5 Things to Know About John Cena's New Wife Shay Shariatzadeh | E! News

The WWE Superstar secretly ties the knot during a private ceremony in Tampa, Florida. Here are five things to know about Mrs. Cena!

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5 Things to Know About John Cena's New Wife Shay Shariatzadeh | E! News

74 komento:

Kim Powell
Kim Powell:
I cant believe he got married so quick after making Nikki wait so long 🤨
Alex Workman
Alex Workman:
I thought John Cena never wanted to get married and have kids when he was with Nikki but now he’s married to her something doesn’t add up
Texas Twister
Texas Twister:
I'm glad Nikki dumped him..he didn't love her and they'd be divorced by now if she had married his anal retentive self..
Azzaeūññķķ Sammyuyy
Azzaeūññķķ Sammyuyy:
He wanted an educated, smart person, that has her own separate life (and money.)
Kenneth Drake
Kenneth Drake:
Smh sooo either she’s been around or he did it because ms. Bella was having a baby!
Lizzy M
Lizzy M:
And a divorce in a couple of months. Good luck to her because he is something. Don’t dirty his kitchen.
Jessica Jennifer
Jessica Jennifer:
Well he definitely has a type 🤣😂. She's beautiful
Valerie J
Valerie J:
I feel like he rushed it since Nikkei had a baby and is engaged hahaha to prove to the world he’s different and not like he was in tv 📺
cameron wilkerson
cameron wilkerson:
Look the made it clear since the beginning about how he felt when it comes too kids and marriage, i personally think that in the grand scheme of things, Nikki was only meant to reopen his heart to getting married and having children again who knows.
Congratulations to Shay and John. May you have many years of happiness.
Kristy Hamerslough
Kristy Hamerslough:
Follow the rules of the house
Jennifer Valdez
Jennifer Valdez:
So I’m assuming that she doesn’t want kids because he said he don’t want kids that’s why him and Nikki didn’t work out she wanted kids. Now she is married and has a beautiful little boy now.
Roxie Cariere
Roxie Cariere:
I don’t believe it’s...I wish them love but this looks like a knee jerk reaction!
Tollah Tv ferkah
Tollah Tv ferkah:
What has his current relationship got to d with do his past relationship .This comment section needs to chill out.
Samantha Budrawich
Samantha Budrawich:
I see he’s got a type 😂
Rachel Jamieson
Rachel Jamieson:
I think he didn't like being publicly out there with his personal life like he was in the show with Nikki I think he wanted her all to himself privately and she didn't and that's prob a big reason why it took so long but you can't deny his wife looks so similar to Nikki I think that's a major thing raising eyebrows. And for sure it stung that Nikki left him and moved on first a guy like him wouldn't take that without a hit to the ego a bit. You hope they're both happier in their new relationships for all the right reasons
Charmaine Kgomotso Mokwana
Charmaine Kgomotso Mokwana:
Does she also have to follow rules
Did she have to sign a contract before moving in
Best Wishes to them, seem like a great couple! Glad he married an educated intelligent women ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kenisha Cummings
Kenisha Cummings:
Make sure his house stays clean don't move his stuff don't bring over family without asking him
If a guy doesn't want a baby or get married with you best believe that he'll do that with the next one after you
Terrie Josia
Terrie Josia:
" I gave him to you chick, don't freaking forget it" Nikki Minaj ;)
Ash Bash
Ash Bash:
I’m glad he found happiness, she’s gorgeous and as long as they are happy, that is all that matters :)
Trump Will Fuck You!
Trump Will Fuck You!:
In other words, Shay Shariatzadeh is a meat shield. Cool.
Parysatis Sh697
Parysatis Sh697:
The most important thing is: she's PERSIAN!🙆‍♀️🇮🇷
Love to the great couple, from Iran!👍😁
Virgo Vixen
Virgo Vixen:
Lmao he’s such a scam 🙄
heyitsnayaa Arok
heyitsnayaa Arok:
Watch her have a Baby next 😂😂😂
Boipelo Mphaki
Boipelo Mphaki:
He DID want to get married and have kids with nikki now his married so soom
da man
da man:
After their honeymoon they go into the house for the first time and Cena says I love you but don't ever touch any of my stuff without my permission! And in the morning I will have a rules list for you to follow!
bernie DOUGLAS
bernie DOUGLAS:
A gorgeous couple John and Shaye.
Ugh! Why did they get married in Tampa??? It's not even near a beach. Shay is definitely smarter than that twin he lead on for 6 years and refused to marry. I know Nikki is in a new relationship and just had a baby, but she has GOT to be wondering why John was with Shay less than 2 years before getting married. If that's not a kick in the butt IDK what is.
