After finally reuniting with my husband again, I thought it would be perfect to call him in to join us for another adulting video. On this episode, we talked about current issues and learning how to deal with online hate. I really learned a lot while filming this and I hope that you can also learn a thing or two from us! ❤️

LOVE MARIE ONGPAUCO-ESCUDERO (known in the Philippine entertainment industry as Heart Evangelista) started her career at the age of 13 as a commercial model and actress. Her 20 years of hard work paved way to numerous acting and hosting projects, and awards. Through the years, she has evolved from being a professional actor and television host to a sought-after international and local brand endorser, sold-out visual artist, best-selling author, fashion influencer, beauty icon, and entrepreneur. She is one of the country’s most recognized celebrities, and advocates for children’s health and education, individuals with special needs, and animal welfare. She wishes to share these passions to the world through this platform.


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Vhia Gonzaga
Vhia Gonzaga:
Youtube: how many ads you want?
Heart: Naah, Im rich I don’t need ads to this video, I just want everyone to be educated at some point. ❤️
jan Roche
jan Roche:
if only we have this kind of discussions rather than hate. We could mature as a country.
Reeza Reno15
Reeza Reno15:
"I don't believe in love at first sight. I believe in love at first debate, first argument, first inside joke, first genuine laughter after a lifetime of sadness. I believe in love at first heartfelt conversation, first completely comfortable un-awkward silence. I believe in love at first support through hardships, first shared pain and first divided joy. I don't believe in falling in love with a face. I believe in falling in love with a mind and a soul"

Ctto @scenery
A P8
A P8:
This is why I’m more attracted to intelligent person. Beauty fades.
“then your boyfriend arrived”, “you were married then” THIS LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND COMFORT WITH YOUR PARTNER 👌🏻
Asha Masaya
Asha Masaya:
Imagine having someone who will educate you in matters you don't understand without belittling you.
Warm Kisses
Warm Kisses:
"Even God rested for a day babe, so you can always rest too." - Chiz, 2020

my goodness, i found my way of life.
Rose Nastor
Rose Nastor:
I've always had a thing for intelligent and humorous people. I'm enjoying this video sm
Jude Josephson
Jude Josephson:
Ganito dapat mga pinapanood ng mga kabataan ngayon, nakabubusog ng utak. ❤️
Aiah Codiapit
Aiah Codiapit:
Yep, this kind of man deserves the word “gwapo ka”. I said what I said.
Lou Pascua
Lou Pascua:
While listening to sir Chiz talk, I began to realise how Heart fell for him. She fell for his content.
I know 90 % of the comments on this video is about chiz' intelligence and how heart is so beautiful but lets not forget the main agenda of this video, to educate us about this bill. Let's protect out basic rights everyone :)
Always, Allen
Always, Allen:
“You can go ahead and say what you wanna say, as long as I’m not affected by it or even if I get hurt I will never show you that I am so as not to give you the pleasure of knowing that I’m affected” Damn!!! Why does smart guys so attractive?!!!!
Hobi Hope
Hobi Hope:
I don’t think Chiz is just smart, he’s definitely a wise person too. You can see a lot of intelligent people out there but it’s hard to find a person that has that kind of wisdom. Will definitely try to look more into a person’s morality rather than just the looks, social status, or brainpower.
Loki and Mitchie's TV
Loki and Mitchie's TV:
Chiz: Biglang dumating syota mo. hahaha
Heart: You were married then. charaught!

