Actor Rick Moranis Recovering After Assault In New York City | TODAY

Actor Rick Moranis, known for his roles in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” and “Ghostbusters,” is recovering after he was punched in the head on a New York City street on Thursday. The NYPD released video of the attack and called it “random” and “unprovoked.” Moranis took himself to the hospital and is said to be doing fine.
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Actor Rick Moranis Recovering After Assault In New York City | TODAY

99 komento:

Chauncey McGuilicutty
Chauncey McGuilicutty:
Blatant black on white racist hate crime. were he not a celebrity, would go COMPLETELY unreported like the rest.
If a white guy had punched a radom black person the media would immediately call it a hate crime and label the suspect a white supremacist!
Mike F
Mike F:
Released without bail and given a gift card paid for by the tax payers.
Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken:
Why isn't the race of the suspect mentioned ? Oh wait I forgot that the media only says his race when he is white.
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander:
Yes, mr. “Reporter”, this is what you call a hate crime.
Burma Jones
Burma Jones:
Moranis such a positive force in comedy virtually my entire life, hope they catch the guy who did it.
American Bot
American Bot:
no hate crime charges. those only go in one direction.
Mark Sebring
Mark Sebring:
It was a "Mostly Peaceful" stroll through NYC for Rick Moranis
Imagine the narrative the media would be pushing if it was Samuel l. Jackson(because the similar age) being randomly attacked by a WHITE MAN. The hypocrisy, I love it.
Thirsty 4more
Thirsty 4more:
Hate crime
Hate crime
This... This make's me sad, angry and a few other thing's 😢 I hate this.

Not only because it's Rick. But because it's unprovoked. God bless you Rick. This sucks.
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas:
He's actually not fine. He's having multiple pains. He's 67 being attacked by a man in his 30s or 40s. Completely uncivilized
Hunter Biden Smoking Crack
Hunter Biden Smoking Crack:
> man gets the "knock out game" played on him because hes white, media calls it "random attack"

John Laury
John Laury:
Funny how this isn't referred to as a hate crime.
Manne Feroz
Manne Feroz:
"honey, I got mugged by the kids."
Racist hate crime but no one will talk about it cuz the victim was white
Noneya Bizz
Noneya Bizz:
He's short, white, and old.

That's why he was attacked.
Tuan Truong
Tuan Truong:
Any riots yet over this? Lol
c c
c c:
The assailant was black and the victim white, “ no hate crime here guys”
battlefield/socom ps
battlefield/socom ps:
Im a black man and this is called a hate crime, nothing else. Media have become so biased and that is sickening
CNN BREAKING NEWS: 67 year old white man injures a blacks man's knuckles during a mostly peaceful hate crime this afternoon
Racist attack on Rick? Say what you see a black man did it a black man did it
Frank Herrera
Frank Herrera:
Hey Mr. Lemon. I guess this was imaginary violence? I mean since you had a nice dinner out and the world only revolves around you and Fredo.
Omg why would anyone hurt rick moranes.he is a children's role model and always been a good person
Dee Bee
Dee Bee:
Black man punches white man, racism, obviously.
Snowy Flake
Snowy Flake:
Hate crime!
Jim Brown
Jim Brown:
Ami Horowitz did a video a few months back on the rise of anti-semitic attacks in Brooklyn.
Dean Brown
Dean Brown:
Gosh. Maybe defunding the police not a good idea?
This was a very racist black man who hit an innocent older Jewish man.
Jonny Burrito
Jonny Burrito:
But all the leftist journalists say the crime is a myth! That it isn’t real! This must be fake!
Become a Web Designer and Developer
Become a Web Designer and Developer:
New York now belongs to the criminals. Abandon the place, there's going to be no circling of the wagons now. It's over.
Cecilia Marie
Cecilia Marie:
You mean random black on white hate crime? You mean large black man attacks small innocent white guy? Oh he's just a suspect and race magically had nothing to do with it because he's black and all black people are saints now that can do no wrong. The news is a joke. This country is a joke.
S. Sagan
S. Sagan:
The knock out game isn't real. Tell Rick Moranis that.
Kelly McShane
Kelly McShane:
Yes. Rick will be pressured to not press charges and forgive.Opening up a dialog between the two.I am sure it's already happening
Yeah, let's just pretend that's "random" and "unknown". Just like when the guy punched the old lady. Totally random. No pattern at all.
Douglas Smith
Douglas Smith:
Attacker was like: "gEtTing rEveNge fOr tHe bLaCk mEn!"
I Sleep Nekkid
I Sleep Nekkid:
There’s a lot of MK Ultra projects walking around out here y’all. Be careful
David A
David A:
It’s a HATE CRIME because he is white... had this been the other way, there’s no question the media would label it as a random attack... when we find the perpetrator, you’ll see he has a history of violence, and member of the BLM
Jennifer Anderson
Jennifer Anderson:
The media is responsible for this!! They’ve caused such a divisive in America, that has cause several unprovoked attacks against white men in particular. Of coarse the media downsizes these events. Congratulations media.. hope the karma is returned your way
Bobbie Robinson
Bobbie Robinson:
Ryan Reynolds, and some more, were saying this guy needs locked up...
Hollywood is turning racist!!
Magi Gooter
Magi Gooter:
"Hurr durr what uptick in crime in NYC? Everything's fine hurr durr."

Have fun.
Never relax around...

