Amber Riley, Heather Morris Talk Lea Michele Allegations

After Lea Michele apologized to Samantha Ware and other co-stars for her on-set behaviour, Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil take a look at her "Glee" co-stars Amber Riley and Heather Morris' reactions during "ET Canada Live".

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O'Brian McFiercen
O'Brian McFiercen:
Why are people surprised?!? RYAN MURPHY said she got the part because she acted JUST like Rachel Berry
So essentially she isn’t racist.... she’s just a horrible person 😅
Cleo Stynen
Cleo Stynen:
She really said “ i’m not racist I just hate everyone equally”
I don’t think Lea is a racist sounds more like she’s a narcissist to me
The reason why Naya isn’t speaking is because she did that years ago and no one believed her. In fact, everyone made her out to look like Naya was salty because she was fired from Glee and was just jealous of Lea Michele. I’m sure Naya is sipping her tea quietly as all of this unfolds.
and that’s what you missed on _glee_ 🙈✨
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger:
Amber Riley seems like a very mature person, kudos to her
She wasn't acting as Rachel, that's the story lol
She wasn’t racist, she just felt above everyone else.
Kurtsiecolferite S
Kurtsiecolferite S:
I like the way Amber Riley handled this. She's just so classy. I love her.
Austin Dorans
Austin Dorans:
I hate how years ago everyone hated Naya for disliking Lea and nobody took a minute to think about how much of an ass Lea could be
Sammmy Kine
Sammmy Kine:
So we all agree, Amber/ Mercedes should’ve gotten all the solos
Hogoo Kang
Hogoo Kang:
She's not a racist, she hated everyone equally regardless of their race
Two white guys trying to decide if someone is racist doesn’t sit right with me
Emma Guan
Emma Guan:
I didn't know that Rachel Berry played Lea Michele
Bobby Brown
Bobby Brown:
I never liked Lea’s character anyway. I preferred Quinn, Santana and Sue.
Abisola Dolapo
Abisola Dolapo:
Genuinely don’t think she’s racist, she was just all around a bad person 🙃 didn’t care what you look like
Justine Lou Nogaliza
Justine Lou Nogaliza:
Let us all leave Naya out of this mess and stop saying "She isn't a saint." or "She is as bad as Lea is" because she isn't. Her friends (from glee, step up, or outside the industry), proved and still proving that from their tributes to her. If she was, they won't make efforts to acknowledge how great of a person Naya was. And for the sake of bllcrp, Ryan dropped his charge against Naya about domestic abuse and check Ryan's instagram year 2019, tho they were separated, they still remain as good parents to their son. "And for the record" (in Santana's voice and tone), Naya never denied her straightforward attitude and her, being a competitive and hardworking artist. And everytime she made comments or actions that never intended to offend anyone but offended them anyways, she admitted it apologetically. Not comparing anyone but it wouldn't take years for Naya to acknowledge her wrong doings. (read her book or listen its audio version, or maybe visit her friends insta and twitter)
Jessica Westmont
Jessica Westmont:
An anti-bullying show that allowed it’s star to be a bully
It's crazy how Glee was such a phenomenon but the environment was toxic.
3 years ago Naya tried telling everyone, nobody believed her, look how the tables have turned.
Andrea Holt
Andrea Holt:
Ryan always liked her more than the rest of the cast. That’s why she got every solo while Amber and Naya were better singers than Lea (in my opinion of course). What sucks is that in Naya Rivera’s book she talked about how Lea acted behind the scenes and most of the fanbase didn’t believe her. I’ve always liked Naya and she seems very close with the rest of the cast so it never seemed like she lied in the book. Now everyone is suddenly like “Lea Michele wasn’t nice bts of Glee?” Are y’all just learning this now?
Darienne Dennis
Darienne Dennis:
Naya Rivera; “I told y’all”

edit: RIP to one of the most iconic singers on Glee. Naya Rivera.
Maryum Talks
Maryum Talks:
She’s a horrible entitled person like her character was so basically she wasn’t acting in glee
2020 is the year of calling out fake woke celebrities who treated their costars and staff terribly...Ellen, Lea (knew she was a rat), etc. But now it’s time to pray for Naya...
Annie S
Annie S:
I’ve edited this comment so nothing makes sense but also check the comments below bc they are very informative of blm
You all know that Ryan Murphy created and encouraged the monster in Michelle, right?
c. b.
c. b.:
Naya talked about this years ago and nobody backed her up :(
Dominika S
Dominika S:
The one thing so weird about this is how Johnathan Groff - literally the sweetest, kindest person on earth - came to love her so much.
Téa Leaver
Téa Leaver:
“She’s not a racist”

