A Sacrifice Special (Eid al-Adha)

Let's celebrate Eid al-Adha, the Islamic sacrifice feast, a quite odd thing to celebrate...

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Ankit tiwari
Ankit tiwari:
I have never closed my porn tab so fast as the notification popped up
You stole my words brother. Blessings from India🇮🇳
Shavaiz Sheikh
Shavaiz Sheikh:
It was horrible here in Pakistan
So many animals were killed in such a cruel way and lets not talk about the bad smell of the animal wastes
Nitesh Tiwari
Nitesh Tiwari:
After slaughtering million of innocent animals 😖they say it's a peaceful religion.. 😒
Apostate Prophet
Apostate Prophet:
Hope you like this rather informative and sarcastic video. :)

I'm currently very busy otherwise, which is why I'm a bit inactive when it comes to messages. I'll still try to be responsive. Can't wait till I can dedicate all my time to this and all the people who support me.

(also, don't try reading my lips)
ruthless 0110
ruthless 0110:
The last line was savage, "stay away from islam."😂😂😂😂
Amber God
Amber God:
Halal needs to be banned in the UK, it's deeply insulting to the dignity of the animal and disgustingly gruesome, even if it's stunned first.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar:
Fav dialogue : "spend thousands of dollars , go to Mecca , circle this cube , shave your head , stone a stone , slaughter the animal , and cry Allah Hu Akbar while doing all these".
Mein Name
Mein Name:
Actually Animals do feel fear and suffer in slaughterhouse slaughterings...
Vegan Pakistani
Vegan Pakistani:
I used to kill cows and goats myself every year on the day of Eid ul Adha, until I became Vegan which allowed me to look Islam critically, the verses troubled me was the Sura Nahl 66, where Allah is saying that he gives us (humans) milk from cows, now I started thinking that leading nutritionists who are not funded by dairy have a consensus that just like all mammals produce milk for their offspring, similarly cows produce milk for their babies to turn them into 600 pound cows in few months plus majority of world's population is lactose intolerant and on top of that dairy requires babies to be separated from their mothers right after their birth.
How can the creator of the universe not only approving this horrible, barbaric and unethical practice of humans but also owning it.
Next is the brutal verse of camel killing Sura Kauthar, 2
From that moment I started doubting other verses as well and the cries, screams, tears, pain of those suffering animals I killed still haunt me to this day.
I'm present Ap , hit like and salutes for Apostate prophet❤. My first time without EID. Thank you my.hero
The Scourge of God
The Scourge of God:
I lived in Asia & saw how brutal this was. The animals are brought in open bazaars where the conditions are deplorable. They are treated like objects & constantly abused until having their throats slit for "god". PETA & vegans should travel to Islamic countries and see what true animal abuse looks like.
anil yadav
anil yadav:
I wanted to see what is under that black cloth you show me thanks
this is the end of the allhas story
Yash Sinha
Yash Sinha:
Hey Buddy....I was eagerly waiting for your video on this hilarious practice....which is a horrendous crime against these innocent animals
Pallab Chakraborty
Pallab Chakraborty:
*Great as usual, please use AP logo at the background on the wall. At least the Medical doctor, It'll inspire the Muslim too.* Wish I could give more likes.👍
Dancing world
Dancing world:
Animal sacrifice should be stopped. Animals also feel pain. Can you image their pain during the time of their sacrifice?
Let's request the govt to stop this?
Agree = 👍
Anuj Dhyani
Anuj Dhyani:
New information I got today is that Islamic calendars has fewer days. According to science, a year is completed when earth completes one complete revolution around sun. Lesser days in Islamic calender is unscientific. Allah and Muhammad didn't knew how much time earth takes to complete one revolution.
Crusader Knight
Crusader Knight:
The Sun 🌞, the Moon 🌝 and the Stars 🌟:
Humans first gods. Proof that “Evolution” does exist...🤔
Thanks AP for yet another jaw-dropping, muslim-unmasking and mind-blowing video.
(No animals were hurt or injured during the making of this video)
Vikas Anand
Vikas Anand:
I want apostate prophet to have a conversation with Zakir naik🤣🤣🤣 I want to see that crying face of Zakir naik...
BTW very nice video brother 🙏
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar:
My god. First time ever I am the first to comment and like on a youtube video.
P. A. Sudhir
P. A. Sudhir:
hahahaha.. That analogy of kabba to Marilyn Monroe at the end of the video was hilarious...
Beavis Jones
Beavis Jones:
I actually stop watching in the middle of other videos to watch this when I get notification
Optical Raven
Optical Raven:
I was having a bad day and here you come with a video to cheer me up. Thanks, Apostate! ❤️
Mimi Sardinia
Mimi Sardinia:
The mention of buying animals with money for sacrifice reminds me of the "Flipping the tables" story in the Bible. That is the story about Jesus going to the temple and finding money-changers and animal sellers doing business in the temple courtyard, and proceeds to go batshit at them, flipping tables and driving them out of the temple.

