7 Things You Never Knew about "Woo Do Hwan"

Woo Do Hwan from The King: Eternal Monarch

Debuted in 2011
He debuted as an actor in 2011. His official debut came from You're Here, You're Here, You're Really Here and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band as a random extra.
He technically had his debut in 2011 with a really minor role, and most people started noticing him in Save Me where he literally stole the show with his amazing acting abilities.

Same birthday as Jang Dong-yoon
Woo do hwan was born on July 12th, 1992. He was born on the same day, in the same year as Jang Dong-yoon

1st Award for Best New Actor
Woo Do Hwan is best known for his roles in two 2017 television series, OCN's Save Me and KBS2's Mad Dog. He was nominated for the award "Best New Actor" at The 31st KBS Drama Awards and won with one of his most popular works Mad Dog.

Moon Ga Young’s Dating Rumors
November of 2019, Neighbors of Woo Do Hwan have spotted Woo do hwan and Moon Ga Young on dates around his neighborhood and at a nearby cafe.
Previously, Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young became wrapped up in their first dating rumors in May of 2018.
The two have recently appeared together on MBC's TV drama The Great Seducer which has ended just one day before the report.
In response, their agency KeyEast Entertainment commented, “Woo Do Hwan and Moon Ga Young are just close friends”.

Woo Do-Hwan & BLACKPINK For Sprite CF
Woo Do hwan was chosen as endorsers for Sprite along with BLACKPINK in 2018. The commercial film starts with Woo Dohwan opening the Sprite and entering the refreshing world of 'Sprite.' Woo Dohwan enjoy the summer pool party with BLACKPINK as the performers.

R-rated movie
He once starred in an R-rated movie, titled “Let’s Go To Rose Motel!” (2013).
Woo Do Hwan played the lead role in the film where a couple goes to have sex at a motel. This movie was not listed in his up official filmography.

His Resemblance To Ryu Jun Yeol And Seo Kang Joon
A few people realize that Woo Do Hwan's face reminds them of other actors. Woo Do Hwan is often seen as similar to Ryu Jun Yeol and Seo Kang Joon.

Woo Do Hwan commented, “During an interview, I was told that I resemble Seo Kang Joon and Ryu Jun Yeol. I’m thankful. They are both actors I like.”

Woo Do Hwan continued, “Some actors feel uncomfortable hearing that they look like someone else. However, I think my job requires other people’s perspectives and comments. It’s a job where I have to persuade viewers and audience members.”

