Actress Naya Rivera Presumed Drowned After Swimming In Lake Piru With 4-Year-Old Son

The search for 33-year-old actress Naya Rivera was suspended late Wednesday night after she went missing earlier in the day.

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its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive:
Please don't show her arrest video. That's very disrespectful, especially since her current status is unknown!
A child's mother is presumed dead and you show that arrest video, Literally the gutter press.
Maya Lopez
Maya Lopez:
Why in the world would you show her arrest like how gross are you?? That’s disgusting, she is probably dead including her son and you show that?
Shanetia Morris-McGee
Shanetia Morris-McGee:
why is 2020 so horrible? i pray that she is okay
Krystal Bradsher
Krystal Bradsher:
A child's mother is presumed dead and you show that arrest video, Literally the gutter press.
Chris F
Chris F:
Man, I feel so bad for her son. At 4 years old your mom is your whole world. Can't imagine losing my mother at such a young age.
trey sieler
trey sieler:
That’s the shittiest thing to do to show that arrest video
Ivan Diaz
Ivan Diaz:
why would they show an arrest video?? The woman is missing! THE NEWS IS A JOKE !!! WE NEED TO WAKE UP ! THEY PULLED THE SAME STUNT WHEN KOBE DIED!!!
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Help me reach 10k subs with no videos:
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Really? The arrest video? Media never let's you forget your worst days man. Very sucky of you CBS.
Something doesn’t sound right. Why would she go alone with just her kid? Why would she take her lifejacket off?
Sorry but who goes out on a boat alone with their kid? Anything could happen to you out there. Take another adult
Danaya T
Danaya T:
Did you really show the arrest video?? The lady could be dead! How disrespectful 😤😖
Eric Champlin
Eric Champlin:
I really hope this case doesn't appear on Unsolved Mysteries :(
How heartless to show that video while she’s presumed dead?! Awful
dani zack
dani zack:
Does anyone else find it weird how the son just stayed on that boat for hours and was asleep? I don’t really know the situation but I find it weird that a 4 year old could even stay on a boat that long without falling off...just because they’re so curious at that age. Glad he’s okay tho and I hope they find her
Erielle Robinson
Erielle Robinson:
Lord please bring this child’s mother back 🤍
Tequisa Holloway
Tequisa Holloway:
Usually when something goes missing off of a boat, the end result is never good.
Rinielle 아리엘 Choi
Rinielle 아리엘 Choi:
Everything was fine until they show the arrested video of her. Was it necessary?
She probably just died and they show her arrest video. Shame on them. They need to be harassed for that. Thats disrespect af.
Chloecrafts andblogs
Chloecrafts andblogs:
Notice how this wouldn’t be the same treatment people would get if they weren’t famous
Manny Jaramillo
Manny Jaramillo:
First Gale King asks Kobe's friend about his alleged rape charges after his death, now they embarrassed this poor girl and her family after she's presumed dead? CBS? That's trashy.
Caitlin Poole
Caitlin Poole:
Something fishy is going on. Its not normal. I don't think she's dead
Dom Wilson
Dom Wilson:
I hope she’s alive! Dislike for featuring footage of the arrest tho, shameful. 😡
Ashlee Tyler
Ashlee Tyler:
Somethimg doesnt sound right...Why was the car parked like she was in a rush did the child get back in thr boat?..And you're supposed to ALWAYS stay near your child while in the water
Yeah no, she’s probably gone. There’s no way she’d just leave a kid alone on a boat. The child even stated that the mom didn’t come to the surface after going in.
mindless monk
mindless monk:
Something about this story doesn't make sense.
Either she is alive and will appear soon or something fishy is going on person doesn't just go to swim with 4 year old and disappear.
Zeeshan Latif
Zeeshan Latif:
Omg it's the most frickin disrespectful thing that u showed her arrest video!!! Srsly do u have no respect
Clifton Tibbits
Clifton Tibbits:
Are they sure about it just being her and her son boating,it seems like she would have brought another person with them even if she boats alot, more so if she doesn't ...Lord watch over this child and a better outcome if all possible ...
K P:
Looks like a setup accident or suicide .😔
I'm glad to learn that her son is ok. Piru means devil/demon in Finnish
Issa J
Issa J:
Aw :( Didn’t really know her but she seemed like a good mom. How heartbreaking
Sakari W
Sakari W:
I’m praying Naya is okay, please stop saying this is a ‘glee curse’ because it’s not... I hope she can be found alive and return to her family.