More's the pity Islam doesn't have anyone to flip the tables.
Die Gedanken sind frei!
Die Gedanken sind frei!:
You will burn in hell for Marilyn-Kabaa. Don‘t forget the stones when you go there.

Well done. Thank you very much!
truth son
truth son:
Allah told Gabriel to tell Mohammed who told his wives & friends who then after 20 years later wrote Qurans on woods & bones , a goat eat a few chapters then many Quran appeared in arabia, uthman burned as many as Qurans he found & created one for himself. after his death his son said no one for certain say they have the full Quran. 😂😂😂
nina shayklasimova
nina shayklasimova:
This is got to be the most vile thing. your God created those animals and he gets pleased when you sacrifice those animals? Like this makes no sense. WHAT A VILE GOD
zipporah joseph
zipporah joseph:
Amazing as ever AP
Laura Jarrell
Laura Jarrell:
Apostate Prophet, Great video, horrible religions! I've noticed lately, a lot of Islamic videos about atheists. They are pretty naive, and really don't seem to understand what atheism is. And yet, the fact that they are trying to fight it gives me hope. It makes me think they're noticing that people are leaving religion. That is usually shocking to theists, but maybe more to muslims. Indoctrination is started so young and accompanied by so much pain and fear, it breaks my heart. And I can't even get started on the animals. Love and Peace
Aditya Kadam
Aditya Kadam:
You have nice sense of humour Bro :)
John Stopman
John Stopman:
Informative as always! Thanks bro! *^_^*
prakash Narayan
prakash Narayan:
You are a messiah of truth..
Keep up your good work..
Mike Walsh
Mike Walsh:
Another great video AP!!
Zikri m12
Zikri m12:
SAVAGE.. As an ex-muslim and a realist, it hit me like tons of weight on my chest, squeeze me with logics wkwkwk. This is ridiculous, nonsense, and I used to believe that for 20 years wkwkwk oh wait, my parents has been listing me for 2026 Hajj, what i have to doooo !!
Mohammed Suleiman
Mohammed Suleiman:
Thank you for saving me from this barbaric religion called Islam. I was watching your videos (along with other ex Muslims), and decided to leave Islam on my 18th birthday; now an agnostic. I cannot thank you enough.
fallout man
fallout man:
Jesus ended the sacrificial age with His death on the cross. "It is finished."
Haha, stoning a stone! If this video is recent, then they didn't show the windstorm at the kaabah in the news
Scott Lloyd
Scott Lloyd:
did not know till this video that the kaba was just covered in cloth thought it was something more permanent makes it seem even less important. I dont know how it could be less important of a building to me but well dam it is.
great job
great job:
they been chopping people's heads off for 1400 years what make you think they will hesitate to chop animals heads off I fought against al Qaeda in iraq for 4 years and with ypg in Syria against isis I seen so many people's with out heads graves of dead body's I still have mental issues It was horrible my mind will never go back to normal
Beavis Jones
Beavis Jones:
Yeah Allah is NOT the god of Abraham
Humans Suck
Humans Suck:
The notion that Arabs descend from Ishmael is an lsIamic invention. MusIims hijacked this notion in order to legitimize their conquests, rule and religious doctrine.
In pre-lsIamic times such a notion in Arabia did not exist. The term "Arab" originally means Bedouin.