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Nisha Balt
Nisha Balt:
It’s just so sad that he’ll be entering military at the peak of his career.
Zaheda Julia
Zaheda Julia:
I think he is stealing the new drama the king instead of Lee Min Ho. He looks so cute and funny.
HwangHyungjin's wifey
HwangHyungjin's wifey:
Guys I fell in love with him in tempted. Now he's my forever favorite person on earth. I love you sooooo much 😭😭😭 he's so freakkin handsome.
Johnna Campbell
Johnna Campbell:
His duel roll in The King shows just how good his acting really is.
Donna Faye
Donna Faye:
He can be a top model! Whatever his hairstyle and clothes are, he's rocking it! And his deep voice can is such an eargasm to all ladies like me!
Marceline J
Marceline J:
if you watched Save Me then that’s where you fell in love with him
preeti chopra
preeti chopra:
Wo do hwan is literally a scene stealer. They should give him a drama worthy for him
Celina Hatton
Celina Hatton:
He's hot AF. He could make an ad for the Australian Government about the importance of crop rotation, and I'd put it on repeat.
Malik is a flower boy
Malik is a flower boy:
It's crazy how hanging out together = dating! 😒
kim taehyung love
kim taehyung love:
"His neighbour have spotted them on dates", seriously does this neighbour has no other job other than invading people's privacy?
Maria Theresa Cahulogan
Maria Theresa Cahulogan:
His villain role in Divine Fury was everything, guys please watch that if you don't scare too easily. It's similar to Constantine!!
Nancy Robles
Nancy Robles:
He is so handsome. You didn't mention his participation in My Country...he was excellent in that drama❤
Daisy D.
Daisy D.:
He's always a scene stealer. His eyes, his acting and his overall charisma stands out a lot
유나 문yuna moon
유나 문yuna moon:
he’s literally one of my favourite actors ever, I fell in love with him in Tempted and since then I have watched every single drama with him in :’) my favourite is My Country: the new age
eri and a flower
eri and a flower:
I wonder if the word "privacy" is ever heard in korea. Idols & celebs literally have NO PRIVACY
Renee Diop
Renee Diop:
The King: Eternal Monarch is the first k drama i’ve ever watched and i’m obsessed with this man
yutiana -x
yutiana -x:
Me: watches this video
Me: finds out he’s in r rated movie ( time to binge watch it)
Mhemjitop Reeves
Mhemjitop Reeves:
His so handsome and i like his lips so much...he looks a good kisser...if his dating with Moon ga Young....that is great cause they look good to each other❤❤❤
Jeongyeon Yoo
Jeongyeon Yoo:
Came here to look for Joy crumbs but turns out he had dating rumors wt gayoung, another lead star in their drama Tempted, and as the saying goes there's no smoke if there's no fire haha, now Im back to shipping Joy wt Sungjae
Lily Potter
Lily Potter:
We don't know what really happened between ga young and him. All i know is that they unfollowed each other on Instagram.
Whatever happened between them let's just leave it to them. Hehehe
Lue-Rjea Tumpalan
Lue-Rjea Tumpalan:
Wishful thinking I could see Ryu Jeon Wol, Seo Kang Joon and Woo Doo Hwan acting in one movie playing as brothers😊 they're all good in drama and comedy.
lee mii
lee mii:
He looks like Kim woo bin thats how I got interested in him and then here I am down the rabbit 🕳
He always steals the spotlight in every drama he is in. He's an amazing actor. I loved him so much in My Country:The New Age, his acting in there it's incredible
Sai Xiong
Sai Xiong:
He's so cute. I 1st seen him in the netflix series " my country".
chan my love from Ace
chan my love from Ace:
You forgot to add the drama "My country"which is very popular too👍🏻🙂
Jimin's giggle enthusiast
Jimin's giggle enthusiast:
Wait omg that’s crazy to think that the “cute guy” that advertised for sprite along with blackpink I’ve tried to find in 2018 ended up being my favorite actors after I watched the monarch
TruBlue92 Kim
TruBlue92 Kim:
He resembles Kim woo Bin.
Santika Purwita
Santika Purwita:
If the dating rumor was true, perhaps they already end their relationship now.. cuz they didn't follow each other SNS anymore
Old Song PirateCrew
Old Song PirateCrew:
You'll love him in a Kdrama called save me
He's a combination of hotness cuteness and handsomeness.I love him and I just can't.
