Alexander Hamilton W/ Lyrics

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted a video in a while, I've been without internet for a bit! Hoping to get back on schedule:) hope you enjoy this little video I put together XD

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samiha hamzayeva
samiha hamzayeva:
Me *trying to sing/rap all the parts*: In New York you ca- Just you wait- be a new man, we fought with him, me? i died for him, me? i trusted him, me? I loved him, And me? i'm the damn fool that shot him, ALEXANDER HAMILTON
Me: panting at the end, out of breath
Daryissaplayz 231
Daryissaplayz 231:
My brain, while I sing: Wouldn't it be nice, wouldn't it be nice, to have functioning vocal cords on your side?
"He moved in with his cousin, his cousin committed suicide."

*_Wow, Hamilton._*
“And Alex got better, but his mother went quick.”

Wow that was dark

George Washington: want me to make it even darker?


Kloeckner Studios
Kloeckner Studios:

Avengers: We fought for him

Tony: Me? I died for him

Happy: Me? I trusted him

MJ: Me? I loved him

Disney: And me? I'm the damn fool that shot him
Moonlight io
Moonlight io:
Teacher: Okay class, today we're going to be learning about Aaron Burr.

Me: **cOuGh cOuGh** SIR
Pinky God of War
Pinky God of War:
"His ennemies destroyed his rep"
Hamilton: *Hey guys guess who just had an affair*
Me? I fought with him.
Me? I died for him.
Me? I trusted him.
Me? I loved him.
Hotel? Trivago peeps.
Prudie Moe
Prudie Moe:
Laurens: me? i died for him

*Quickly runs over to the schuyler sisters*

The schuyler sisters (and laurens): ME? I LOVED HIM
anton herz
anton herz:
the fbi agent watching me through my laptop camera is probably cringing from my inability to sing this
I'm Bready To die
I'm Bready To die:
1:49 i love how he says:

Moved in with a cousin,the cousin committed suicide
nejire-chan ☆
nejire-chan ☆:
*when you “accidentally” learn all of this song instead of lines for a really important thing at school*
*Teacher play this in class*

Every student: *rapping or singing*
nightlight1617 nightlight1617
nightlight1617 nightlight1617:
"Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide
Left him with nothing but ruined pride, something new inside
A voice saying, "Alex you gotta fend for yourself"
He started retreating and reading every treatise on the shelf."

I just can't stop repeating this part!
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr:
Me? I fought with him
Me? I died for him
Me? I trusted him
Maria: Me? I stole him
And Me? I'm the damn fool who shot him
S a y o r i
S a y o r i:
**full volume**

**Song starts**:dun du du du dun dun duuuuun

Sydney Countryman
Sydney Countryman:
Lin Manual Miranda writing, directing, and staring in this musical is such a flex
Ke en
Ke en:
when the part angelica and eliza said

me? i loved him

my mind was FaMiLY StRoKe
Krystal V.
Krystal V.:
I just realized that when Anthony say "me? I died for him" he's talking as Phillip not Laurens

Now I feel stupid😶
Everyone: No one who isn’t rich can become a hero!

Hamilton: Hold my beer

Me: jUsT yOu wAiT ;)
Who's hyped for Hamilton to be on Disney+? I am!!
Mason Nguyen
Mason Nguyen:
Maria Reynolds: Me? I stole him