In fact, even in the lsIamic sources themselves we can find clues on how early MusIims tried to cover up pre-lsIamic Arab heritage:
The Prophet said on the authority of Ubayy bin Ka'b: "If anyone proudly asserts his descent in the manner of the pre-lsIamic people, tell him to bite his father's penis, and do not use a euphemism." [Hadith – Mishkat Al-Masabih, Vol. 2, p. 1021]

The Arabs simply descends from Arab Bedouin tribes in the heart of Arabia, who had lived in the area of Arabia long before the supposed time Ishmael even existed. Even in the lsIamic sources there are passages indicating it:
Umar Ibn al-Khattab said of the Bedouin, "They are the origin of the Arabs…". [Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 5, Book 57, Number 50]

The truth is that if Ishmael even existed, or was based on a real person, he was a Hebrew man for all intents and purposes. Aside from his Hebrew name and heritage, we know that historically centuries before Muhammad was born Jevvs were named Ishmael (such as Rabi Ishmael Ben Elisha). There are also older records for Jevvs using the name Ishmael, such as a tablet found at the site of Tel Halif in Syria, dated to the 7th century BC. Ishmael was part of the Hebrew Jevvish heritage centuries before Arab Muslims stole it and hijacked the name and his heritage for themselves, to serve their lsIamic agenda.

Even the way Arabs refer to Ishamel exposes the inauthenticity of the supposed connection between him and them. The name Ishma'-El is a Hebrew name which carries a meaning. To Arabs it's Ismail, which is nothing more than a bastardized form of the original form, that no longer carries the original meaning of the name, and simply holds no meaning.
Emily Kortan
Emily Kortan:
Love you AP😁
Agree and thank you.
The blood sacrifice symbolized Christ dying for us. Mosaic law is fulfilled according to Christ. The new sacrifice is a broken heart and contrite spirit, which focuses on the spiritual connection of a person with God. Killing animals now is a colossal and foolish "physical" move to make.
Eden DuPuy
Eden DuPuy:
"Satan usually appears to be the more reasonable person in Islam."
I love it.
Khabari Kabootar
Khabari Kabootar:
Satan seems to be more reasonable in islam...

I have devout Buddhist relatives who are vegans who absolutely hate this ritual and say that the Muslims and goats switch their places in the reincarnation cycle of life in some sort of divine justice lol. Just saying, not that I subscribe to that whole thing.
Kush Sareen
Kush Sareen:
Animal sacrifices are a very common form of pagan rituals. The reality is Animals like humans want to live too, I don’t understand how a loving god would want people to kill an innocent animal. We should start a discussion board of things you will never read in the Quran. Here’s one verse you’ll NEVER see in the Quran - “Those who believe in the oneness of Allah and his last messenger, protect and love the animals because your religion is that of peace and love.” (Quran 4:36)
Natural Cambion
Natural Cambion:
“Satan seems to be the more reasonable person in islam”. HA!!! I chortled Diet Coke out of my nose on that one!
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell:
that an illiterate Bedouin Mohammed was visited by the archangel Gabriel and taken up to heaven where he receive part of this indigestible book which can shake common sense on every page and to gain respect for this book he strangles fathers drags away daughters and leaves the beaten with free choice either death or his faith
no one excuse this unless he came to the world as a Turk or superstitions have stifle any natural light of reason
K T:
N Islam is a religion of peace 😂😂😂😂😂
Lui Tres
Lui Tres:
I was watching your videos at work today. You really expose Islam so well. Please keep up the good work. I think you have many interested viewers on your topic
Sunny S
Sunny S:
I Fn Love this channel!
Life Line
Life Line:
If Islam doesn’t end ,then human civilization will end.
Anders Engman
Anders Engman:
If the pilgrims are symbolically throwing stones at Satan, and they hit eachother, what does that tell you about the nature of their beliefs and practices?
Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails:
Great stuff buddy....keep exposing the cult
Viky Dutta
Viky Dutta:
You are very funny A.P🤣😂
Jesus ended blood sacrifice with his own sacrifice and replaced it with spiritual sacrifice. Mohammad return to blood sacrifice is anti-christic.
madamurugam murugam
madamurugam murugam:
Stay away from Islam..you nailed it
every faith has let go animal sacrifice except the peaceful one who still see the sun set over muddy pond!!
Pudina Singh ki Comedy aur Entertainment.
Pudina Singh ki Comedy aur Entertainment.:
Happy to see you again , brother.
Keep people awakening.
"I'm not talking about the usual stuff"
A to the video unrelated questions is comming from time to time to my mind: How did islame deal with traveling to space?

