace sir sp