hahaha love them both. <3
Thank you for this! 💯👌🏻
I’m Jisoo & you cant marry my son Dalgomie
I’m Jisoo & you cant marry my son Dalgomie:
After this I had so much respect with Chiz. Girls get a man who is hardworking, attained good education and at the same time can talk about issues without sounding condescending
Sarah's Mom MyTinyMoments
Sarah's Mom MyTinyMoments:
Chiz is wise. My understanding is, dont just say no for the heck of it. Study, research and then give opinion. Make informed decision. Fix than rubbish things without weighing and thinking things thru. Like he said, he fixated on sec 25. Fix it. Lobby to have it fixed. The way heart was staring at chiz and listening to him, it showed her admiration of him. I can't blame her.😁
Now this is one "opposition" who actually makes sense. Gov. Chiz was able to explain things about the ATB and (cyber) libel in a way that actually makes a lightbulb lit inside your head. No inarticulate yada yada, no incoherent babblings but just straight up explanation of what's the problem and how can the problem be amended and/or corrected. Someone who provided a clear reason for why he's opposing the ATB and not just giving contradictions for the sake of contradicting. I learned more listening to him than I ever learned from when I'm trying to decipher tv news and twitter posts of other politicians and Government officials. And his life lessons are always 'quotable quotes' that could help us to get by. This is a really nice content 😊
Lady Summer
Lady Summer:
I only admire a number of politicians, one of them is chiz escudero. Sorsogon is blessed to have him.
Gianina Raine Yaneza
Gianina Raine Yaneza:
Everyone was talking about how intelligent chiz is but the way heart can easily understand it and easily get was intelligent too.
Maigne Martin
Maigne Martin:
That sudden "ang gwapo mo noh..." probably makes her realize how lucky she is for getting that intelligent man in front of her. Dun tayo sa matalino hindi yung "someone ask me kung paano kami nasasaktan mga lalaki". Yikes
Elma Rosario
Elma Rosario:
I'm waiting for ADULTING WITH CHIZ EP4❤️❤️❤️
Lovely Jn
Lovely Jn:
I love how he suddenly compliment heart while they're talking its kinda obvious that he really adore his wife, just like heart adore him for being smart ass! love these two, daming leanings! :)
Les Lie
Les Lie:
I like how Heart brings out the best from Chiz. a smart person knows what to say even if he didnt read the questionaire.
sigrid ramae
sigrid ramae:
A guy speaking so intellectual and knowing his words
Love Marie: "ang gwapo mo"

Same Love Marie, same,
Eno Chian
Eno Chian:
Computer: loading...
Google: searching...

Chiz Escudero: answers every questions confidently, smartly, fast and accurately. 😳🤓😎
Miranda Regenio
Miranda Regenio:
Thats what Im talking about, educate the people who are lost and gain their confidence, I hope Chiz will run for Presidency we really need a true Intellectual and seeing things in greater perspective for the best for everybody. Thank You Ms. Heart for this! Everybody needs a Chiz in their life and in this Government. God bless Us in this battle.
Rudeness IS Epidemic
Rudeness IS Epidemic:
Have you ever been in love with a couple? Because these two are it for me. ♥️
when you see couples that are not the same level in their looks especially if they are both affluent , you will know that one of them is extremely intelligent. As I listen these 2 talk to each other the more that I realize why Heart love this man and vice versa . They are both intelligent and lovable and they truly complement each other😍more power to you both❤️
MRS_ VN143
MRS_ VN143:
Before when Heart was still dating CE, my reaction was she could be dating a guy her age and not someone in politics and older . I never followed CE. I only see pics , read few articles and a glimpse of some interviews on him. There were also some negative news about him. After this , now I know why Heart fell for him, he’s got the smarts and Heart is too. They are both intelligently compatible.
Elieza Distor
Elieza Distor:
As you grew older, you will realize what you find a man. Chiz might be older than Heart but Heart wanted a man who will take care of her, educate her, and bring the best out of her. That's what relationships are, growing and learning together not just doing things together.
Madami na ako Nakantot
Madami na ako Nakantot:
being smart and full of wisdom is much more sexier than just abs ( daniel matsunaga )
raymund fernandez
raymund fernandez:
Chiz supposed to be our vice president its just people vote who is popular damn...idk why he lose!
Brendell Barcelon
Brendell Barcelon:
You know you're rich enough when you don't put a single ads on a 30 minutes long video!
Joanna Mayol
Joanna Mayol:
I remember my polsci teacher say that Chiz Escudero is one of the most charismatic senators she has ever encountered speak at our university. And hearing him talk on this video, I get what she means...
Arthlié Sossy Laug Laug
Arthlié Sossy Laug Laug:
“Even God rested for a day babe so you can always rest too.”
—Escudero, 2020
Winter Hevn
Winter Hevn:
So many quotable quotes!
If you’re parading yourself on the internet, saying things doing things, showing things that you’re doing, then you better take the good with the bad. Learn to ride both.

If it’s too hot in the kitchen, leave.

I may not agree with what you’re saying but i will always defend your right to say it
so you can go ahead and say what you want to say, if i get hurt, i will never show you that i am so as not to give you the pleasure of knowing that i am hurt.

when you were younger you wanted to change the world
as you grew older you only want to change your country or community
as you grow further older all you wanted to do was change yourself and you still couldn’t do it

start either at the top, try to change the world
or start at the beginning, change yourself first

start with yourself, you don’t have to be out there
answer when you’re asked, if you’re not asked, don’t answer
you keep the fire burning in yourself keep it in your head
hold firm to that belief and principle because, who knows, you may be given an opportunity
some time to voice them out
Random Person in Yt
Random Person in Yt:
I love how Chiz is so knowledgable, he speaks in ways that people would also widen up their thoughts.
Heart: "Ang gwapo mo!"