Edit : Rest In Peace Naya, we miss you. ミ☆
Brianna Elizabeth
Brianna Elizabeth:
This whole thing is suspicious. If it was a suicide thing why would she bring her son? If it wasn’t what happened? How did he get back on the boat and it wasn’t anchored. It’s just crazy. I really hope she is alive and well. My prayers go out to her family and friends. I just can’t believe this
Paige Finney
Paige Finney:
Can 2020 slow tf down,
Like dude we just had another wave of Covid and now dis? I’m starting to think that the Queen of England might go, cause bruh this year be messed up
Mark Rodriguez
Mark Rodriguez:
She’s dead bruh I’ve seen this a million times
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May God bless everyone who sees this.
imdangerousandfluffy animations
imdangerousandfluffy animations:
No no. I REFUSE to believe this, Naya is strong, unless they find her I won’t believe it. I just found out the body found was indeed Nayas. She’ll be missed so much by so many. Praying for her family right now. I’m glad they and everyone has closure
Fern Matthews
Fern Matthews:
I can't believe it. She's the best actress ever. How heartbreaking I feel so sorry for her little boy.
she couldn’t have drowned with a flotation vest.
if she wasn’t wearing one, that is odd.
kayaking with a 4 year old can be troublesome..
Out of all the red carpets events, social media posts, and Glee clips, you chose an arrest tape amidst her possible death? Come on CBS...
Daniel Summers
Daniel Summers:
The poor boy ☹️. I hope he can’t remember most of this ordeal when he grows up bless him
she’s gonna be FOUND ALIVE. SHE IS GONNA BE FOUND ALIVE. (July 14th 2020) - Rest in peace beautiful. You passed away a hero saving your son. You deserve the whole world and more. You will always live on, you’ve inspired countless amount of people. I’m praying for your family everyday, and especially your son. But I know your friends and family will tell him how amazing his mother is. You are gone to soon, everything doesn’t feel real. But personally I will like to thank you, you’ve inspired me, you were my role model, and even though I didn’t know you personally you impacted my life with your words. So thank you, I love you, and won’t ever stop thinking of you. Rest in Peace to one of the most beautiful angels to walk the earth. The amazing Naya Rivera.
Edy Lorraine
Edy Lorraine:
Something about this just
Mary Galaviz
Mary Galaviz:
When a person is depressed 😞, anything can happen. They are capable to be suicidal. Only God knows what happened, sad for her son 😢
Bryan C
Bryan C:
Why they gotta show her walkin into a courtroom tho?
Beear C:
Beear C::
Oh nooo! Moment of silence, let’s hope she gets back to her family with no harm done! 🤢
Taylor mana12345
Taylor mana12345:
What's up with the glee stars dying so young and tragically
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme:
I think after this incident they should put cameras in the rental boats so they know what happen if have a better idea of what happen...
_yallknowmee_ 06
_yallknowmee_ 06:
nooooo i stg if she’s dead i’m never gonna be the same
Squishy Farts
Squishy Farts:
Diving at night???? Just her and her son?? No one else??? Murder I say.
Esohe Ob.
Esohe Ob.:
If she's found dead, I''ll be convienced Glee is cursed.
Ace Tejeda
Ace Tejeda:
Update: I live in Ventura and no one is searching. It’s almost 2 pm and no helicopter no nothing. They aren’t searching for her anymore.
the complete and utter disrespect you people have for a woman pressumed dead is disgusting
I don't got toes
I don't got toes:
Imagine her body was under the dock the whole time
Lt Kill
Lt Kill:
No way someone just “drowns” like that she must’ve been murdered or something this sounds fishy.
Brittany S. Pierce05
Brittany S. Pierce05:
It is so disrespectful and unnecessary to show the arrest video because it has nothing to do with anything. SHE’S MISSING
817 Danny
817 Danny:
That’s random af she was just talking about glee ...
hayley edmonds
hayley edmonds:
This is so so sad! 😢 My heart goes out to her son and her close family and friends! I prey she is found alive but it doesn't look good does it😔
Heartbreaking on so many levels
Jasmin Hernandez
Jasmin Hernandez:
I really hope she swam to one of the edges of the lake. 🙌🏽
Jack E
Jack E:
Four year old son.. other media outlets are saying it’s a three year old daughter. The media is disgusting.
Peppe Pinz
Peppe Pinz:
Please don't stop looking for her! The First 72 hours are crucial to find a missing person
Emma Lehr
Emma Lehr:
I don’t like how the girl said “Leslie”
Jael Espinoza
Jael Espinoza:
I really hope she’s ok :(
Cara Elizabeth
Cara Elizabeth:
I’m watching glee for the first time and I’m sooo sad!!! Especially after literally watching her sing “if I die young” and the. Getting the alert as I’m watching it. It was the worst coincidence ever. Praying for her baby!!!
Ari Greene
Ari Greene:
Wth do they have to show her arrest video for? My goodness. That's not important
zozo faustine
zozo faustine:
Im beginning to think the glee cast is just cursed 😣💔
Tonia Plummer
Tonia Plummer:
Yeah I would beware of this story. The first one I read says she's 33 yr old....meaning very fowl....err questionable I mean, lol
1,000 Subs No Video's Challenge
1,000 Subs No Video's Challenge:
Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, I love you, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day 🙏🏽💙

