All Zodiac Signs Have A Hidden Addiction, Here's Yours

Have you ever wondered where our habits and vices come from? An Aries can be pretty impatient, moody, and impulsive, Geminis are affectionate, adaptable, and quite curious about life and the world around them, Leos have natural charisma and charm instantly make them the life of the party anywhere they go!

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Aries 0:30
Taurus 1:17
Gemini 1:55
Cancer 2:48
Leo 3:32
Virgo 4:24
Libra 5:24
Scorpio 6:05
Sagittarius 6:49
Capricor 7:42
Aquarius 8:23
Pisces 8:55

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- An Aries doesn't want to miss a thing and really tries to live their life to the fullest, so anything that can help them with that can easily become a huge part of their lives.
- People of the Taurus zodiac sign are incredibly genuine, reliable, practical, and responsible, so they don’t really develop addictions that easily. But one thing can make them go crazy: food.
- The “healthy” usage of social media helps a Gemini's hungry brain expand and get into many places at once without feeling too committed to any of them. Still, just as with a Taurus, this addiction can be rather dangerous.
- Cancers are very emotional, imaginative, sympathetic, and loyal. It's no surprise that one of the biggest addictions of this zodiac sign is love and romance.
- It's hard to find a Leo who doesn't look good, and that's because this zodiac sign enjoys investing time in themselves. How they look and how others see them is important for Leos, so they try to make sure that they look fabulous at all times.
- Virgos are known to be analytical, hardworking, and practical. They're also neat freaks, which reveals their first and most obvious obsession: cleanliness.
- Just like Cancers, the diplomatic, gracious, and fair-minded Libras are addicted to romantic love. But there's one important detail here: They’re way more obsessed with the idea of love than the reality of it.
- A Scorpio isn’t one of those people who have tons of crushes; when they fall in love, it's a big deal. The same thing goes for friendships. A Scorpio’s circle is tight and consists of the closest people who've been through thick and thin with them.
- A Sagittarius’s idealistic and generous but impatient nature makes them very prone to developing new obsessions and addictions. Nonetheless, they usually go from one thing right to the other without staying in one place for too long.
- Capricorns are probably the most disciplined and responsible of all 12 zodiac signs, and these qualities surely help them with their true passion and addiction: their work.
- If you're an Aquarius, you're probably very independent and original, and sometimes you just wanna dive into a fantasy world and destress. An Aquarius tends to channel their emotions into something else rather than dealing with them in the here and now.
- Cute, artistic, gentle, and sensitive, a Pisces is truly unpredictable when it comes to vices and addictions. They can get up to pretty much everything from watching too much Netflix to eating too much.

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100+ komento:

Hey there, what´s YOUR Zodiac sign?
Iris Gemini
Iris Gemini:
Am I the only one who skipped to my sign and went?😂
Capricorn: “Workaholics”
Me: *sleeps all day then watches anime for 6 hours then gets yelled at by mom*
Looks like I’m rare
• køøkie-ssi •
• køøkie-ssi •:
“no Zodiac sign loves sleep as much as Pisces”
Me: *laughs in insomnia*
Gradient!sans :3
Gradient!sans :3:
"Libras always think that they need someone to complete them" me a libra:*stays away from most ppl*
who knows
who knows:
"Geminis are addicted to social media"

*me watching this video at three am* : hmm.... nahhhhhh thats not meeeee
lisa cupcake
lisa cupcake:
"Sagittarius is impatient"

Me:Thats why I have problem with the microwave
MinSuga Gloss
MinSuga Gloss:
Libra: romance
Me as a libra: excuse me but I'd rather wife myself. I'd rather be that rich auntie who wears Gucci gloves and hands out money to my nieces. 💀😂
Jerpid says FOOD IS A COLOUR
Jerpid says FOOD IS A COLOUR:
“Sagittarius have an impatient nature”
Haha imma use this as an excuse whenever my mom yells at me about being impatient
ace is my name
ace is my name:
I'm an Aries but I'm a shy anxious artsy lazy potato

I'm anti-steriotypical
Yusra Yasmeen
Yusra Yasmeen:
My grandmother is a Aries she drinks somuch coffee
“Virgo’s are all about cleaniss”
Me that is a virgo:*looks around bedroom* Maybe Im rare
As an Aquarius, I can say with 100% certainty...