It really proves that intelligence can make you attractive and sexy at the same time.
Jey Zeen
Jey Zeen:
Bago sabihin ni Heart sa hubby niya na "Ang gwapo mo!" pumasok na agad sa isip ko 'yung "sh**t ang lakas maka gwapo omg!" hahaha aylabet ❤❤❤
L Fix
L Fix:
"How independent and free are our government and institutions?" - Chiz

Makes sense why the people have trust issues.
Jaber Yesu
Jaber Yesu:
I have watched, re-watched and extra-watched this so many times... It is refreshing to watch a couple that is mutually intelligent, beautiful and articulate sharing on pertinent issues that everyone from different walks of life can relate to. The other channel I love is that of The Adanna and David Family. The reason I say this is both these YouTube channels are extremely educative and poignant. Back to this current channel, I am usually on the "team watch without commenting" but today after re-watching again, I decided to leave a comment. Voting for me is truly a dilemma because the concept of it is vital but what leaders in my country do with them are truly saddening. They steal votes and are not even bothered with it. Most of the time I have voted in my constituent in the they claim we all voted for the current leaders who steal votes. I mean even if I am the only one who voted against him I still have the right to. This has made most to not have confidence in the voting process from the electoral commission, to the extra policing to leaders declaring themselves winners has made the whole process tasteless and tactless. I made peace with not voting in 2022 and I jokingly say that "whoever wants to be the president should just call a press conference and declare himself/herself the president" I am trying to take the good with the bad but its always the bad that dominate 😂 in my country that is... So I chose to focus on improving myself and the people who I shall be privileged to help. I digress, I just wanted to say, I enjoy this YouTube channel as it inspires me to be my best. Lots of love from Nairobi, 🇰🇪 Kenya.
Jeva Zyren Alvarez
Jeva Zyren Alvarez:
"Ang gwapo mo, gwapo ka. Ang galing galing mo talaga "

Samedttt, Heart! Samedttt. HAHAHA 😍✨
Late Sen.Miriam Santiago just left Heart with her alter-ego in terms of her IQ. Haha
He's so smart, and so charismatic...this is the second time I've seen and heard him talk (ever) and he totally makes sense especially the question on Anti Terror Bill's arresting with no warrant. He's on point on every question -- so much wisdom in politics and daily life. CHIZ for President! I will totally vote for him, I'm a Fil/Am. She's right, you always make her content so great. A good break from your not so sensible contents (sorry) -- like showing off your material stuff, your outfit, your very comfortable living -- sorry, but it is what it is-- just saying. Please bring him on more often. Thanks
Julia C.
Julia C.:
sarap ng may kausap ka na matalino, not just in terms of academic, but smart with words, kahit anong pag-usapan, it feels very light lang <3
eric julius ley
eric julius ley:
This made me feel that Heart is protected from any harm as long as she's with Chiz ✨
4:33 - CHIZ:tapos dumating yung syota mo..hahah

HEART :you were married then.

