American Murder: The Family Next Door Netflix Review

This is my Review of the new Netflix Documentary called American Murder: The Family Next Door, and this is my Netflix Review. Explain your thoughts on this heartbreaking True Story below!
This centers around Chris Watts on Netflix, and it features the Chris Watts interview.
In 2018, 34-year-old Shanann Watts and her two young daughters went missing in Frederick, Colorado. As heartbreaking details emerged, their story made headlines worldwide. Told entirely through archival footage that includes social media posts, law enforcement recordings, text messages and never-before-seen home videos, director Jenny Popplewell pieces together an immersive and truthful examination of a police investigation and a disintegrating marriage. AMERICAN MURDER: THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR is the first film to give a voice to the victims.

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american murder the family next door

71 komento:

Austin Burke
Austin Burke:
Thanks for watching!
Do you all enjoy True Crime stories like this??
Hugo Carrington
Hugo Carrington:
documentary wise I found it really flat. There are some YouTubers who made a better doco on this crime than Netflix did
Oh man I remember going down a rabbit hole in the middle of the night a few months ago after YT recommended a news video about this tragedy and I was so shocked that I watched ANYTHING I could find about it on YT that night......holy sh*t it's CHILLING. Especially the police body cam recordings. Humans really are monsters huh?
THE COMIX daddlis
THE COMIX daddlis:
i cried and felt sick to my core when he said his daughter said "daddy no" and DAYS before sang "my daddys a hero" i literally cannot understand how he didnt cry...
The Shannon Show
The Shannon Show:
I didn’t have knowledge of the case going in. Chris’s vibes was off as soon as he got to the house. The details are so disturbing.
Lace Levin
Lace Levin:
This documentary was nothing but exploitative, sharing shanann's extremely private texts with her best friend discussing their sex life. That was the only new information we were given.