*Fair enough.*
BTSha Edits
BTSha Edits:
Sagittarius are impatient
*me who skipped to my sign:- YES
Me ,instead of watching the video checking out comments to know what's mine
King Konz
King Konz:
Capricorn ♑ in the building ✊🏿
I do find myself mostly disciplined, picky with what i eat, who I take seriously, everything I do. Also yea work did take up ALOT of my time in my young life so far...

But I'm learning to relax more and dig deeper into my spiritual and inner self. Bless up to all. 💯🔥🎯🧠👁

Rise in power 🤜🏿 ☯️🤛🏿my zodiac warriors
ᴋᴀɪ ミニパンダ
ᴋᴀɪ ミニパンダ:
I'm a Taurus, I also like how they say we are addicted to food and I was eating food while watching this!! 😂😂
Libra: "Diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded."
Libra: "They're way more obsessed with the idea of love than the reality of it."
Libra: "They need someone to complete them."
Libra: "Dive into relationships and always have a vision of the perfect romance in their minds."

Me, a Libra: 🤔 Welp looks like I'm rare then
I’m an Aries and I tried coffee many times but don’t like it ;-;
Sarah Zhou
Sarah Zhou:
Me: Pisces
"pisces LOVE sleeping!"
Me who tries to stay awake 24/7 and loves allnighters
Draco Lucius Malfoy
Draco Lucius Malfoy:
"ViRgOeS CaNt StAnD SeEiNg A MeSsY RoOm Or pErSoN "
* Me looks around my room and happily watching the video
Ella Cupcake
Ella Cupcake:
Video: “it’s hard to find a Leo who doesn’t look good”
Me: well I guess I’m a rare exception
Im Sagittarius and ur right im EXTREMELY impatient and i love Traveling XD
Last Of Us
Last Of Us:
Bright side:aquaries love fantasy
Me:looks like my love for anime isent just because I have toouch free time and that anime is just soo gud
Bonn Barquilla
Bonn Barquilla:
“They’re way more obsessed with the idea of love than the reality of it”

As a libra this just hits me hard because its true 😭
Mikaela Wilson
Mikaela Wilson:
No wonder why Trump is always tweeting on his phone in stead of helping America. BECAUSE HE'S A GEMINI!
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima:
"It's hard to find a Leo that doesn't look good"
Me: *exists*
Fabulous Sirena Alberta Mom on a Budget
Fabulous Sirena Alberta Mom on a Budget:
Scorpio ♏️ and so true. I’m addicted to my husbands touch & he’s a Capricorn ♑️ so he’s addicted to work lol.
Badal Das
Badal Das:
Capricorn -kim taehyung yesss it's totally true🤞😍💜
I'm a Sagittarius I like the zodiac sign ♐
Lia Lavita
Lia Lavita:
I’m a Capricorn and I compete with myself 😂😅
Troi Xyz
Troi Xyz:
Happy birthday to every Aquarius present here !!
Depressed_ Croissant
Depressed_ Croissant:
Aries: coffee addicted

Me who doesn’t like coffee: I’m ✨unique✨
LaserLegend YT
LaserLegend YT:
Scorpio: have less friends but they are important to them.
Me too. Have only two friends others are acquaintance
Bianca Puzon
Bianca Puzon:
Virgos are clean freaks
Me: *looks at my messy room* Well, not all I guess
Aina Zack
Aina Zack:
Aries :
Coffee : NO
Adrenaline rush? YESSSSS ♈♈♈
Magic Wand
Magic Wand:
Pisces sleep lovers hit a like..😁😁😝
Louise Adamas
Louise Adamas:
Pisces: loves to sleep

