All you need to know about Mid-Autumn Festival: Chang’e, mooncakes and the Fire Dragon Dance

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Chinese communities around the world are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, an annual event that dates back centuries. But how did the festival originate and what is it all about?

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Angel Velazquez
Angel Velazquez:
I love it,,, Happy mid-autumn Festival to everyone
Mad Striped Idol
Mad Striped Idol:
Happy mid-autumn Festival to everyone
peekaboo peekaboo
peekaboo peekaboo:
SCMP just have to put negative spin on it! By asking if Mid-Autumn Festival is a "DEAL".
Hanabi_yugi YT
Hanabi_yugi YT:
In my country they call it Mooncake festival
My Penpal from China was telling me about the Mid-Autumn Festival but I wasn't sure what it is, it looks amazing! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!
Июлий Горячев
Июлий Горячев:
saiah nonan
saiah nonan:
Chang’e user on ML anyone?
louis fill
louis fill:
Which I could attend this events
Eveline Caroline Huang
Eveline Caroline Huang:
I Love Moon Cake, Feel Like in the Moon in the Middle of the Night 🌕🌕🌕
Sumaya Ibrahim
Sumaya Ibrahim:
this is part of my assiment
Mia Wang
Mia Wang:
Zayne & Zac Lee
Zayne & Zac Lee:
this helped me alot
Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang:
Shirley Ren
Shirley Ren:
Gee Speller
Gee Speller:
Am a indigenous Tuscarora the first nation of what now they call the US you know about my people believe me
BoA Yoon
BoA Yoon:
Korea 🇰🇷 also celebrates the mid autumn festival.
These mooncakes are not good for your diet especially if you are someone who likes to stay fit LOL
Dennis Y
Dennis Y:
My favourite festival when I was a kid because we could stay up late, light candles and play with fire 😅 My treat was a dragon lantern because I was born in the year of the dragon which I would keep in my room until the next festival.
K Nguyen Nguyen
K Nguyen Nguyen:
We also have Mid Autumn Festival here in Vietnam. Also in Vietnam we use the name 姮娥 (Hằng Nga) instead of 嫦娥
JiL Jilly
JiL Jilly:
I'm afraid that it's arguable to call mooncake one of the staples for the festival. It's more like a must-eat treat or delicacy or pastry instead of a staple.
Josh @CESC
Josh @CESC:
Happy Mid Autumn Festival ( 嫦娥 )
John Wolf
John Wolf:
Happy moon-cake day, eveyrone.
J M:
0:50 - Round like the foom?
Yamete Onii chan ah ah ah
Yamete Onii chan ah ah ah:
Goddess chang'e made the moon his home ? Lol there's no house in the moon today
chris Hemsworth
chris Hemsworth:
Happy mid autumn from Vietnam
Gee Speller
Gee Speller:
I'll go next year I'll be permanent resident with my beautiful Chinese 👰wife
Chang e was not a goddess. God or goddess have not been popular in China.

A goddess does not regret stealing a drug and becoming lonely living in eternity far away from humanity.
Young Tang
Young Tang:
Isn’t Mid-Autumn festival is the Moon festival when they celebrate the end of harvest season? It’s not like the American Halloween! Don’t you do research before you make a video post, SMP?