Edit: I understand now that it wasn’t new information but it was definitely more widely spread due to the doc (I have been obsessed with this case and hadn’t seen some of them).
90%+ of the documentary is video footage already seen all over YouTube on this murder case since 2018! Body cam, interrogations, text messages - nothing new except for a couple of home videos never seen before and other videos on YouTube actually provide deeper analysis on each of these parts.
It’s only a fascinating Netflix doc for somebody who wasn’t aware of the murder case otherwise a complete waste of time and pointless to bring this monster more fame.
Karma Nobes
Karma Nobes:
Some you tube videos do a better job at showing this story, I still watched it and got up in my feelings so it was alright.
This Documentary has some really great cinematography, very well put together.
The husband is super creepy and a sociopath. He did not appear to genuinely love his own children the whole time the cops were interrogating him.
When he started to cry I thought it was for his kids until he asked what's going to happen to him.
Y L:
It’s really beyond shocking what he did to those girls, especially to the little ones.....Still can’t get over it.
How could he do that to his own daughters, alive?
I knew what he did but just rewatching it made me so emotional.
Warning do not watch at night. Your heart will be pounding as hell...
Empress Mizren
Empress Mizren:
Posting that home building accomplishment online definitely motivated him to reach out and once he learned abt her being sick he played that to his advantage. I also believe and will say no one deserves to be killed just divorce and cut ur loss.... She seemed like a complete challenge to be married to & once he lost that weight it was a total wrap smh she should have divorced him long ago ik the whole stay work it out for ur family concept but once he's abstaining sexually it's time to start using critical thinking and investigating n lining things up financially and he HAS TO GO! Time to get that divorce... It didn't have to end that way esp killing his own children and I'd like more footage on that side piece not that I believe she's involved she just seemed very unemotional I'm not implying anything just would have liked to see more of her.
Ween Fain
Ween Fain:
None of it was new. All footage has been all over YouTube and social media.
Kara A
Kara A:
The freaky part about this case is any of us women could be married to a Chris Watts and not know it.
Gerald Morgan
Gerald Morgan:
This was great! Thanks Austin. There are actually the real investigation information here on YouTube. I was very familiar with most of the information and this documentary was still awesome. It was gripping, entertaining and heartbreaking all at the same time. I am very impressed that they were able to take something with so much information out there already but still able to "moviefy" it and make it work. Thanks again Austin! 🤘🏿😁👍🏿
Kamila M.
Kamila M.:
I remember when the story was developing I just could feel he was lying. He had not remorse or empathy. I still don't understand how he could kill his girls a day after he was hugging them 😔 what a sick man
Strange that they omitted the detail his gf was surely aware he was going to murder his wife at least. When they did a forensic scan of her computer they found google searches just done prior to the murders that pretty much proved it... including searches for wedding dresses, and how much money Amber Frey made in her book deal and her net worth, while also searching "did people hate Amber Frey"? Also “can cops trace text messages” and “How long do phone companies keep text messages”
Atiqa Mustafa
Atiqa Mustafa:
I thought it was kind of insensitive for his mum to say that she "still loves and forgives him" after the heinous things he did...and infront of Shannan's family?? they lost their daughter..
LC 123
LC 123:
She was not 38 when she went missing.
I know there have been so many documentaries or corny movies made about this horrible tragedy. What makes this one different than ALL of the rest of them is ShanAnn's family worked with Netflix to make sure her story was told right! Well done in my opinion.
Most of what I saw was new to me. I didn't deep dive the case like others. Everything I knew was filtered thru "black twitter" who was angry at how many excuses people was making for him cause he was white (which I understood). So that's not a very thorough lens to learn about the case to say the least lol.
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
Thanks for the review Austin 🙌🔥🔥
Mrs Monkeybean
Mrs Monkeybean:
Omg Im so happy I found this channel
Mister Rainrix
Mister Rainrix:
im in the uk, i dont remember this case at all. Hope this documentary is on netflix uk.
asheer warrior
asheer warrior:
love from india keep it up❤️❤️❤️
Daddy Earth
Daddy Earth:
I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have passed Shannens 'suitability to be my husband' test. In all the previous stuff I'd seen about this case they never really showed much of her, so it was good to see that side of things. Tough lady.
matheus las casas
matheus las casas:
I'm just waiting for your bly manor review dude. Have you seen it already?
Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice:
Will u be doing a review for Boys in the band movie??
f4 Had
f4 Had:
good review 😘
5 minutes in and I’m already bored hence the reason I’m here
Phantom Alpha
Phantom Alpha:
It’s so damn dark.
Sanmitra Deshpande
Sanmitra Deshpande:
All I am seeing in the best Documentary category of the Oscars is Netflix, Netflix oh and Netflix too.
Also super excited for Bly Manor hope it lives up to the hype!!
N C:
What you think about the fact Kessinger lied in her interview about knowing Shannan was pregnant because her phone showed she stalked Shannans fb. She also sent the song Metallica Battery to Chris the day he killed his family. Her dad is an oil tycoon so Netflix kept it out
Diego V.S
Diego V.S:
Great review austin 🔥🔥🔥
Bro Mate
Bro Mate:
Also when this happened all of her social media streams became public and everyone knew somebody like her. She reminds me of my sister. Her brother reminds me of me. Both same ages as they are too😔
Shashank Vchari
Shashank Vchari:
Excited for the video
Is this available in USA? I cant find it on Netflix:(
RJ John
RJ John:
Austin please watch 'Kumbalangi Nights'. . Love your thoughts and reviews and I know you'll dig this international A24 like movie
Michael Latham
Michael Latham:
Would have been more interesting if he passed the polygraph and let there be a twist at the end but as soon as you see he fails the test and confesses the whole thing to his dad in the interrogation room made the third act as you say on a silver platter.
Matt McComas
Matt McComas:
God that man makes my skin crawl. I will check this out at some point, but I know it is not going to be a fun watch to say the least. I am trying to stick with "fake horror" in October for the most part thank you very much. 2020 has given us all enough of the real stuff.
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
I am Waiting for your mandolarian review Austin🔥🔥
#AmericanMurder was a very well-edited Netflix doc.
William Niesh
William Niesh:
Netflix and true crime dramas are always solid
Theresa Ann
Theresa Ann:
the producer is awesome
Shashank Vchari
Shashank Vchari:
Really admire your dedication man
Wish you the best man
Its outstanding the consistency with which you post
God bless you man!!
Soulless One
Soulless One:
What confuses me is the title of the film has hardly anything to do with what happened
Impression Blend
Impression Blend:
This sounds horrifying! I feel like I might have heard of this case before? I'm not sure, will check it out, thanks for another great review, Austin!
Catherine B.
Catherine B.:
I remember this case. It was mind boggling
Clarissa Rojas
Clarissa Rojas:
I have seen so many murder documentaries but have not been as emotionally attached as I was with this one. I had seen almost everything about this case on youtube this documentary just pieced it all together in one and also it showed information I hadn't seen before like the personal text messages and some home videos. Only thing they left out was the mistress nikohls google searches. I think the family approved of this documentary because Chris tried to blame Shannan for killing the girls and then confessed to lieng about that and they just wanted everyone to know the truth. rest in peace to shannan, bella, cece and nico💖
Sam Madrid
Sam Madrid:
Nice vid Austin .. Have to watch this movie..
And also is succession worth watching?
ESV _:
True Crime documentaries are great. Have you yet watched I’ll Be Gone In The Dark on HBOMax? Just absolutely compelling stuff.
Ashley Wagar
Ashley Wagar:
Just wanted to let you know that Shanann was 34 when she was murdered, not 38
Ashley Bellerose
Ashley Bellerose:
Even in her fb videos he seemed off to me.
Herea Ioan
Herea Ioan:
I already saw a documentary about this on Netflix 1 year ago’s nothing new I’m kind of surprised they did another one ..
Gabriel Le Morvan
Gabriel Le Morvan:
this documentary was the first I've heard of this case. And that reveal about the daughters was so heartbreaking.
Andrew Shieh
Andrew Shieh:
I think you should throw more of your own opinions about the movie. It felt more like you were describing it to me instead of sharing your own personal thoughts.
Sean Gerant
Sean Gerant:
HIS HOUSE Trailer (2020) Netflix Thriller Movie......this looks good !!
Queen JT
Queen JT:
This demon's mother is worse if you watch her interview ugh
Abhishek Shivgan
Abhishek Shivgan:
May I know your score for Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes series?
Abdi Hassan
Abdi Hassan:
Wow I
The Psyche-Delic Podcast
The Psyche-Delic Podcast:
Also.. it’s pronounced sha-nann not Shannon
Nazmun Nisat Ontika
Nazmun Nisat Ontika:
This real life horror was predicted earlier ?!?!?!? It resembles one Movie that is based on book named "True story - 2015"!!!
Just go to you tube on Chris watts it's way better than that documentary! Just read letters from christopher! Way worse than any documentary
K M:
She was 34 not 38
Ralph Smith
Ralph Smith:
*I just watched the Netflix documentary and most of it has been covered by other documentaries on YouTube. However, the Netflix documentary shows something that most documentaries about this case haven't covered which is Shannan's personality. The Netflix's documentary shows that Shannan was bossy even her friends confirm it. That she banned Watt's parents from seeing their grandchildren. That their in-laws either were not invited or didn't attend their wedding.*
Kev Young
Kev Young:
I didnt know the story. The wife did seem like a total psycho though. Shame we never really knew why he did it.
Issha Atze
Issha Atze:
Just watched it but felt not really worth to watch coz it is kinda incomplete. If you want to watch a detailed version of it just look for the documentary here on you tube much more better than netflix. And I kinda feel that netflix was being too nice about this devil Chris. Watch here in you tube and you will hate him more. Also the mistress , I think this woman knew what's gonna happened and she hid it. I hoped the police also investigated her more. But since Chris already pleaded guilty so they ended everything with him.
Joey J
Joey J:
I thought the end readings really attacked men all of a sudden... Like every guy is a killer.
Very disappointed, nothing new. Only those who haven't done a deep dive into this case will enjoy.
R E:
Just finished watching this show. This show helped me put alot of the pieces together. Shannan was clearly self absorbed, narcissistic, and controlling. Meanwhile I found during the show that Chris seemed to be more of a introvert.