Me: what? Excus-
“She’s just horrible to everyone”
Me: oh yep ok.
Christina Montanez
Christina Montanez:
If I was Naya Rivera I would just tweet one thing- “told you so”
So she is not a racist, just has a superior complex.
Torie Davis
Torie Davis:
That’s why I love Naya/Santana they both speak the truth
Mikee Del Rey
Mikee Del Rey:
We all know that Amber is the best vocalist on that show PERIODDD
Chassity Oubre
Chassity Oubre:
I think Amber Riley was definitely holding back
I’m about to by Naya’s book and read the tea myself.
I think Kurt Hummel put it best: “She may be difficult, but boy can she sing”
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea:
People had said she was horrible on set a long time ago and no one believed it. 😭
•minnie •
•minnie •:
Go watch her glee audition tape, she a little crazy. It’s like they actually hired rachel berry for rachel berry.
MN Th:
Ryan Murphy glorified her too much during the show. She thinks she’s better than everyone. That’s the problem, not racism
Stephanie Birkle
Stephanie Birkle:
"Lea is not racist she hates everyone equally"

Me too gurl me too
Micaella Gamboa
Micaella Gamboa:
in my opinion I think the unproblematic actors from glee are Dianna, Chris, Darren, Chord, Amber, Kevin, Jenna, and Heather
Karlie Starr
Karlie Starr:
Amber is so great in this interview!! I wish I has just an OUNCE of her grace <3
India Kias
India Kias:
I feel bad for Naya, she warned us, but because of her history jail thingy, everyone accused her of being the bad person smh 🤦🏽‍♀️. so basically Lea Michele = Rachel Berry 🙄💩
Catelyn Vans
Catelyn Vans:
The fact that no one believe naya or backed her up years ago, honestly the whole cast is just filled with drama
natalya lindo
natalya lindo:
Y’all forgot that Naya said this years ago and y’all bullied her and hated on her??
c flores
c flores:
She's not racist she is a very fair person!!!

She hates everyone that have more talent than her, not matter her or his race
Stefanella Sizzarettia
Stefanella Sizzarettia:
I usually hate cancel culture but this i enjoy. If you bully and abuse you’re way to the top, hunny when you fall NO ONE will be there to catch you!
If she says racist things she’s racist. Doesn’t matter that she insulted everyone else too, it’s still racist.
She IS Rachel Berry and that is NOT a good thing
sophhie yay
sophhie yay:
i personally believe that lea was nice to people she liked, and unpleasant to people who she wasn't keen on. for example, she went on tour with darren criss - who in their right mind would go on tour with someone who was mean to them? plus, on her instagram there is a very clear minority of people who she posted pictures with (or who posted pictures with her) which leads me to think that she was nice to the people who tolerated her and were her friends.
Lovely. Vz _
Lovely. Vz _:
Sis really said “ no lives matter”👩🏾‍🦯
Rayne Michael
Rayne Michael:
She has a superiority complex and she’s spoiled.
Y R:
Can’t stop thinking about that time Jessica Lange walked right past her and ignored her as she tried to say hi on the red carpet 😂 that was awkward.
She’s just a narcissistic theatre kid who has never been called out on her microaggressions to poc so yeh she’s racist but in the more subtle way
Nichola Dickens
Nichola Dickens:
It sounded like she’s very very hurting people
Two white dudes talking about racism and the Me too movement and not being embarrassing douche bags! We truly live in marvelous times.
Harlie Lynn
Harlie Lynn:
The sad thing is y'all will never hear anything from Naya Rivera now that she's missing and presumed dead. 🙏🙏 so sad....
The Asshole
The Asshole:
Naya warned everyone but because of Naya history people didnt believe
Stiltmans Stilt
Stiltmans Stilt:
All of a sudden everyone who's white who says anything mean at all to someone other then whites, there racists ...Smh It's called being a jerk not a freaking racist . Get a grip people .
Its sounds like that she's just a "w"itchy primadona, not racist.
Amanda Cooper
Amanda Cooper:
Amber Riley is amazing wow. She handled this with so much more maturity and grace that I would have after working with that monster.
David Stevens
David Stevens:
When the show was on, my favorite singer, and character, was Amber. She paired vocally very well with Naya. When I spoke with other people that liked Glee, they seemed to swoon a bit, whether they admit to it or not, when Lea was mentioned. I thought Lea was overrated.
kimmie fonze
kimmie fonze:
She's stopped being a star once Glee stopped airing that's karma.
My thought is how she is one of Jonathan Groff’s best friends and he is literally one of the most loved people on Broadway especially in Hamilton
Giovanna Machado
Giovanna Machado:
Naya Riveira is now sitting in her home with smug smile in her face saying "I told you so"
I used to think glee was just an awesome show. Its actually gross. There's a video called Mr. Shu being problematic, and it's eye opening.
Luiza Passamai Perez
Luiza Passamai Perez:
I'm so sad watching this because it was just about lea michelle but then he mentioned naya and that just broke me like... wow she's really gone, last month she was on twitter, instagram, all over and now she's gone... :(((
jinx xo
jinx xo:
And y’all thought Naya was crazy. Even fans have called her out for being rude. Before hailee steinfeld was famous, she met lea and confirmed this. For Lea to get away with this unprofessionalism shows Ryan Murphy’s favouritism.
Cindy Sobtafo
Cindy Sobtafo:
Lea really said "I want that solo mr. Shue and I'll so anything to get it!"