Did they pray on the moon just at earth or did they have perfect aim at mekka? Did they eat in the holy ramadan only on the shadow of earth or can they eat whenever its just the darkside of the planet/moon/spacestation they on? Are they allowed to use technologie of the jews to reach space or is this haram? Are they alowed to breathe air filtered by a maschine oiled by pigfat?
Arno Schmadt
Arno Schmadt:
better than porn...and easier to understand
Tea of Mint
Tea of Mint:
Greetings from Bosnia :D love your videos!
the godless omega
the godless omega:
I wanted to ask you yesterday to make this video... YOU READ MY MIND... keep your good work up.. You inspire me every day❤️❤️
krishna kumar
krishna kumar:
Good work brother keep it up
The worst thing ever:
Being a VEGAN muslim girl.
truth son
truth son:
where are those vegans to storm mosques with " it is violence, not food"?
Fahad the Random Guy
Fahad the Random Guy:
“Islam is an amazing religion”
- Osama bin Laden
hi, i am chinese, this is the first time i see your video. it is very well made and informative, good job.

i am an atheist, but would you be in danger making these videos?

Anyway take care and have a good day.
papa Tutti
papa Tutti:
Muhammad peed while squatting and he also plucked his armpit hair and shaved his groin. Muhammad not only tweezed his armpit hair and shaved his pubes, he demanded that his followers do so as part of fitrah.

Muhammad even gave his followers a schedule for tweezing their armpits and shaving their pubes.

Sahih Muslim 599—It was narrated that Anas bin Malik said: “A time limit was set for us for trimming the moustache, clipping the nails, plucking the armpit hairs and shaving the pubes: that was not to be left for more than forty days.”

Muhammad, it seems, was a metrosexual.

Sunan an-Nasai, Number 29:

It was narrated that Aishah said: “Whoever tells you that the Messenger of Allah urinated standing up, do not believe him, for he would not urinate except while squatting.”
Beverley Wells
Beverley Wells:
as a vegetarian I find this sacrifice grotesque,seeing bloody streets
"allah ila la muhhamad was STONED from hashish la la la"

I took the new shada
J. L. L
J. L. L:
Amazing lecture,
You are a knowledgeable person,
Again i really enjoy your videos,
Himanshu sahu
Himanshu sahu:
haha..nice AP 😁
Dr. Vijay K. Parmar
Dr. Vijay K. Parmar:
Kaaba + Visiting it are both 'Hindu' (pagan) in nature. In southern India Lord Siva is known as Kaabaishwara or Lord of the Kaaba. He is dipicted with a crescent moon on his head. In Hinduism when the priest approaches the stone deities he does so wearing 2 pieces of unsewn cloth. Also at famous pilgrimage sites the heads are shaven to symbolize the cutting off of one's sins+ a new beginning. All this sounds familiar?
maria sierra
maria sierra:
That is just satanic. Satan loves blood/crimes of all kinds. The system of the beast,the “religion “ of the antichrist.
Prakash Das
Prakash Das:
A religion which is based on violence!!!
Winifred Thompson
Winifred Thompson:
Satin always mimics Almighty God. Greetings from Northern Ireland.
"The Quran never provides that much detail... It just rhymes" :D
Akash Mukherjee
Akash Mukherjee:
If there was more of people like you, Apostate Prophet, then the world could have been a better place to live in.... Alas, great men are born once in a century....
christine a
christine a:
Im sorry how is ishmael the father of the arabs? His parents werent arabs lol?
vinay vishwas
vinay vishwas:
Hey u guys are doing great job..what we require is objectivity, rationality and ofcourse common sense...no filthy faiths that spread hatred, communalism, pathological lie...thx man
*This slaughter has NO PLACE in modern times!!*
Silver Snacker
Silver Snacker:
Just found this channel and you are spitting pure truth! Love what you’re doing!
Fahad the Random Guy
Fahad the Random Guy:
I’ve seen it first-hand...
I can feel the pain of the animal...
These are some of the reasons why I left...
Христо Мартунков, граф Лозенски
Христо Мартунков, граф Лозенски:
9:30 XD
Even the ram is happy....
Also - "Blood for the blood god !" lmao
ShartFarter TheGreat
ShartFarter TheGreat:
"Allah needs more blood" savage!
Mehmet Baran
Mehmet Baran:
5:30: "How does allah get pleased by this slaughtering some animals.."