Angie Mead King
Angie Mead King:
Thank you love this video 🙏🏼
Remeliza De La Luna
Remeliza De La Luna:
i love this "adulting with chiz" episodes of heart. listening to two intellectual persons is just a time well-spent on you tube. I hope Heart could also do a "debate" session with chiz. that would be so interesting... hehehe
Zen TV
Zen TV:
I love how Gov. Chiz waits for Heart to finish what she's saying. Soooo amazing.
Jibbs Jibbs
Jibbs Jibbs:
Chiz is a kind of person that every girls ideal . His wit, and words are different.
Abby Narvasa
Abby Narvasa:
Chlea Marie Tanedo
Chlea Marie Tanedo:
If this could be the kind of husband i'm going to take my daily breakfast with, goodness!!! there cud be no second seeing and leaving myself hanging in stupidity 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #QuarantineLessonsssss101
Irene May Biona
Irene May Biona:
I always see Heart as an Artist, endorser, fashion Icon, etc. but after this episode, napahanga ako. Thank you or this episode Heart! Very informative esp regarding the Anti-Terror Bill kasi isa ako sa mga taong hindi masyadong alam kung ano ito. Very timely ng topic. Ngayon lang naging clear sa akin. And yung words of wisdom ni Chiz Escudero. Wow! Ito yung tipo ng tao na gusto mong kausap na marami kang babaunin. (Disclaimer: I am not endorsing Chiz ✌) Godbless you Heart! More of this please!
Bernard Feranil
Bernard Feranil:
Such a perfect couple. Cupid played favorites here huhu
Darwin Lauzon
Darwin Lauzon:
Since I can never aspire to be as intelligent, calm and composed as Chiz, I just want to be able to carry wearing an aqua marine colored pants like he does :(
Anne Ganda
Anne Ganda:
If Chiz is a beauty queen, he will totally rock at the Q&A.
Ciara Mae Chua
Ciara Mae Chua:
I love tlaga that they always laugh together… 🥰
Faith Leonen
Faith Leonen:
This is the first time i enjoyed watching couple with the same level of IQ, cuteness, indiffirences in a good way and staying who they are. I like this two so bagay!
My way of tuning off from my phone is reading a good book. I just forget things when I’m glued to it.
Kristeen May
Kristeen May:
Even sen chiz labeled ABT “worrisome” - bc it is!!! Ive read it too it’s too broad when it shouldnt be. This makes my anxiety spike. ABT is a bad bill it’s a bad, bad bill
Jervy Polistico
Jervy Polistico:
A Wise Quote from chiz. “ when you were younger you wanted to change the world, as you get older you wanted to change your country or community, as you grow even more older down the line, all you wanted to do was change yourself and you still couldn’t do it. “ I actually felt that
Ethan Bronio
Ethan Bronio:
Imagine having a father like Chiz Escudero. Imagine the knowledge 🤟 just wow
kylie gabay
kylie gabay:
Me before watching this video: *political n00b*

Especially this part moved me:
Chiz' Question: "Why does majority win? Why can't the right win? Why can't the intellectuals be given the chance to decide what's best for the country? Why do you give each and every person one vote?"

Prof's Answer: "It's not a coincidence that you followed the rule of the majority because in other countries, it's the majority who are poor. It's the majority who need help. And if it's truly one person, one vote, then you owe your victory to them. And hopefully if you win, you will serve them as well. So it feeds itself."
Because even if the poor's vote is 'wrong' in an intellectual's eyes, they(int) wouldn't understand how or what led them to make their(poor) decision. The same way how the poor wouldn't understand the judgement of an intellectual. It's also a possibility that some politicians would conveniently target the poor, and the uneducated to sway them to their side to their advantage.
Wow. I learned a lot from this video. Ang cute po ng dynamic ni Heart and Chiz huhuhuhuhu. #Goalz
B Buendiaa
B Buendiaa:
The people need more videos like this, it'll help everyone grow. Mrs. Escudero, thank you for this, we're hoping you'll upload more, help us be enlightened🌼💛
Sugar Coat
Sugar Coat:
I can definitely relate to Miss Heart when she said “Gwapo mo noh? Gwapo ka” while Mr. Chiz was expressing his point of view. Yes, intelligence is truly sexy. It somehow makes someone more attractive. Cheers to this beautiful couple! ❤️
Jun's July* Wonpil's Yonpil* Chanyeol's Jagiya
Jun's July* Wonpil's Yonpil* Chanyeol's Jagiya:
"It's a question of confidence." That''s soooo true. We were all loud in expressing our disapproval with that bill, now a law, because we have many things the government did that did not sit well with us. We can never be confident with our government today.
enskiedesu degreat
enskiedesu degreat:
Mr. Chiz is so admirable. He's my inspiration to study hard.
Nicole on the go
Nicole on the go:
Imagine having a life partner like Chiz omg i can imagine how you will grow. He is not impossing (i hope 😉) but the way he talk and think makes you want to be a better person. Nakakahawa yung pagiging maalam nya. ❤️
Carol Cervantes
Carol Cervantes:
I am Chiz all the way. His words are my life’s learning as well. I love how he pointed out that it’s not a question of being strong, you may not be as strong as others but you can learn to look the other way. I may be the most affected of all and yet I remain to be true to myself.
Asmin Rangan
Asmin Rangan:
Imagine having a conversation like this with your man you'll probably grow together.
"if it's too hot in the kitchen, then leave."
Akasha Vexx
Akasha Vexx:
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." -Benjamin Franklin
Chris-Ann Cajis
Chris-Ann Cajis:
I really love this content with Chiz, i’m smiling ang learning at the same time ♥️
Ro Shi
Ro Shi:
I really love how they call each other darling,dear etc.
Vincent Aguilar
Vincent Aguilar:
I really like how Heart uttered after Senator Chiz completed his words "ang gwapo mo no" which made sense how deeply in love she is to her husband. The substance, intelligence, and spontaneity, I think those are the traits that we should look for. Someone who is more than just his/her looks, someone that we can learn from may it be political, social, or life in general and someone who is able to feed your mind and soul. Hindi yung gwapo lang or maganda lang. I hope everbody vies for intelligence, kindness, and good intention over physical appearance. ❤️❤️❤️
PK Zenk
PK Zenk:
I can see why Heart fell for Chiz...ako man din, I was never into good looking guys, I'm more attracted to older SMART men..
Desserts' Emporium by Iris & Bianca___ PM Messenger
Desserts' Emporium by Iris & Bianca___ PM Messenger:
I love how both of you communicate. Learned a lot after listening to this video. "Totoong nakakaguwapo ang matalinong pagsagot ni ChizE". 😊
Adulting with Chiz - 1.4M Views.
Ivana 24HRS Swimming Challenge - 6M Views.