*Gets dirty looks from Eliza and Angelica*
Why do I even listen to Hamilton songs when I don't even watch it?
Who is here enjoying this song but has never watched the play? Just me?
meanwhile bbq
meanwhile bbq:
No one:
Not any living soul:
Me: Singing this at 2 AM in the morning on the 1.75 spend cause I know the words
Isabella Pastore
Isabella Pastore:
This is the first Hamilton song I ever heard. I had to do a lot of searching to find this exact video. First one I ever watched. Now, people at school call me “Hamilton” because it’s all I talk about. I watched this November 16th of 2018. It’s now May in 2019. I had never really listened watched or listened to any musicals before. I had seen Wicked but I was only nine and didn’t have a phone yet so I couldn’t look up the soundtrack on YouTube. I loved it, but even if I did have a phone, I wasn’t aware that you could listen to the soundtrack on YouTube. I had a friend at the time who has since moved away, and she also loved Wicked. I was amazed because she had all the words to all the songs memorized and I didn’t know how she did it. I’m now the stage manager for pretty much every play or musical my school puts on. I’ve made so many friends that also work backstage at my middle school drama club. I was going through a really tough time when I first listened to this, and it really helped because it made me forget about all my problems, and it was one of the few things that could make me genuinely happy at the time. It’s made me laugh, cry, smile, and get so angry so many times. I’ve listened to all the deleted songs, and memorized every single line. I’ve gotten into other musicals like Dear Evan Hansen, Heathers, and Be More Chill. I just started listening to The Book of Mormon. And to think, it all started with this one video.
So, in an Alexander Hamilton YT playlist I get.

Warrior Cats
Warrior Cats
Warrior Cats
Tatiana Torres
Tatiana Torres:
We fought with him
Me? I died for him
Me? I trusted him
Me? I loved him
And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him

I’m the damn fool that might break the replay button
Decendre' Johnson
Decendre' Johnson:
"Moved in with his cousin, the cousin committed suicide
Me: How is Sayori, Ibuki, Chihiro, and Kaede doing up there
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Kirsten Contreras
Kirsten Contreras:
3:32 reminds me of like Artemis like idk why
Hunters of Artemis: We fought with her
Zoë: Me? I died for her
Thalia Grace: Me? I trusted her
Orion: Me? I loved her
Atlas: And me? I’m the damn fool that took her

sorry ill leave now
MemeChild Moonie
MemeChild Moonie:
I was sitting down and then all of a sudden I said "What's your name, man?" And my friend said "Alexander Hamilton!" I literally tackled her
Gene Geronimo
Gene Geronimo:
My favorite part

The ship is in the harbor now.........
Lakayla Swann
Lakayla Swann:
i have no interest in becoming a history teacher, but I would want to just introduce my students to masterpiece we call "Hamilton" i'm aggressively bobbing my head at this very moment
Megan Bowen
Megan Bowen:
Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I found a Hamilton notebook that I had never seen before and my mom told me that I have the most expensive gift and I think I might have gotten Hamilton tickets I’m so excited
egg Head
egg Head:
Laurens: I died for him

Me: wait.. sto- they- how... imma just- SOMEONE’S CUTTIN THE ONIONS AGAIN
мя. σвαмα
мя. σвαмα:
Mulligan/Madison & lafayette/Jefferson:

*We fought for him

John Laurens:

*Me? I died for him


*Me? I loved him

John laurens:

*Did you die though?
We? Fought with him
Me? I died for him
Me? I trusted him
Me? I loved him
And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him
Hotel? Trivago
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem:
imagine how his dad must have felt when he saw where his son had gotten lmao
Smileless Crymore
Smileless Crymore:
A kid singed this at my school during the talent show but let me say nobody was proud
Any Aaron's part: *exists*
My brain: Whoops I guess I'll just *has a stroke*
zoe ascheri
zoe ascheri:
"miss, you are doing awful in history of america" "just you wait, just you waiiit"
Citarah Ntwatwa
Citarah Ntwatwa:
ok my goal is to learn the first part up to “my name is alexander hamilton” we’ll see for the rest😂

edit: ok 36 minutes ago i said i was going to learn the first part and instead of washing the dishes I LEARNT ITTTTT!!!!! I’m not doing the second part because i can sing :)😂
Bxby Mama
Bxby Mama:
My name is Alexander Hamilton and there's a lot of things I haven't done..