Red Flag #1 - Shannan glowed about how she built her first house ALL by herself. No you didn't.

Red Flag #2 - Shannan was always on facebook live showing off herself and her family. Does anyone really think that Chis wanted all that public attention? It was clearly obvious that he hated it.

Red Flag #3 - Shannan and the kids went to spend 6 weeks with family in North Carolina. What spouse in their normal mind does that? Chris got a taste of freedom and that set the wheels in motion. He felt like another kid around Shannan. So yeah when he met the sidechick, she made him feel wanted, loved and FREE. Personally I think Shannan found out about the sidechick, she told him that she was taking the kids and was going to financially burn him to the ground. And he finally snapped.

Dude had all of the warning signs and should have just left before everything went horrifically south. Instead we have two families that were emotionally destroyed.
*People forget that unborn children are being killed everyday in U.S. Also, the statistical data at the end of this movie show us that this kind of crimes is actually almost a normal thing in U.S.*
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
In my opinion, this was done entirely with motive of political/Feminist agenda. Don't get me wrong, this guy was a monster, but there is more to the story than was shown (a LOT more). The director gave very carefully selected bits and pieces. As someone who did a lot of research on this, I know there was a lot of shady behavior from Shanann. For example, she cheated on her first husband. Another example is that she slept with her former business owner to make her way up the ladder. When her former plans did not work out, it seems like she basically settled for Chris.

Another thing I noticed was the very selective showing of texts. In particular, the showing of texts to make it seem as though she was always self-reflective and supportive. These were texts sent after things had already fallen apart. Before things got to this point, she was domineering and manipulative - imho from prior texts and videos. She was a very dominant female, and he was a submissive, beta male. Again imho, she pushed him to a breaking point.

Now none of that is to say that his actions are justified in any way, but if this really wants to be an objective analysis of human behavior, you have to look at everything instead of taking opportunity to vilify the male gender. Feminists are famous for pointing to male violence while ignoring female manipulation, but those are the primary tools of each gender. Of course females do not normally enact physical violence, because they are biologically weaker in terms of physique. This is why females usually develop better social skills and manipulation skills. That is the primary tactic of aggression in females.

In the end, this doc is the equivalent of taking a mother who drowns her children and then posting some random stats at the end to vilify the entire female gender. This is obvious identity politics.
Jimmy Strudel
Jimmy Strudel:
That lady killed her kids no doubt