Ms Mimi
Ms Mimi:
I wish them the very best! Good looking couple!
Glad to see he married the Canadian Iranian.....
Kee Moore
Kee Moore:
She has similar features as niki...john knows he made a massive mistake..but oh well pal nicole moved on...now u replace her with a lookalike...
Rachel Jamieson
Rachel Jamieson:
I don't think in any way he got married for any reason relating to Nikki but I think it's def on or been on his mind before that he has to not look like the guy who was left by her and almost put on a bit of a I'm so happy show with his then gf now wife cause guys like him don't like being the one who gets dumped and replaced. Doesn't matter if he's moved on he's still got an ego
Love Life
Love Life:
This is never a good sighn
Thamizhar ulagam
Thamizhar ulagam:
she is beautiful than nikki younger than nikki ...
Babisha Tomlinson
Babisha Tomlinson:
What this🤔🤔🤔🤔shadeeeeeee😎😎😎😎😎😎 well big upgrade John 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
وصفات بنت العشاب
وصفات بنت العشاب:
Oh she's so beautiful 😋😍😘🤩
Milan Carter
Milan Carter:
Nikki is happy please stop with yall mean comments. Congratulations John
Anita Rikard
Anita Rikard:
,who cares I use to love John but as far as I am concerned he is a jurk and that's being nice
I don’t see this man John cena
bleu eggos
bleu eggos:
I see her but no pictures with John Cena ,a little weird
jaii cee
jaii cee:
I bet Shay expects a baby ....
Amanda Evans
Amanda Evans:
Hope she doesn’t want kids because he sure doesn’t.
Orce Tata
Orce Tata:
Margie Gonzalez
Margie Gonzalez:
Don’t bring pork to her kitchen !
UBC ALUMNAE represent
Charles Larry
Charles Larry:
Nikki knew what she was getting into with cena everybody knew he didn't want to have kids and marriage but she thought she could change him
Krystal Sedillo
Krystal Sedillo:
He beat Nikki to the punch!
Carmen S.
Carmen S.:
Huh!! John actually got married!! Does Shay know John doesn’t want kids! Having children is big deal from her country!
jaii cee
jaii cee:
He's trying to 1 up Nikki but that's never going to happen ...
Steven Wolff
Steven Wolff:
She’s not Nikki lol
Petrichor 14
Petrichor 14:
She is iranian
Bruce Vela
Bruce Vela:
Wish them the best here
Amazon Account
Amazon Account:
Ramona h ,Gaerin
Ramona h ,Gaerin:
The prenup was 100 pages long.
What 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Erika Leonard
Erika Leonard:
Jon screwed up letting nikki bella go
Andrea christian
Andrea christian:
😭😭😭💔💔 too soon
Bryce Rector
Bryce Rector:
Y’all haters in the comments you people are what is wrong with this world
Glitter Baby
Glitter Baby:
He is such a jerk...good luck.
Yanna Yim' Shoyanla
Yanna Yim' Shoyanla:
Nikki is the best 👍💪💕 nothing to compare her.
Sad Mes
Sad Mes:
وطنم پاره ی تنم
thats right brothers, always go with the YOUNGER, prettier, less feisty women to replace these "old" ones.
Evangeline Benally
Evangeline Benally:
It wont last very long!
peter bynoe
peter bynoe:
Which countty from ?
Gloria Burgham
Gloria Burgham:
He likes ugly
Toni Alexraven
Toni Alexraven:
She looks like a dude
Stacy-Ann Frederick
Stacy-Ann Frederick:
I absolutely love nikki but I happy john found someone he loves. He and nikki just wasnt meant to be. Stop the hate
Narda Simpson
Narda Simpson:
Boring. He married poor Shay because he lost Nikki. Shay and Nikki could pass for family. John ain't shyytt
Yvette Vargas
Yvette Vargas:
I really don't think this marriage is going to last. He's just trying to fill a void, a huge void that he screwed up on. There will be no other like Nikki Bella. Besides the think he loves himself too much to love someone else.
Luis Figueroa
Luis Figueroa:
The only reason cena got married was becuase Nikki got married and move on...and beside Nikki is way better looking then cena wife.
Barkha M
Barkha M:
She looks Indian
Elle McJay
Elle McJay:
He did this to get back at Nikki...there's no ifs and buts about it. He's hurt and this woman is his rebound and he married her because he feels Nikki did him wrong which in a way she did and I believe that if it wasn't for her getting pregnant her and John would've eventually gotten back together. Nikki rushed into a relationship out of spite and because she's impulsive, yeah she might love Artem, but she's disrespected him and belittled him in a way that she would never do to John. She was hurting she was in rebound status and she got pregnant and now she's stuck and she's trying to make it work for her son and family. And John is just hurt and pissed.