Me: can survive with only two to three hours of sleep as long as I get at least six hours some time within the week
mozmorriss two
mozmorriss two:
Zodaic signs do not determine your personality. Only you can truly say what you are like. Zodaic signs changed my life. My best friend left me because she believed she was supposed to be fierce, angry and fiery. People ask me why I am quiet and serious, and not childish and dreamy. It's because picies is a consolation. It does not tell me who I am. Please listen to this comment. I dont want anyone to end up like my friend. Believing in these things can endanger you life if your not to careful. Be honest, who started acting childish, mean, kind or quirky when they found out what their zodaic sign was?
Molly Waygood
Molly Waygood:
I'm a Capricorn, the statement said about them is so true, I love learning new things!
sip Your tea anytime boo
sip Your tea anytime boo:
“They’re way more obsessed with an idea of love”

* giggles in asexaul * ye I’m libra
Aries 0:30
Taurus 1:17
Gemini 1:55
Cancer 2:48
Leo 3:32
Virgo 4:24
Libra 5:24
Scorpio 6:05
Sagittarius 6:49
Capricor 7:42
Aquarius 8:23
Pisces 8:55
Me Being A Leo: ...
Ron bloody weasly
Ron bloody weasly:
Video: Libras as addicted to love

Me months ago: *gives up on trying to fall in love because they never last long and their only crushes never true love*

Mummy I shall be independent now.
Taurus: don't easily get addicted but food make them go crazy.
Me: sobing in the corner with my new diet plan in hand
Mark Ibanez
Mark Ibanez:
Sagittarius: "Are Gamblers"
Yepp I love to Gamble!!! Shooting Craps
Soundarya .k
Soundarya .k:
Pisces, Anyone?😑😘
Every time to look at a video that has something to do with zodiac, I'm reminded how much of a leo I'm not.
Minga 11_
Minga 11_:
When you love being touchy and having physical contact but your friends AREN"T having it 😔
Life Drinker
Life Drinker:
Okay but to what gemini was addicted to in medieval era??
Spending all days in a tavern looking for distraction??
I need an aswer :(
Ryan Kissam
Ryan Kissam:
Definitely NOT true for this Gemini.
boz ave
boz ave:
?Every person has each one of those traits atleast once in their life.
Jail house Rock
Jail house Rock:
I am an Aquarius....I Mostly end up reading Fanfics whenever emotions are involved
Libra See a Part Relaships dive that flying on the space
Me: Im Totally rare
Keiji Akaashi
Keiji Akaashi:
I'm not confident though

As an Aries, I feel sad
Akshay Mundhe
Akshay Mundhe:
ᴡᴏʟғʏ ɢɪʀʟ
ᴡᴏʟғʏ ɢɪʀʟ:
Ok im a Taurus and i was eating while watching this and all i do is think about food everytime and hungry all the ime xD i just love to eat so much
I am more focused to my friends' zodiac tthan mine and compare them on to how I view them lol

I'm a Gemini and true I get to compare my life to others on social media and that's the reason I don't use social media anymore except youtube lol
Qaisara Afiah
Qaisara Afiah:
I'm a Capricorn its literally true that capricorns dont compete to others they compete to themselves i always compete my selves and something new slow-ly tell me in the coments that whats your zidiace signs guys!
BriRhi Everything
BriRhi Everything:

Jazelis Marrero
Jazelis Marrero:
“Pisces love sleeping, specially on weekends, and stay in pajamas all day”