He doesnt. In Kuran it is specifically stated that "neither the blood nor the meat of the sacrifices animals reaches me". Islamic sacrifice is not a burnt offering, like in Judaism. It is totally done in order to feed the needy, and it is the acts of charity that pleases god, not the slaughter.. Even kids know that.. But it seems you dont.. And you claim you grew up in a tarikat..

In kuran there no parallelism between abraham/isaac and eid-al adha is established because there is none. As mentioned, islam dont do burnt offerings.

I am also an apostate and I find the act of slaughtering animals exceedingly stupid.. But this doesnt mean that I will agree with slander. What you are doing is slander. You are hiding facts to make islam seem worse than it actually is. This is totally unnecessary. At its present selefi-wahabi state, it is already bad enough.
6:23 best Reccomendation, and can also solve hunger
Wajahad Khan
Wajahad Khan:
7:43 according to the newest discoveries about the history of Arabia the actual place of birth of Mohammed was in or around the ancient city of Petra, then called Becca (city of crying due to disasters caused by earthquakes). Not far from the city there was *Masjid Al Haram* which was not just a building (where most probably Mohammed's father held some special function) but also a bigger place or region like an oasis. It was sacred place for the Arab tribes and no tree should be cut there, no blood spilled etc. To mark this holy place it was surrounded by the *massive stone blocks* that were decorated with geometric flat sculptures. "Pagan" Arabs allegedly *worshipped stones and geometric figures* (which is rather abstract and most probably holds deeper spiritual meaning than Islam ever has) they respected their ancestors often symbolised by the stone (mind our tomb stones, we don't worship them yet they remind us of our late kins) and practiced meditations in the total darkness of the deep caves which is reminiscent of going back to the Mother's Womb or being buried underground. It was a practice practiced by Mohammed himself (that's how he got his "revelations").

Conclusion: 7:43 I think throwing stones at stones has nothing to do with the devil from the pimped up story of Abraham. I think that the stones represent the original sacred stones that marked the territory of the original Masjid Al Haram (which, along with Becca-Mecca was moved after one of the wars where they stolen *the Black Stone* and moved to one of the Kaabas) and since they remind Mohammed of "pagans worshiping stone idols" (who were his own tribe Quraish and which were symbols of his own ancestors and culture but he was an orphan and had no good emotional connection with them and he hated them) he decided to call them devils and disrespect them.

Funny how Mohammed frowned upon some stones whilst he kissed another *black stone* 🤔🤑👹
Sushieee Sharmaa__
Sushieee Sharmaa__:
Most cruel community! Their Almighty Allah seems devilish... Such a sadistic God who finds pleasure in pain of blood shed... I literally don’t understand the point why God wanted him to sacrifice his son🙄 If I would been in place of Abraham I would have never even thought of sacrificing my son for somebody whom I haven’t even seen (“allah”)...
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
0:23 I just died of laughing
Stop Bumbling
Stop Bumbling:
I truly love that line...'STAY AWAY FROM ISLAM"
गौरव संतोष
गौरव संतोष:
Hey AP that was an interesting video! Please make a video about practices such as Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala.
Shingwedzi Glen
Shingwedzi Glen:
Hello from S.Africa.. really enjoy your posts! 😎
Fiyadh Mowla
Fiyadh Mowla:
"Satan seems to be the more reasonable one" Lol. That just cracked me up.