But Maria Reynolds ain't one.
half dead sitting in their own *SICC* the scent *THICC* .. and alex got better but his mother went *QUICC*
Karma Wolfine
Karma Wolfine:
Me: (singing all the parts in a normal voice) *Gets to Eliza parts* (makes voice high pitched)
xx Gacha K xx
xx Gacha K xx:
New kid: What's your name man?
Me: ALEXANDAR HAMILTON *sings whole song*
3000 Cookies With No Videos
3000 Cookies With No Videos:
History teacher: everybody today we are learning about Alexander Hamilton

My Brain: "You can't sing all the parts."
Me: *"try me."*
Caty Grey
Caty Grey:
Welp time to fall into another fandom
Tell my mother I loved her
Briseis Ayala
Briseis Ayala:
Lafayette is a single Pringle right? :”3

If not, I will be raging.
If he is, I CALL DIBS
Let’s Make
Let’s Make:
Washington:Moved in with a cousin the cousin committed suicide
Hamilton: am I that obnoxious?
Aaron Burr, Reynolds, And Jefferson: YES!
Hamilton: Please no
Aaron Burr: How does a b******
Hamilton: whyyyyyyyy
Renolyds: PAY UP
Jefferson (confused): What did I miss?
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Teacher: Who is Alexander Hamilton? Me: Thank you Disney plus.... im about to get an A+
"Moved in with cousin cousin committed suicide."
Me: What did do wrong this time. ~Eye roll~
me as a 10 year old girl singing this fluently then the hard words come: "car- car beian?"
Holly Stroman
Holly Stroman:
I went straight to this when I forgot one lyric when everyone was singing if at Rehersal. THEATER KIDS DONT FORGET A HAMILTON LYRIC!!!!!!
Nothanksimdone bye
Nothanksimdone bye:
0:34 my brain auto predicts the lyric to “every day was leg day”
Note to self: don't try to sing/ rap Alexander Hamilton when you have a cold
Aaron Burrs Diary:

Today I killed my best friend. He was also my enemy though. So in conclusion, nothing happened today.

gxlaxy .z
gxlaxy .z:
We fought with him:Hurclues ,Madison Lafayette ,Jefferson
Me? I died for him:Laurens ,Philip
Me? I trusted him: George Washington
Me? I loved him: Angelica Eliza ,Mari-WAIT YOU FORGOT ME ~Laurens
The guy that Exists
The guy that Exists:
Oliver queen

Team arrow: we fought with him

Tommy: I died for him

Felicity and Laurel: I loved him

The mar no vu: I killed him
Mr. Kitty05
Mr. Kitty05:
Spider- man
Avengers: we fought for him
Tony:me? I died for him
Happy:me? I trusted him
MJ:me? I loved him
Sony: and me? I’m the dang fool who shot him

Srry I can’t curse
No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even the world:
Me: *does the WHOLE song infront of the school, with my friends hyping me up*
Naomi-Lee Kativu
Naomi-Lee Kativu:
When a teacher asks me what's your name once I nearly said alexander hamilton then I realised I am in a British school and no 1 will understand.😣😭
Ninja the Styrofoam Head
Ninja the Styrofoam Head:
Teacher: Alright class, before we learn about Alexander Hamilton tell me some things you know about him

Me: **sings every hamilton song**
Mintie Lite :3
Mintie Lite :3:
Song: When america sing for you
Me: like this

* insert clip of fans screaming *"ALEXANDER HAMILTON!!!"* *
Una Sharapova Matutina
Una Sharapova Matutina:
*Me? I died for him*

(I'm not even from America)
Warning spoilers:

I cant believe the first song tells about the last breath of alexander... This is so sad.
Chihiro Fujisaki
Chihiro Fujisaki:
Ok, so, i'm gonna try to enter in the fandom of Hamilton and watch all the musical and listen to all the songs, wish me luck, everyone!

Edit: Ok, so, everything is good by now, i know more songs now! I didn't know Hamilto was a very good musical! I actually thought it was boring since it so long but, geez, how wrong i was
MyWeekly Vlog
MyWeekly Vlog:
My friend’s dad didn’t understand the musical and was like, “their just talking about how Alexander is a piece of trash.” Yes. The is the LITERAL point of the musical
BNHA Adaptation at the end:

Nejire & Tamaki: We, fought with him.
Nighteye: Me, I died for him.
Midoriya: Me, I trusted him.
Eri: Me, I loved him.
Overhaul: And me, I'm the damn fool that shot him.