Also, I don't know what this says about me but why does this make me like her even more? Like I don't like like her, but all of this just makes her characters in scream queens and glee that more real and that more funny.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
She wasn't acting as Rachel, that's the story lol
Aisha K.T
Aisha K.T:
I hated Rachel in glee lol. That means I wouldn’t like lea either.
It’s not an assumption to me, it’s what they feel. And I can’t tell nobody how to feel. 🥱
K bar
K bar:
I didnt think she was racist she just sounded like a mean girl, she was mean not just to minorities but even to her supposed look alike. I think she just needs a personality overhaul.
amber's response was so mature
I Watch Youtube
I Watch Youtube:
I hope Amber knows she had the BEST voice on that show. PERIOD!
But why are her and Darren Criss such good friends?? He seems like such a sweetheart. 😩
Avenue Teal
Avenue Teal:
Apparently, she got TOO into her role as Rachel.
Andy Soriano
Andy Soriano:
There's a reason she is not getting any roles since glee...
If there is proof of her being racist then that’s that but I just think she is a terrible person. I think she’s being called a racist because she was white at the wrong time.
432 Celestial
432 Celestial:
Lea be like “no lives matter....but my own”
• tes •
• tes •:
Watching men gossip is extremely entertaining wow
I’m just glad that Naya Rivera witnessed all these before she died. She deserves to see Lea’s downfall. Btw, RIP boo :((
Dominique Young
Dominique Young:
Didn't naya say this in her book?? Like a couple of years ago
R F:
Can anyone jump to the fact that all the actresess and actors that had to have a scene with Lea Michele were super professional then, the fact that almost all of them hated her but in the show sometimes they had to pretend to like her and support her for whatever drama Rachel Berry bring onto the table.... I am so proud of our beloved Naya Rivera and the rest of the glee casts for being so professional facing that horrible person.
I don't like how everyone is dismissing race from the equation there. Sure, she has been rude to people of all walks of life without singling out POC, but she also benefits from being white in a discriminatory industry. I'm thinking of all the brilliant women of color in theatre, who hold themselves to a much higher standard of professionalism & work ethic, who have not enjoyed the same success as Lea Michele. Let's cast more Denee Benton's and fewer Lea Michele's.
Chinny Egbuna
Chinny Egbuna:
Ever since I saw that one episode where Rachel Berry goes “It’s glee club not crunk club”, I’ve known what was up. She said that a lil too fluidly for me to believe that it was just a character line lmao
charice pempengco was in one episode. I never liked Lea Michele after that and never watched Glee ever again because I had a gut feeling she was a bully.
The producers and directors have to be held responsible as well for letting talent like this just bully other cast mates. The way it seems Lea was just allowed to torment all over set. Smh.
Jai: I can say it huh?...I always believed naya, she may be a little tap of crazy but I always knew she wasn’t lying on lea😂😂😂
Ok now I'm waiting for Camila Cabello to apologize as well instead of that hypocrisy she's showing.
I used to street team for spring awakening in 2006 and I have so many stories about how she used to treat fans/the cast. I was hoping she changed but I see she hasn’t. That’s unfortunate cuz she’s really talented.
lala yup
lala yup:
When a person shows you who they are, believe them

Maya Angelou
Hayley M
Hayley M:
I love Amber, she's freaking amazing and a powerhouse.
There's a distinct difference from being a racist & mean girl. Lea Michele is simply a grown-up mean girl,who got her commeuppance!
John Shévin
John Shévin:
Two white men deciding that a white woman isn’t racist. Interesting.
Jisoo is my bias sorry not sorry UwU
Jisoo is my bias sorry not sorry UwU:
I’m a POC, personally I don’t get why everyone is saying she’s anti black. She hates everyone just as much as the other.
When you tailor you're offensive behaviour to include race it's racist! . Again you two have a problem talking about race. You'll talk about everything but race.
I want to hear how Emma Roberts and the cast of Scream Queens feel about this.
Modern GEAIsha Music
Modern GEAIsha Music:
Wow crazy there are really bigger problems now with Naya gone and Corona raging again.... People just need to love each other this is a sad world
I.T. Girl
I.T. Girl:
Not gonna lie, the real surprise to me is that she’s still a thing. Stopped watching her during the 2nd season of Scream Queens *cringe that season 🤦🏽‍♀️