Accuweather App Review – Great Weather App?

Is Accuweather a great weather app? Find out as I review this app that you can get for iOS, Android, and more – for free.

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AstroGuy UK
AstroGuy UK:
I used to like the old AccuWeather until they had a new update that looks super cool 😁
Awesome review😃
Mark Chaplin
Mark Chaplin:
AccuWeather used to be great until they 'fixed' it recently. Now it is slow, freezes and crashes all the time. I uninstalled it. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Farthur F.
Farthur F.:
How to setting widgets AccuWeather for newest update on August, why I can't used jacket & umbrella notification anymore?
Shushu Ahmed
Shushu Ahmed:
Thank you
Michael J.400
Michael J.400:
AccuWeather has been telling me it's sunny when it's night time
What’s your opinion on the new update?
Michael J.400
Michael J.400:
I hate it