(Thanks, TikTok.)
Dragon Queen1215
Dragon Queen1215:
When you've never seen the play/musical but still love the songs
Bee Phoenix
Bee Phoenix:
Me: songs this song
Also me: pssshhh I can sing guns and ships no problem. *listens to guns and ships again* Fu-
I just realized both Madison and Jefferson are saying "we fought with him" which is true in one context, but that's also Mulligan and Lafayette saying "we fought with him" which is also true in another context. Then you have Laurens and Philip saying "I died for him" which is also true in both contexts?
Abby Lowery
Abby Lowery:
AARON BURR: And me? I'm the damn fool that shot him

Me: sing along "ME IM THE DAMN FOOL THAT SHOT HIM" yaasssssss

Mom: calm down its a song if u keep its up you going to break the windows because of how loud you are

Me: yyaaaaaa in mind you I'm still listening to the song 1 hour loop and the song it just gets better
Eliza: _take a break!_

Hamilton: *just you wait...*
CW coaster enthusiast
CW coaster enthusiast:
Alexander hamilton: the guy with like 3 different girlfriends
I know some of yall watching are watching because hamilton is coming to disney+
Nicolette The Baguette
Nicolette The Baguette:
Burr: And me? I'm the damn fool that shot him

Me when Hamilton gets shot: *surprised Pikachu face*
Mel Holland
Mel Holland:
laurens and philip in the very first song: me? i died for him

me when they actually died: 👁👄👁
laurens: me? i died for him

Suzieplayz 6_6
Suzieplayz 6_6:
Me: *keeps up with all the raps and song,*
Briseis Ayala
Briseis Ayala:
Eliza & Angelica & Maria :Me?I loved him!

Me: WeLL...
Carmela Franchezka Pil
Carmela Franchezka Pil:
“We fought with him”
“Me? I died for him”
“Me? I trusted him”
“Me? I loved him”
“And i’m that damn fool who shot him”
Those lines were cool to me
Laurens x Hamilton peeps
Matthew Cha
Matthew Cha:
Burr:stop writing


Maria:let's cheat on your wife
DJ Viris
DJ Viris:
Fact: Larens did say “me?i loved him”
Aly L.
Aly L.:
Irl Philip is engaged to Maria Reynolds, aka John Laurens is engaged to Peggy.
Lyrics: clerking
What I hear: twerking.
Notaxmar Jr
Notaxmar Jr:
Last digit of likes is who you are :
0. Lafayette
1. Alexander Hamilton
2.Phillip Hamilton
3. Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton
4.John Lauren’s
5.Aaron burr
6.hercules mulligan
7.king George
8. Angelica schuyler
9.AND PEGGY! (Schuyler)
savannah miller.
savannah miller.:
*Plays it on my Bluetooth speaker so everyone in the house can hear it*
Kaylee Bodge
Kaylee Bodge:
Teacher: does anyone know who Alexander Hamilton is?
Me: * raises hand*
My friend: please don’t ....
Teacher: ok! What do you know
Me: how does a-
Me (2 hrs and 40 mins later): who lives who dies who tells your storyyyyyyyyy
Serena Mai
Serena Mai:
me? i died for him
me? i died for him
me? i died for him
and me? im the dam fool that...
dIeD fOr hIm ;)
Crimson Red
Crimson Red:
Is it sad that I watch Hamilton at like 9 years old and I can repeat everything by heart
Animal Life
Animal Life:
It's funny how Hamilton's best friends also played his enemies 😆
Alyssa Shade
Alyssa Shade:
Who’s gettin hyped up for the movie

Im staying up until it comes out lol 😁 I’ve never been so excited in my life for a movie
Layla Strickland
Layla Strickland:
My mom texted me “why have you been listening to this all day”
Lou Gagliardi
Lou Gagliardi:
an immigrant working his way from the bottom.

He's rolling over in his grave right now.
Gia Crowner
Gia Crowner:
Four years later and I’m still trying to learn the lyrics
Silambu Selvi Muthuvel
Silambu Selvi Muthuvel:
Why does the line "The world will never be the same" give me My Little Pony: Equestria Girls vibes.
Kawii Crush
Kawii Crush:
When I rap this my voice changes accent and my voice gets lower lol