Me: stays all day with my pj’s and planning to sleep when the video finishes.
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok:
Me : Capricorn
Bright Side : Capricorn’s love to learn new things
Me also : always learning new things
2 Sense Podcast Central
2 Sense Podcast Central:
Virgo - Toxic relationships. Very true. I’ll have to discuss this on my 2 Sense podcast on iTunes/Anchor on mental health. Thanks Bright Side ❤️🙏 love your work
Erielle Gato
Erielle Gato:
I'm Libra, and a kinda true...
overthinking? wow this one's so correct ♋️
Fellia dunnowut2do
Fellia dunnowut2do:
me who doesnt even care about my 1 yo sister:
Crazy Beans
Crazy Beans:
I just saw mine and my crush’s 😂
Amaree Nunez
Amaree Nunez:
You Literally described my weekends : sleep, eat , Netflix, and sleep
Aretina Lay
Aretina Lay:
im a pisces i sleep ALL the TIME, i was even tired watchin this and im abt to go to sleep rn peace!!
Omar V
Omar V:
My dad and my brother: Gemini

My mom and little sister:Cancer

And then you got me.......


I feels so lonely ;-;
salma zak
salma zak:
As an aries i loved adventure,, and coffee lover❤
Im virgo and when I see a mess kinda leave it alone lol
I'm Taurus no wonder I eat so much I am eating while watching this😂😂😅
SakuraLovesChu UwU
SakuraLovesChu UwU:
Aquarius ♒ :D
Sxpreme_.king_. Ty
Sxpreme_.king_. Ty:
Scorpio ♏️ GÄNG where y’all ÄT🤪🐍⛽️🌪
Jaime Marston
Jaime Marston:
I just started the video and I’m going to guess mine (Capricorn) is going to be work and/or money. Apparently we are money hungry workaholics 😂
Shirin Akter
Shirin Akter:
Im a leo ♌ and what ever it said at leo all goes with me.Thx for letting me know what's my addictions
I’m Aquarius and that was so true
Abigail's Life
Abigail's Life:
Video: *Pisces are addicted to Sleep*
Me: Makes sense why Suga sleeps a lot.
Sujatha Suja Sudarsan
Sujatha Suja Sudarsan:
Leo? Yea my dad...
He's up at 3 in the morning combing his hair. He is 39 but looks like a 25 year old.
Beater Tlw
Beater Tlw:
My Aries friend: ewwww coffee... *Drinks tea instead*
Marissa Burke
Marissa Burke:
I OWN THE WORLD IN MY HEAD! I've been creating it ever since I can remember... If there's nothing around and I'm stressed.... I eat a sandwich and meditate
Aries♈!!! N I drink so much coffee☕.. each n everything bout me 100% correct..
Team Aquarius here !
Eline Pols
Eline Pols:
Capricorn is so relatable its bad😂♑
Amutha Nageswaran
Amutha Nageswaran:
Im pisces and i love sleeping day all - " hooray ! You're right ! "
Arunava Bal
Arunava Bal:
Leo : Spends time shopping and taking care of their appearance.
I suddenly feel like i don't know my correct birth date.
Surianne brown
Surianne brown:
Me when they said I hooked on love:😱
17,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
17,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge:
I'm a Sagittarius! Who else!?
Hana McMillan
Hana McMillan:
Even though I am Aries, it doesn't sound like me.
Crannaberry Juice
Crannaberry Juice:
In the description they missed the "n" in Capricorn
It’sHarmonayy!! !
It’sHarmonayy!! !:
Soooooo is Aries are LITERALLY kings and queens sry 🥴🥴
Mia Urban
Mia Urban:
8:59 me bring a pisces and had a obsession with knives and gore
Simi Tyson
Simi Tyson:
Aquarius here one like for us😜😜
Søft Toast
Søft Toast:
Im sagittarius and everything is correct about me
Valerie Somollo
Valerie Somollo:
My zodiac sign is aquarius everything that was mention was true
This explains why I like coffee. It also explains why I want to do extreme things
Starlight Paris
Starlight Paris:
Not even a single soul:
Me:- skips into my sign -
Also me: wait i didnt check how i get it RiGhT?
Niño Gabriel
Niño Gabriel:
BRIGHT SIDE: "It's hard to find a LEO who doesn't look good"

Well, you found me. :)