American found dead/ Cebu Daily News/Philippines

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Joe B
Joe B:
The same thing happens here in the US. I know two "suicides" in the past that were likely drug related murders. But police need to put something to close the file. Sometimes they just do not want to use the resources to investigate fully a death for a variety of reasons. But on the other hand, there are a LOT of synthetic drugs out now that mimic the effects of marajuana and other drugs but since it is artificial and synthetic it is legal to buy. These synthetic drugs really put the zap on some people's thinking turning them into near-zombies. Could well be a suicide and bizarre note if drugs were involved.
Richard J. McCoy
Richard J. McCoy:
Chris thanks for posting but be careful my friend. I suspect freedom of speech may have different meanings and by default consequences in the Philippines. Your suspicisions around this investigation are probably correct but you cant change the tide. Stay cool.
Jo Ban
Jo Ban:
Sugg: create a group of expats, location, profession, relations, etc.
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson:
Knowing the corruption in the Philippines, if the people involved are well connected w/ corrupt policemen, it will be impossible to get justice.
Luis Lemos
Luis Lemos:
Stay safe Chris.
Nomadic Dreamers
Nomadic Dreamers:
Reason why they say suicide is it is a closed case, easy paperwork. Same shit happened to a European that was friends with the longboarder community here. He went to Thailand after visiting his girlfriend here in Philippines and was found dead hung in a abandoned building with a beans and rice beside the body with a retared suicide note just like this one. More and more I'm thinking Philippines is not the place to live...
7 sbank
7 sbank:
27 yearls old? and commits suicide? at that age its mostly homicide..Chris yes please do give us an update.
marios diakos
marios diakos:
i would change place if i was you chris it smells trouble were you stay now
Makati Mazz
Makati Mazz:
Thanks for the update. Was this the same guy who you met when you first arrived in the Philippines and asked for your wifi password?
Thanks Chris for the updates. What is going on in Phili with Expats dying under strange circumstances. Dumaguete now Cebu ? What is up?
sounds to me like a cover up. They should look at the girlfriend real close .I'am sure there's a money trail they need to follow.
Byron Collier
Byron Collier:
this was defintely a setup, he didn't write that suicide letter.
Ed Navarro Norcal diver
Ed Navarro Norcal diver:
Chris, don't believe everything you read in the paper.  A friend of mine was recently killed in an airplane accident and every (I live in California)  news outlet had it completely wrong.  Several so called facts were bogus.   Just be careful that you don't expose yourself to being too critical and then pissing off any local yokel.
Tom Reid
Tom Reid:
Could be the girlfriend's other boyfriend arranged it or maybe both in on it. That is just assuming but certainly is not the first time in the Philippines and won't be the last.
Gbenro Oduyela
Gbenro Oduyela:
Better not get too involved!
The police know what they are doing. Best you don't become directly involved
Real Deal
Real Deal:
How old was this guy Chris?
TokTok Cali
TokTok Cali:
MY OPINION: Why would a 27 yr old young man living in the PH committ suicide? I think its just someone in the immediate area that yea really pissed off. You said exactly what I was thinking. That was piss poor english if indeed he was the one that wrote it. I think its foul play! Whats with SOCO man?
Frank Stotsenburg
Frank Stotsenburg:
Chris, your assumption that a suicide by hanging would not be found in a kneeling position is incorrect; in fact, more often than not, contrary to common perception of a suicide swinging from a rafter, a kicked over chair at his feet, these suicides commonly put one end of a rope over a door, and the other end around their necks, and slowly sink to their knees, cutting off the air slowly, until they lose consciousness.
Also, as you have said, much of your information, such as the description of the man after death, has come to you 2nd or 3rd hand. So the description of the man as having been beaten, would not be inconsistent with the mottled, blackened face of a man who has been deprived of oxygen.
Finally, the note; as you say, on its face, it doesn't appear to be consistent with regard to syntax, grammar, etc., however, upon re-reading it, I see where it could have been written by an American, who was under stress and not being overly concerned with grammatical niceties. The one word that stands out, "head", could easily be, "heart", and that would actually make more sense. Maybe this man was murdered, but from what I read in the article, it appears that he did indeed commit suicide.
Colin S
Colin S:
PI is not the best place to live if you have western sensibilities and ideals. I would take living in the USA any day of the week and the cost difference is negligible.
seriously sad investigation....or ....a very  poor way to try to cover it up....I would not be surprised if the MO of the Philippine authorities is to hide the fact that an American was murdered and try to frame it a different way.....pathetic.  Good job Chris
marios diakos
marios diakos:
who ever did that first they beat him up made him write that note if there was a note and then they tried to hang him to look like a suicide case closed, at 27 he is too young to suffer from depression .
Willow Bolen
Willow Bolen:
I am his paternal aunt. Did the girlfriend have another boyfriend? info needed asap.
angel santana
angel santana:
Police cover up. They don't want to scare away the foreigners. But its obvious an american did not right the note.
Joe Burns
Joe Burns:
FOX News just had a story about this. I believe this is the same guy. His sister in the States had an autopsy done and the injuries were not consistent with a suicide, She feels that their was a vendetta against him, as he was involved helping children get to school etc. His conduct with the children was above board, and all the kids interviewed said there was never anything untoward going on. That 'suicide' note was the most bogus broken English crapola I ever heard. FOX has reached out to the State Dept., but no reply on this holiday weekend. The family is pursuing this vigorously and this stinks to high heaven.
Merlin Baptiste
Merlin Baptiste:
Yea, please be careful but i think this guy piss off a lot of people and maybe associated with some unsavory people. How does your wife feel about what happened? Does she feel safe living there, in that area?
glenn Cooper
glenn Cooper:
sounds like a robbery gone wrong..but its no suicide.thats for american.or anyone with english as their native language would write a note like that..keep us updated on this case..take care and stay safe...
James Robert
James Robert:
on average there are 6-7 expats murdered around the philippines every month. the police always try to sweep it under the rug to keep from scaring away the tourist and foreign investors. he was murdered and we all know it. you should delete this video and the previous video before the wrong person sees it and tries to use it against you for disagreeing with the police narrative. a filipino can report you to immigration and use this video has proof you are talking bad about filipinos and if they get an immigration official who is not fond of expats then you can get black listed and deported. is the reality of the philippines setting in yet. keep yourself safe and move away from the big cities.
Henry Prescott
Henry Prescott:
Dear Christopher, As Bryce's brother it is imperative that I set the record straight. In your video you mention that all of your information is heresay and that you yourself didn't see the scene. You also mention that Bryce had a problem with the local market owner and the inhumane cages that they kept their dogs in. I do not doubt that Bryce had a problem with this as he loved animals and nature, but this does not mean he was killed because of this altercation. Remember that correlation does not imply causation. I can understand that you have suspicions regarding Bryce's death, however many of your assumptions are incorrect. You may not have been good friends but you should show him the respect of understanding who he was as a person and how he felt emotionally prior to this tragedy before jumping to such illogical conclusions. Posting a YouTube video based on nothing but here say, conjecture and speculation offers no value and it was very hurtful to our family.