Well you know.
12Tflop BruteForce
12Tflop BruteForce:
Oh no the peaceful protesters!
Michele Richard
Michele Richard:
Poor guy. Honestly though, he has enough money to live where he wants and choosing to live in or even visit the worst and most unsafe city in the U.S. was done at his own peril. NYC is nothing more than an embarrassment to the rest of the nation at this point. Far, far worse than Ca. can ever strive to be. Not even in the same ballpark.
Casper Ghost
Casper Ghost:
Peaceful Incident!
Devin Gimple
Devin Gimple:
As many comments say if the color of the people involved were switched you’d call it a hate crime.
John Johnson
John Johnson:
“Random”. Yeah ok. If it was the other way around it would be “white supremacist punches random black guy who was on his way to choir practice”
This was a very racist black man who hit an innocent older Jewish man.
Denice Bankston
Denice Bankston:
Oh no!
Aurélien Fuentes
Aurélien Fuentes:
the Democrats destroyed NY and they will destroy the USA if they are elected
jj d
jj d:
That's what happen when lawless Mayors rule and don't want police
Meyaka Brown
Meyaka Brown:
"Mostly Peaceful racist violence" 👿
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams:
Wonder if Rick might be your typical Hollywood liberal type that just got a dose of reality?
Jeff Strange
Jeff Strange:
And when the Police catch up to him, they'll take him to the hospital to see if he's fine too.
C M:
Wishing you a quick recovery Rick. Hope and pray the police find the criminal who committed this crime against you, and that he is prosecuted and receives jail time.
Bootywarrior Salazar
Bootywarrior Salazar:
Welcome to de Blasio and coumo’s New York
Brian Oden
Brian Oden:
Bite the BIG apple don't mind the MAGGOTS !
That 4-8’ tall medium to heavy skinned f/male just seeing if the other guys privilege shield was working. Guess it was off.
Sargon of Cincinnati
Sargon of Cincinnati:
The Knock Out Game.
77 7
77 7:
BLM legacy
Cess Outdoors
Cess Outdoors:
I’m so sorry to hear hope he gets well soon, crazy people every where .From Germany 🇩🇪
Jailan Rayvon
Jailan Rayvon:
Disgusting attack for no reason at all smh
Rainey Day
Rainey Day:
Time to flee New York!
Bob Stark
Bob Stark:
How could anyone harm such a treasure of an actor?

We need to comb the desert to find the criminal
Nathaniel Brown
Nathaniel Brown:
Prayers lifted for Rick Moranis. 🙏🏾❤️
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick:
Same thing happened in Chicago to that subway sandwich guy.
Was all over MSM for weeks.
beep beep
beep beep:
I 💓 NY hoodie, I am sure he does, having the time of his life, it's like open season there
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster:
Hard to comment on this video no matter what I say I feel that it would be enabling a bunch of idiots so I will just leave it at get well Rick.
Silver TT
Silver TT:
Lebron... what say you?
Mark Sebring
Mark Sebring:
Ahh....Diversity strikes again....
Chris N
Chris N:
“I love ny” ironic
Jon Philippi
Jon Philippi:
I hate it for the guy but how is this the Top News on my homepage....this crap goes on all over and all of the time
Matt Carney
Matt Carney:
Travis Pomeroy
Travis Pomeroy:
Christ sakes. Hopefully he's ok. Gonna need Ryan Reynolds to be deadpool and keep him safe lol. Get well ricky!!
We are all voting for Trump.
Damian Quintana
Damian Quintana:
God Bless you Rick, wish I was there to buy you an Ellsinore or two..
Give me a break! You know its get whitey season!!!
Some one call Doug.... I think its time the McKenzie brothers taught this Hoser a lesson
"I ❤ NY" "I Hate Rick Moranis"
Troy Flores
Troy Flores:
This is now your old beloved New York liberals 🙄
Mr. Flapjack Presents
Mr. Flapjack Presents:
"random", I'm sure it has nothing to do with the marxism that incites acts like this.
Maximus 2552
Maximus 2552:
“He’s a gud boi dough.”
Chad Perez
Chad Perez:
Where’s the response to this blm?
Too-old Forthischet
Too-old Forthischet:
Welcome to the Big Apple. No thanks, there's nothing there that I need or want.
"Mostly peaceful jogger get's hand assaulted by white actor's face who once dressed as Hitler" -CNN
Hahaha! Liberals, BLM, socialists, in charge of NY. What do you expect?
Barry Goldwater
Barry Goldwater:
Hate crime
Maximus 2552
Maximus 2552:
“Random and uninvolved.”
So a hate crime right?
Vincent M
Vincent M:
Kyle Kyle
Kyle Kyle:
Other way around there’d be riots
Angel Avila
Angel Avila:
Oh B One
Oh B One:
HATE CRIME !!!! Why didn't they report as that?
Q the omnipotent
Q the omnipotent:
Actually, my favorite Rick Moranis role was the FBI agent in My Blue Heaven.
Come on that's not fair, the I❤️NY guy was 93% peaceful in that video. 
Rick must have said something under his breath when a tall black man was walking by 
I❤️NY guy was peacefully protesting, fighting for justice and equality all that shhhhhhheeeeeit
Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson:
Race of attacker unknown, reason for attack , clearly unknown. This kind of thing has never happened before ! This is the same media that tells you constantly to hate President Trump ! Are you starting to understand now ???
Open season approved by your local Democrats and mainstream media!
Gloria Gehring
Gloria Gehring:
That is sad, he is ONE of the good guys of hellywood. My Condolences Sir Rick!