Small Youtuber ;)
Deflated Expectations
Deflated Expectations:
Rest in peace Naya Rivera, she was found.
Tj J
Tj J:
I’m from the area and I can’t stress enough about Lake Piru it’s known as a lake of death. It has extremely strong sink holes/undercurrents that create a tornado like vortex we are not able to see from the flat first layer as it sucks you under once you’ve entered the water. It’s so deadly my heart breaks every time I hear about a new drowning. Again, I cannot stress how many people say they won’t return because they have or someone they know almost drowned. Im praying for the best may God be with her.
Shelby Martinez
Shelby Martinez:
Thank god her baby is okay I know that’s what she would want
It's not appropriate at all to show her arrest in this. We don't want to gloss over any realities - but this is about respecting her life.
She was a good person.
You should re-edit this, re-upload, and apologize :)
You're in our hearts and thoughts, Naya.
Daniel Verde
Daniel Verde:
I can't believe this happening 😢
A child's mother is presumed dead and you show that arrest video, Literally the gutter press.
Miss Michelle
Miss Michelle:
Her arrest video really she literally has thousands of other pictures , pictures with her baby. Instead of using the same scene from glee literally use anything else
OhSnap ItsMe
OhSnap ItsMe:
i can’t even imagine what her son, family, and friends are going through. i hope they find her soon and well ❤️
Simply Savannah
Simply Savannah:
I am praying for Naya to be found safe, and my thoughts are with her family and friends during this extremely difficult time🙏❤️
And people were saying that this was a tiktok famous girl Addison rae.
Shateara Thomas
Shateara Thomas:
Its like glee has some kind of curse everyone's dying on that show unfortunately
Rach C
Rach C:
That video of her arrest was so unnecessary 🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️
Damn, this was not expected. Hope she's ok.
Omgnesss this is so tragic
Rivera drowned in a lake? This has got to be some kind of joke
They need to think positive. They need to be presuming she’s alive.
Make a miracle please . 2020 needs it
vladimir putin
vladimir putin:
Who? , never heard of her
Tragic news 🥺 I’m sorry for her family’s lost...
Pinkie Neko
Pinkie Neko:
2020 is getting weird🤦🏽‍♀️
yolanda ramos
yolanda ramos:
This is all fucking weirddddd
So many questions. She rented the boat at 1pm the child was found at 3 pm -4pm
What happened within those 3 hours?
Why were they on a boat by themselves?
Why did the first report claim the boy was girl?
Why would they stop the search?
if she jumped in did she know how to swim?
was there any evidence of struggle?
Who else was on that lake from 1pm-3pm?
who was the last person she talked to?
Who did she rent the boat from?
When was she suppose to have the boat returned?
What did the child see or notice other then her jumping?
Edit- (these are just questions I’m not saying she kill herself or that she jumped or drowned.)
This whole scenario is very questionable and fucking weird. I’m just hoping for the best possible outcome for Naya.
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
be alright. I hope she’s found alive! 🙏🏽
MoJo LoLo
MoJo LoLo:
That poor boy. Oh my God. I can't even imagine how horrible it was for him.
Omg I cannot stop crying. He had to be so scared, confused, and upset... Missing his mommy.

Oh shit, I cannot get it out of my head and I just can't deal with this feeling of sadness and empathy. I won't be able to shake this horrible feeling now. Maybe ever.
It truly has broken my heart.
Penny Hannah
Penny Hannah:
Loved her since day one of glee. Bern a family since.. breaks my heart.. I pray for her
Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher:
This breaks my heart 💔
It sounds suspicious tbh
Kahlil Tijidor
Kahlil Tijidor:
Omg she was my favorite on glee as a kid. I really hope she’s ok
Robert G
Robert G:
Something sounds very fishy about this🤔 no pun intended!
*SHE IS ALIVE we need to pray for her* 😫😭❤