Starlight .9080
Starlight .9080:
He is so breathtaking and such a good actor.😍 I would love to see him in more lead roles because he is a promising actor.
Shafira Annida
Shafira Annida:
new fan of do hwan? here's a starter pack for you; save me (awesome bromance between him and taecyeon! but i didn't really like the storyline tho), mad dog (another bromance and a lot of whump, yes hello my fellow whumpers!), my country the new age (bromance with se jong, really recommend this! such an underrated drama), divine fury (evil do hwan never disappoint ehehehe), you can also try Master to see bad do hwan but he only get a few screen times there. you are welcome!
Ma. Cecilia Damasco
Ma. Cecilia Damasco:
He's my latest favorite character actor
gashi nut today
gashi nut today:
yall should try *save me* everytime he show love for his grandma made me cry river. would love to see him act in rom-com haha
M V:
5:35 omg look at him he is adorable
p. xl
p. xl:
I just finished watching The King: Eternal Monarch and Woo Do Hwan did an awesome job playing duel roles! OMG he was so good conveying two distinct characters! The drama itself was OK, but Woo Do Hwan's acting skills were fire!
love, mel
love, mel:
Captain Jo. 🥰
Astrid Edith
Astrid Edith:
i don't think you should mention the R rated here. I recognize him by his acting. He did a great job & there's reason why that movie is not included in his portofolio
Always thought him and Seo Kang Joon were twins like how 😩🙈😍
Allison Jaqueline Díaz Aguilera
Allison Jaqueline Díaz Aguilera:
he is literally beautiful, his acting is so cool, i met him for save me, from that moment he won my heart, i love this actor ★
He was so good on Mad Dog !!! Was the first drama I know him through and personally the best drama that he chose for me lol the other dramas were too sad for me. He really made me dislike him and then like his character a lot on Mad Dog lol
surprised at not seeing my country. just finished and his acting was so good🥺🥺
Yuki Rie01
Yuki Rie01:
I watch tempted and i fall in love wtih him...
Bidhubhuson Purohit
Bidhubhuson Purohit:
Moon ga young and woo do hwan look good together
reshma subba
reshma subba:
Now he has become every girl's new crush😁❤️
Daisy Jane Manguin
Daisy Jane Manguin:
Omgggg thank you youtube for recommending me this videooo. I'm a new fan of Wo dohWan and I'm starting to binge watch all of his films/series while waiting for TKEM's next episode. I love himmm he's versatile and handsome asf
s p
s p:
Some how he looks like seo kang Joon (same lips).
At first I like him bcs his vibes similar to Ryu Jun yeol and sometimes mistaken him as Ryu. But then after watching save me, I was like "danggg his acting is really powerful, idk he's fucking talented" love to see how actor bcm a good one not bcs of the looks first, but talents. Bcs sometimes I noticed drama was hyped when the looks come first rather than talents.
Jack Mahaun
Jack Mahaun:
I saw a HUGE career on the horizon when I watched his acting in My Country.
hahahha hehehehe
hahahha hehehehe:
i watch his dramas before The King started . He was so underrated back then. Im glad he gets the spotlight now
Vicky Paredes
Vicky Paredes:
I am now into marathon viewing of all wodohan movies ,love how he acts .
M V:
I never knew he was an endorser for sprite
Minerva Maglalang
Minerva Maglalang:
Fans reaction
Seeing their idols together. They assuming dating....
Maybe they make dinner friends only....😁😆😅🤣😜
M V:
Gosh he is so good looking so talented and so amazing! I legit cant! I hen he was posing sprite the way he was standing was just hot idk why i thought that but this man is gorgeous. He has such a pure smile but such fierce eyes like idk what to think
Nat Misery
Nat Misery:
i fell in love with him since the first moment i saw him on save me, i swear im obssesed since that
I see Lisa i click it
Queenie Barrie
Queenie Barrie:
One of the greatest things I did in 2020 is making him my new oppa🤣😍 he’s so cute. If not for him I wouldn’t ended the king eternal monarch. I loved how hot Yeong was and how funny and cute Eun Sup was🤍 boy can pull up with anything. I can’t wait for him to get back with dramas I’m obsessed with him now
Gracela M Sangtam
Gracela M Sangtam:
I wish moon kayoung and Dohwan date for real😭♥️. I ship them so much💘