Thats the problem right there.
Kateleen Frances Santos
Kateleen Frances Santos:
Heart is so cute whenever she says "charot" 😂
K P:
The whole 30 minutes is a quote.
Madam Mauzzzy
Madam Mauzzzy:
"You always make my content so great" I love that phrase.
gladys baguio
gladys baguio:
I was amazed hearing this kinds of thoughts coming from gov. Chiz. He really study everything so hard. I am nothing compared to him. His thoughts inspire me in soany aspect of life 😊
rosalyn marie lacandaso
rosalyn marie lacandaso:
I like people who is like Chiz the way he speaks and the way he explains is super turn on. I want this kind of man talking to me everyday.
Kyra Solaña
Kyra Solaña:
Sir Chiz should be a professor in a university, very articulate and simple mag explain na you can easily understand. Sana all may Chiz haha
Sue Shem
Sue Shem:
Naaah. Im starting to love chiz. 😁💕 More adulting sessions please. Really learned a lot.
Marian Dasmariñas
Marian Dasmariñas:
Binged watched Chiz's adulting episodes.. And I feel like a new person with new perspectives charot
Chiz: Naka-white shirt ka. Tapos biglang dumating syota mo.
Heart: You were married then. Charot.

I love this couple so much💕😂 So chill and informative💞✨
Madam Mauzzzy
Madam Mauzzzy:
AwW! I love how they look and adore each other. Essential conversation.
Buboy’s Playroom
Buboy’s Playroom:
“For those who are not interested in voting and yet keep on complaining, remember, we deserve the leaders that we get.” - Chiz 2020
Rizza Marbella
Rizza Marbella:
I personally met him when I was in high school and since that I day started to admire him; the way he talks, his intelligence, his compassion to his people and also the way he loves Heart.
CHIZZZ!! so very smart person omg! Husband like that is the best.and i like how you guys respect each other i love this Couple. It is nice to see you guys happy to each other! Keep it up and make more videos.. hear heart heart i love you!💗 you are my idol since i see on television muuuaaahhh specially now you always motivate me in my everyday life!😘 god bless and Stay safe guyss!🙏
shelmar siscar
shelmar siscar:
You can clearly see how Heart gets super kilig and proud at the same time whenever Chiz drops intelligent remarks! Successful marriages do come when couples admire and lift each other!
Lester Pelayo
Lester Pelayo:
MORE OF THIS!!! Its like summing up everything in one seat when u really listen to it like omg 😮 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
Ma. Maggie Grace Sahagun
Ma. Maggie Grace Sahagun:
Angsarap i-transcribe ng videos ni Heart with her husband, Chiz. Myghaaaaaad! 💗 Heart, you are so blessed! 🙌
I so love this couple.. They almost have everything but yet stayed humble and nice to everyone... They both have creative and smart people... ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Neriza Buzadher
Neriza Buzadher:
I was about to say na ang katalinuhan at wisdom ni Chiz ang "lalong" nagpapaguapo sa kanya. Tapos biglang sinabi mo Heart na ang guapo-guapo ni Chiz.😄 Chiz is the kind of guy that is not boring to spend time with. You will learn a lot from him. He is smart pero hindi sya pa-impress. He also listens. (I have to edit this post coz I missed one word.)