I think he is really charming and his acting skills are amazing 😍
We are waiting for you Oppa
Be safe and healthy ♥️
Lîlî Taehyunged
Lîlî Taehyunged:
He also had a role in the historical drama ''my country''
Marwa Salsabila Anshory
Marwa Salsabila Anshory:
i love him when his playing drama with joy OMG :"""
randomer k
randomer k:
guys if you havnt seen him in save me and tempted I suggest you do esp save me I'm happy hes getting more recognition really deserves it and wow his role in the king 😂 he plays both characters so well 👌
Sani Malik
Sani Malik:
I watched the whole drama again ..... For Him
Just asking , I don't watch Save Me but was he really smoking in that drama? 0:51
Khan La
Khan La:
Of someone ever said he nd Seo KangJoon are brothers, i would believe it at the moment
Its Izzs
Its Izzs:
He so good looking damn boiii 😂
Kim Gel
Kim Gel:
He is refreshing to watch the whole episode of The King. His eccentric characters are just the bomb. Everyone is doing their best for the two roles but Idk he is just attractive at the first place. Im digging more about him. I watched The Great Seducer too but Im not that impacted by his role as Jo Yeong/Jo Eunsup did. Thank you for the video ♡
mahima gupta
mahima gupta:
Ohh god this guy definitely has my heart now.. I found him sooo damn cute in THE KING nd now he is my personal favorite... I think my focus is shifting from Lee Min ho to Do Hwan ...soo damn obsessed with this guy.....soo decent he looks in eternal..kinda serious but still attractive... Just love him 😍
Agri_a Thakuri
Agri_a Thakuri:
I'm here cause i saw Lisa (sry if my reason is not related to him)
I’ve seen him in some dramas but I first noticed his charisma in The Divine Fury with Park Seo Joon ❤️
April Rose Cataluna
April Rose Cataluna:
When I saw Lisa from blackpink I click immediately and realized that he is the guy from sprite with bp omgeee maheart
Khan La
Khan La:
He really became my Idol when i saw him im Save me, thay acying was soo astonishing.. Even i saw him in his other dramas but SaveMe was something else
Shaista Shoukat
Shaista Shoukat:
I fell for him In Tempted, his role was not your typical cutesy main lead , it was more a sexy bad ass character, literally 😍
Woo do wan dating with Joy of the Red velvet guys ♥︎
preeti chopra
preeti chopra:
Wo do hwan has the most sexiest back you've ever seen
Akansha Khugshal
Akansha Khugshal:
I love him so much ❤❤
Nadzwa Azis
Nadzwa Azis:
I literally hated him when he was with Blackpink I don't know him yet that time I did not even know he was with Blackpink when I started to watch the king. He got my attention at first sight I really love his Busan accent
Maria Compton
Maria Compton:
He’s a fantastic actor and I look forward to seeing more of his work in film. Good looking and very funny.
Min Ah Yoon
Min Ah Yoon:
He is the “APPLE TO MY EYE “ ❤️
Quoc Nguyen
Quoc Nguyen:
He is talent in every character that he acts . Love it from VietNam , still watching him in Netflix .
Florentina Nurika Retno Ayu Widuri
Florentina Nurika Retno Ayu Widuri:
I had been magining that one of bp members dating an actor like him when I found that they were a partners as cf's models. Oh, my mind's travelling, im so sorry
Nyomi Nious
Nyomi Nious:
he's so adorable! i love him 🥺
Black Rose
Black Rose:
He’s so dreamy 😍😍
Jullia Kang
Jullia Kang:
I started to know him when i watch The Divine Fury. He's a great actor really. tho i kinda felt scared to his role. Hahahhaa
S Vira
S Vira:
He always Tempted me😂..ohh i really like him
I watched "King" after watching his acting in behind the scenes..... He is so talented 👍👍👍
3:49 at last Lisa's forehead is reaveled🤭
J A L:
I first saw his versatility in Mad Dog.😍I even shipped him with Ryu Hwa Young
He’s perfect for the role so it won’t be that cheezzyy
Hes Tia
Hes Tia:
Saw him first in kdrama titled Mad dog. I was already inlove with his acting skills there
charl9780 *
charl9780 *:
those lips and jawline 😍
Bluu C
Bluu C:
Ugh, I already miss seeing his face on my screen.
Aimuni ab
Aimuni ab:
He's my fav❤️❤️❤️❤️ actor
He is so handsome ❤️
Maraki Christ
Maraki Christ:
He's one of the best ❤️🙌!!
Hope to see him in more good dramas
Isabella Cruz
Isabella Cruz:
Love him💕🙆🏻‍♀️
Ilmara Ferre
Ilmara Ferre:
Queria legenda em português 😔😭😭😭
J G: